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                                              SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON BUSINESS OPERATOR 
                        PRODUCT LIABILITY  
                         LAW AND PROCEDURE 

12 MARCH 2009  
09:00 ‐ 17:00 
Pathumwan Princess Hotel 
   Product Liability                    The Thai Parliament recently passed the
                                    country’s first product liability legislation
 Law and Procedure                  which will come into operation on 23
Significant Impact on               February 2009. The Unsafe Goods Liability
                                    Act B.E.2551 ( 2008 ) so called Product
  Business Operator                 Liability Law will impose potential liability
                                    for unsafe products on manufacturers,
                                    sellers, importers, and others in the
                                    distribution chain, irrespective of whether
                                    or not the injury occurs from deliberate
      Key Benefits                  action or actions amounting to negligence.
                                    This Act is considered a dramatic change
Cope with New Product Liability     in the traditional rule of law in respect of
Statute                             the     consumer’s     right   in   seeking
                                    compensation for damages as a result of
How does the law affect your        goods usage in much broader manner than
enterprises?                        that in the past time. Moreover, the
Help you understand the new         Consumer Case Act of B.E.2551 has
risks      facing       product     already come        into operation. The
manufacturers and suppliers in      Consumer Case Act aims to simplify court
                                    cases involving claims by consumers. For
Thailand                            the reason, business operator both Thais
Defend Product Liability Claims     and foreigners in Thailand shall be

Find out What You Need to Know      inevitably affected by these laws and hence
about Potential Product Liability   need much preparation and application of
                                    the international best practice in order to
Issues before launching a New       cope with future to be - increasingly
Product                             product liability claims in that Product –
Adopt risk minimization legal       liability lawsuits can be devastating to
strategies                          businesses.
Give you a clear idea of your           The one - day seminar is designed to
legal liabilities, where the        prepare attendees for dealing with these
dangers lie and advice and          significant laws. The attendees will learn
guidance on       how to avoid a    and share in – depth experience and
product liability disaster          practice on product liability and procedural
                                    consumer case law. The guest speakers
Understand New Consumer Case        from the top law firm and the Court of
Procedure                           Justice in Thailand are specialized in
                                    Product Liability Laws practice and will
                                    provide the tip to defend Product Liability
                                    claims. Attendees are encouraged to bring
                                    questions and samples from their actual
                                    experience for discussion and review.
08:30   REGISTRATION                                                12:00    LUNCHEON

09.00   Product Liability Act of 2551                               13:30    Strict Liability    Rule                            and
                                                                             Defenses to Liability
            What    product    are  subject  to  the  Act’s   
            requirement?                                                       Shift of burden of proof as a new evidence 
            What  does  produce  mean?  And  What                              rule 
            activities are covered?                                            No requirement of proof of negligence 
            Who is liable under Product Liability Law ?                        Joint ‐ liability and no allocation of liability 
             Who has  jurisdiction for the claim?                              Cases  studies  and  lessons  from  other     
             How is imminent impact on companies?                              countries and how to handle this issue  
            Whether shall IP owner and its licensee be                         Defenses provided in the PL Law  
            held liable for compensation claim?                                What kind of instructions and warnings are 
            How  to  prevent  and  avoid  liability(  for                      needed,  what  should  they  say,  where 
            example,  identifying  the  other  business                        should they go? 
            operators )                                                        Manufacturing  according  to  the  hiring    
            Whether does the New PL Act retroactively                          contract  

                                                                                                                                             Tuesday 20 January 2009
            apply?                                                             Disclaim  liability  by  contract  or    limitation 
                                                                               of liability statement given by the business 
         Michael Ramirez                                                       operator 
         Tilleke & Gibbins                                                     Other  defenses  available  under  other  laws 
                                                                               and effect of negotiations 
                                                                               Cases  studies  and  lessons  from  other    
09:45   Procedural Tool and Strategies                                         countries and recommendation 
        to Limit Liability in Litigation
            Insurance  coverage  solutions    to  product           14:30    Product Defects
            liability risk   
            Document  management  and  defensive                               What  is  a  Defect?  ‐  Lack  of  safety  of  a  
            writing                                                            product 
            Other legal instruments to decrease risk                           Defect  in  design,  manufacture,  warning  ‐ 
            Law    relating  to  compulsory  recall,  recall                   Fail to prevent  injury  
            prevention and recall crisis management                            Could  have  been  made  safe,  if  the               
             Sample  of    practice  on    pharmaceutical,                     manufacture has just spent more money on 
            medical device and automobiles business                            safety,  Is  not  as  safe  as  it  possibly  could 
            Q&A and discussion session                                         be ? 
                                                                               Fail  to  incorporate  all  known  safety               
         John Fotiadis                                                         features 
         Tilleke & Gibbins                                                     Cases  studies  and  lessons  from  other         
                                                                               c o u n t r i e s   a n d   b e s t   p r a c t i c e                       

                                                                    15:30    AFTERNOON REFRESHMENT

                                                                    16:00    Damages could be claimed for
11:00    Traditional Laws Dealing with                                       compensation under the PL
         Product Liability                                                   Act

            Tort  law  principles  governing  liability  for                   Punitive  damage  and  damage  for  mental 
            defective product                                                  injury ( new principles ) 
            Product  liability  claims  on    tort  of                         Range  of  compensation  could  be  claimed 
            negligence rule                                                    under PL Law 
            Liability  claims  on  defected  goods  on  law                    Assessing damages and compensation 
            of purchase                                                        Right  to  claim  damage  under  other                  
            Burden of proof rule                                               legislations 
            Limitation on consumer in filing a claim                           How  do  business  operator  prevent  from 
            A claim relating to defective product under                        being  sued  for  increasingly  ‐  damage 
            traditional law                                                    claim? 
            Range of compensation for damage                                   Cases  studies  and  lessons  from  other           
                                                                               countries                                                17:00   CLOSING
                                                                      Knowledge that works

John Fotiadis, Consultant                       Michael Ramirez, Consultant

Academic Qualifications:                        Academic Qualifications:
• 1988, J.D., Stanford Law School, Stanford,    • Juris Doctor, University of California,
   California, U.S.A.                              Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco,
• 1985, B.A. Political Science, Columbia           California, U.S.A.
   University, New York, N.Y., U.S.A.           • B.A. Economics, University of California,
Other Training:                                    Berkeley, California, U.S.A.
• Legal Derivatives, Euromoney Training,        Other Training:
   Singapore, October 30-November 3, 2006       • Certificate, ICC International Commercial
Professional Qualifications:                       Arbitration Workshop - Bangkok, organized
  Admitted to practice law:                        by the ICC International Court of Arbitration
• New York State Bar (1989)                        and ICC Thailand, Bangkok, December 2-3,
• Federal District Court, NY Southern and          2005
   Eastern Districts (1991)                     Professional Qualifications:
• Washington, D.C. Bar (1993)                   • Admitted to the Practice of Law, California,
• Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (1993)          U.S.A.
• U.S. Military Court of Appeals (1993)         Employment:

• United States Supreme Court (1993)            • November 2004-present, Consultant, Tilleke
• U.S. Court of Federal Claims (1994)              & Gibbins International Ltd., Bangkok,
Experience:                                        Thailand
• 2002-present, Consultant, Tilleke & Gibbins   • May 2000-November 2004, Associate
   International Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand           Attorney, Sedgwick, Detert, Moran and
• 1996-2002, Member, John Fotiadis &               Arnold, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
   Associates P.C., New York, U.S.A.            • October 1999-December 2003, Contract
• 1990-1996, Partner, Nicholas & Fotiadis,         Economic Consultant, Saylor Consulting
   New York, U.S.A.                                Group, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
• 1988-1990, Associate, Haythe & Curley, New    • 1989-1998, Business Consultant, Office
   York, U.S.A                                     Services Administrator, Arthur Andersen LLP,
                                                   San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
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Registration fees                                                                    ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS

 Fee for one delegate including a binder with all                                Our Tax ID No: 3 0323 9678 3
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 refreshment                                                                     METHOD OF PAYMENT: 
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           1 Delegate                           16000 THB                        Irving Seminar and Training Limited 

Withholding Tax Deduction is applied for corporate only, not individuals         ( ) Bank Transfer to  
                                                                                 Irving Seminar and Training Limited 
                                                                                 Bank of Ayudhya / Ekamai Branch 
     3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER OR ENQUIRE                                          Saving Account No. 014‐1‐36601‐2 
            FAX                                  PHONE                           FOR NORMAL REGISTRATION  
    Fax: +66(0) 2 711 1734                Tel: +66(0) 2 711 1735                 In  order  to  avoid  any  inconvenient  circumstances  to  delegates  at 
                                E-MAIL                                           the  conference,  payment  should  reach  us  5  days  after  the            
         E-mail: or visit our website:                  registration  form  is  submitted.  In  view  of  booking  arrangements 
                                                                                 at  the  venue,  cancellations  can  only  be  accepted  until  5  working 
                IRVING Seminar and Training Limited                              days  before  the  day  of  the  seminar  and  we  provide  a  voucher.  If 
        47 Unit 21S, Sukhumvit 69 Rd, Prakhanong Nua, Wattana                    you  cannot  attend  the  seminar  without  a  valid  cancellation  we 
                       Bangkok 10110 Thailand
                                                                                 will send you the documentation by mail. 

  CONFERENCE DATE                                                                ENQUIRIES  
  12 March 2009                                                                  Please call our  conference administrator Tel: +66 (0) 2 711 1735 
  09:00 - 17:00                                                                  if you need more information about the conference 
  Pathumwan Princess Hotel

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