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 4 Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement

                                                 CliffNotes                                Gary M. Abramson               Deborah Marriott Harrison
                                                                                           M. Richard "Ric" Adams         Ricardo Martinez

                                                      How We
                                                                                           Ron Adolph                     Randy McClement
                                                                                           Gary Alexander                 John P. McDonough

                                                     Chose the
                                                                                           Bert Anderson                  Thomas V. "Mike" Miller
                                                                                           John Balch                     C.D. "Dan" Mote, Jr.

                                                                                           John M. Belcher                C. Anthony Muse
                                                                                           Bruce C. Bereano               Karen F. Myers

                                                                                           James Piper Bond               Timothy A. Perry
                                                                                           Philip W. Bowers               Douglas J.J. Peters
                                                                                           Eric Brotman                   Milton V. Peterson
   There is no dictionary definition of a power player. Still, they exist and              David F. Bufter                Eliot Pfanstiehl
   each of us probably knows at least one—someone who’s a mastermind                       Linda D. Burgee                Peter Plamondon, Jr.
   in the spotlight or behind the scenes, who dictates the trends, and who                 Galen Clagett                  Henry E. Posko, Jr.
   wields enough influence to serve as a force for change. While power
   players are occasionally controversial, they are always compelling.
                                                                                           Michael W. Davis               Gregory "Steve" Proctor
                                                                                           Joseph DeMattos, Jr.           Clare Razaq-Hines
   In this publication, The Gazette of Politics and Business takes measure
   of a cross-section of Maryland’s power brokers. Some are established                    Charlene M. Dukes              Jane Redicker
   figures—names we’ve heard for years—while others are fresh faces.                       Carol Eaton                    William T. Riley, Jr.
   To arrive at this sampling of Maryland’s most influential, we polled                    Stewart Edelstein              William R. Roberts
   local business, boards, and political and community leaders, asking                     Bob Enten                      William G. Robertson
   them to “nominate” those they regarded as superlative movers and                        M.H. Jim Estepp                Judith D. Robinson
   shakers. This list represents people in a range of business—from real
   estate and investment groups to health care and hospitality firms—as
                                                                                           Brian J. Feldman               Barry Ronan
   well as education, government and nonprofit organizations. Allegany,                    Douglas F. Gansler             Martine A. Rothblatt
   Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Charles, Frederick, Garrett, Howard,                           Jan Gardner                    Joel D. Rozner
   Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties are home to those on the                       Jack Garson                    Jerald C. Sadoff
                                                                                           Brad Gottfried                 B. Francis Saul, II
   If you think someone is missing from this list, you’re right. The Old                   Solomon Graham                 William M. Shipp
   Line State is blessed with thousands of people who make a difference
   every day. We chose to highlight these individuals because they have                    Tom Graham                     Larry Shulman
   become key figures either where they live or in their industry, and other               Royce Hanson                   Austin J. Slater, Jr.
   state leaders have sat up and taken notice of their work.                               Freeman Hrabowski              Robert J. Stevens
                                                                   Cliff Chiet             Pradman P. Kaul                W. Chris Stewart
                                                                    Publisher              Pamela J. Klahr                Casper Taylor, Jr.
Published by:                                                                              Thomas A. Kleinhanzl           Chris Van Hollen
                                                                                           Rona Kramer                    Michael L. Vaughn
                                    n Publisher: Cliff Chiet                               Barbara J. Krumsiek            Rebecca Wagner
9030 Comprint Court                 n Advertising Director: Stephanie Kempter              Gloria Lawlah                  Jay Walker
Gaithersburg, MD 20877              n Account Executive: Chauka Reid                       Ike Leggett                    H. Thomas Watkins
240-864-1558 /      n Layout & Graphics: Son Young Lee, John Schmitz Jr.   M.A. "Mike" Little             Jerry D. Weast
This supplement was produced by The Gazette of Politics & Business Advertising Sales
                                                                                           Charles J. Lollar              Richard B. Weldon, Jr.
Department. Unless otherwise noted, this report was gathered by Karen Finucan              Tom Loveland                   Renee M. Winsky
Clarkson, None of the copy was written by The Gazette of
Politics & Business editorial staff. All photos were supplied by the specific corporate    Thomas E. Lynch, III           Tony Zook
entity unless otherwise stated.                                                            Richard Stuart Madaleno, Jr.
                                                                                                    Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement 5
      THE GREEN BUILDER                   ings to include transportation and
                                          production companies. One of the
     Gary M. Abramson                     firm’s first contracts was to oversee
              Partner                     minority contracting for the develop-
        The Tower Companies               ers of the $2-billion National Harbor
         Montgomery County                complex. TAC also handles the Local
                                          and Minority Enterprise Business
A partner in this self-described “eco-    Program for Gaylord Entertainment
progressive” real estate development      and the Disadvantaged Business
company, Abramson joined the fami-        Enterprise Outreach Program for the
ly firm in 1969. His creativity and       Intercounty Connector.
artistic bent are signature features in
The Tower Companies’ buildings.
Abramson, who has served for more                                                    7 1 3 5 M i n s t r e l W a y, S u i t e 1 0 4 • C o l u m b i a , M D 2 1 0 4 5
                                               THE ENERGY LAWYER                                            410-290-5132 •
than two decades on the American
University Board of Trustees, is the             Gary Alexander
panel’s current chairman. He helped                  Senior Partner                  “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
lead the 2007 search for a new uni-               Alexander & Cleaver                                                                        - Winston Churchill
versity president and donated $1                  Anne Arundel County
million to name the Abramson Family
Recital Hall in the university’s new      As the founder of one of the state’s      Founded in 1948, HFAM is a leader and advocate for Maryland’s long-term
Katzen Arts Center.                       top lobbying firms, Alexander has         care provider community. Over 150 providers, 19,000 employees and
                                          been included in lists of Best            25,000+ Marylanders in need of quality nursing care have entrusted HFAM to
                                          Lawyers in America and Maryland           be their partner in care – assisted living, sub-acute, rehabilitation and long-term
  THE CHAMBER CHAMPION                    Super Lawyers. He’s known as an           care nursing.
                                          expert in energy law. A former
 M. Richard “Ric” Adams                   People’s Counsel for the Maryland         The Health Facilities Association of Maryland is the largest skilled nursing
           President/CEO                  Public Service Commission,                provider community in Maryland representing every type of provider: small,
    Frederick County Chamber of           Alexander previously served as            locally family-owned independent nursing facility, faith-based nonprofit
    Commerce, Frederick County            Speaker Pro Tem in the Maryland           organizations and the state’s and country’s largest multi-national providers.
                                          House of Delegates. He sits on the        Member facilities are found in every community in every county and city across
After three decades as public affairs     boards of the University of Maryland
manager for State Farm Insurance,                                                   Maryland.
                                          Foundation and University of
this Frederick native took the helm       Maryland School of Public Policy.         Maryland’s long-term care provider communities directly support an estimated
of the county Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                    $3.7 billion in state economic activity – a major jobs-creator and economic
four years ago, increasing chamber
membership and encouraging the                                                      engine for the state. Often long-term care is one of the leading employment
                                          THE MASTER ENTREPRENEUR                   centers and health care employment training hubs for communities. We are a
organization’s use of social media
(Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).                  Bert Anderson                     critical component in Maryland’s health care system.
During his tenure, the chamber has                      Owner                                     Innovatively leading the long-term care community to ensure
been active in a public-private effort        Everedy Square & Shab Row
to establish a downtown hotel and                                                           that the people of Maryland receive comprehensive care and service,
                                                   Frederick County
conference center. Adams has held                                                                                and an enhanced quality of life.
leadership roles in the Rotary Club,      Having purchased three blocks of
Hood College Board of Associates          real estate in a declining section of
and United Way of Frederick               historic Frederick during the 1970s
County.                                   and 1980s, Anderson restored the
                                          area, creating Everedy Square and
                                          Shab Row—now one of the city’s
    THE MANAGEMENT PRO                    most vibrant shopping and entertain-
                                          ment districts. His current focus is
          Ron Adolph                      the $2-million redevelopment of the
              President                   Monocacy Canning Co. building as a
           TAC Companies                  35,000-square-foot mixed-use proj-
       Prince George’s County             ect. Anderson was named Master
                                          Entrepreneur last year by the
After starting his management and         Entrepreneur Council of Frederick
consulting firm in 2000, Adolph, an       County and serves on the board of
MIT graduate, expanded his hold-          BlueRidge Bank.                         1729729
     6 Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement
                                                                       THE PHARMACEUTICAL                   Maryland’s most effective and well
          THE GREEN BUILDER            THE CHAMBER CHAMPION                                                 paid lobbyists, claiming the number
                                                                                                            one spot on a list of top earners as
                                                                             John Balch                     recently as 2008. He represents a
                                                                             President/Owner                range of clients, which includes the
                                                                         The PharmaCare Network             Maryland Association of Tobacco &
                                                                             Allegany County                Candy Distributors, Licensed
                                                                                                            Beverage Distributors of Maryland,
                                                                   What today is known as The               Inc. and Safeway, Inc.
                                                                   PharmaCare Network was founded
                                                                   as an independent retail pharmacy
                                                                   by Balch in 1977. Today, Balch’s net-           THE ENTHUSIASTIC
                                                                   work consists of retail, institutional
           Gary M. Abramson               M. Richard “Ric” Adams   and infusion pharmacies, a home
               See page 5                          See page 5
                                                                   medical division, PharmaCare Floral           James Piper Bond
                                                                   and PharmaCarePC. The network                        President/CEO
      THE ENERGY LAWYER                THE AVIATION AUTHORITY      has a presence in Cumberland,                Living Classrooms Foundation
                                                                   Frostberg and Berkeley Springs, West                Baltimore County
                                                                   Virginia. Balch served on the Mary-
                                                                   land Board of Pharmacy as president      Bond has held numerous positions
                                                                   and commissioner. He currently           within the Living Classrooms
                                                                   chairs the University of Maryland        Foundation since becoming the
                                                                   School of Pharmacy’s $30 million         organization’s first full-time employ-
                                                                   capital campaign.                        ee in 1986. Today, he leads an educa-
                                                                                                            tional organization that prepares at-
                                                                                                            risk youth for the working world. It
                                                                     THE AVIATION AUTHORITY                 does so through exposure to nontra-
                                                                                                            ditional forms of education, provid-
            Gary Alexander                    John M. Belcher
               See page 5
                                                                         John M. Belcher                    ing a hands-on, interdisciplinary,
                                                                             Chairman/CEO                   challenging environment where edu-
                                                                               ARINC, Inc.                  cation can be made relevant to the
                                                                           Anne Arundel County              workplace. The foundation—which
                                                                                                            also includes the National Historic
FREDERICK, MARYLAND                                                                                         Seaport—generates $120 million
                                                                   Having joined ARINC in 1997,
                                                                   Belcher has built a dynamic firm that    annually and supports approximately
                                                                                                            1,800 full-time employees.
                                                                   provides engineering solutions in the
                                                                   aerospace and defense, aviation, air-
                                                                   port, government, networks, security
                                                                   and transportation industries. From              RESTAURATEUR
                                                                   Baltimore to Beijing and beyond,                EXTRAORDINAIRE
                                                                   ARINC’s products and services are
                                                                   found on more than 260 airlines and            Philip W. Bowers
                                                                   in 75 major airports. A leading                        President
                                                                   authority in aviation and air traffic      Fountain Rock Management, Corp.
                                                                   services, Belcher has served as chair-              Frederick County
                                                                   man of the Canadian Advanced
                                                                   Technology Association. He was           After learning to brew beer, this soft-
                                                                                                            ware engineer left his job to open his
                                                                   selected as a winner of Maryland’s
                                                                                                            own brew pub. Fourteen years later,
                                                                   2005 International Business
                                                                                                            Bowers oversees Fountain Rock
                                                                   Leadership Awards.
                                                                                                            Management Corp., which operates
                                                                                                            three restaurants: Brewer’s Alley,
                                                                                                            Isabella’s Taverna & Tapas Bar and
                                                                     THE ANNAPOLIS AGITATOR                 Acacia. In 2007, Bowers was named
                                                                                                            Restaurateur of the Year by the
                                                                         Bruce C. Bereano                   Restaurant Association of Maryland.
                                                                         Office of Bruce C. Bereano
                                                                                                            Last year, the company created a
                                                                            Anne Arundel County
                                                                                                            commemorative 1634 Ale for
                                                                                                            Maryland’s 375th anniversary cele-
                                                                   Despite a 1994 mail fraud convic-
                                                                                                            bration, using ingredients that would
                                                                   tion, Bereano continues to be one of
1729740                                                                                                     have been available to the colonists.
                                                                                               Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement 7
                                                                                    THE ENTHUSIASTIC EDUCATOR           THE FINANCIAL WIZARD
         Eric Brotman                              SUPERVISOR
             President                           Linda D. Burgee
    Brotman Financial Group, Inc.                    Superintendent
         Baltimore County                    Frederick County Public Schools
                                                     Frederick County
Ready to make the entrepreneurial
leap in 2003, Brotman founded his         Born and educated in Frederick,
boutique wealth-management and            Burgee began her education career
financial planning firm in Timonium.      as a teacher with Frederick County
Brotman Financial Group, Inc.             Public Schools in 1976 after gradu-
assists families and small businesses     ating from Towson University. She
with wealth creation, preservation        was named superintendent in 2004.             James Piper Bond                       Eric Brotman
and distribution. Brotman currently       She is a member of the Frederick                   See page 6
                                          Alliance for Education, the Commi-
serves on the board of directors for
                                          ttee for Frederick and the Frederick      THE SCHOOL SYSTEM SUPERVISOR      THE APPROPRIATIONS PRO
Leadership Baltimore County, where
                                          Rotary Club. Burgee has been an
he was a member of the class of           adjunct professor at Hood College,
2006. He is a 2009 graduate of            serves on the Frederick County
Leadership Maryland and a past            Council of PTA’s executive board
president and chairman of the board       and is a member of the Washington
of the Financial Planning Association     Area School Study Council.
of Maryland.
He is the author of Debt-Free for Life:
The Tools You Need to Free Yourself        THE APPROPRIATIONS PRO
From Debt.
                                                   Galen Clagett
                                                 Delegate, District 3A                  Linda D. Burgee                      Galen Clagett
                                               Maryland General Assembly
                                                    Frederick County
        David F. Bufter                   This former school teacher and
                                          Frederick County commissioner was
 Treasurer/Executive Vice President,      first elected to the Maryland House
           Administration                 of Delegates in 2002. He plans to
         SAIC-Frederick, Inc.             seek reelection this year. As a mem-
          Frederick County
                                          ber of the Appropriations Comm-
                                          ittee, Clagett chairs the Public Safety
A Frederick resident for more than        and Administration Subcommittee.
three decades, Bufter currently has       He is president of Clagett Enterprises,
administrative responsibility for         Inc., a real estate company he found-
SAIC-Frederick’s contract with the        ed in 1987. He serves as chairman of
National Cancer Institute. Bufter,        the Jefferson School Board and sits on
who serves on the county’s Business       the Frederick County Chamber of
Development Advisory Council, is          Commerce board.
immediate past chairman of the
Frederick County Chamber of
Commerce. He joined Fort Detrick             THE ELDER LAW EXPERT
Alliance’s Board of Directors last
year. In 2007, he was honored by the
                                                Michael W. Davis
Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of
                                          Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC
Commerce as its Corporate Citizen                   Howard County
of the Year.
                                          Davis is a recognized leader in the
                                          complexities of estate planning and
                                          issues of interest to the aging com-
                                          munity. He has served on the board
                                          of the Howard County Commission
                                          on Aging and was a founding mem-
                                          ber of the Maryland/D.C. chapter of                                                                       1729741
  8 Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement
                                                                                  the National Academy of Elder Law            THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
  THE ELDER LAW EXPERT                         THE EDUCATION EXECUTIVE            Attorneys. Last year Davis received                AUTHORITY
                                                                                  The James W. Rouse Award, which
                                                                                  recognizes an individual’s extraordi-                 Carol Eaton
                                                                                  nary commitment to both the com-                          President
                                                                                  munity and The Columbia Found-                  Frederick Community College
                                                                                  ation, upon whose board he served                     Frederick County
                                                                                  for 13 years.
                                                                                                                              As she prepares to mark her fifth
                                                                                                                              anniversary as Frederick Community
                                                                                     THE AGING’S ADVOCATE                     College president, the school has
                                                                                                                              experienced unprecedented growth
                                                                                     Joseph DeMattos, Jr.                     in its student population, exceeding
       Michael W. Davis                              Charlene M. Dukes                            President                   6,200 in fall 2009, an 8.4 percent
             See page 7                                                           Health Facilities Association of Maryland   increase from the prior year. A com-
                                                                                              Howard County                   munity college graduate, Eaton pre-
THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE AUTHORITY               THE EDUCATION PARTNERSHIP PRO                                                   viously served as vice chancellor of
                                                                                  Known for his national leadership on        community colleges for the State
                                                                                  Medicare as well as his advocacy            Universities of New York, where she
                                                                                  efforts for health care expansion in        compiled an impressive list of
                                                                                                                              accomplishments. She sits on the
                                                                                  Maryland, DeMattos was AARP’s
                                                                                                                              Board of Advisors for the
                                                                                  senior state director in Maryland
                                                                                                                              Universities at Shady Grove.
                                                                                  before joining the Health Facilities
                                                                                  Association of Maryland last May.
                                                                                  DeMattos has more than 28 years of
                                                                                  experience in communications, com-                  THE EDUCATION
                                                                                  munity outreach, public relations                  PARTNERSHIP PRO
                                                                                  and government relations. Governor
           Carol Eaton                               Stewart Edelstein            Martin O’Malley recently appointed               Stewart Edelstein
                                                                                  DeMattos to the state’s Long-Term                    Executive Director
                                                                                  Care Financing Task Force. He has                Universities at Shady Grove
                                                                                  served on the Morgan State                          Montgomery County
                                                                                  University School of Social Work

 Experience • Access • Proven Results                                             Advisory Council and Healthy
                                                                                  Maryland Initiative.
                                                                                                                              During his eight years at the
                                                                                                                              Universities at Shady Grove,
                                                                                                                              Edelstein has increased both the
    We are recognized by state and local lawmakers, and the Maryland                                                          number of partner schools and
    lobbying community as one of the more highly respected government              THE EDUCATION EXECUTIVE                    degree programs. He also has over-
    and private sector advocacy organizations in the state. The firm boasts                                                   seen construction of a building that
    several areas of specialty and a proven record of effective legislative and        Charlene M. Dukes                      will nearly triple existing classroom
                                                                                                President                     space. Working with Montgomery
    administrative lobbying representation. We afford our clients the
                                                                                   Prince George’s Community College          College and Montgomery County
    opportunity to access decision makers at every level of government.                                                       Public Schools, Edelstein has devel-
                                                                                         Prince George’s County
                                                                                                                              oped programs to meet the region’s
                                                                                  Dukes has 26 years of progressive           higher education needs. He received
                                                                                  leadership experience and adminis-          the 2006 Chairman’s Award from
                                                                                                                              the Montgomery County Chamber
                                                                                  trative responsibility in higher educa-
                                                                                                                              of Commerce, where he is a board
                                                                                  tion. Her involvement extends
                                                                                                                              member and vice chair of its
                                                                                  throughout Prince George’s County           Education Subcommittee.
  OFFICE LOCATIONS                                                                and the state, having served on the
                                                                                  county’s Board of Education and,
  ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND                                  LAPLATA, MARYLAND          currently, the Maryland State Board
  29 Francis Street                                    403 East Charles Street                                                THE RELENTLESS ADVOCATE
                                                                                  of Education. Before coming to
  Annapolis, MD 21401
  Phone: 410-280-5088 ¦ Fax: 410-280-1618
                                                       LaPlata, MD 20646
                                                       Phone : 301-392-0888       Prince George’s Community College                      Bob Enten
                                                                                  as vice president of student services                     Member
                        UPPER MARLBORO, MARYLAND                                  in the mid-1990s, Dukes served as                Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman,
                           14408 Old Mill Road, Suite 201                         dean of students at the Community                Hoffberger & Hollander, LLC
                             Upper Marlboro, MD 20772                                                                                 Anne Arundel County
                                                                                  College of Allegheny County.
                       Phone: 301-952-8885 ¦ Fax: 301-952-0290
                                                                                                                              One of Maryland’s best known lob-
      301.952.8885                 •                                                                 byists, Enten regularly appears on
                                                                                              Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement 9
the list of top 10 earners. He is gen-      THE PUBLIC’S DEFENDER
eral counsel to the Maryland                                                       THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPER THE DETERMINED DELEGATE
Bankers Association and is Maryland           Douglas F. Gansler
local counsel to the Property                      Attorney General
Casualty Insurers Association of                   State of Maryland
America. Enten has been named to               From Montgomery County
the prestigious Best Lawyers in
America for 2009 and 2010 on the         Since his 2006 election, Gansler has
Government Relations Law list. He’s      focused on environmental, public
past president of the Garrett County     safety and consumer issues. His
Bar Association and sits on the board
                                         record includes some of Maryland’s
of the Baltimore County Chamber of
Commerce.                                largest pollution settlements. On a
                                         national level, he reached an agree-
                                         ment with major car rental compa-               M.H. Jim Estepp                    Brian J. Feldman
                                         nies to end high rates for refueling
 THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPER                  partially empty gas tanks and a set-
                                                                                    THE PUBLIC’S DEFENDER               THE COUNTY CAPTAIN
      M.H. Jim Estepp                    tlement with wireless carriers requir-
           President/CEO                 ing disclosure of terms involving cell
  Greater Prince George’s Business       phone insurance. He led the Joint
 Roundtable, Prince George’s County      Sniper Task Force and successfully
                                         prosecuted John Allen Mohammed
Having spent the last five years         and Lee Boyd Malvo for murder.
spurring economic development
around Andrews Air Force Base,
Estepp is beginning to see the fruits         THE COUNTY CAPTAIN
of his labor. His vision includes a
development with some 5 million                    Jan Gardner
square feet of office space, 2 million                President
square feet of retail and 15,000 resi-      Board of County Commissioners               Douglas F. Gansler                     Jan Gardner
dences. He served two terms on the                 Frederick County
Prince George’s County Council
and is a recipient of the Hoffman        Now in her third term as commis-
Award for Excellence—the state’s
highest award for local officials—and
                                         sioner, Gardner has become known
                                         for her support for public education,     How DoYou ConductYour Business?
the Board of Trade’s Citizens of the     intelligent growth management poli-
Year award.                              cy and improvements to agricultural       Full Service Office
                                         preservation programs. During her         Business Center
                                         tenure, the county’s bond rating has
THE DETERMINED DELEGATE                  been upgraded, a prescription dis-        Whether you need an office a
                                                                                   month, a day or a few hours,
      Brian J. Feldman                   count card program implemented
                                         and an affordable housing fund            ExecuSuites can help. Ask about
       Delegate, District 15             established. Gardner is a member of
     Maryland General Assembly                                                     our flexible lease terms.
                                         the Maryland Association of                                                    State of the art Board Room
        Montgomery County                                                          Not an office person? Our
                                         Counties, serving as president in
                                         2007 and, currently, vice chair of its    Internet Lounge is perfect for
First elected in 2002, Feldman is
chair of Montgomery County’s dele-       Education Subcommittee.                   those who prefer to work in a
gation in Annapolis. In his capacity                                               open and social environment.
as chair of the House Banking                                                      From conference rooms to
Subcommittee, he was instrumental            THE BUSINESS BUILDER
in gaining passage of emergency leg-
                                                                                   offices, for a few days, a few
islation to address the state’s mort-              Jack Garson                     months or a year, we have a
gage foreclosure crisis. Last year, he                 Founder                     package to meet your needs.
                                                  Garson Claxton LLC                                                    Full and Part-Time Offices
was named Advocate of the Year by
the Technology Council of Maryland                Montgomery County
and, in 2008, he was designated                                                    2275 Research Blvd. Suite 500
Legislator of the Year by the            In his just-released book, How to         Rockville, MD 20850
Montgomery County Chamber of             Build a Business and Sell It for
                                                                                   (301) 670-2800
Commerce.                                Millions, Garson displays his extensive
                                                                                           Internet Lounge
                                         understanding of the business world—
                                         an understanding that has made him a
                                                                                     “OUR Business is meeting YOUR Business needs!”
    10 Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement
                                                                                                                                                  Underrepresented Groups and the
  THE ENLIGHTENED EXECUTIVE                                     THE CONSERVATION KING                    THE SATELLITE PIONEER                    Science & Engineering Workforce

                                                                                                                                                      THE SATELLITE PIONEER
                                                                                                                                                        Pradman P. Kaul
                                                                                                                                                     Hughes Network Systems, LLC
                                                                                                                                                     Hughes Communications, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                         Montgomery County
                Tom Graham                                             Royce Hanson                           Pradman P. Kaul
   Photo by Rick Giammaria, Courtesy of Pepco Holdings, Inc.                                                                                      Having joined the predecessor to
                                                                                                                                                  Hughes Network Systems, LLC in
sought-after negotiator for the sale of                        ing grown his $10,000 start-up firm,       THE CONSERVATION KING                   1973, Kaul supervised development
companies. He provides legal and                               Quality Biological, Inc., into an $8                                               of new digital communications
strategic advice to numerous compa-                            million company. In 1992, he estab-              Royce Hanson                      equipment for handling voice, data
nies, allowing them to grow. He is a                           lished an endowed scholarship at                     Chairman                      and television. He was a key devel-
director of the Metropolitan Wash-                             Montgomery College for students           Montgomery County Planning Board         oper of products used for direct-to-
ington, D.C. Airports Authority and                            interested in studying science and              Montgomery County                  home satellite television and broad-
serves on the Comptroller’s Business                           technology. Graham, a member of                                                    band Internet access. Kaul holds—
Council, offering advice on issues                             the Macklin Institute’s Board of         After a 25-year absence, Hanson was       individually or jointly—eight
affecting Maryland’s economy and                               Advisors, has chaired the Mont-          reappointed as planning board chair-      patents that have contributed to the
business climate.                                              gomery College Foundation’s              man in 2006. During his initial nine-     development of affordable satellite
                                                               Scholarship Committee. He also has       year tenure, which ended in 1981, he      communication systems. In 2009,
                                                               received numerous awards, including      led the board to national prominence      he was inducted into the Society of
THE CAPITAL CAMPAIGNER                                         the Montgomery Business Spirit of        in planning and park management           Satellite Professionals International
            Brad Gottfried                                     Free Enterprise award from the
                                                               county’s Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                                        and established a framework for           Hall of Fame.
               President                                                                                land-use policy. A major accomplish-
     College of Southern Maryland                                                                       ment for Hanson was the designation
            Charles County                                                                              of the county’s 93,000-acre Agricul-          THE KNOWLEDGEABLE
                                                               THE ENLIGHTENED EXECUTIVE                tural Reserve, recognized as the                  NETWORKER
A zoologist and author of eight Civil
War history books, Gottfried has
                                                                        Tom Graham                      nation’s most successful effort at land
                                                                                                        conservation on the urban fringe. He             Pamela J. Klahr
                                                                     President, Pepco Region
been associated with community col-                                                                     has authored many books and articles                President/CEO
                                                                       Pepco Holdings, Inc.
leges for more than 30 years, the last                                Prince George’s County            on urban policy and politics.                  Howard County Chamber of
four as president of the College of                                                                                                                           Commerce
Southern Maryland. He recently led                                                                                                                          Howard County
                                                               A 24-year Pepco veteran, Graham is
a capital campaign that raised $7.7
                                                               responsible for the provision of elec-   THE OFT-PRAISED PRESIDENT
million for the school in 20 months,                                                                                                              Klahr has led the Howard County
exceeding the goal by 54 percent. As                           trical service to more than 730,000
                                                               customers in the District of
                                                                                                            Freeman Hrabowski                     Chamber of Commerce since 2004,
president of Sussex Community                                                                                          President                  implementing strategic programs to
College in New Jersey, he oversaw                              Columbia and Montgomery and                                                        better serve current members and
                                                                                                           University of Maryland, Baltimore
the expansion of that school’s                                 Prince George’s counties. He was                     County (UMBC)                 expand membership, which currently
endowment from $150,000 to                                     responsible for the design and man-                 Baltimore County               stands at more than 750 business
$900,000.                                                      agement of Pepco’s Community                                                       and 47,000 individual members.
                                                               Partnership Program, which received      Now in his 17th year as president of      Klahr has increased the size and
                                                               awards from the Edison Electric          UMBC, Hrabowski was named one             effectiveness of the chamber’s
           THE EXEMPLARY                                       Institute and the Southeastern           of America’s 10 Best College              Legislative Committee, which serves
           ENTREPRENEUR                                        Electric Exchange. Graham has            Presidents by Time magazine in 2009       as both watchdog and advocate. She
                                                               served as director of the Maryland       and one of America’s Best Leaders by      is the immediate past president of
       Solomon Graham                                          Chamber of Commerce and the              U.S. News & World Report in 2008.         the Maryland Association of
               Founder/CEO                                     Economic Development Corporation         His research and publications focus       Chamber of Commerce Executives
            Quality Biological, Inc.                           and Black Chamber of Commerce—           on science and math education with        and sits on the board of the
            Montgomery County                                  both in Prince George’s County.                                                    Maryland Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                                        an emphasis on minority participation
Graham serves as an inspiration and                                                                     and performance. He is chair of the
mentor to other entrepreneurs, hav-                                                                     National Academies’ Committee on
                                                                                            Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement 11
THE HEALTH CARE DIPLOMAT                 she oversees a firm with $14 billion
                                         in assets spread throughout 50 port-       THE OFT-PRAISED PRESIDENT        THE INVESTMENT ADVISOR
   Thomas A. Kleinhanzl                  folios, including a family of sustain-
           President/CEO                 able and responsible equity mutual
     Frederick Memorial Hospital         funds. In 2009, she was inducted
          Frederick County               into the Washington Business Hall of
                                         Fame. She is among the “25 Most
Before going to Frederick Memorial       Influential People In and Around the
Hospital in 2004, Kleinhanzl was         Independent Advice Business,”
the COO/CEO and acting president         according to Investment Advisor
of Emerson Health System in              magazine. Committed to community
Concord, Massachusetts. An active        service, Krumsiek serves on boards
community leader, Kleinhanzl             of several philanthropic and
serves on the county’s Business          nonprofit organizations.                      Freeman Hrabowski                 Barbara J. Krumsiek
Development Advisory Council and                                                            See page 10
the board of the Frederick County
YMCA. He’s a diplomat in the                THE AGING’S EXECUTIVE                     THE BARRIER BREAKER           THE MINORITY AFFAIRS ACTIVIST
American College of Healthcare
Executives and is a Certified Health              Gloria Lawlah
Executive, as well as vice chair of                   Secretary,
the Frederick County Chamber of             Maryland Department of Aging
Commerce Board of Directors.                      State of Maryland
                                               Prince George’s County

     THE FAMILY-MINDED                   After serving in the Maryland
          SENATOR                        General Assembly as delegate and
                                         senator for 18 years, Lawlah was
         Rona Kramer                     appointed Secretary of the Maryland
        Senator, District 14             Department of Aging in 2005. In                   Ike Leggett                    M.A. “Mike” Little
     Maryland General Assembly           Annapolis, she was the Senate chair
        Montgomery County                of the Joint Committee on the
                                         Management of Public Funds, and
Elected in 2002, Kramer is president     chair of the Prince George’s County
and general counsel of Kramer            Delegation and the Health and
Enterprises. As a member of the          Human Services Subcommittee. She
Budget and Taxation Committee, she       was appointed to the Maryland
chairs the Health & Human Services       Commission on Aging in 2002.
Subcommittee. Kramer sits on several     Lawlah was inducted into the Prince
joint committees, including Children,    George’s County Women’s Hall of
Youth, and Families; Audit; and the      Fame in 1991.
State’s Emergency Medical Response
System. She has previously served as
president of the Montgomery County
Chamber of Commerce as well as the           THE BARRIER BREAKER
Shopping Center Management
Association. Kramer and her brother,
                                                    Ike Leggett
delegate Ben Kramer, are the first                 County Executive
                                                  Montgomery County
siblings to serve jointly in Annapolis
since the 1970s.
                                         The first African American to lead
                                         Montgomery County, Leggett was
 THE INVESTMENT ADVISOR                  elected county executive in 2006.
                                         Prior to that, he was an at-large
   Barbara J. Krumsiek                   member of the County Council,
       Chair/CEO/President               serving three times each as council
         Calvert Group, Ltd.             president and vice president. He also                                                                     1729737

           Director/Chair                chaired the council’s Transportation
   Acacia Life Insurance Company         and Environment Committee.
        Montgomery County                Leggett cut his political teeth by join-
                                         ing the staff of former U.S. Repre-
Krumsiek’s career in the investment      sentative Parren Mitchell. And as a
industry spans three decades. Today,
    12 Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement
                                                                                              THE MEDIATOR                   extensive knowledge of the corpora-
          THE MEDIATOR                     THE KNOWLEDGEABLE NETWORKER                                                       tion, its history and its mission, as
                                                                                         Thomas E. Lynch, III                well as her strong ties to the com-
                                                                                                   Principal                 munity, bring valuable experience
                                                                                           Miles & Stockbridge, P.C.         and insight to Marriott’s govern-
                                                                                               Frederick County              ment affairs initiatives. She has held
                                                                                                                             several positions within Marriott
                                                                                     Known for his environmental and         since 1975. Harrison serves on vari-
                                                                                     ethics expertise, Lynch is an experi-   ous committees and boards, includ-
                                                                                     enced alternative dispute resolution
                                                                                                                             ing the Mayo Clinic Leadership
                                                                                     practitioner. He has served as a
                                                                                                                             Council for the District of
                                                                                     mediator—both court appointed and
                                                                                     privately retained—for more than 10     Columbia and the boards of the
                                                                                                                             Bullis School, the D.C. College
       Thomas E. Lynch, III                        Pamela J. Klahr                   years. He has been a member of the
                                                                                                                             Access Program and the J. Willard
                                                       See page 10                   Maryland State Bar Ethics
                                                                                     Committee since 1989, chairing the      and Alice S. Marriott Foundation.
                                                                                     group in 1999/2000. Lynch was a
                                                                                     member of the committee that
U.S. Army captain during the               services corporation with $23 mil-        rewrote the Maryland Rules of               THE PROBLEM SOLVER
Vietnam War, he earned the Bronze          lion in sales. He sits on the executive   Professional Conduct in 2003. He
                                                                                     serves on the boards of the Frederick
                                                                                                                                   Ricardo Martinez
Star, Vietnam Service and Vietnam          board of the Maryland Chamber of                                                             Chairman/CEO
                                                                                     County and Maryland State
Campaign Medals.                           Commerce, and has served as chair-                                                  Project Enhancement Corporation
                                                                                     Chambers of Commerce.
                                           man of the Maryland GOP                                                                          (PEC)
                                           Taxpayers Comm-ission and the                                                              Montgomery County
    THE MINORITY AFFAIRS                   Charles County Republican Central
                                           Committee. Lollar is a major in the
                                                                                        THE BUDGET SPECIALIST                Martinez founded his company in
                                           U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. While         Richard Stuart Madaleno, Jr.            1998 in order to provide solutions
      M.A. “Mike” Little                   in the U.S. Marine Corps, he earned               Senator, District 18
                                                                                                                             for project and engineering man-
       Founder/President/CEO               several medals and decorations for             Maryland General Assembly          agers. Today, PEC is among the top
         B&W Solutions, Inc.               his service in Kosovo.                            Montgomery County               500 largest Hispanic-owned busi-
       Prince George’s County                                                                                                nesses in the United States and has
                                                                                     Chair of Montgomery County’s            been recognized as one of the top
Known for his political activism, Little               THE TECHIE                    Senate delegation, Madaleno is          100 Minority-owned Businesses in
has worked to increase opportunities                                                 recognized for his budget expertise.    Maryland. Martinez previously
for minority businesses. He chairs the              Tom Loveland                     He was elected to the Senate in 2006    worked for the U.S. Department of
National Black Chamber of                              Founder/CEO                   after spending four years in the        Energy. He is a member of the
Commerce Board of Directors and is                  Mind Over Machines               House of Delegates. He sits on the      Maryland Economic Development
a founding member of the Prince                      Baltimore County                Budget and Taxation and the             Commission and member and past
George’s Black Chamber of                                                            Spending Affordability Committees.      chair of board of the Maryland
                                           This self-taught software engineer        In 2009, he secured $450 million in     Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Commerce. Little’s company, B&W
                                           founded Mind Over Machines in             annual state aid for Montgomery
Solutions, Inc., has been recognized
                                           1989. The firm was named the U.S.         County Public Schools. A recognized
as a Maryland Top 100 Minority                                                       civil rights leader, Madaleno is the
Business Enterprise by The                 Chamber of Commerce’s 2006                                                                THE NEW MAYOR
                                                                                     lead sponsor and primary champion
                                           Small Business of the Year for the
Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs.
In 2003, the Minority Business and         Eastern Region. In 2007, following
                                                                                     of legislation to achieve equal mar-
                                                                                     riage rights in Maryland.
                                                                                                                                  Randy McClement
                                           passage of the “tech tax,” Loveland                                                              Mayor
Professionals Network, Inc. named
                                           founded the Maryland Computer                                                               City of Frederick
him as one of the Fifty Influential                                                                                                    Frederick County
Minorities in Business.                    Services Association, and helped
                                                                                            THE CORPORATE
                                           lead a successful lobbying effort to
                                           repeal the tax. He recently co-                  REPRESENTATIVE                   Co-owner of the popular eatery The
                                                                                                                             Market Bagel & Deli on South
            THE MAJOR                      founded Center Maryland, a self-                Deborah Marriott                  Market Street, McClement became
                                           described politically moderate
       Charles J. Lollar                   organization designed to “find com-                Harrison                       Frederick’s mayor in December.
           General Manager                                                                                                   Early in his career, he worked in gov-
                                           mon ground on common sense poli-                 Senior Vice President,
                Cintas                                                                       Government Affairs              ernment sales and property manage-
                                           cies where we can make progress.”
        Prince George’s County                                                             Marriott International, Inc.      ment. An avid community supporter,
                                                                                             Montgomery County               McClement has served as president
A candidate for Congress from                                                                                                of Frederick’s Tourism Council and
Mary- land’s Fifth District, Lollar is                                               The granddaughter of company            was a member of the Downtown
general manager of Cintas, a facility                                                founder J.W. Marriott, Harrison’s       Frederick Partnership Promotions
                                                                                                  Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement 13
Committee. He served as chair of In      THE UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT
the Street, an annual downtown fes-                                                        THE AGING’S EXECUTIVE               THE PROBLEM SOLVER
tival that attracts 50,000 people. He       C.D. “Dan” Mote, Jr.
co-founded the Frederick Alliance                      President
after the Downtown Merchants             University of Maryland, College Park
                                               Prince George’s County
Association folded.
                                        When he retires on Aug. 31, Mote
                                        will have spent 12 years creating an
   THE STATE’S SECRETARY                environment of excellence at the
    John P. McDonough                   state’s flagship university. He has
                                        enriched undergraduate curriculum
          Secretary of State            programs and launched the
          State of Maryland
       Prince George’s County
                                        Baltimore Incentive Awards program                     Gloria Lawlah                     Ricardo Martinez
                                        to recruit and provide full support to
                                                                                                 See page 11                         See page 12
                                        high school students of outstanding
After 30 years of practicing law,       potential who have overcome                        THE STATE’S SECRETARY              THE RESORT OWNER
McDonough was named secretary of        extraordinary adversity during their
state in 2008. In the 1970s, he was a   lives. He has pushed the university to
legislative aide for the Prince         become a state leader in the develop-
George’s County Council and chief       ment of its high-tech economy, espe-
of staff to the county executive. He    cially in the information and com-
has served as counsel to the Prince     munication, bioscience and biotech-
George’s County Democratic              nology, and nanotechnology sectors.
Central Committee and as vice pres-
ident of the Maryland Chamber of
Commerce. He has assisted numer-            THE POLITICAL PASTOR
ous political candidates, including           C. Anthony Muse                                John P. McDonough                    Karen F. Myers
U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski,
                                                Senator, District 26
Maryland Governor Martin                                                                         See page 12
                                             Maryland General Assembly
O’Malley and U.S. Representative              Prince George’s County
Steny H. Hoyer.
                                        The founder and senior pastor of
                                        Ark of Safety Christian Church in
THE LONG-SERVING SPEAKER                Upper Marlboro, Muse is the chair
                                        of Prince George’s Senate delega-
 Thomas V. “Mike” Miller                tion. He joined the Senate in 2007,
      President of the Senate           and serves on the Joint Committee
     Maryland General Assembly          on Health Care Delivery and the
      Prince George’s County            Financing and Judicial Proceedings
                                        Committee. He is a member of the
A member of the Maryland Senate         Legislative Black Caucus of
since 1975, Miller has been Senate      Maryland and co-chair of the Task
president for 23 years, making him      Force to Study How to Improve
the longest serving Senate president    Financial Literacy in the State. Muse
in Maryland history. Before being       was a member of the House of
elected president by his fellow sena-   Delegates from 1995-1999.
tors, Miller chaired the Judicial
Proceedings Committee, enacting
tougher criminal penalties and                THE RESORT OWNER
greater protections for victims. He
previously represented Prince                   Karen F. Myers
George’s County’s 3rd District in the                President
House of Delegates. A lawyer in pri-      Recreational Industries, Inc. (Wisp
vate practice for some 40 years,                        Resort)
                                          Mountaineer Log & Siding Co., Inc.
Miller has offices in Prince George’s
                                                   Garrett County                             For more information on the Roundtable or Andrews
and Calvert counties.
                                                                                              Alliance, please contact our offices at 301-860-0809
                                        A 10th-generation Garrett County
                                                                                                  or visit us online at:

                                        resident, Myers has been a licensed
    14 Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement
                                                                                Companies and in the early 1970s                THE HUMAN SERVICES
  THE DEDICATED LOBBYIST                  THE SMALL BUSINESS SENATOR            founded The Peterson Companies.                     SUPERVISOR
                                                                                He served more than 16 years, under
                                                                                four state executives, on the                   Henry E. Posko, Jr.
                                                                                Governor’s Economic Advisory                           President/CEO
                                                                                Board. He sits on the boards of                        Humanim, Inc.
                                                                                many financial, community, business                    Howard County
                                                                                and educational organizations.
                                                                                                                           Posko has spent more than a quarter
                                                                                                                           century leading Humanim, Inc., a
                                                                                                                           not-for-profit organization providing
                                                                                  THE ARTS ADMINISTRATOR
                                                                                                                           clinical and vocational human servic-
         Timothy A. Perry                      Douglas J.J. Peters                      Eliot Pfanstiehl                   es to more than 4,000 children and
                                                                                          President/CEO                    adults. He is a former chairman of
                                                                                   Strathmore Hall Foundation, Inc.        the board of Maryland Works,
                                                                                         Montgomery County                 Leadership Maryland and the
                                                                                                                           Howard County Association of
real estate broker for more than 30           THE SMALL BUSINESS                Pfanstiehl’s career is a mixture of arts   Community Services. Over the last
years. She is part owner of the Wisp               SENATOR                                                                 decade, he has been recognized as
                                                                                management, education, leadership
Ski and Golf Resort as well as 2,300                                                                                       the Humanitarian of the Year in
acres of land surrounding the resort.         Douglas J.J. Peters               training and organizational develop-
                                                                                ment. He has led the Strathmore Hall       Howard County and awarded the
This land, now part of the Wisp                   Senator, District 23                                                     Maryland Small Business
                                                                                Foundation since its inception in
Resort Planned Residential                     Maryland General Assembly                                                   Administration’s Welfare to Work
                                                Prince George’s County          1983. He has been a president or
Development, will host 2,500 resi-                                                                                         Employer of the Year.
dential units. Myers sits on the                                                chair of the Montgomery County
Maryland Economic Development             A political leader in Prince          Arts Council, Round House Theatre,
Commission, directs the Garrett           George’s County since 1988, Peters    and the League of Washington
                                                                                Theatres. Pfanstiehl has led more            THE EDUCATION LOBBYIST
County Development Corporation,           was elected to the Senate in 2006.
and is a member and former presi-         He has served as both a Bowie City    than 250 board and strategic planning
                                                                                retreats for a range of nonprofit civic,
                                                                                                                            Gregory “Steve” Proctor
dent of the Garrett County Chamber        and Prince George’s County                                                             Founder/President/CEO
of Commerce.                              Councilman. A small business          arts and social service organizations,         G.S. Proctor & Associates, Inc.
                                          owner (Peters is president and        government agencies and businesses.               Prince George’s County
                                          CEO of The Peters’ Group), he has
  THE DEDICATED LOBBYIST                  focused his work in the Senate on                                                Over the past 15 years, Proctor has
                                          supporting small businesses,                  MR. HOSPITALITY                    built one of the area’s largest lobby-
      Timothy A. Perry                    improving education and serving
               Member                     veterans. In the first Gulf War, he      Peter Plamondon, Jr.                    ing firms and the largest minority-
                                                                                                                           owned-and-operated firm in
     Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman,          received the Bronze Star for heroic               Co-President
                                                                                                                           Maryland. His client list includes
     Hoffberger & Hollander, LLC          service. He sits on the Bowie State        The Plamondon Companies
                                                                                          Frederick County                 learning institutions, a host of histor-
          Baltimore County                University Foundation Board.                                                     ically black colleges and universities,
Entering private practice in 2006,                                              A leader in the hospitality industry,      nonprofit organizations and the gov-
Perry made a quick mark on                                                      Plamondon and his brother bought           ernment. Proctor also established
                                                 THE REAL ESTATE                                                           The Proctor Foundation to provide
Maryland’s government relations                                                 the company from their parents in
scene, playing a key role in the repeal            DEVELOPER                    1998. The company owns and man-            financial assistance and guidance to
                                                                                                                           help students continue their educa-
of the computer services tax on                Milton V. Peterson               ages select service Marriott hotels in
                                                                                                                           tion. Each year, the firm supplies
behalf of the Maryland Computer                                                 Frederick and Hagerstown, as well as
                                                   Founder/Chairman                                                        food baskets to more than 2,000
Services Association. He served as an           The Peterson Companies          the trademark and franchise system
aide and special assistant to                                                   for Roy Rogers Restaurants.                families during the holiday season.
                                          Prince George’s/Montgomery counties
Maryland Senate President Thomas                                                Plamondon began his career in 1981,
V. “Mike” Miller, Jr. from 1998-          A leader in mixed-use suburban        working for Marriott Corporation in
                                                                                                                                  THE CONFERENCE
2002, and as his chief of staff after     development, Peterson is known for    the Hotel Division’s Sales and                      ORGANIZER
that, managing all major issues pend-     projects such as National Harbor in   Marketing Department. He sits on
ing before the Senate. He currently       Oxon Hill, the Washingtonian Center   the board of Adventist HealthCare,              Clare Razaq-Hines
sits on the board of the Maryland         in Gaithersburg, and the redevelop-   the National Museum of Civil War                  Founder/President/CEO
Government Relations Association.         ment of downtown Silver Spring. He    Medicine and BlueRidge Bank.                      net.America Corporation
                                          began his career with developer                                                         Prince George’s County
                                          Stephen Yeonas in 1959. Six years
                                          later, he started Hazel/Peterson                                                 Having launched net.America
                                                                                                                           Corporation in April 2000 with
                                                                                                           Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement 15
$10,000 in savings, Razaq-Hines has        he was named a Smart CPA by
grown the company into one with            Baltimore SmartCEO magazine. He             THE COMMUNITY-MINDED CPA                                           THE EDUCATION LOBBYIST
more than $6 million in annual sales.      is vice chairman of the Maryland
The company provides a range of            Chamber of Commerce.
services, including conference and
logistics support, IT services and
peer review and grants management.             THE COMMUNICATIONS
While a NASA employee, Razaq-                       EXECUTIVE
Hines was the chief architect in the
design, implementation and mainte-              William R. Roberts
nance of the agency’s Internet-based                 Region President
Grants Management System. She                            Verizon
also served as a program manager in                 Montgomery County                           William T. Riley, Jr.                                        Gregory “Steve” Proctor
NASA’s Minority University                                                                                                                                                   See page 14
Research and Education Division.           As region president since 2007,
                                           Roberts oversees all of Verizon’s tele-    THE GARRISON’S GUARDIAN                                            THE HEALTH SYSTEM CHIEF
                                           phone operations in Maryland and
   THE BUSINESS BOOSTER                    the District of Columbia. He began
                                           his career as business manager at
        Jane Redicker                      The Chesapeake & Potomac
           President/CEO                   Telephone Company in 1980.
   Greater Silver Spring Chamber of        Roberts serves as chairman of the
               Commerce                    board of the Federal Reserve Bank of
         Montgomery County                 Richmond and the board of the
                                           National Aquarium. He’s a board
Since taking the chamber’s helm four       member of the Greater Baltimore
years ago, Redicker has strengthened       Committee, Greater Washington
the voice of the Silver Spring busi-                                                            Judith D. Robinson                                                        Barry Ronan
                                           Board of Trade, Kennedy Krieger
ness community. She has enhanced                                                                                                                                             See page 16
                                           Institute, Maryland Chamber of
and expanded the chamber’s lobby-          Commerce and MedStar Health.
ing efforts, effectively communicating
her members’ perspective to govern-
ment leaders in Rockville and                                                                                           Charting a Clear Path
                                           THE HEALTH CARE CHAMPION
Annapolis. Redicker brings with her
experience as the first executive             William G. Robertson                                                    for Your Financial Future
director of the American Chamber of                   President/CEO
                                                                                                Comprehensive Financial Planning • Wealth Management • Retirement Planning
Commerce in China. She is presi-                    Adventist HealthCare
                                                                                               Asset Preservation & Distribution • Estate Planning • Risk Management & Insurance
dent of the Maryland Association of                 Montgomery County
Chamber of Commerce Executives.                                                                                       Brotman Financial Group brings clarity to your financial
                                           A health care executive for more                                           vision. With our highly personal and hands-on
                                           than two decades, Robertson joined                                         approach, we develop custom plans that help build the
                                           Adventist HealthCare, one of                                               financial future of our clients for generations to come.
                                           Montgomery County’s largest pri-                                           Eric D. Brotman, CFP®
     William T. Riley, Jr.                 vate employers, in 2000. He has                                            Leadership Baltimore County, ‘06
                                                                                                                      Leadership Maryland, ‘09
                Principal                  served as chair of the Governor’s
            Reznick Group                  Workforce Investment Board and on            To order a copy of Eric’s new book, Debt-Free for Life:
           Baltimore County                the boards of the Strathmore Hall            The Tools You Need to Free Yourself from Debt, go to:
                                           Foundation, Maryland Hospital       
Riley has been with the Reznick            Association, Greater Washington
Group for a quarter of a century. He       Board of Trade and the Montgomery
began as managing principal in             County Chamber of Commerce. He
charge of the Baltimore office and         was named the 2009 Outstanding
currently, as principal, helps direct      Leader of the Year by Leadership
community service and volunteer ini-       Montgomery. Robertson was previ-
tiatives for each of the firm’s offices.   ously CEO of Shawnee Mission                         410-252-4555 |
He is chairman of the board of the         Medical Center in Kansas.                                       9690 Deereco Road | Suite 280 | Timonium, MD 21093
Maryland Association of Certified
                                                                                         Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered through NFP Securities, Inc., a Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC and a
Public Accountants. In September,                                                                Federally Registered Investment Advisor. NFP Securities, Inc. is not affiliated with Brotman Financial Group, Inc.
    16 Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement
                                                                                                                             Capital One last year. Saul’s compa-
       THE LEGAL EAGLE                     THE LAND-USE LAWYER                     THE CORPORATE REPRESENTATIVE              ny still owns and manages 18 hotels
                                                                                                                             and manages nearly 50 shopping
                                                                                                                             centers. A community philanthropist,
                                                                                                                             Saul and his bank contributed $20
                                                                                                                             million to refurbish and expand Byrd
                                                                                                                             Stadium at the University of
                                                                                                                             Maryland, College Park.

                                                                                                                                 THE LAND-USE LAWYER
                                                                                                                                   William M. Shipp
          Joel D. Rozner                        William M. Shipp                    Deborah Marriott Harrison                              Principal
                                                                                                                             O’Malley, Miles, Nylen & Gilmore, P.A.
                                                                                              See page 12
                                                                                                                                    Prince George’s County

 THE GARRISON’S GUARDIAN                     THE BIOTECH PIONEER                    county executive Parris N.               Known for his expertise in land-use
                                                                                    Glendening and as people’s zoning        and zoning law, Shipp represents
     Judith D. Robinson                      Martine A. Rothblatt                   counsel for Prince George’s County       clients before the Maryland-National
  Commander, U.S. Army Garrison                    Chairman/CEO                     for seven years.                         Capital Park & Planning
   Fort Detrick, Frederick County                 United Therapeutics                                                        Commission and numerous agencies
                                                  Montgomery County                                                          in Prince George’s County. As a past
A medical service corps officer with                                                                                         chairman of the Prince George’s
                                                                                     THE VACCINE TRAILBLAZER                 County Historic Preservation
24 years of active-duty service, this    With no biotech background, Rothblatt
U.S. Army colonel became com-            founded United Therapeutics in 1996               Jerald C. Sadoff                  Commission, he is uniquely qualified
                                                                                                                             in the practice of historic preserva-
mander in 2008. Robinson has served      in an attempt to find a cure for her                  President/CEO
at every level from platoon leader to    daughter’s illness. She took the com-                                               tion law. Shipp is accredited by the
                                                                                     Aeres Global TB Vaccine Foundation
army staff. Among her 15 awards is a     pany public in 1999. Rothblatt started                                              U.S. Green Building Council as a
                                                                                            Montgomery County
Bronze Star Medal. At Fort Detrick,      her career as a corporate lawyer and                                                LEED Accredited Professional. He is
she oversees a workforce of 9,600, a     launched three successful satellite-                                                particularly skilled in implementing
                                                                                    Sadoff has spent three decades devel-
number that will grow to nearly          communication companies, including                                                  strategies designed to achieve devel-
                                                                                    oping vaccines for dozens of dis-
11,000 by 2018. Robinson is a mem-       Sirius Satellite Radio. She has pub-                                                opers’ mixed-use and transit-oriented
                                                                                    eases—from chicken pox to malaria.
ber of the Frederick County Chamber                                                                                          project goals.
                                         lished several books and sits on the       Before joining Aeres Global TB
of Commerce and the Frederick            boards of several organizations that       Vaccine Foundation in 2003, the
County Business Roundtable for           study the use of technology to extend      physician ran Merck’s vaccine devel-
Education.                               human life. She is a co-inventor on        opment program. He also worked in          THE REAL ESTATE LAWYER
                                         three of the United Therapeutics’          the Division of Communicable
                                         patents.                                   Diseases and Immunology at the                   Larry Shulman
 THE HEALTH SYSTEM CHIEF                                                            Walter Reed Army Institute of                      Founding Partner
                                                                                    Research, attaining the rank of                     Shulman Rogers
         Barry Ronan                            THE LEGAL EAGLE                     colonel in the U.S. Medical Corps.                Montgomery County
           President/CEO                                                            Sadoff has served on more than 20
   Western Maryland Health System
          Allegany County
                                                 Joel D. Rozner                     task forces, initiatives, and advisory   A nationally recognized commercial
                                                                                                                             real estate and leasing expert,
                                                          Partner                   boards and has authored about 300
                                                                                    articles, book chapters and abstracts.   Shulman was one of the principal
                                            Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan & Silver
After years of effort, Ronan celebrat-                                                                                       architects of the project to replace
                                             Anne Arundel/Prince George’s
ed the opening of a new $286 mil-                         Counties                                                           the old Rockville Mall with a 1.2
lion hospital in Cumberland in                                                         THE FAMILY FIRM CHAIR                 million-square-foot office, retail and
November. He is a fellow of the          A perennial top earner among lobby-                                                 entertainment complex. He has
American College of Healthcare           ists in Annapolis, Rozner has been               B. Francis Saul, II                invested his creativity and vision in
Executives. Ronan is a member of         with Rifkin, Livingston, Levitan &                   Chairman/CEO                   identifying and meeting the needs of
the Executive Council of Maryland        Silver since 1991, leaving briefly from             B.F. Saul Company               the community, especially in the area
Hospital Association and chairs its      1991-1994. He claimed the top spot                  Montgomery County               of education. Since 1975, Shulman
Health Policy Leadership Alliance.       for the six months ending in April                                                  has helped found five nonprofit edu-
He serves on the boards of               2009. A former insurance claims rep-       A fixture in the mortgage-finance,       cation foundations to involve various
Leadership Maryland, Maryland            resentative, Rozner maintains an           commercial real estate, insurance,       segments of the business community
Physicians Care, Allegany College of     active personal injury practice. He        and property development and man-        in the Montgomery County Public
Maryland and the Colonial Regional       operates primarily in Annapolis and        agement sectors, Saul has been           Schools.
Alliance, and is a founding member       Prince George’s County. Previously,        chairman of this family firm for 41
of the Greater Cumberland                he served as chief of staff to former      years. It was Saul who started Chevy
Committee.                                                                          Chase Bank, which was sold to
                                                                                                    Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement 17
      THE ELECTRIC EXEC                   this former Washington, D.C., class-
                                          room teacher.Today, through                 THE AERONAUTICS ADMINISTRATOR          THE LEADERSHIP LIAISON
     Austin J. Slater, Jr.                Educational Dimensions, she serves
          President/CEO                   as an educational consultant and
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative    trainer. At Leadership Prince
                                          George’s, Stewart helps working
          Charles County
                                          adults improve their leadership skills,
Slater runs one of the 10 largest elec-   expand their professional networks,
tric distribution cooperatives in the     and positively impact other county
nation, with nearly 150,000 members       residents. She is a 1997 graduate of
in southern Prince George’s County,       the program. She has served as a
Charles and St. Mary’s counties, and      member of the Prince George’s
a large portion of Calvert County.        County Educational Foundation and                   Robert J. Stevens                   W. Chris Stewart
The utility has been recognized by        national president for Continental
J.D. Power and Associates for offering    Societies, Incorporated.
award-winning service. Slater is chair                                                          THE TECH EXEC               THE PHARMACEUTICAL OFFICIAL
of the Maryland Chamber of
Commerce and sits on the boards of          THE LEGISLATOR TURNED
the College of Southern Maryland—                  LOBBYIST
from which he received an associate’s
degree—and Community Bank of                     Casper Taylor, Jr.
Tri-County.                                 Government Relations Consultant
                                                  Alexander & Cleaver
                                                    Allegany County
        ADMINISTRATOR                     Taylor returned to private practice in
      Robert J. Stevens                   2003 after serving in the Maryland
                                          House of Delegates for 28 years. He                  Renee M. Winsky                        Tony Zook
          Chairman/CEO                    was the first speaker of the House
     Lockheed Martin Corporation                                                                    See page 18                        See page 18
                                          from Western Maryland in a century,
         Montgomery County                and his nine-year tenure as speaker is
                                          the longest in Maryland history.
Stevens’ career spans more than           Taylor helped create TEDCO to pro-
three decades and includes experi-        mote technology transfer and com-
ence in program management,               mercialization within the state. He
finance, manufacturing and opera-         spearheaded efforts to reduce
tions. He joined Lockheed Martin in       Maryland’s personal income tax. He
1993, becoming the company’s chief        has been a member of the Allegany
financial officer six years later. He     County Chamber of Commerce,
has climbed steadily up the leader-       Greater Cumberland Committee,
ship ranks and, in August 2004, was       and Maryland Heritage Tourism
named CEO. He became chairman             Authority.
eight months later. He is lead direc-
tor of the Monsanto Company and
on the executive committee of the                                                             Five Star “Superior” Rating - Bauer Financial
Aerospace Industries Association’s         THE CONGRESSIONAL STAR
Board of Governors. He is a fellow in
several aeronautics associations.
                                                 Chris Van Hollen
                                              U.S. House of Representatives
                                                   Montgomery County
      W. Chris Stewart                    Elected in 2002, Van Hollen is
                                          known as an active and effective
         Executive Director
                                          member of Congress. He serves as
     Leadership Prince George’s
                                          assistant to the speaker of the House
                                                                                              Building Lasting Relationships for Nearly 150 Years
                                          of Representatives and is chairman
     Educational Dimensions, Inc.
       Prince George’s County             of the Democratic Congressional                             Call Kathleen Mayer today!
                                          Campaign Committee. Van Hollen
                                          sits on the House Committee on
Education—of both children and
adults—has been the career focus of       Ways and Means. He’s been recog-                                                  
    18 Maryland Power Players Special Advertising Supplement

nized for his leadership in education,       THE FOOTBALL PLAYER                   most diverse—public school system         Her 23 years of professional manage-
foreign policy, the environment and           TURNED POLITICIAN                    since 1999. He was named                  ment experience includes positions
health care. Van Hollen served 12                                                  Superintendent of the Year for            with the Information Technology
years in the Maryland General                       Jay Walker                     Maryland in 2003, and North               Association of America, National
Assembly and was a senior legislative           Delegate, District 26              Carolina in 1999, and was one of          League of Cities and National
advisor to then-Governor William              Maryland General Assembly            four finalists for National               Association of Telecommunications
                                               Prince George’s County              Superintendent of the Year in 2004.
Donald Schaefer.                                                                                                             Officers and Advisors. Winsky serves
                                                                                   Weast is a trustee for the Committee
                                                                                   for Economic Development and a            as a board member of the
                                         This former NFL quarterback for                                                     Chesapeake Innovation Center and
                                         the Patriots and the Vikings joined       founding member of the
THE DEPUTY MAJORITY WHIP                 the House of Delegates in 2007.           Montgomery County Roundtable for          the UMBC Research Park
                                                                                   Education. He sits on the Board of        Corporation.
     Michael L. Vaughn                   Walker sits on the Ways and Means
                                         Committee and the board of the            Advisors for The Universities at
       Delegate, District 24                                                       Shady Grove.
                                         Economic Development Corporation
     Maryland General Assembly
      Prince George’s County
                                         of Prince George’s County. He is                                                        THE PHARMACEUTICAL
                                         president of Walker Financial                                                                 OFFICIAL
                                         Services and serves as a sports ana-                THE MAYOR’S
This former investment advisor for
Merrill Lynch, Dean Witter and
                                         lyst for ESPN. He founded the Sky                 RIGHT-HAND MAN                               Tony Zook
                                         Walker Flight School Football Camp
Fidelity Investment was elected to       in 1998 to provide free skills training      Richard B. Weldon, Jr.                        Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                                                                                        North America
the House of Delegates in 2002.          to youth ages 14-18. Walker was                    Executive Assistant                    Executive Vice-President,
Vaughn is a member of the                inducted into the Howard University          Office of the Mayor of the City of               Global Marketing
Economic Matters Committee and           Athletics Hall of Fame in 2005.                           Frederick                              AstraZeneca
has served as deputy majority whip                                                            Frederick County                       Montgomery County
since 2006. He is vice chair of the
                                                                                   A former member of the House of           Zook directs AstraZeneca’s largest
Prince George’s County House dele-              THE BIOTECH EXEC
gation. He sits on the Governor’s                                                  Delegates,Weldon resigned his seat,       market—the United States and
Commission on Minority Business              H. Thomas Watkins                     as well as his post as executive direc-   Canada—and heads the firm’s global
Enterprise Reform and the board of               President/CEO                     tor of the United Way of Frederick        marketing division. He served as
the county’s Economic Development        Human Genome Sciences, Inc. (HGS)         County, in December to join               president of MedImmune,
                                               Montgomery County                   Frederick Mayor Randy                     AstraZeneca’s wholly owned biolog-
Corporation. He is president of the
Legislative Black Caucus’                                                          McClement’s staff. He had served as       ics unit in Gaithersburg, until
                                         Having come to HGS in 2004 as             a delegate since 2003, representing       February. He remains responsible for
Foundation.                              CEO and a director, Watkins was
                                                                                   District 3B.Weldon’s responsibilities     the unit as a member of
                                         named president a year later. He                                                    AstraZeneca’s senior executive team.
                                                                                   include the Office of Economic
                                         chairs the Maryland Life Sciences
     THE SOCIAL SERVICE                                                            Development,Weinberg Center for           Zook has been with the company
                                         Advisory Board, which issued a
        SUPERVISOR                       detailed plan for the BioMaryland         the Arts, Frederick Municipal             since 1997, but began his pharma-
                                                                                   Airport, Frederick Community              ceutical career in 1983 at Berlex
      Rebecca Wagner                     2020 initiative last year. He was
                                         named the 2009 Business Leader of         Action Agency and various construc-       Laboratories. He sits on the board of
         Executive Director              the Year by the Montgomery County         tion projects. He is also a U.S. Navy     the Healthcare Leadership Council.
          Interfaith Works               Chamber of Commerce. He is a              veteran.
         Montgomery County
                                         member of the Board of Directors of
Known for her indomitable can-do
                                         Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the
                                         Biotechnology Industry                             THE TECH EXEC
                                                                                                                                     Register for
spirit, Wagner leads a nonprofit that    Organization, the U.S. Chamber of
coordinates the social services of 165   Commerce and the National                       Renee M. Winsky
member congregations of all faiths,      Symphony Orchestra.                                      CEO
plus some 7,000 volunteers. In her                                                        Tech Council of Maryland
10 years at Interfaith Works, she has                                                       Montgomery County
grown the annual budget from                       THE SUPER
$800,000 to $4.5 million, and the                                                  Winsky joined the Tech Council in
number of programs from five to 10.                                                September after serving as president
As an At-Large candidate for the                 Jerry D. Weast                    and executive director of TEDCO,
Montgomery County Council,                       Superintendent                    an organization established by the
Wagner is drawing on her experience       Montgomery County Public Schools         Maryland General Assembly to pro-
as a key staff member in                        Montgomery County                  mote economic advancement
Montgomery County for U.S.                                                         through the development, transfer
Senator Paul Sarbanes.                   Weast has led the nation’s 16th           and commercialization of technology.
                                         largest—and Maryland’s largest and

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