Florida Endangered Species Research Assignment by arg46217


									     Florida Endangered Species Research Assignment

You will choose an animal or plant that is considered to be an endangered species in
Florida. You must research your species and present your information in the
format of a paper brochure OR a Powerpoint presentation. Either presentation you
choose must include the following information:

Presentation Requirements:
1) Organism Classification
           Common name, scientific name, and picture of your plant or animal.
           List the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. The
             genus is capitalized and written in italics. The species is not
             capitalized, and is written in italics.
2) Organism Habitat and Population patterns
           Name and describe characteristics of the organism’s biome.
           The continent where the species lives (include map).
           Describe the climate and environment of the species.
           Showcase statistics of how many living members of that species are
             still alive and create a bar graph showing the decline of the species
             over the past 20-100 years.
           Migration patterns (if any)
3) Nutrition/Reproduction
           How does the organism obtain energy?
            Requirements necessary for obtaining food/preferred food
            Describe reproductive patterns/gestational periods/# of births at
             one time/parental care
4) Ecological Niche
          What ecological niche does this species fill?
          Describe the appearance of the organism. Explain how the species is
             best suited for its environment.
          What benefit do we get from this species?
5) Threats/Solutions
       What threats does the organism face in the ecosystem?
       Explain why it has been selected for the endangered list
       Describe plans for protecting or breeding these organisms. What steps
         are being taken to save the species? Why should we try to save these
       Give 3 specific actions that we can take immediately to help protect this
6) Research citations
    Be sure to include your name, class, and date.
    Document your research by listing the sources you use on a resource page.
    At least 3 resources are required.
    All citations must be in proper MLA format.

DUE: Friday, Jan. 29th, 2010                              *No late assignments will be accepted!
If emailing me your Power point, if I do not receive it by 2:30 pm on Friday, 1/29 it will not be
accepted! So, PRINT a copy of the sent email for your verification purposes.
Helpful website : www.fws.gov

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