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					                                                                                                       From the AMS Secretary

                         2003 Election Results

In the elections of 2003 the Society elected a president elect,      Nominating Committee
a vice president, a trustee, five members at large of the            Elected as new members of the Nominating Committee are
Council, two members of the Editorial Boards Committee,                 Annalisa Crannell from Franklin and Marshall College
and three members of the Nominating Committee. Terms                    Arthur M. Jaffe from Harvard University
for these positions are three years beginning on 1 February             Joel H. Spencer from Courant Institute of Mathe-
2004 and ending on 31 January 2007, except for the                            matical Sciences, New York University
president elect, whose term is for one year (followed by du-
                                                                     Editorial Boards Committee
ties as president and as immediate past president), and for
the trustee, whose term is for five years ending on 31               Elected as new members of the Editorial Boards Commit-
                                                                     tee are
January 2009. Members elected to the Nominating
                                                                        Emma Previato from Boston University
Committee begin serving immediately, and their terms
                                                                        Karl Rubin from Stanford University
end on 31 December 2006.
                                                                     Amendments to the Bylaws
President Elect
                                                                     The Amendments to the Bylaws were approved.
Elected as the new president elect is James G. Arthur
from the University of Toronto.                                         Suggestions for elections to be held in the fall of 2004
                                                                     are solicited by the 2004 Nominating Committee. Positions
Vice President                                                       to be filled in the 2004 election are: vice president, trustee,
Elected as the new vice president is Vaughan F. R. Jones             and five members at large of the Council. Suggestions
from the University of California, Berkeley.                         should be sent to the secretary.
                                                                        Suggestions for nominations for two positions on the
Trustee                                                              Editorial Boards Committee and three positions on
                                                                     the 2005 Nominating Committee can also be sent to the
Re-elected as trustee is Linda Keen from Herbert Lehman
College, City University of New York.
                                                                               Robert J. Daverman, Secretary
                                                                               American Mathematical Society
Members at Large of the Council
                                                                               312D Ayres Hall
Elected as new members at large of the Council are                             University of Tennessee
   James W. Cannon from Brigham Young University                               Knoxville, TN 37996-1330
   Sylvain E. Cappell from Courant Institute of                      
        Mathematical Sciences, New York University                      The deadline for suggestions is 29 February 2004.
   Beverly E. J. Diamond from the College of Charleston
   Mark Goresky from the Institute for Advanced Study
   Alejandro Uribe from the University of Michigan,
        Ann Arbor

FEBRUARY 2004                                         NOTICES     OF THE   AMS                                                 269

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