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					      St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

       1200 Park Avenue ● Bensalem, PA 19020-4652 ● (215)245-6122 ● Website :

            Pastor: Rev. Michael J. Lonergan; Deacon Stephen A. Guckin, Deacon William A. Cella
                                 D.R.E.: Kathleen Gallagher, R.C.I.A. Coordinator: Mary Cieri
    Music Director: Henry Wajda; Church Staff: Robert Jones, Linda Shull, Kate Slegel, Helen Wolset
                        In Memoriam - Rev. John J. Sullivan, O.S.F.S. 1987-2010
                            Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - July 18, 2010
PARISH LITURGIES                                                 CONFESSIONS: Saturday 4 to 4:45 PM & by appointment.
SUNDAYS- 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 AM                                    RELIGIOUS EDUCATION RCIA Program helps those who wish
WEEKDAYS- 8:00 AM       SATURDAYS- 8:30 AM                       to become members of the Catholic Church or to complete the
HOLY DAY VIGIL - 7:00 PM                                         Sacraments of Initiation. Call the Rectory for information.
HOLY DAY FEAST - 6:30, 8:00 AM
                                                                 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CLASSES for students in Public
BAPTISMS:                                                        School. Classes are held Sunday mornings and begin with the
1st and 3rd Sunday at 1:00 PM. Baptism preparation               9:30 AM Mass and end at 11:30 AM. Children’s Liturgy of the
classes are held on the 2nd Monday of each month in the          Word is at every 9:30 Mass thoughout the year.
Rectory Meeting Room. The parents are required to attend
class so they will be familiar with the Baptism ceremony
                                                                 LITTLE CHURCH SCHOOL is for 3 & 4 year olds during the 9:30
and the purpose of the sacrament. Please call the Rectory
to make arrangements for the Baptism. After attendance at
class, when all paperwork is completed (including obtaining
and presenting godparents letters of eligibility), a Baptismal   MIRACULOUS MEDAL NOVENA DEVOTIONS in honor of Our
date will be scheduled.                                          Blessed Mother are offered every Saturday following the 8:30
                                                                 AM Mass.
Couples contemplating marriage should make an appoint-           ADORATION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT one hour before
ment with the Pastor at least six months before the date of      Morning Mass Monday to Saturday.
the wedding. During this time the engaged couples com-
plete their mandatory attendance at Marriage Preparation
Programs and their individual sessions with the priest, in-      ROSARY: 20 Minutes before daily Mass
cluding testimony, documents, etc. that are necessary to
obtain & complete prior to the marriage.                         PARISH REGISTRATION: We invite all Catholics living within
                                                                 parish boundaries to become registered members as soon as
ANOINTING OF THE SICK:                                           possible. If you have recently changed your status, married,
This Sacrament is administered to the shut-ins and anyone        moved out of your parent=s home or graduated from college, you
who is sick. Emergency calls will receive prompt attention       need to register. If you move, we would also appreciate a phone
any hour of the day or night. If someone has already been        call to the Rectory so that our records will be in order.
admitted to a hospital, the local Chaplain should be called
by the nurse. !f any of our parishioners are hospitalized for    RECTORY OFFICE: The secretaries are available for business
an extended time, please inform the Rectory with the name
                                                                 matters from Monday to Friday, between hours of 9:00 AM to 12
of the person and the hospital.
                                                                 Noon & 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
Today’s Gospel is a well known story about Mary and Martha. These two women have become more
than historical figures. They have become symbols of two different kinds of religion.
Martha represents the people who are activists. Their religion is a matter of work. Mary, on the other
hand, represents the mystics. Their religion is largely a matter of meditation and contemplation.

Picture yourself at the home of Martha and Mary when Jesus visited. Where would you have been?
In the kitchen with Martha? Or at the feet of Jesus with Mary?

Where should you be? A very insightful answer was given in the sixteenth century, by Saint Teresa
of Avila. She said, “To give the Lord a perfect hospitality, it is necessary that Mary and Martha be
joined as one.”

Some time today reflect on the Martha and Mary dynamics and your relationship with others. As you
do, remember your life has two aspects - the active and the appreciative. With one, we get things done.
With the other, we see into things and understand them. The one is effort. The other is insight. Effort
alone tends to break life into its separate parts. Insight tends to make life whole and complete.

Pray that you will be able to see the importance of both and then ask the Holy Spirit for the grace to
do both and keep the right balance.
                                                   In Christ, Mary & St. Elizabeth Ann Seton,
                                                                    Father Mike

                                              SUMMER HOURS
                     The Rectory Office will be closed on Mondays for the month of July.

                           BOYS AND GIRLS: HELP WANTED
 Our parish needs boys and girls who are willing to serve the Lord at the altar. Boys and girls, if you are
going into fourth grade or higher this September, you are eligible to serve. Altar assignments are once every
two or three weeks. If your family always goes to the same mass, we can even schedule you for that mass
time only.

If you are interested, please call the rectory leave your name and phone number, or send me an email to I plan to have a training session at the end of August. If that time is not
convenient for you,

let us know when you call or write. Being an Altar Server is a great honor and brings you closer to Jesus.
Please join us and may God Bless you!
                                                                  Deacon Steve

                                      080 - SEAS - Bensalem

                                                 Page -1-
       CANDLE INTENTIONS                              PLEASE PRAY for the deceased
The BLESSED MOTHER CANDLE burns this                  especially REV. THOMAS GRAHAM, RITA
week in memory of Paul O’Lano on the                  BOCCHINO,            DR.     MICHAEL
occasion of his birthday requested by his             BEVALACQUA,         victims of Terrorism,
mother Florence.                                      Natural Disasters & for the comfort of their

ST. JOHN HOSPICE visits our parish to                 PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR
collect casseroles each month. You can pick up
a pan and lid at the church entrances, take it        PRAYERS all those in the hospital, in
home and make any type of casserole, freeze it        nursing homes especially Msgr. James Matteo,
and then return it to church. Non-perishable          Jimmy Beck, George Besack, Alex & Andy
items such as coffee, tea bags, cold cereal,          Bilotta, Joanne Burke, Joseph Cosden, Mary
paper products, drink mixes, etc. are also            Daly, John & Celina DeJesus, Rich Goshey,
welcome. Any questions,         please call the       Virginia Guckin, Tim Hayden, Liz Jecot, Jeff
Rectory.                                              Jones, Stephen Jones, Matthew Marciniak,
                                                      Ray Martindale, John McCloskey, Martha
                                                      McCormick, Peg McGugan, Kevin McKeegan,
ST. VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY                           Shirley O’Brien, Florence O’Lano, Louise
will be in St. Charles Borromeo parking lot on        Panicaro, Paul Patrinos, Ben Pirolli, Nicholas
Tuesday, July 20, from 9 AM to 2 PM for any           & Mary Pezza, Josephine Pollan, Donna
donations of usable clothing or household             Plunkett, Pat Shearer, Lisa Shull, Jim Simmer,
items.                                                Raymond Slegel, Ken Stein, Edward T., Carol
                                                      Tarka, Patricia Thomas, Louis Trzaska, Bill
                                                      V., Larry W., Jean Walker, Baby Caitlyn
         THANK YOU                                    Welch, Alfreda Wesolowski, Baby Alexander
    FOR YOUR GENEROSITY                               Timothy Whitworth, Blanche Wolpert, Joey
The collection for July 11 amounted to $5,470         Young, Karen Yozallinas, Jordan Zandick
and the 2nd collection for the Campaign for           and all who care for them.
Human Development amounted to $964. The
attendance was 629.
                                                      CATHOLIC SCOUTS               - Learn more
                                                      about your faith? Try a Catholic Scouting
           ALTAR SOCIETY                              Religious Award. Check it out at our website
                July 18 - 24                          at or call Scout Coordinator at
              The Serna Family                        215-965-965-4636

ST. CHARLES SCHOOL NEWS!!!                                      THANK YOU
All families with children in St. Charles School             FOR YOUR SUPPORT
should have received their tuition invoice for        The Catholic Schools in our Parish Cluster,
the 2010-2011 school year. If a family wishes         appreciate your participation in our auto
to pay tuition in full and receive the discount,      initiative program. Please go to our website
payments must be made by July 20th. If you            "" to learn how your
did not receive an invoice, please contact St.        purchase of a new or used auto can bring
Charles Borromeo Rectory at 215-638-3625.             donations from car dealerships and best of
080 - SEAS - Bensalem                                 all, it will not cost you any money.

                                               Page -2-
      LUCKY DRAW RAFFLE                                         MASS INTENTIONS
                      Winner / Seller                            FOR THE WEEK
July 5    #820   Kass Quigley / Tony C.
July 6    #041   Kathy Belmondo / Kim H.               Saturday, July 17
July 7    #527   NO WINNER                             5:00 PM - Vincent & Loretta Elinich
July 8    #406   M/M Wm. McCauley / SEAS               Sunday, July 18
July 9    #216   M/M Patrick Hughes / Same             7:30 AM - Dec’d. Members of Hee &
July 10   #673   Jack Roth / Same                                                 Hartman Families
July 11   #258   NO WINNER                             9:30 AM - Monthly Pro-Life Mass
July 12   #795   Karen Niland / Same                   11:30 AM - The Macartney Family
                                                       Monday, July 19
       CALLING ALL COOKS!!!                            8:00 AM - Edward Cummings, 11th Anniv.
                                                       Tuesday, July 20
                                                       8:00 AM - Ronald Cicola
                                                       Wednesday, July 21
                                                       8:00 AM - Paul O’Lano
IT’S NOT TOO LATE.... If you have not sent             Thursday, July 22
in your recipes you still have time. We will be        8:00 AM - Tito Paraventi
collecting recipes until July 25.                      Friday, July 23
                                                       8:00 AM - Collin Galambos, 1st Anniv.
 You can email us at seasmommyandme@hot                Saturday, July 24, place it in the collection basket, drop      8:30 AM - Emmuel E. Dizon, 1st Anniv.
it at the rectory or call Kate Simmer at 215-          5:00 PM - Michael & Eleanor Frankunas
638-8997.                                              Sunday, July 25
                                                       7:30 AM - People of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Cookbooks will be available in early November          9:30 AM - Joseph T. Daley
just in time for the holidays!
                                                       11:30 AM - Jane Salini

Remember all proceeds will benefit the parish.
Each recipe submitted will be entered in a                        NEW SCHEDULE
raffle to WIN a FREE COOKBOOK so be sure               We will shortly begin to work on the new
to include your name and phone number.                 schedule for Counters, Altar Servers,
                                                       Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Hospitality
          *************************                    Ministers. If there are any dates that you will
                                                       not be available, please either call the Rectory
                                                       (215-245-6122) or email Linda at lindas921 @
MOMMY AND ME will be meeting
                                              so we will not schedule you for these
throughout the summer this year. Activities
                                                       times. For the subject, please write NEW
and dates will vary. For more info., please
contact Kate Simmer at 215-638-8997 or Come and join the
                                                       080 - SEAS - Bensalem

                                                Page -3-
             THANK YOU                                              THE TRIBUNAL
          BISHOP MAGINNIS                                The Tribunal is a group of specially qualified
All are invited & welcome for a Mass celebrated          priests, sisters, and lay persons whose
in thanksgiving for the service of the Most Rev.         responsibility is to come to the help of people
Robert Maginnis on the occasion of his retirement        who have experienced divorce.
on Wednesday, July 21 at 12:05 PM in the
Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul, 18th St.      When a divorce occurs, the Catholic Church
& Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Phila. All                  always seeks to balance two realities. One is
attending will have the opportunity to greet and         the unbreakableness of the bond of marriage.
thank Bishop Maginnis following the Mass.                 On the other hand, the Church is concerned
                                                         about the spiritual welfare of the people
                                                         involved. The annulment procedure addresses
BUCKS COUNTY COMMUNITY                                   this problem without affixing blame.
be starting in September, 2010. Students are             If you are divorced or married outside the
initiatting a community of faith to share prayer,        Catholic Church, please telephone the Tribunal
scripture, service and discussion in the context of      Office at 215-587-3750.
the Catholic Faith. Join for an hour weekly or
when possible for you: flexible schedule,
fellowship and faith in action. For info and             CONGRATULATION to Tamarah Rago
registration, contact Sister Pat Kelly at 215-968-       of Archbishop Wood High School for earning
2262 x 51 or                1st Honors for the end of the year report.

CRUISE TO ALASKA - July 8-15, 2011
aboard Royal Caribbean - Radiance of the Seas
sponsored by St Hubert Faculty Scholarship Fund.
For further information, please call Dottie at 856-

CRUISE TO EASTERN                                        If you have a loved one that served in the
CARIBBEAN - Feb. 1 to 11, 2011 with                      military and you have an American flag, we
parishioners of Immaculate Conception Parish in          would be happy to have it to fly outside
Levittown aboard the Norwegian Gem. For more             church. Please drop it off at the Rectory.
info., please call Larry Smith at 215-943-4943.
HOSPITAL REUNION is being planned                        Our Military Book of Honor is for any
for all classes of the Thomas Fitzgerald Mercy           person - parishioner or not - who is serving
Hospital School of Nursing on Sunday,                    our country in the military. You are
September 19th.        If interested, please call        welcome to write your relatives, friends, and
Lindsay at 610-237-5058 or                               neighbors names in the book in front of the                                first pew in the middle aisle and they will be
                                                         remembered in the intercessions at Mass.
080 - SEAS - Bensalem

                                                  Page -4-
                                      FOCUS ON THE PARISH
Married couples are called to a mutual and perfect hospitality. But at times in married life we see an
imbalance in the Martha/Mary dynamic. When a couple marries, at first the Mary dynamic is prominent.
Each is attentive to the other. But later as they settle down the Martha side of the couple tends to takes
charge of the marriage. The husband becomes engrossed in his work and the woman in hers.

Slowly but surely, activity takes the place of appreciation. If either one brings this up, the other becomes
defensive. The husband might say, “I provide a good living for you, don’t I? What more do you want?” The
wife might say, “I keep a clean house. I take care of the children. What more do you want?”

What is happening to this couple is that their work oriented roles have crowded out the central meaning of
their commitment. There is too much Martha and not enough Mary. There is too much effort and not enough
understanding. This imbalance brings much heartbreak which can only be repaired by a large and sustain
dose of the Mary dynamic.

But in bringing balance back to a relationship the couple must keep in mind and then heed St. Teresa of
Avila’s advice:“To give the Lord a perfect hospitality, it is necessary that Mary and Martha be joined as

Speaking of married couples July 25th marks the 42nd anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humane Vitae.
It is an excellent letter and sets forth in clear terms the church’s position on contraception and being open
to life. I would urge all married couples to read it as well as all couples who are planning to marry.
                                                                Father Mike

                                         DEACON’S CORNER
Today, we listen to the story of Jesus’ visit with Martha and Mary. A guest shows up, probably
unexpectedly, and the hostess, Martha, knocks herself out trying to do everything at once. The guest, Jesus,
sits down and makes himself at home. The sister of the hostess, Mary, sits with Jesus, and listens
thoughtfully. When Martha complains that she is doing all the work, Jesus tells her that she has forgotten the
most important thing. She has neglected to listen to Jesus, whose words are more nourishing than any meal.

        I think for most of our lives, we are a combination of Martha and Mary. Even cloistered monks and
nuns, devoted to lives of prayer, have hours of work every day. However, if our lives are all-Martha-all-the-
time, they may be out of balance. We may be missing "the better part." There is an ironic joke that goes:
"At the time of death, no one says, 'I wish I had spent more time at the office.' "

         The Catechism of the Catholic Church, in its discussion of observing Sunday as a day of worship
and rest, declares, "Traditional activities (sports, restaurants, etc.) and social necessities (public services, etc.)
require some people to work on Sundays, but everyone should still take care to set aside sufficient time for
leisure" (Catechism, 2187). Most people in our country are working more hours a week than ever before.
Financially, we may think we need to work as much as we can, but how does this affect our families, spouse
or children? This week, let’s try to put more Mary-like listening into our lives. Let’s make more time to
listen to our families, friends and most especially, to Jesus! Have a blessed week. Deacon Steve
                                             080 - SEAS - Bensalem

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080 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Bensalem, PA (i) A                                                   John Patrick Publishing Company 1-800-333-3166 •
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                                   Robert M. Tomlinson, Supervisor
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 Directors: Roxanne G. Hoffmann Michelle H. Hoffmann Robert B. Young
              Pre-Arrangements                                Handicapped Accessible
                                               Parish Members
080 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - Bensalem, PA (b) Rt. A                                       John Patrick Publishing Company 1-800-333-3166 •

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