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									Olympia-Based Agencies and Resources
Organization Name                 Org.   Service Type                              Primary mission                                                        Contacts                                      Olympia Address        Source                                      Interview Date Email
Interfaith Works                  F/B    Cultural Activities; Temporary Homeless A non-profit association of faith communities and individuals of diverse Executive Director: Kathy Erlandson Office  P.O. Box 1221            www.Interfaith-Works.org Extra Info:                      InterfaithWorks@aol.com
                                         Services; Peace Advocacy; Interfaith    faith traditions that nurtures and promotes interfaith understanding,    Manager: Janice Holz           360-357-7224 Olympia, WA 98507        Study Circles on Interfaith and Race
                                         workshops/ lectures                     respect, and action on social issues.                                                                                                         Dialogue with a Resource Center
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               www.studycircles.org or 860-928-2616

National Employment Law Project   SEC    Legal Ed/ Services                        The National Employment Law Project (NELP) has advocated on            Rebecca Smith -- NELP's West Coast            407 Adams Street SE, www.nelp.org/about/index.cfm                                immigrant@nelp.org
                                                                                   behalf of low-wage workers, the poor, the unemployed, and other        Coordinator of NELP's UI Safety Net Project   Suite 203, WA,
                                                                                   groups that face significant barriers to employment and government     and Immigrant Worker Project Coordinator.     Olympia 98501
                                                                                   systems of support.                                                    (360) 534-9160

Olympia Fellowship of             F/B    Media Advocacy                            An interfaith organization using bi-monthly newsletter and OlyFOR TV 360-491-9093                                    5015 15th Ave SE,    www.olyfor.org/                                             Info@OlyFOR.org
Reconciliation (FOR)                                                               programs (Thurston Community Television (TCTV channel 22) for                                                        Lacey, Washington
                                                                                   peace and social justice issues both at the national and international                                               98503-2723 or PO Box
                                                                                   levels. Together with about 20 affiliated Religious Peace Fellowships                                                7273 Olympia, WA
                                                                                   (Jewish, Lutheran, Muslim, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Buddhist,                                                        98507-7273
                                                                                   Unitarian, etc.). The Olympia FOR=one of 75 local chapters. The FOR
                                                                                   is the oldest interfaith peace group in the nation. FOR affiliates are
                                                                                   also active in about 40 other countries.

Washington Association of         F/B    Public policy education and advocacy      A faith-based network promotes providing public services in the state Bette Schneider, operations director (206) 625- 419 Occidental Ave.   www.thewac.org/                                           schneider@thewac.org
Churches/Immigrant and Refugee           network                                   budget, access to health care, economic justice and fair taxation, racial 9790                                        So.# 201, Seattle, WA
Program                                                                            justice (membership base; partnerships with environmental, refugee &                                                  98104-2886
                                                                                   immigrant, labor unions, disaster recovery, and other organizations)

Department of Social and Health   GOVT   Employment/Job Services; Health and    The State Refugee Coordinator (1) implements the State Plan for           Thomas Medina, Acting State Refugee           1009 College Street    www1.dshs.wa.gov/                                         medintr@dshs.wa.gov
Services/Office of Refugees &            Family Ed/Services; Housing Services; Refugee Resettlement, oversees federal grants for refugee services,        Coordinators 360-725-4636 Fax: 360-413-       Olympia, WA 98504-
Immigrants                               Language Ed/Services; Health Services; including refugee medical assistance, refugee social services and         3494 Cell: 206-227-2655                       5470
                                                                                refugee children school impact grants; (2) works across all State
                                                                                Departments and Agencies and with national, local and community
                                                                                partners to increase collaboration, foster the sharing of information,
                                                                                and (3) maximize resources for the resettlement and successful
                                                                                integration of the refugees into the region.

Refugee and Immigrant Service     SEC    Language Ed/Services; Employment/Job Translation Serv, Advocacy, Direct Assistance (interpreters in              Thuy Vu, Director (360) 754-7197 (360) 705- 711 State Avenue NE, www.refugeeimmigrant.org/                                     risc@refugeeimmigrant.org
Center (RISC)                            Services; Citizenship Training; Client Vietnamsese and Spanish, as well as Cambodian, Laotian, Korean,           4398 fax                                    Olympia 98506
                                         Advocacy; Health Services              Tagalog, Thai and Mandarin)

Housing Authority of Thurston     GOVT   Housing Services                          To assist families and individuals to secure long-term, permanent      Executive Director: Chris Lowell (360) 753-   503 West 4th Avenue,   www.hatc.org/                                             admin@hatc.org
County                                                                             housing.                                                               8292, Fax: (360) 586-0038                     Olympia, WA. 98501

Thurston County Family Center     F/B    Mental Health and Family Ed/Services      An agency of Catholic Community Services of Western Washington         (360) 586-0967 or 1-888-322-7156              2940 Limited Lane      http://www.ccsww.org/familyservices/south
                                                                                   provides essential services to thousands of children, adults and                                                     N.W., Olympia, WA      west/thurston/index.php
                                                                                   families, especially elders, children and the homeless. The Refugee                                                  98502-1399
                                                                                   Assistance Program is located at St. Edward Parish in Seattle’s
                                                                                   Rainier Valley. It is a member of Catholic Charities USA and United

United Way of Thurston County     SEC    Financial Ed/Services; Charity Advocacy; It works closely with its philanthropic partners to improve lives in the Pam Toal, Executive Director, ext. 10        312 Fourth Avenue      www.unitedway-thurston.org/                               ptoal@unitedway-thurston.org
                                         Community development                    local community, brings key stakeholders together to work                360.943.2773 360.943.2777 fax                East - Olympia, WA
                                                                                  collaboratively on community issues, and organizes annual campaigns                                                   98501-1107
                                                                                  which raise funds to meet local health and human service needs.
                                                                                  Partnerships with other organizations (such as RISC); health care are
                                                                                  current "impact areas".

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Washington Workfirst              GOVT    Employment/Job Services; Financial      A welfare reform program serves welfare recipients, unemployed,          Carole Holland, Senior WorkFirst Coordinator,                           www.workfirst.wa.gov/                       workfirst@ofm.wa.gov
                                          Ed/Services.                            single parents. Extra Info: Marieka Klawitter, head of analysis          Washington State Office of Financial
                                                                                  team/UW Evans Public Affairs, (206) 616-1673, home 781-2449, e-          Management, (360) 902-0580, e-mail
                                                                                  mail marieka@u.washington.edu                                            carole.hollands@ofm.wa.gov or Greg Weeks,
                                                                                                                                                           WorkFirst Study Dir./WA State Employment
                                                                                                                                                           Security Dept, gweeks@esd.wa.gov (360)

WA Commission on Asian Pacific    GOVT    Research and analysis; Advisory;        To improve the well-                                                     Ellen Abellera, Executive Director              210 11th Ave SW · RM www.capaa.wa.gov/                              eabellera@capaa.wa.gov
American Affairs (CAPAA)                  Education; Consultant.                  being of Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) by insuring their access to      (360) 586-9500                                  301 · ms 40925 ·
                                                                                  participation in the fields of government, business, education, and                                                      Olympia, WA 98504-
                                                                                  other areas.                                                                                                             0925

ACS Translation Services - Spanish SEC    Language Ed/Services                    Specializes in English and Spanish                                       (360) 412-1135 (360) 412-0440          Fax: P.O. Box 2211               www.olywa.net/acstranslations/              acstrans@olywa.net
                                                                                                                                                           (360) 412-0440                              Olympia, WA 98507-

Centro Integral Educativo Latino de SEC   Language Ed/Services; Employment/Job A non-profit agency (ESL programs and HorsePower/a non-profit          Carlos Aguilera, Chair of Boards of Director         3102 8th Avenue NE,     www.cieloproject.org/                       cieloproject@comcast.net
Olympia (CIELO) Project/Radio             Services; Citizenship Training; Client organization of occupational therapists 360-943-0510) serving Latino and Patricia Vásquez, ESL Program Director           Olympia, WA 98506
Ranch                                     Advocacy; Health Services              and other underprivileged communities in Thurston, Mason, Lewis and 360-709-0931
                                                                                 Grays Harbor counties.

FREE RADIO OLYMPIA 98.5 FM        SEC     Media Advocacy                          An unlicensed, direct action micropower radio station broadcasting at (360)705-9780                                      P.O. Box 6024,          www.frolympia.org/
                                                                                  100 watts on 98.5 FM since March 2001. Latino program "Frecuencia                                                        Olympia, WA 98507
                                                                                  Rebelde" Sundays 9-11pm

St. John's Episcopal Church       F/B     Place of Worship                        Member of the Diocese of Olympia that also serves as a diocesan          Tony Irving, Deacon for Hispanic Ministry &     114 20th Ave SE,        www.stjohnsoly.org/                         st.johnsolympia@comcast.net
                                                                                  mission center for other Episcopal churches in Southwest Washington.     Rev. Donald Maddux, leader of St. John’s        Olympia, 98501
                                                                                  Latino Mass Services: Sundays 6:00 PM. (@ 20th Ave. and Capitol          Hispanic ministry (dewisant@hctc.com)
                                                                                  Way)                                                                     352-8527 or 491-3111 FAX: (360) 352-8587

Washington State Commission on    GOVT    Research and analysis; Advisory;        To improve the well-being of Hispanic Americans by insuring their        Yvonne Lopez-Morton, Chair; Uriel Iñiguez,      210 11th Avenue SW,     www.cha.wa.gov                              hispanic@cha.wa.gov
Hispanic Affairs                          Education; Consultant.                  access to participation in the fields of government, business,           Executive Director; Felix Negron                Suite 301A PO Box
                                                                                  education, and other areas.                                              (flnegron@hotmail.com), Washington Hispanic     40924 Olympia, WA
                                                                                                                                                           Affairs Commissioner/Education Committee        98504-0924
                                                                                                                                                           (800) 443-0294 or (360) 725-5661 Fax: (360)

Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana       F/B     Place of Worship                        Latino Mass Services: Sundays 9:00 AM, Mondays & Wednesdays              (360) 705-4553                                  Capital City Studios,   www.lenguarica.org/resources.html
(Evangelical)                                                                     7:00 PM                                                                                                                  911 E. 4th Ave,

South Puget Sound Community       SEC     Language Ed/Services                    It has six levels of classes to help non-native speakers of English      Heather Williams, ESL Program Coordinator, 2011 Mottman Rd. SW, www.spscc.ctc.edu/alternative_                      hwilliams@spscc.ctc.edu
College                                                                           improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Classes   Bldg. 33, Room 104; (360) 596-5390;        Olympia, 98512       programs/esl_information.html
                                                                                  meet in the morning, afternoon and evening on the Main Campus in         Info (360) 754-7711 ext. 4223.
                                                                                  Olympia and at the Hawks Prairie Center in Lacey.

Vietnamese American Heritage      SEC     Cultural Activities                                                                                              Tuan Vu, Lacey                                                          seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/artsentert
Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ainment/2002183602_vietart21m.html

Vietnamese Baptist Church in Lacey F/B    Place of Worship                        One of nine Vietnamese churches under the direction of the Southern                                                      4705 22nd Avenue SE,
                                                                                  Baptist Convention (There are 12 Vietnamese-speaking churches in                                                         Lacey, WA, 98503
                                                                                  the Seattle area)

Vietnamese Baptist Church in      F/B     Place of Worship                        One of nine Vietnamese churches under the direction of the Southern      Minh-Tan Vo, Reverend, 360-923-4697 &        3210 Sleater-Kinney
Olympia                                                                           Baptist Convention. Vietnamese Sermon is conducted weekly on             Ngoc Anh Nguyen, grassroots leader, 360-701- Rd NE Olympia, WA
                                                                                  Sundays at 11AM.                                                         2641                                         98506

Vietnamese Baptist Church -       F/B     Place of Worship                        One of nine Vietnamese churches under the direction of the Southern      (360) 534-9712                                  3115 Dorchester Dr.,
Tumwater                                                                          Baptist Convention. Vietnamese Sermon is conducted weekly on ??                                                          Tumwater, WA 98512

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Vietnamese Professionals Society of SEC   Research and analysis; Advocacy,        It aims to involve and unite the local Vietnamese through activities and Hy-Lan (Nido) Nguyen; VPS-WA Chapter      P.O. Box 152, Everett, www.vpswa.org                                washington@hcgvn.vps.org
Washington State (Washington              Education; Networking                   social events. (1) Collaborate with V professional (2) Support all efforts President                               WA 98206
State Chapter VPS)                                                                to improve the welfare of people in Vietnam in terms of freedom,
                                                                                  democracy, and human rights (3) Carry out and participate in
                                                                                  community service in WA (4) Promote public health awareness to the
                                                                                  local Vietnamese population (5) Help young Vietnamese-American
                                                                                  professionals' goals (6) Sponsor and/or organize seminars useful for
                                                                                  improving the welfare of the Vietnamese people (7) Provide job referral
                                                                                  programs and yearly social events (8) Forge partnerships with other
                                                                                  organizations and groups.

Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition SEC   Welfare Policy Advocacy                 A welfare rights or anti-poverty organization works to impact welfare   Monica Peabody, Organizer, Thurston, and   701 Franklin SE,        www.wroc.org/home.htm                       wroctech@wroc.org
(WROC) Olympia                                                                    policy where it is made at the state DSHS office and at the legislative Southwest Washington 360.352.9716 or       Olympia, WA 98501
                                                                                  level, and where it is implemented at the local welfare office. In      1.866.343.9716
                                                                                  cooperating with other advocacy groups, WROC monitors welfare
                                                                                  reform programs in Washington State and nationally. Programs:
                                                                                  Referrals to volunteer legal advocates and Community Resources;
                                                                                  Assistance in starting and maintaining Make Change groups; Training
                                                                                  on how to talk to your legislators; Leadership development; Skill
                                                                                  training in public speaking and working with the media.

Washington Association of         SEC     Health Advocacy                         A non-profit organization, formed in 1985, to advocate on behalf of    Ben Flores, CEO, bflores@wacmhc.org, (360) 2120 State Ave NE        http://www.wacmhc.org/index.htm             info@wacmhc.org
Community & Migrant Health                                                        Washington's community based health centers. These health centers 786-9722, Lilia Gomez, Outreach Coordinator, Suite 220, Olympia,
Centers                                                                           serve low income and other persons with limited access to health care. lgomez@wacmhc.org                          WA 98506-6514
                                                                                  As a membership organization, WACMHC's mission is to promote
                                                                                  health and human services for the underserved people in Washington
                                                                                  State. It is also WACMHC's mission to help ensure that all
                                                                                  Washingtonians have access to primary health care, regardless of
                                                                                  geographic location, nationality or income level.

Sea Mar Community Health          SEC     Medical and Behavioral Health, Family   A community-based organization committed to providing quality,        Administration Phone:206-788-3201 ---       3030 Limited LN NW,      www.seamar.org/locations/olympia_m.htm
Center/Sea Mar Thurston Medical           Supports, Social Services               comprehensive health and human services to diverse communities,       Bethany Weidner: Olympia/Tumwater Clinic Olympia, WA 98502
Clinic                                                                            specializing in medical and/or dental care services to Latinos.       Manager (Niston Franco: Outpatient
                                                                                                                                                        Behavioral Health Clinic Manager) and Diana
                                                                                                                                                        Savelle, Board member (360) 704-2900 or
                                                                                                                                                        (360) 491-1399

Sea Mar Thurston Dental Clinic    SEC     Dental services                         same as above with dental services focus                              Patricia Dean, Clinic Manager, (360) 570-8016 409 Custer Way - Suite http://www.seamar.org/locations/olympia_d
                                                                                                                                                                                                      C, Tumwater, WA        .htm

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Olympia Union Gospel               F/B    Dental services                            A branch of an Evangelical Christian Rescue Mission to provide dental        Linda Barrett, Dental Clinic Manager Ext. 100,   PO Box 7668, 413A      http://www.ougm.org/dentalclinic.htm       ougm@ougm.org or ougm@reachone.com
Mission/Dental Clinic                                                                care to the homeless and poor. Its mission is to serve their                 Dental Info (360) 943-6400---Lawrence "Skip"     Franklin Street, NE,
                                                                                     discipleship, food, shelter, dental care, limited health care, life skills   Steffen, Executive Director, Ext. 101 /          Olympia, WA 98507-
                                                                                     training, addiction recovery, household goods and personal effects,          skipsteffen@comcast.net and Michael              7668
                                                                                     benevolence, education and job training, domestic abuse intervention,        Goheen, Board President -- General Info 360-
                                                                                     and developing and maintaining partnerships with individuals,                709-9725
                                                                                     organizations and churches. Services: Chapel Services;
                                                                                     Social/Recreational Programs for Youth; Volunteer Coordinator;
                                                                                     Tutoring for Individuals; Other Special Programs; Support Groups;
                                                                                     Transitional Housing Program for Women/Families; Furniture Bank

Mountain View Church of the        F/B    Evangelical Missionaries                   A branch of missionaries overseas providing missionaries with the       Tom Hartwell, Executive Pastor 360-                   940 Israel Road SW, http://www.mtviewnaz.org/Ministries/minist    churchoffice@mtviewnaz.org
Nazarene/Nazarene Missions                                                           financial, spiritual, and emotional support they need through speakers, pastortom@mtviewnaz.org; Nancy McGrath,               Tumwater, WA 98501 ries_missions.html
International                                                                        letters, and various events. Aims to mobilize the church in mission     Admin Asst, 360-943-0795
                                                                                     through prayer, education, giving, and interactive experiences.

Lien Hoa Buddhist Temple           F/B    Place of Worship/Cultural Activities for   Not only as the base of the Buddhist Association of Olympia and              Thich Nguyen Kim (Vietnamese); Thich             1211 Wilson St NE,     http://www.geocities.com/Athens/7483/bao   gdpt@geocities.com
                                          Adults and Youths                          Neighboring Communities established in 1989, but also the                    Cha^'n lu*.c (Chan Luc) (Caucasian); Bante       Olympia, WA 98506      nc.html                                    <gdpt@geocities.com>
                                                                                     headquarters of the Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association in the             Ananda (Sri Lankan) 360-352-7109. Youth
                                                                                     United States, Lien Hoa (Olympia) Chapter. BAONC passed a                    group’s weekly service: 12:00PM-2:00PM.
                                                                                     resolution in 1991 to establish an organization to serve the Vietnamese      Adult service is from 2:00PM- 3:00PM.
                                                                                     youth in the Olympia area. Weekly: Sunday from noon to 4:00                  English service: every Thursday evening at
                                                                                     Exception: first Sunday of the month, from 10:00 - 4:00                      7:00PM

Faith Assembly of Lacey            F/B    Place of Worship/Cultural Activities for   Including many community service projects and            Huynh, Ngoc An (360) 456-5918 Church                                 5615 30th Ave. S.E., http://www.faithassemblyoflacey.com/         servanthuynh@yahoo.com
                                          Adults and Youths                          international missionaries in Africa, Argentina, Chad,   Phone (360) 459-1444                                                 Lacey, WA 98503. WA
                                                                                     Dominican Republic, Eastern Europe, Japan, Phillippines,                                                                      98503-3870

Department of Social and Health    GOVT   Employment/Job Services; Financial         Economic Services Administration (ESA) administers welfare grants,                                                                                   http://www1.dshs.wa.gov/RDA/research/cli
Services /Economic Services               Ed/Services.                               related employment training, and child care to very low-income                                                                                       entdata/2000/glossary/esa.shtm
Administration (ESA)                                                                 persons in the following groups: disabled and unemployable persons,
                                                                                     persons who have children under age 18, and pregnant women. In
                                                                                     addition, ESA administers services which promote economic
                                                                                     independence and self-sufficiency for refugees through the effective
                                                                                     use of financial, medical, and social services. ESA also administers
                                                                                     food Assistance services.

Department of Social and Health    GOVT   Employment/Job Services; Financial         Provides a variety of services including English as a Second Language Jackie Sledge (360) 725-4637             Deborah        1009 College Street,                                              bingadl@dshs.wa.gov
Services /ESA Office of Refugee           Ed/Services for Immigrants and             (ESL) Training, Health Screening, Self-Sufficiency Assessments,       Marley (360) 902-7808                                   P.O. Box 45420,
and Immigrant Assistance (ORIA)           Refugees                                   Citizenship Training, Planning, Employment Services, Foster Care,                                                             Olympia, WA 95804-
                                                                                     and other Social Services. REFUGEE ASSISTANCE: Monthly                                                                        5420
                                                                                     grants, food stamps, and medical coupons for eligible refugees in the
                                                                                     US for 12 months or less.

Department of Social and Health    GOVT   Admission of Employment/Job Services; The Community Service Office (CSO) is the intake and application site 360-725-6600 Office & 360-586-6787 or 360- 6860 Capitol Blvd,                       http://www.dshs.wa.gov/basicneeds/
Services /Olympia Community               Financial Ed/Services; Health Services; for the following DSHS programs: Financial Grants, Food Stamps,     586-2709 FAX                               Tumwater
Service Office (CSO) Division of                                                  Medical Assistance, Social Services, First Steps and WorkFirst
ESA                                                                               services

Behavioral Health Resources (BHR) SEC     Mental Health Services                     Licensed and certified as a mental health service provider with the          Philip Vandeman, Founder; Diane Perry,           3857/3855 Martin Way, http://www.bhr.org/default.htm              communityrelations@bhr.org
                                                                                     state of Washington and also by the Department of Social and Health          President, 2006 BHR Board of Directors &         Olympia, WA 98507
                                                                                     Services to operate inpatient evaluation and treatment, and residential      John Masterson, BHR CEO (360) 704-7170
                                                                                     services. BHR merged with the Crisis Clinic Resource Network in              or 1-800-825-4820.
                                                                                     2002, and South Sound Mental Health Services in January of 2005. In
                                                                                     1995, BHR created its Community Mental Health Foundation, with a
                                                                                     separate board, to promote mental health awareness and conduct

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Human Rights Commission, WA         GOVT   Civil Rights Services and Advocacy       To eliminate and prevent discrimination through the fair application of    Commission Chair - Kathy Baros Friedt; Marc    711 S. Capitol Way,   http://www.hum.wa.gov/index.htm        mbrenman@hum.wa.gov or
State                                                                               the law, the efficient use of resources, and the establishment of          Brenman - Executive Director 360-753-2558      #402, P.O. Box 42490,                                        dshaw@hum.wa.gov or
                                                                                    productive partnerships in the community.                                  (mbrenman@hum.wa.gov); Dixie Shaw,             Olympia, WA 98504-                                           Commissioners@hum.wa.gov
                                                                                                                                                               Operations Manager, Olympia Division; 1-800-   2490
                                                                                                                                                               233-3247 or 360-753-6770

Community Action Council            SEC    Food & WIC distribution; Emergency       Focuses on meeting the needs of low-income individuals and families        John M. Walsh, Executive Director              Admin Office: 420 Golf www.caclmt.org                        cacadmin@olywa.net
                                           rental, energy, and utility assistance   through a variety of programs providing essential human services. The      cacadmin@olywa.net; John Tarrant, Board        Club Road SE Lacey,
                                                                                    Council continues working collaboratively to develop strategies that       Chairman & Thuy Vu, Secretary; 800 952-        WA 98503 Food
                                                                                    address poverty in communities of Lewis, Mason and Thurston                2125 or (360) 438-1100                         Services @ 6604
                                                                                    Counties since 1966. The Council is a private, non-profit 501c(3)                                                         Martin Way E.,
                                                                                    agency governed by a volunteer Board of Directors; and as a member                                                        Olympia, WA 98506-
                                                                                    agency of United Way, the Washington Association Community Action                                                         5542
                                                                                    Partnership and the National Community Action Partnership.

Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB)         SEC    Garden Projects; Youth services          A grassroots non-profit organization located in Thurston & Mason           Helena Meyer-Knapp, Board President; Blue      711 State Avenue NE     www.goodgrub.org/aboutus/main.html   garden@goodgrub.org
                                                                                    Counties dedicating to nourish local community by empowering people        Peetz & Kim Gaffi, Co-Directors; Main Office   Olympia Wa. 98506
                                                                                    to grow good food. Has 2 programs: (1) GRuB's CULTIVATING                  (360) 753-5522 or Sister Holly Youth Farm:
                                                                                    YOUTH PROGRAM-educational and employment programs for                      2016 Elliott Ave NW, Olympia, WA 98502
                                                                                    youths; and (2) GRuB's KITCHEN GARDEN PROJECT-therapeutic                  (360)753-2665
                                                                                    garden programs for low-income families and low-income seniors.

Thurston County Food Bank           SEC    Emergency Food Services                  Provides nutritious emergency food to the hungry adults, children and      (360) 352-8597 Office (360) 352-7732 Fax       220 N.E. Thurston,      www.thurstoncountyfoodbank.org/      office@thurstoncountyfoodbank.org
                                                                                    seniors of Thurston County through community support.                                                                     Olympia, WA, 98501

Church of Living Water              F/B    Emergency Food Services                  Home to the Evergreen District of The International Church of the          Burt Smith, Senior Pastor                      1615 Chambers Street, www.livingwater.com                    info@livingwater.com
                                                                                    Foursquare Gospel. Sermons: Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays at 9              pastorburt@livingwater.com (360) 956-1292      Olympia, WA 98501
                                                                                    and 11am. Has 10:00 am service on Sundays in the performing arts           ext 296; Jake Broeker, Administration,
                                                                                    auditorium at the additional location: Olympia High School (back of        jake@livingwater.com, ext 275; General Info
                                                                                    OHS), 1309, Carlyon Ave. SE, Olympia, Washington 98501                     (360) 754-5830

WA State Multi-Ethnic Think Tank,   SEC    Education Advocacy                       Established in 1998 under the Office of the Superintendent of Public Gia Tran, OSPI Learn and Serve, Title V, AP          Old Capitol Building,   http://www.k12.wa.us/                gtran@ospi.wednet.edu
Office of the Superintendent of                                                     Instruction (OSPI), it aims to explore and recommend ways to improve Research/Information Specialist, (360) 725-          PO Box 47200,
Public Instruction (OSPI)                                                           the academic success of ethnic minority and low socio-economic       6159 General Info (360) 725-6000                     Olympia, WA 98504-
                                                                                    students in Washington State. Each representative was a stakeholder                                                       7200
                                                                                    in the Washington State public education system. Washington State
                                                                                    Multi-Ethnic Think Tank is comprised of the following Think Tanks:
                                                                                    African American Think Tank American Indian/Alaska Native Think
                                                                                    Tank. Asian Pacific Islander American Think Tank Hispanic Think
                                                                                    Tank. and Low Socio-Economic Think Tank.

CHOICE Regional Health Network      SEC    Health Services                          A nonprofit consortium of rural and urban hospitals, practitioners,        Kevin Haughton, Board President, (360) 493- 2409 Pacific Ave SE,       http://www.crhn.org/                 kevin.haughton@providence.org
of Lewis, Mason, and Thurston                                                       public health, clinics, and other health partners dedicated to improving   4126; Kristen West, Executive Director Toll Olympia WA 98501
Counties                                                                            the health of our community of Mason, Grays Harbor, Pacific, Lewis         Free: 1-800-981-2123 Español 1(888) 493-
                                                                                    and Thurston counties— Central Western Washington. CHOICE meets            8397
                                                                                    its mission through regional planning and action to develop a
                                                                                    coordinated system of patient care among multiple owners of different
                                                                                    types of health care organizations who choose to collaborate in the
                                                                                    best interest of the communities we serve. It's a SHIBA (Statewide
                                                                                    Health Insurance Benefits Advisors) HelpLine Sponsoring Agency.

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Title I Migrant Education Program   SEC   Education Advocacy                         MEP is in partnership with schools, communities, and families,           Phuong Chi Nguyen, Migrant Supervisor,        PO Box 47200,          http://www.k12.wa.us/migrantbilingual/       pnguyen@ospi.wednet.edu
(MEP), Office of the Superintendent                                                  supports the unique educational and health needs of migrant students Learning Teaching/Migrant Ed. (360) 725-          Olympia, WA 98504-
of Public Instruction (OSPI)                                                         by enhancing their opportunities for personal success and advocating 6149                                              7200
                                                                                     for quality services that promote responsible and productive
                                                                                     individuals. Receiving a federal grant to establish or improve, directly
                                                                                     or through sub-grants to local operating agencies, programs of
                                                                                     education for migratory children. Services to migrant children and their
                                                                                     families may include: Supplemental academic; Instructional training;
                                                                                     Health programs; Preschool programs; Family home visiting/ and
                                                                                     academic counseling services; Parental involvement; Migrant student
                                                                                     data and collection; Student leadership opportunities; Summer schools
                                                                                     programs; Secondary credit accrual and exchange; Grants for
                                                                                     supplemental secondary services, dropout prevention and retrieval,
                                                                                     and alternative education programs; and Dissemination of information.

Vovi Friendship Association,       F/B    Place of Worship/Cultural Activities for   A nonprofit and nonpartisan organization helping people discover and      Vuong Nguyen, President (360)-357-5675       4104 Goldsby St        http://www.vovi.org                          nguyenv@copper.net
Olympia Chapter                           Adults and Youths                          fully understand themselves through meditation.                                                                        SW, Olympia,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            WA 98512

Vietnamese Catholic Community at F/B      Place of Worship/Cultural Activities for   A composition of diverse ministries that are centered on prayer and       Jim Lee, Pastor (360) 754-4667 ; Father Tran 1835 Overhulse Road    http://www.cdmartin.org/                     Vietnamese Office:
St. Michael Catholic Parish -             Adults and Youths                          include the poor, elderly, evangelization, daycare, K-8 school, teens,    Duc Phuong (206) 334 -8422                   NW, Olympia, WA                                                     bdh_cdmartin@yahoo.com Mainstream
Westside                                                                             family programs. Monthly mass at 1PM.                                                                                  98502                                                               Office: office@SaintMichaelParish.org

WA Health Care Authority           SEC    Health Care Policy                         The Division provides policy support to HCA's programs, as well as       Juan Alaniz, Senior Health Policy and         676 Woodland Square http://www.hca.wa.gov/                          jala107@hca.wa.gov
(HCA)/Health Care Policy (HCP)                                                       leads out on many statewide and collaborative policy initiatives for the Program Planner (360) 923-2726                Loop SE, P.O. Box
Division                                                                             Agency and its Programs. The division provides policy and project                                                      42710, Lacey, WA
                                                                                     support for statewide health planning: Program Policy Support;                                                         98503
                                                                                     Collaborative Projects; and Legislative Products.

WA Office of Insurance             SEC    Health Insurance/Benefits                  Providing health insurance information throughout Washington state.       Gauhar Nguyen (360) 725-7226                 P.O. Box 40256,        http://www.insurance.wa.gov/consumers/S      GauharN@oic.wa.gov
Commissioner/Statewide Health                                                                                                                                                                               Olympia, WA 98504-     hiba_HelpLine/dirdefault.asp
Insurance Benefits Advisors                                                                                                                                                                                 0256

El Centro de la Raza               SEC    Latino Advocacy                            Ensuring access to services and advocating on behalf of people            David Gasca, Board President; Roberto        2524 16th Ave S,       http://www.elcentrodelaraza.org/
                                                                                     regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, level of       Maestas, Executive Director (206) 957-4605   Seattle, WA 98144
                                                                                     income, age, ability and sexual orientation. El Centro de la Raza was     General Info (206) 329-9442; EXECUTIVE
                                                                                     founded in 1972 to address the problems that people face related to       OFFICE (206) 957-4605
                                                                                     poverty, literacy, health and education. It focuses on the needs of
                                                                                     Latino community from Beacon Hill to Bellingham.

Sacred Heart Lacey/Catholic Church F/B    Place of Worship/Cultural Activities for   Spanish Mass: Third Sunday of every month at 2:00PM--The                  Ferrell Gilson, Pastoral Coordinator; Rev.     812 Bowker Street SE, http://www.sacredheartlacey.com/
                                          Adults and Youths                          development of HISPANIC MINISTRY is in the formation stage.               Richard Parle, Parochial Vicar, 360-491-0890-- Lacey, WA 98503
                                                                                     Ministry will include sacramental preparation in Spanish.                 Catholic Community Services Counseling 360-
                                                                                                                                                               586-1583-Emergency Outreach 923-0929

Bread and Roses                    F/B    Human Rights Advocacy, Community,          A private community household, working and praying for justice and        Cassandra Flipper, Executive Director; Gordy 1320 8th Ave SE,       www.breadandrosesoly.org
                                          Emergency & Safety, Homeless &             peace in the world and to provide food, shelter and dignity to the poor   Ebner, Administrative Director (360) 754-    Olympia, wa 98501
                                          Housing, Hunger                            and homeless in Greater Olympia, Washington. (Temporary                   4085. Bread and Roses Advocacy Center
                                                                                     emergency housing for women, children, and families; free lunch           (BRAC) @ 1009 E. Fourth Ave., Olympia WA
                                                                                     served at 12:00 PM, and an evening meal between 6:00 PM and 7:00          98501
                                                                                     PM every day). Bread & Roses Advocacy Center (BRAC) publishes a
                                                                                     street newspaper named The Voice of Olympia

The Salvation Army of Olympia,     F/B    Homeless Services, Senior Citizens         A local branch of the international evangelical movement is composed Don Sattelberg, Advisory Board Chairperson; 808/824 5th Ave Se           http://salvationarmyolympia.org/index.html   nwolympia@usw.salvationarmy.org
Lacey and Tumwater                        Service & Health Organizations, Social     of both church and social ministries                                 Mary Ann Strickler, Board Chair; Charles &     Olympia, WA 98501-
                                          Services & Welfare                                                                                              Shari Fowler, Corps Officers; Social Services, 1502
                                                                                                                                                          Meal Service & Shelter: (360) 352-8596

El Mensaje Del Aire -- A Spanish   SEC    Media Advocacy                             Jose Pineda and Carmen Acavado-Perez have the Spanish show on Jose Pineda (360) 754-3464; KAOS Offices -- 2700 Evergreen                      http://kaos.evergreen.edu/index.html         JPineda@NCMachinery.com
Radio Program/KAOS Olympia                                                           Saturdays from 3-5PM and re-recorded show from 5-6PM. Jose Luis (360) 867-6888; Direct Studio Line -- (360) Parkway CAB 301,
Community Radio 89.3 FM @                                                            Pineda (son of Jose Pineda Jr).is one of the two music director for the 867-KAOS                            Olympia WA 98505
Evergreen State College                                                              station (kaos_music@evergreen.edu)

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The Center for Traditional Medicine SEC     Health and Mental Health   The Center for Traditional Medicine promotes the cross cultural          Leslie Korn, Clinic Director/Founder; Mirjam   1015 4th Ave W Suite   http://www.centerfortraditionalmedicine.org
(CTM)                                       Research/Services          healing arts and sciences and advances social change to benefit          Hirch, Traditional Health Policy; (360) 586-   AB                     /about/index.html
                                                                       individual and community health through activist scholarship research    0117                                           Olympia, WA 98502
                                                                       and practice. As an agency of the Center for World Indigenous
                                                                       Studies--a non profit 501 (c) (3) research and education organization.

The Center for World Indigenous      SEC    Research and education     A non profit 501 c(3) research and education organization aims to        Rudolph C. Rÿser, Ph.D, Board Chair &         1001 Cooper Point Rd. http://www.cwis.org/index.htm
Studies                                                                access to indigenous peoples knowledge and ideas; (2) conflict           Executive Director; Alfedo Gomez-Beloz,       SW #140, Olympia, WA
                                                                       resolution based on mutual consent; and (3) protecting the rights of     Ph.D Postdoctoral Research Fellow; (360) 586- 98502
                                                                       indigenous peoples                                                       0656

Consular Services at Embassy of      SEC    Foreign Affairs            Promoting the multi-faceted ties between Mexico and the United          (206) 448-3526/6819/8971                        2132 Third Avenue,     http://www.sre.gob.mx/english/                comexico1@uswest.net
Mexico in Seattle, Washington                                          States, of which the economic and trade links are of high priority, and Fax: (206) 448-4771                             Seattle, WA, 98121                                                   conseattle@sre.gob.mx
                                                                       to provide consular services to Americans and Vietnamese residing in
                                                                       the United States.

Consular Services at Embassy of      SEC    Foreign Affairs            Promoting the multi-faceted ties between Vietnam and the United         H.E. NGUYEN Tam Chien, E & P               1233 20th Street, NW, http://www.vietnamembassy-                          info@vietnamembassy.us,
Vietnam in Washington DC                                               States, of which the economic and trade links are of high priority, and Ambassador, (202) 861 0737; Fax: (202) 861 Suite 400             usa.org/consular_services/                          consular@vietnamembassy.us,
                                                                       to provide consular services to Americans and Vietnamese residing in 0917                                          Washington, DC 20036                                                      vietnamembassy@msn.com
                                                                       the United States.

Consulate General of Vietnam on     SEC     Foreign Affairs            Promoting the multi-faceted ties between Vietnam and the West Coast Mr. Tran TUAN ANH, Consul General, (415)            1700 California St,    http://www.vietnamconsulate.com/frontpag      info@ vietnamconsulate.com
the West Coast of the United States                                    of the United States, of which the economic and trade links are of high 922-1707, congen@vietnamconsulate.com           Suite 430              e.html
                                                                       priority, and to provide consular services to Americans and             (415) 922-1707 Fax: (415) 922-1848              San Francisco, CA
                                                                       Vietnamese residing in the United States.                                                                               94109

Evergreen Christian Vietnamese       F/B    Place of worship           The Vietnamese Sermon is conducted in a classroom of Evergreen          Pastor David (Giao) Le, (360) 352-1670          3615 5th Ave SW        www.evergreenchristian.org
Church                                                                 Christian Center, an Assemblies of God (AG) church, where                                                               Olympia, WA 98502
                                                                       Evangelism, church planting and leadership training are the three vital

Capital Vision Christian Church, Non- F/B   Place of worship           Sundays at 9 AM Or 10:30 AM                                              Bruce, Pastor bruce@capitalvision.org, 360-    1775 Yew Ave. NE,      http://www.capitalvision.org                  cvcc@cco.net
Denominational                                                                                                                                  754-7700                                       Olympia, WA, 98506

Washington State Hispanic                                                                                                                       Anthony Ruiz, Pres., (206) 441-8894            P.O. Box 24623
Chamber of Commerce                                                                                                                                                                            Seattle, WA 98124-

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