Reinventing the Health Care Workplace I by sammyc2007


2003 National Health Policy ✯Conference
                             January 22-23, 2003

                             J.W. Marriott

                             Washington, D.C.
  Reinventing the Health Care

        Bobbi Kimball, RN, MBA

The 2003 National Health Policy Conference
            Washington, D.C.
 High Priority Challenge:
 Clinical work force shortages
• What are the key drivers of this situation?

• Can past solutions be effectively applied?

• Are there lessons to learn from outside of health care as
  to how we should respond?

• Is there a framework for moving forward?

• What innovative approaches are stakeholders using to
  address the current work force challenge?
Kimball 1/03
Drivers: A Shifting Environment

•   Demographic – Aging
•   Demographic – Diversity
•   Values – Women in Workforce
•   Values – Generation X
•   Stressed Delivery System and Institutions
•   Consumerism

Kimball 1/03
What we know now….

•   A different kind of work force shortage
•   Past solutions will fall short
•   The public mission is threatened
•   An impending workforce crisis looms

Kimball 1/03
What Drives Other Sectors ?
Same demographics & demanding customers…
• Performance standards
   – Quality * Regulatory * Globalization
• New technological and organizational
• Changing nature of work
   – Flatter * Faster * Flexible

Kimball 1/03
The War for Talent
Lessons from the Corporate Sector
• Move workforce to the highest strategic
  level (work force = strategic asset)
• Invest in technology to enhance
• Build sustainable workplaces

Kimball 1/03
The War for Talent
Lessons from other Service Sectors
Education, Religion, the Military:
•   Redefine entry into the profession
•   Focus on under-representation
•   Integrate recruitment and retention
•   Create sustainable career paths
•   Information: image and attractiveness
•   Create public understanding and will

Kimball 1/03
2002 National Reports Drill Down
“In Our Hands: How Hospital Leaders Can Build a
  Thriving Workforce”
           -American Hospital Association

“Healthcare at the Crossroads”
           -Joint Commission on Accreditation for
           Healthcare Organizations

“Health Care’s Human Crisis: The American Nursing
           -The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Kimball 1/03
A Range of Stakeholder Strategies

• National Professional   • Education
  Organizations             Organizations
• Health Care Industry    • Health Care Delivery
• Labor                     Organizations
• Legislatures            • Staffing Organizations
• Government Entities     • Philanthropies

Kimball 1/03
Where do we go from here?
• New solutions are required
• New partnerships are necessary
• Technology, Diversity & Consumers play key
  roles in the future of health care

Kimball 1/03
A Continuum of Responses,
an Evolving Profession
       Complexity and Professionalism

                                                                                                        Start Over
                                                                                                           (Nurse as

                                                                                    (Nurse as Valued
                                                              (Nurse as Customer)
                                             (Nurse as

                                        Short Term                                                         Long Term
                                          Care Defined by                                           Care Defined by
                                        Institutional Needs                                         Consumer Needs
                                                                  Value to Consumers

Kimball 1/03

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