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					 Employee On-Line Performance
           Evaluation Guide
Instructions for viewing and signing off on your
            performance evaluation
Log in to blueView and select the Home tab. Click on
the Banner Self-Service link in the MyDUSIS channel

Click on the Employee folder and
then select the Employee
Performance Evaluation Menu

From here you can either select the View Current
Evaluation option or the Employee Signoff on Current
Evaluation link.
You should first review your evaluation and determine if
there are any issues that you want to respond to. All
employees will be required to sign off on their evaluation.
For purposes of this guide, it is assumed that you have
viewed your current evaluation and are now ready to sign
off on your evaluation. Select Employee Signoff on
Current Evaluation link.

Click on the FY07 Annual Review link.

Put comments about your evaluation in the comments
box below and when you are done, click the Save
Comments button.

                                      When you have completed your comments the last step is to click on the
                                      Signoff button. Once you have done this, your evaluation is complete
                                      and you will no longer be able to make any additional comments or
                                      changes on this form. You will be able to view all completed evaluations.   6
To view completed evaluations, log into
blueView, select the Home tab, click on
the Banner Self-Service link in the
MyDUSIS channel, click on the
Employee link and select the Employee
Personal Evaluation History link.

From this screen you can
select the evaluation that
you want to open. Note:
Reviews for FY05 and
FY06 contain overall score
information only. Hard
copies, submitted to Human
Resources, are in the
personnel files. The FY07
Annual Review will contain
the complete evaluation
including your comments
and sign off information.

This is a sample of what the last section of the
completed evaluation will look like. If you have
difficulty accessing your online review, contact
Gary Johnson in Human Resources, 271-4804 or
by email


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