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					          Resumes and
          Cover Letters

                  University of Kentucky
Extended Engineering Campus – Paducah
                        Carolyn Garrett
Before you get started…
   Know that everyone has their own opinion
   Know that an average of 10 seconds will be spent
    reviewing your resume.
   Only relevant information needs to be included.
   Skills an employer is trying to get out of your
       Leadership
       Initiative and Drive
       Technical ability
       Interpersonal skills
Resume Format
   Avoid non-standard fonts
       Times New Roman or Arial are preferred
   Make sure columns and indentations line-up
   Margins should be ~1”, but can extend if
    necessary to include more content.
   Font should be no smaller than 10 points.
   Do not exceed 1 page!
   If sent hard copy, use a “standard” high
    quality paper. Print out envelops.
Resume Sections
   Personal Information
   Objective
   Summary
   Education
   Work Experience
   Activities
Personal Information
   What to include…
       Name
       Address
       Phone Number
       E-mail
       Permanent address if different from current.
   Make sure e-mail address is professional.
   Enlarge name by 2-4 points from regular font.
   Brief statement summarizing job intensions.
   If you are looking to intern, make sure that is
    included in the objective.
   Avoid cliché phrases. Make sure you are
    saying something unique.
       “chance to apply my skills.”
       “a challenging opportunity.”
   One to three lines
   Optional
Objective Examples
   Seeking a chemical engineering position in a
    manufacturing setting with emphasis on
    problem-solving and technical analysis.
    Searching for a team-oriented environment
    that encourages a high level of responsibility
    and ownership.
   To gain a summer internship in mechanical
    engineering while working with a variety of
    people in a hands-on environment.
Summary Statement
   States what your unique attributes are.
   Less used than objective statement, but may
    tell the company more.
   Helps sell “you” to the company.
   One to three lines.
   Also optional.
   Should include either objective or summary
    or both.
Summary Examples
   Result-oriented team player with diverse
    background. Highly skilled in project
    management and analytical problem solving.
    Recognized for exceptional communication,
    strong interpersonal skills, and a desire to
    excel at new challenges.
   Strategic thinker that is innovative in
    complicated situations. Proactive and goal-
    oriented with a high level of motivation when
    completing projects.
   What to include…
       Name of institution
       Location
       Degree (Bachelor of Science in XX Engineering)
       Graduation date or expected grad date
       GPA
       If you passed the FE Exam
   List in reverse chronological order.
   Round GPA up to 3.0, if possible (2.96).
Work Experience
   Most important section of the resume.
   What to include…
       Name of company
       Location
       Position held
       Dates worked
       Job accomplishments (not description!)
   List in reverse chronological order
   Provide as much detail as possible on job
Job Accomplishments
   Use bullet format.
   Use action words.
   Employers are asking themselves, what can
    you do for them?
   Quantify as much as possible
       Saved company $20,000…
       Increased efficiency by 15%...
   Use non-engineering jobs to show your
Questions to Ask Yourself
   How did my skills positively affect the
   Did I identify a problem and solve it?
   How did I display leadership?
   What additional responsibility was I given?
   Include all positions held.
   If you haven’t held a position, how else have
    you been involved in the organization?
   List any volunteer activities
   If you are a member of a professional org, get
    involved in some way
       Help with E-Day
       Organize plant tours, etc.
   Do not necessarily need to include these. At
    least be selective to prestigious honors.
   Assumed you were on the Dean’s List if GPA
    is high.
Items to NOT include
   “References available upon request.”
   Courses you have taken
       Unless they are unusual.
   Computer skills
       Unless they are unique and you enjoy using them.
   High school information
       Unless you are finishing Freshman or Sophomore
Scannable Resumes
   Some companies have large databases of
    resumes that are scanned in from hard copy.
   Scanners have difficulty reading underlined,
    bolded, italicized words.
   Buzz-words can help bring your resume out
    from a database search.
   May want to use a scannable resume to copy
    and paste on-line.
Additional Thoughts
   TAILOR YOUR RESUME to each job that you are
    applying for.
   A standard formatted resume is a good resume.
   Is your resume content unique?
   Developing a good resume is a long and tedious
    process, which involves many revisions.
   Have as many people review as possible.
   Save as a Word document, with your name as a file
    name: CarolynGarrettResume.doc
Sample Resumes
Cover Letters
   Should be mailed with each resume, whether
    snail mail or e-mail.
   Employers use cover letters to know your
    writing skills.
   Tailoring each cover letter is very important.
   Are not meant to rehash your resume, but to
    include additional information about you.
   Most common format – left justified.
Cover Letters
   Address letter to an individual. If you don’t
    know a name, call receptionist and ask.
   Sending to hiring manager is better than HR.
    (engineering manager, etc.)
   Still use a cover letter for an e-mail
    application. Consider condensing slightly.
   Send out resume and cover letter in a full-
    sized envelop
Company Research
   Perform a small amount of company research
    before customizing a cover letter.
   Include what impresses you about the
    company, what areas of the company interest
   Example
       Pella in Murray – could mention since it is a new
        location, you are excited about working in an
        energetic environment to establish operations.
Cover Letter Sections
Carolyn Garrett
555 Job Lane
Paducah, Kentucky 42002
(270) 534-3304

March 25, 2004

Dr. William Murphy, PhD.
Director of Engineering Extended Campus Programs – Paducah
University of Kentucky
4810 Alben Barkley Drive
Paducah, KY 42002
(270) 534-3111

Dear Dr. Murphy:
Cover Letter First Paragraph
   Why you are contacting the person, how you
    know about the job.
   Who you are.
   Show researched knowledge about the
   If you are responding to add/on-line posting,
    mention the posting.
   Do not use, “My name is…”
First Paragraph Example
“I am writing to express interest in pursuing a position
   with University of Kentucky’s engineering program in
   Paducah. Through talking with Bonita Lykins, I
   learned of an opening in student services. Being
   new to Paducah, I have been extremely impressed
   with the opportunity that your program has brought
   to the area. From looking at your website, the
   industry-experienced faculty with prestigious
   educational backgrounds are an asset to the
Cover Letter Second
   Tell more about yourself without duplicating
   State why you are an ideal match for the job.
   Clarify anything unclear on your resume,
    explain low GPA or inconsistencies.
Second Paragraph Example
“I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from
    Purdue University, and have over five years of experience in the
    petrochemical industry. Although my prior work experience has
    been in engineering, within my job I have worked several
    recruiting positions. These functions involved traveling to my
    alma mater for the career fair, interviewing potential co-op
    students, and interviewing graduating bachelors and masters
    students. I also served as a host for many candidates during on-
    site interviews. Additionally, I feel that my experience with
    engineering will be an asset in communicating with the local
    industries. My energetic approach would help ensure that the
    Paducah students are consistently considered for open positions.
    Throughout my work, I have been recognized for….”
Cover Letter: Third Paragraph
   Wrap Up – Most brief paragraph
   Tell the company how to contact you
   State your next step
       Recommended to tell company you will contact
        them in ~1 week.
   Thank them for their time in considering your
Third Paragraph Example
“I would appreciate a few minutes of your time, and I
   will call you the week of April 5th to discuss further.
   Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward
   to talking with you.”

   Closings
       Sincerely,
       Regards,
   Sign and type your name.
Cover Letter

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