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									 spring 2005                                                     A Newsletter of the Kentucky Cancer program

    Partners in Cancer Control
First Lady, survivors
celebrate at party
            s a registered nurse, Kentucky First

A           Lady Glenna Fletcher knows the
            importance of an annual mammogram.
            In Louisville this past October, she
            launched a statewide campaign to
encourage more Kentucky women to get this
important breast cancer screening test.
       All Kentucky women ages 65-69 will receive
a birthday card from Mrs. Fletcher, the Kentucky
Cancer Program (KCP) and Health Care Excel. The
card will include a reminder to schedule their
annual mammogram.
       The women also may be invited to one of a       Thirty-year breast cancer survivor Phyllis King, left, and Glenna Fletcher
                                                       blow out candles at the survivors’ birthday party in October.
series of “birthday parties” across the state to
raise breast cancer awareness and honor survi-
vors. The first birthday party/campaign launch
was held in conjunction with the Susan G. Komen
Race for the Cure kick-off in Louisville in October.
More that 700 survivors gathered to meet Mrs.
Fletcher and blow out their birthday candles.
       “Although Medicare covers screening
mammography annually, many women do not take
advantage of this benefit,” Mrs. Fletcher said at
the party. “I urge all women in Kentucky to get
screened every year so they can have many
                                                                                                      Birthday cake symbolized life
happy birthdays to come.”
                                                                                                      to more than 700 survivors at
       Additional birthday parties are being                                                          the first Birthday Party of Mrs.
planned across the state. For more information,        Survivor Chery Spatig, left, looks at photos   Fletcher’s       mammogram
contact your local KCP office.                         with Mrs. Fletcher.                            campaign.

Project in Fifth District focuses on hard-to-find cancers
      More than 200 local health care              The unique health care initiative,      screen and treat patients.
providers and “coalitions of the willing”   called the Marty Driesler Cancer                     Funded by the Centers for
in Kentucky’s Fifth Congressional           Project, is aimed at early detection,          Disease Control and Prevention, the
District are working with the University    prevention and treatment for lung,             project was kicked off in October by UK
of Kentucky (UK) Markey Cancer              esophageal, pancreatic and liver               President Lee Todd and UK Markey
Center on a community outreach              cancers. UK is proactively reaching out        Cancer Center Director Alfred Cohen at
program to reduce deaths from certain       to Fifth District communities to work          the Center for Rural Development in
hard-to-detect cancers.                     with doctors and others to identify,                               continued on page 2

2     Smoking cessation
      during pregnancy            3     Cooper-Clayton
                                        Self-Help Program          3      Healthy Fathers
                                                                          for Kentucky Families
Partners in Cancer Control

Statewide cancer                        Project focus: hard-to-find cancers
plan is underway                        continued from page 1
                                        Somerset, Ky.
        The Kentucky Cancer Consor-           The project will
tium (KCC) was formed in 2003 with      bring early detection
the mission of implementing the         research to the district,
state’s comprehensive cancer            provide public and
control plan. An excellent example of   professional cancer-
how it is meeting that challenge can    education at district
be seen in Northern Kentucky:           hospitals, make available
        Between October 2003 and        clinical trials through the
September 2004, a KCC partnership       Kentucky Clinical Trials
of health organizations in that area    Network, and augment
met four times to discuss local         community outreach           KCP Coordinator Tonya Pauley is facilitating
cancer issues. The group chose two      efforts of the Kentucky      community involvement in the Driesler Cancer Project.
priorities: addressing barriers to      Cancer Program (KCP).
cancer treatment and promoting                The Kentucky Cancer Registry at    before dying from lung cancer. Her
colon cancer screening.                 the UK Markey Center will analyze data three-year battle with the disease
        The partnership will soon       from the project.                        inspired Rogers to contact UK about
submit a proposal to the Kentucky             Other partners include the         establishing a cancer project in her
Prevention Research Center at the       American Cancer Society, the Kentucky name.
University of Kentucky for a colon      Department for Public Health, and local         For more information about the
cancer screening program. It also       cancer advocates.                        goals and activities of the Driesler
plans to seek funding for a project           Marty Driesler was a UK graduate Cancer Project, go to
addressing barriers to treatment.       who worked in Congressman Rogers’        markey/martydrieslercancerproject
        The KCC is a statewide          Washington, D.C. office for 12 years     or call Tonya Pauley at (606) 367-1587.
consortium of health organizations,
including the American Cancer
Society and the Kentucky Depart-
ment for Public Health. Started by
the Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP)
                                        Helping pregnant women quit smoking
with funding from the Centers for              Tobacco use is one of the leading   health providers about the pharmaco-
Disease Control and Prevention, the     preventable causes of pregnancy            logical, educational and social support
consortium works with communities       complications, premature birth, and             that can help women quit smoking,
across the state to address all         infant mortality. And yet in                        with emphasis on the unique
aspects of cancer, including preven-    Kentucky, 24 percent of                               challenges and opportunities
tion, early detection, and treatment.   pregnant women smoke — a                               of treating tobacco use
        The KCC has formed a state      rate that is twice the national                        during pregnancy.
council, 16 regional cancer partner-    average.                                                      Based on the U.S.
ships, and four work groups.                   To help reduce smoking                          Public Health Service Clinical
        The guide for all KCC activi-   among pregnant women, the                             Practice Guideline, Treating
ties is the Cancer Action Plan,         Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP)                      Tobacco Use and Dependence
developed in 2001 by a broad-based      has developed Treating Tobacco Use         during Pregnancy can help providers
task force as a blueprint for compre-   and Dependence during Pregnancy as         lower the risks of maternal and fetal
hensive cancer control across the       part of its “Providers Practice Preven-    complications, which can lead to
Commonwealth. The KCP is                tion” continuing education (CE) series.    litigation.
currently under contract with the              Treating Tobacco Use and                    Order forms for this and two other
state to help carry out the plan via    Dependence during Pregnancy                Providers Practice Prevention titles —
the consortium.                         includes a video of recommended            Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence
        For more information on the     dialogues with patients, provider          and Cervical Cancer Screening and
goals and activities of the KCC,        counseling aids, office tools, and         Diagnostic Protocols — are available
contact your local KCP office.          patient education materials. It informs    online at

                                                                    Partners in Cancer Control

Self-help Cooper-Clayton is available                                                    Coalition training
       A free self-help version of the       University of Kentucky (UK) College
                                                                                         is coming in May
Cooper-Clayton Method to Stop                of Dentistry, teamed up with Richard               The Kentucky Cancer Program
Smoking is now available to smokers          Clayton, then a professor in the UK         (KCP) and the Kentucky Women’s
who are ready to become non-smokers.         Department of Sociology and now             Cancer Screening Program are
       The original 12-week Cooper-          Associate Dean for Research in the          organizing a June 2005 training
Clayton Method is a facilitator-                    UK College of Public Health.         conference for the state’s 52 local
led group program in which                                        In collaboration       breast and cervical cancer coalitions.
participants combine                                      with the Kentucky Cancer       Other details will soon be available.
nicotine replacement                                      Program (KCP), Clayton                The KCP and the Women’s
therapy (gum, patch or                                    and Cooper and local           Cancer Screening Program work with
lozenge) with efforts to                                  cancer organizations have      the coalitions to increase cancer
understand and change the                                 trained more than 600          awareness and screening among
behaviors and attitudes that                            people across the state to       low-income women ages 21 to 64
support their smoking.                       facilitate Cooper-Clayton classes in        who are uninsured.
       The group uses a kit that includes    their communities.                                 Membership recruitment,
a DVD and a book.                                    For more information about local    sharing of best practices, and data
       However, being part of a group        Cooper-Clayton groups or facilitator        submission are among the topics
may be difficult for some people. For        trainings, contact the KCP regional         planned for the May training
this reason, a self-help version was         office in your area.                               The coalitions are always
designed to be done at home.                         The KCP and its partners are        looking for more members and fresh
       The Cooper-Clayton Method was         currently testing the Cooper-Clayton        ideas. For information on the May
developed in 1984 by Thomas Cooper, a        self-help version. Smokers interested       training, volunteering with your local
36-cigarette-a-day smoker who had tried      in becoming part of this study may          group, or coalition activities in your
a number of times to become a non-           call toll-free 1-866-495-9888.              area, call your local KCP office.
smoker. Cooper, now retired from the

      Henrys promote prostate health
             The Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP) has formed a partnership
      with former Lt. Gov. Stephen Henry to increase prostate cancer aware-
      ness and screening across Kentucky. As a physician, father and
      prostate cancer survivor, Dr. Henry is encouraging all men in Kentucky
      to be tested for this disease every year through the Healthy Fathers for
      Kentucky Families campaign.
             The KCP, the Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition, and the Henry
      family are partnering with local organizations, hospitals and health care
      providers to offer free screening events.
             On June 24-25, Dr. Henry and his wife, Miss America 2000 Heather
      French Henry, kicked off the campaign in his hometown of Owensboro
      with a free prostate and colon cancer screening. More than 300 men —
      many of whom had not seen a doctor in years — participated in the
      event, which was organized by the KCP, the Owensboro Medical Health
      System, and the Green River District Health Dept.
             One in six men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime. Early
      detection and treatment offer the best chance for survival. For more
      information about the Healthy Fathers for Kentucky Families campaign
      or community prostate cancer screenings in your area, contact your           As a prostate cancer survivor, Stephen
      local KCP office.                                                            Henry knows the importance of

                       KCP Offices around the commonwealth
                                              LAKE CUMBERLAND: Gloria Sams
      BIG SANDY, KENTUCKY RIVER:                                                  GREEN RIVER: Susan Langan
                                                  Kentucky Cancer Program
              Becky Simpson                                                         Kentucky Cancer Program
                                                  501 College Street, Suite C
    CUMBERLAND VALLEY: Sandy Good                                                  920 Frederica St., Suite 202
                                                 Somerset, KY 42501-1315
         Kentucky Cancer Program                                                  Owensboro, KY 42301-3077
                                                 Telephone: (606) 679-7204
              P.O. Box 1208                                                        Telephone: (270) 683-2560
            Hazard, KY 41702
                                            MARTY DRIESLER CANCER PROJECT:
        Telephone: (606) 487-8360                                                LINCOLN TRAIL: Suzanne Gude
                                                Tonya Pauley, P.O. Box 876
                                                   Paintsville, KY 41240             Kentucky Cancer Program
    BLUEGRASS EAST: Melissa Morrison                                             1013 Woodland Drive, Suite 102
                                                Telephone: (606) 367-1587
     BLUEGRASS WEST: Amy Steinkuhl                                                Elizabethtown, KY 42701-2754
        Kentucky Cancer Program                                                     Telephone: (270) 360-0901
                                             NORTHERN KENTUCKY: Kathy Rack
    2365 Harrodsburg Road, Suite A230
                                                 Kentucky Cancer Program
        Lexington, KY 40504-3381                                                     PENNYRILE: Joan Lang
                                                    307 John’s Hill Road
        Telephone: (859) 219-0772                                                  Kentucky Cancer Program
                                                Highland Heights, KY 41099
                                                Telephone: (859) 442-3525             State Office Building
       BUFFALO TRACE: Trina Winter                                                 625 Hospital Dr., Room 235
         Kentucky Cancer Program                                                  Madisonville, KY 42431-1683
                                             BARREN RIVER: Elizabeth Westbrook
      909 Kenton Station Drive, Suite C                                            Telephone: (270) 821-4298
                                                  Kentucky Cancer Program
           Maysville, KY 41056
                                                1106 Lovers Lane, Suite A-15
        Telephone: (606) 759-0300                                                    PURCHASE: Melody Nall
                                               Bowling Green, KY 42103-7236
                                                 Telephone: (270) 842-0950          Kentucky Cancer Program
       FIVCO, GATEWAY: Lana Hunt                                                        Two Rivers Plaza
         Kentucky Cancer Program                                                   222 Kentucky Ave., Suite 4
                                               FALLS: Pam Temple-Jennings
           291 East Main Street                                                        Paducah, KY 42003
                                          KENTUCKY AFRICAN AMERICANS AGAINST
           Morehead, KY 40351                                                      Telephone: (270) 442-1310
                                             CANCER (KAAAC): Virginia Bradford
        Telephone: (606) 784-6458
                                                 Kentucky Cancer Program
                                                 529 South Jackson Street
                                                 Louisville, KY 40202-3277
                                                Telephone: (502) 852-6318

The mission of the Kentucky
Cancer Program mission is to
reduce cancer incidence and
mortality by promoting cancer
education, research and
service programs.

Funded by the Kentucky
General Assembly, the KCP is
jointly administered by the
University of Kentucky and the
University of Louisville.

Have comments/suggestions
for this newsletter? If you live in
the eastern half of the state,
contact Gloria Sams at
(606) 679-7204. If you live in
the western half, contact Sarah
Walsh at (502) 852-6318.


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