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Current Year Outlook for
   the SEAT Program
        2009 SEAT Updates
Contractors Available for 2009:
 About the same amount as 2008. May
 have some contractors drop off.

SEAT Aircraft Available for 2009:
Will be between 85 – 95.
(All will be turbine, very few M-18T)
What’s New with Aircraft 2009 ?
• New Air Tractor 504:
    Same as the 502, with a side-by-side 2 seater.
    (will only see one on the source list).
• New 802 Fire Boss (Amphibious Aircraft):
  A standard Air Tractor 802 with floats.
•   Can only carry water when equipped with their floats.
•   They will be able switch from floats to wheels so you will see them
    listed on the Source List as both.
•   When mobilized as an amphibious aircraft, they are not required to
    have a support vehicle.
•   Pilot requirements are listed in the contract and the pilot will have a
    special designator on their card for being able to fly with floats.
(will only see two on the source list).
       What’s New with Aircraft ?
• Air Tractor 1002:
  All new contracts have a bid line item for the new Air
    Tractor 1002. This allows the aircraft to be added to our
    fleet if it comes on line within the next three years. May
    see some field testing the aircraft this fall.
• Air Tractor 802: (Letter Designator Clarifications)
•   802:    Standard 802 Aircraft.
•   802 A: 802 with additional stabilizers and canted motor mounts.
•   802 B: Standard 802 aircraft with 2 seats.
•   802 F: Standard aircraft with computerized gate (Tanker # 100’s T-183)
•   802 Fire Boss: Standard aircraft with floats (amphibious aircraft)
      2009 Contracts !
Three types of SEAT contracts:
–Exclusive Use Contracts
–National On Call Contract
–Variable Term Contract
    New National SEAT Program
      Contracting Officer (CO)

Bob Carr retired at the end of 2008 was
replaced by Tina Young

Tina’s phone number is: 208 433 5021
( Tina brings a wealth of experience with her. Has worked with the Dept. of
    Defense as well as USFS and all DOI agencies.)
        Exclusive Use Contracts
• No changes with the exclusive Use
  contracts. Will still see them with the
  Forest Service, States and other DOI
  agencies except the BLM.

Estimated Exclusive Use Contracts for 2009 :
FS: (John Day and Pendleton OR)
State: (Idaho and Colorado)
BIA: (White River and & Omack/ABQ)
Other DOI Agency: (USFW Richland, WA)
      National On Call Contract
• Replaced the Call-When-Needed (CWN)
• Three year contract, 2009 2nd year.
• Still order aircraft off the Source List within your
• The COR is still the National SEAT Program
• Not too many changes to the contract for SEAT
   – Contract requires relief pilot.
   – Contract defines cost limits for providing relief
           Variable Term Contract
• New concept for SEAT contracting.
• Combines concepts of both the Exclusive Use and On Call
• National contract that can be awarded for 30, 60 or 90 days to
  provide exclusive use coverage for an agency.
• Primary contract to be used by BLM for obtaining guaranteed
  extended SEAT coverage other than the On Call contract.
• Although primarily used by BLM, other agencies can use this
• This type of contracting is initiated through regular agency
  channels up through the national office to AMD.
• Contractors have already bid their rates, so awarding the
  contract is a very quick process. Always awarded through
    Variable Term Contract (continued)
• Once the contract has been awarded for the set amount of
  guaranteed days (30, 60 or 90), it can not be extended. If
  additional coverage is needed, a new contract will be awarded.
• COR will be identified at the time of award and will stay as the
  COR for the duration of the contract.
• Contractors are hired and released to “Designated Dispatch
  Point” (DDP) identified throughout the US. (Boise, Reno, Grand
  Junction, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis). …OR… the
  Contractor's base of operations, whichever is closest to the
  incident. The contractor is responsible for all mob / demob
  costs to these DDPs.
• Contract requires 7 day coverage (relief pilot / driver).
•   Contract defines cost limits for providing relief personnel.
        Variable Term Contract
Projected Variable Term contracts:
30 Days: ? As needed, where needed, as funding allows.
60 Days ? 2008 there were 7 VT contracts awarded.
90 Days ? 2008 there were 12 VT contracts awarded.
      Variable Term Contract
There will be several “Clarifications” for the
2009 FY contract period, such as
mobilization and de-mobilization payments
and Designated Dispatch Points. Look for
“Summary of Contract Changes” on the
National BLM SEAT web site.
             SEAT Pilot Academy
• This will be the 7th year.
•   March 16th thru 23rd
•   Held at the Safford Air Operations Center in Safford, AZ.
•   Expecting 20 pilots.
•   Looking toward implementation of Simulators for initial and re-
    current training of SEAT pilots for the future.
    National SEAT Pilot Training
SEAT Pilot Academy. ( Required for Level 1 status.)
•   National Training Course at Boise. Initial training and also Re-current
    requirement for Level 1 status.

•   Annual Training refresher required.

•   The vendors own in-house training.

•   National Aerial Firefighting Academy (NAFA) Tucson.

•   Computer Based Training syllabus. ( Required)

•   Annual Practical Test. (Required) “Orals”
          National SEAT Coordinator
Position in Boise working for the National SEAT
Program Manager (Mark Bickham) for the 2009 Season !
General time Frame: Mid April to End of September
Duties Include:
• Talking to the contractors each day, inputting their flight hours, aircraft
  location and availability status into a national program.
•   Compiling daily reports used by NICC and the national office to monitor
    activity and facilitate the movement of SEAT aircraft.
•   Assisting NICC, GACCs and local agencies with identifying the closest
    resource for filling an order for SEAT aircraft.
•   Assisting NICC, GACCs and local agencies with possible available SEAT
•   Compiling year-end stats for the SEAT program.
If interested in an assignment as the National SEAT Coordinator,
please contact Mark Bickham.)
                 Forms !
Changes in the 2009 SEAT forms:
No changes on the form !

There is a small adjustment on form number
SEAT-003 “SEAT Cost Summary” with BLM’s
cost coding information.

SEAT Managers still need to make sure to use
only the forms that have the current (2009)
displayed in the left hand bottom corner.
           RT-273 What’s New ?
    SEAT Triennial Re-fresher = RT-273
New filters have been put into the Interagency Qualifications and
Certification System (IQCS) program to flag individuals who are not
current with their re-fresher requirements.

Heads Up !…..make sure your RT-273 re-fresher certificates are put
into IQCS or your agencies qualification program.

Starting Jan. 2009 RT 273 required every three years to maintain
   currency…system will flag in 2010.
            RT-273 What’s New ?
A new section has been developed on the BLM National SEAT Web
Site for instructors to download course materials for RT-273. The intent
of the new section is to:
•   Provide standardized information given at any RT-273
•   Promote more re-freshers at a local or geographic level.
•   Provide annual updates for all SEAT Mangers in between the triennial re-fresher.

Downloads Include:
•   Lesson plans for each of the 8 elements required for putting on RT-273
    1.    National season Review
    2.    New Year Outlook
    3.    AMD Contracting Updates
    4.    ISOG Updates
    5.    Reference Material Updates
    6.    Safety Review
    7.    Security Review
    8.    Retardant Review

•   Four developed Power Point presentations for selected elements.

Heads Up !      Remember….all re-freshers and instructors still need to be approved at a
    State or Regional level depending on the hosting agency.
     What’s New on the
BLM National SEAT Web Site ?

                 New Contract Evaluation Form
New Contract Evaluation Form

                   When do you use this
                      evaluation ?

                  Who do you send it to ?
     What’s New on the
BLM National SEAT Web Site ?

                   New Cost Coding Guide to help
                   SEAT Managers use the correct
                     Billee codes and cost coding
                  formats for the different agencies.
     What’s New on the
BLM National SEAT Web Site ?

                    New helpful information on how to
                    set up information briefing boards.

                    The downloads show you different
                    products that are available to help
                       assist you with your morning
     What’s New on the
BLM National SEAT Web Site ?
     What’s New on the
BLM National SEAT Web Site ?

            Good form to use to quickly check our base and operation!

                        Don’t forget to use the 2009 forms.
                 What’s New 2009 ISOG
Look for a couple of new reference products in the 2009 ISOG:

•   On Call Contract Quick Reference Guide: An alphabetical listing of
    where to find contract references for the National On-Call contract;
•   Aborted Flight / Retardant Load                  ……………   C27.8.2 Aborted Flights and Wasted Fire Suppressant Materials,
•   page 36
•   Acceptable Expenses Mob/Demob                    ……………   C27.4 Transportation Costs Associated with Operating Away From
•   the Contractor’s Base of Operations, C27.4.3, page 36
•   Additional Driver                                ……………   C27.5 Additional Driver, page 36
•   Additional Driver Mob / Demob                    ……………   C27.5 Additional Driver, C27.5.4 and C27.5.4.1, page 36

•   Submission of Revisions/Suggestions Protocol Form: Form developed
    to submit any suggestions, changes or additions to the SEAT program.

The new reference materials can be found in the back of the ISOG under the
appendix section. Take a look !

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