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HAVE AN ANGEL - Bike accidents are rarely minor because we are so exposed to the elements.
Everyone who rides should arrnage an “angel” - a friend who can be contacted in the event of an
emergency. Either the rider or the friend should know the following “Do’s and Don’ts in the event of an
DO - Call the police and seek medical treatment. A medical professional should evaluate your condition

DON'T - Refuse a trip to the Emergency Room, even if you think you are alright. Evaluation by a medical
professional may reveal injuries that you are not even aware of yet.
DO - Get the names, contact information, driver license and license plate numbers, from all other drivers
involved in the accident. Get someone to help you if you are unable to do this yourself. Use a cell
phone camera to snap photos of nearby vehicles and their license plate numbers if these persons are
potential witnesses.
DON'T - Speak with anyone about the accident - except for law enforcement - until you have spoken with
a lawyer. This includes witnesses, the other driver's insurance company, and even your own insurance
carrier. Insurers may be looking for a way to reduce their obligation to you. You might report the accident
to your insurance, but refrain from recorded or signed statements. Even when speaking with the police,
stick to the facts only.

DO - Speak with a lawyer who understands complex Pennsylvania motorcycle law. For example, in many
cases our lawyers send investigators to the scene within 24 hours to preserve evidence, take
photographs, and begin to interview witnesses while the facts are still fresh.
DON'T - Repair your bike immediately. Save all loose parts and even your helmet if one was worn. This
can serve as evidence of the cause of the accident, and may establish liability in cases where defective
parts or substandard repairs are the cause.
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