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                                     uNtil october 2, 2009.

                  November 5–8, 2009
Hyatt Regency JeRsey city • JeRsey city, new JeRsey

don’t miss this unique opportunity to lay
the foundation with the Introduction to
Special Needs and Elder Law and pave
the way to a more advanced program
focusing specifically on Public Benefits
and Guardianship issues.

                                      Keep up with current developments.
                                                            november 5–8, 2009
                                                Hyatt Regency Jersey city • Jersey city, new Jersey

       he National Academy of Elder Law Attor-               Frolik (Planning for Incapacity); Bill Brisk (Operat-    Mediation, Contested Guardianships, Alterna-
       neys is pitching a Doubleheader beginning             ing and Managing an Elder and Disability Law             tive to Guardianships, Functional vs. Medical
       with the Introduction to Special Needs and            Practice); and Mary Alice Jackson and Ed Boyer           Standards and Post-Incapacity, and Post-Mortem
Elder Law Program and followed by the Public                 (Representing a Client With Marginal Capacity).          Public Benefits Planning. Playing the field for the
Benefits and Guardianship Institute. Both pro-               The program will have much to offer attendees            second program include several renowned and
grams will be held at the Hyatt Regency Jersey               who are new to Special Needs and Elder Law, as           well-respected practitioners, such as Vicki Got-
City, across the river and with a tremendous view            well as those wanting to expand their experience         tlich, Shirley Whitenack, Cynthia Barrett, Profes-
of the New York City skyline at half the cost! Reg-          as Elder Law attorneys.                                  sor Kim Dayton, Peter Strauss, and NAELA Past
istrants can participate in just one program or                                                                       Presidents Bernard Krooks and Vincent Russo.
the entire Doubleheader. This is a unique oppor-             veteran’s administration                                 The program will close with a hot and timely
tunity to lay the foundation with the Introduction           general session                                          topic, Health Care Reform, presented by those
Program and pave the way to a more advanced
                                                             A Veteran’s Administration (VA) General Session          in the organization who are in the thick of things
program focusing specifically on Public Benefits
                                                             will be offered on Saturday, November 7, 2009.           when it comes to public policy, and in anticipa-
and Guardianship issues.
                                                             VA benefits planning has expanded and many are           tion that new federal legislation in this regard
                                                             incorporating this field into their practice, particu-   will have recently been enacted. This session is
the special needs and                                                                                                 a must given the dramatic impact such reform
                                                             larly in response to the recent downturn in the
elder law line-Up                                            economy and its potential impact on the practice         will have on health insurance coverage and
The first program, Introduction to Special Needs             of Elder Law and to more comprehensively meet            long-term care benefits, as well as Medicare and
and Elder Law, has a terrific line-up of speak-              the needs of the population we serve. General            Medicaid, and will ensure that you are able to
ers and topics. Peter Strauss, a pioneer among               CLE credits are being applied for; however, this         counsel your clients on what is current and on
Elder Law attorneys and one of NAELA’s first four            session is also designed to satisfy the minimum          how health care reform will impact them person-
Fellows, will provide the keynote address on the             three hours of continuing education required             ally.
past, present and future of Elder Law. Presenters            by the Department of Veterans Affairs within             Reserve your seat now for NAELA’s 2009 Double-
include Charlie Sabatino (Elder Law Ethics); Eric            one year after receiving accreditation as a VA           header. The program will provide both education
Carlson (Nursing Home Issues); Thomas Begley                 claims agent or attorney as well as the CLE hours        and networking opportunities and is for both the
Jr., Joanne Jeffries, and Ron Fatoullah (Medi-               required to maintain VA accreditation thereafter,        newer and seasoned practitioner. For more infor-
caid Issues); Patti Dudek and Thomas Begley,                 thereby enabling those practitioners to formally         mation, please visit or contact
Jr. (Special Needs Law and Trust Drafting); Larry            represent clients before the VA. The Application         NAELA Director of Meetings and Education Casey
                                                             for Accreditation as a Claims Agent or Attorney          Anderson,
                                                             (VA Form 21a) may be found at
                                                             vaforms/va/pdf/VA21a.pdf and confirmation of
                                                             accreditation by the VA must be received prior to
                                                             taking the session.
  Leading the Way in Special Needs and Elder Law SM
                                                                                                                                       Nancy P. Gibson, Esq.
 The national academy of elder law                           Public Benefits and guardianship
                                                             institute tracks                                                          Chair, Introduction to Special
 attorneys, Inc. (NAELA) is a non-profit asso-
                                                                                                                                       Needs and Elder Law Program
 ciation that assists lawyers, bar organizations             The second program, the Public Benefits and
 and others who work with older clients, those               Guardianship Institute, is designed to have two
 with special needs, and their families. Estab-              simultaneous tracks — a Public Benefits Track
 lished in 1987, NAELA provides a resource                   and a Guardianship Track. The Public Benefits
 of information, education, networking, and                                                                                            Bridget O’Brien Swartz, CELA
                                                             Track is preceded by two excellent programs
 assistance to those who deal with the many                  related to special needs planning and trusts                              Co-Chair, Public Benefits and
 specialized issues involved with legal services             (the Summer Special Needs Program and the                                 Guardianship Institute
 to the elderly and people with disabilities.                Special Needs UnProgram) and, thus, it does
 The mission of the National Academy of Elder                not attempt to duplicate such efforts but rather
 Law Attorneys is to establish NAELA members                 educate on a broader range of public benefit
 as the premier providers of legal advocacy,                 issues, such as Medicare Part C, the use of re-
                                                             verse mortgages in Medicaid planning, Medicaid                            Kathleen (K.T.)
 guidance and services to enhance the lives
                                                             Home and Community Based Waiver programs,                                 Whitehead, CELA
 of people with disabilities and people as
 they age. NAELA sponsors this event to                      and more.                                                                 Co-Chair, Public Benefits and
 provide continuing education for new and                    The Guardianship Track is the first NAELA has                             Guardianship Institute
 experienced attorneys on the latest Elder and               ever offered at one of its programs. You can
 Special Needs Law issues.                                   expect to cover such issues as Guardianship and

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                                          schedule of events
 wednesday, novemBeR 4, 2009                       Peter J. Strauss, JD, is a Senior Counsel in
                                                   the Business Law practice in Epstein Becker                 oVErViEw of social sEcUrity
12:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.                               & Green’s New York office. Mr. Strauss has                  Disability aND ssi Eligibility: what
Exhibit Display sEt Up                             practiced trusts and estates law and estate and             all attorNEys shoUlD kNow
                                                   guardianship litigation since 1961, and has a        Barbara R. Silverstone, JD, NOSSCR Staff
10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.                               particular knowledge of the legal problems of the    Attorney
                                                   aging and persons with disabilities. He was one
NaEla boarD of DirEctors MEEtiNg                                                                        Attorneys practicing in other areas of the law
                                                   of the first attorneys in the country to focus on
                                                   what is now known as Elder Law.                      should know the basics of Social Security Dis-
                                                                                                        ability law to advise their clients on potential
  tHURsday, novemBeR 5, 2009                       2:30 p.m.–2:45 p.m.                                  eligibility and to insure that they are not doing
                                                                                                        anything that may jeopardize future eligibility for
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.                                Visit with Exhibitors
                                                                                                        these benefits. This workshop will include an
NaEla rEgistratioN DEsk opEN                       2:45 p.m.–4:00 p.m.                                  overview of the eligibility criteria for Social Secu-
                                                                                                        rity Disability and SSI benefits. Social Security
9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.                                       gENEral sEssioN 2: opEratiNg aND
                                                                                                        benefits may be available to disabled adults,
                                                          MaNagiNg aN ElDEr law/Disability
NaEla Exhibit hall opEN                                                                                 retirees and certain survivors. Supplemental
                                                                                                        Security Income may be paid to low-income dis-
9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.                                Included in Registration Fee
                                                                                                        abled adults and children. Find out the criteria.
                                                   Session Passes Available
NaEla law stUDENt Day                              William J. Brisk, CELA
11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.                               After defining a successful practice, learn the           FRiday, novemBeR 6, 2009
                                                   skills needed to achieve success, describe ways
MEEt aND grEEt Exhibitors
                                                   to organize one’s practice, recommend specific       7:00 a.m.
1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m.                                ways to keep track of cases, examine the means
                                                                                                        NaEla’s craig gorDoN walk
                                                   to achieve sustainable client development, and
       wElcoME rEMarks aND kEyNotE                 consider simple changes that can produce major       8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
       sEssioN: ElDEr law — past,                  results. Extensive materials will feature manage-
       prEsENt, aND fUtUrE                                                                              NaEla rEgistratioN DEsk opEN
                                                   ment forms that can be used immediately to
Included in Registration Fee                       transform your practice.
Session Passes Available                                                                                8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
            Peter J. Strauss, a founding member    4:00 p.m.–4:15 p.m.                                  NaEla Exhibit hall opEN
            of NAELA and one of the first class    Visit with Exhibitors                                8:00 a.m.–9:15 a.m.
            of members elected as Fellows
            in 1989, will talk about NAELA’s       4:15 p.m.–5:30 p.m.                                          gENEral sEssioN 3:
            history and achievements and the                                                                    NUrsiNg hoME issUEs
                                                   brEakoUt sEssioNs
development of the Elder Law practice in the       Included in Registration Fee                         Continental Breakfast Included in Registration
United States. Peter will comment on his view      Session Passes Available                             Fee
of what issues will occupy the time of Elder Law                                                        Session Passes Available
attorneys over the next 10 years and beyond.              oVErViEw of MEDicaiD                          Eric M. Carlson, Director of the Long-Term Care
                                                          Ronald Fatoullah, CELA                        Project of the National Senior Citizens Law
                                                   How has the Deficit Reduction Act changed the        Center (NSCLC)
           track logo keys                         Medicaid eligibility landscape? Life after the DRA               The Federal Nursing Home Reform
                                                   continues, so knowing basic rules and plan-                      Law sets high standards, but those
         introduction to special                   ning techniques will assist you in navigating the                standards too often are disregarded
         needs and elder law                       Medicaid program.                                                by nursing homes in their day-to-day
         Program                                          gUarDiaNship oVErViEw                                     practices. Attend this session to
                                                          Catherine Anne Seal, JD, LLM, CELA                        receive a broad introduction to the
         Public Benefits and                                                                            Reform Law and learn how its provi-
         guardianship institute                    Learn the basics of handling a guardianship and/
                                                                                                        sions can be used to resolve common
                                                   or conservatorship case, from the initial intake/
                                                                                                        problems encountered by nursing
                                                   screening process, preparing and filing a peti-
         Public Benefits track                                                                          home residents.
                                                   tion, preparing for and attending the hearing to
                                                   appoint the guardian and/or conservator, through
                                                   the post-hearing process. Discussion on the
         guardianship track*
                                                   duties and powers of guardians and conserva-
 * Please note that all sessions in the Guard-     tors, use of limited guardianships and single
   ianship Track will be a 45-minute lecture,      transaction conservatorship, and the pros and
   followed by a 30-minute workshop on the         cons of continuing representation post-appoint-
   same topic.                                     ment. Use of emergency appointment proce-
                                                   dures will also be covered.
                                                                                                               Register online at 3
                                                    be appointed for them in one of two ways. While
 stUDENt JoUrNal writiNg                            they still have mental capacity, individuals can       tHURsday, novemBeR 5, 2009
 coMpEtitioN awarD                                  name an agent in a durable power of attorney.
 Each year NAELA sponsors a Student Journal         For those incapacitated persons who have not          Naela law student day
 Writing Competition for currently enrolled law     signed a durable power of attorney, the state,        a complimentary introduction to
 students. The top eight papers are published       acting through the courts, may appoint a guard-       special needs and elder law
 in the NAELA Student Journal and the authors       ian or conservator. Discover best practices when
 receive a complimentary one-year student           creating durable powers of attorney and examine       nominate your students by
 membership in NAELA. The first place winner        how state guardianship and conservatorship            september 25, 2009
 also receives $1,000 for travel and meeting-       statutes operate.                                     NAELA is offering an invitation to attend a
 related expenses to attend the Doubleheader,              MEDicaiD for MarriED pErsoNs                   special Law Student Day on Thursday, No-
 where he or she will receive the prize.                   Thomas D. Begley, Jr., CELA                    vember 5, 2009, at NAELA’s Introduction
 ElDEr lEaDErship awarD                                    Jo-Anne Herina Jeffreys, Esq., CELA            to Special Needs and Elder Law Program.
 NAELA’s Elder Leadership Award will be             One of the most important objectives of a             Law Student Day begins with a break-
                   presented during the Public      Medicaid recipient is ensuring that the Com-
                                                                                                          fast and brief welcome by both new and
                   Benefits and Guardian-           munity Spouse can maintain his or her standard
                                                                                                          experienced lawyers practicing in the field
                   ship Institute. Nominated        of living. Explore all of the strategies available
                   by NAELA members, the            to protect the Community Spouse including             of Elder and Special Needs Law, followed
 recipient has made significant contributions       spend down, conversion of countable assets to         by presentations from current NAELA
 to seniors on a national level in the form of      non-countable assets, and transfers of assets.        members on the following topics:
 sustained exemplary service, or as the result      Appeals for expansion of the minimum Monthly             E
                                                                                                          •    lder Law and Private Practice
 of an outstanding single achievement or            Maintenance Needs Allowance and Commu-                   E
                                                                                                          •    lder Law and Public Interest Practice
 public service.                                    nity Spouse Resource Allowance will also be              A
                                                                                                          •    cademics in Elder Law
                                                    discussed.                                               T
                                                                                                          •    he Transition From Student to Elder 
                                                    11:15 p.m.–12:30 p.m.                                    Law Attorney
9:15 a.m.–9:45 a.m.                                        gENEral sEssioN 4: Ethical issUEs              Students then have the opportunity to ask
Visit with Exhibitors                                      iN ElDEr law                                   questions during a special panel discus-
                                                                                                          sion on topics ranging from legal issues to
                                                    Included in Registration Fee
9:45 a.m.–11:00 a.m.                                                                                      the practical aspects of securing a job in
                                                    Session Passes Available
brEakoUt sEssioNs                                   Charles P Sabatino, JD, Director of the ABA
                                                             .                                            Elder and Special Needs Law.
Included in Registration Fee                        Commission on Law and Aging                           Following a brief lunch at their own
Session Passes Available
                                                    Difficult professional ethical issues arise           expense, students join lawyers at the
       top tEN tax topics                           frequently in providing legal services to elderly     Introduction to Special Needs and
       Robert Anderson, CELA                        clients, especially regarding capacity, identify-     Elder Law program for a comprehensive
       Hyman Darling, CELA                          ing the client in the context of a family network,    overview of the many facets of Elder and
This “taxing” presentation will provide 10 rela-    conflicts of interest, and confidentiality. Using a   Special Needs Law. All materials are
                                                    series of thought-provoking written vignettes, Mr.
tively basic issues including income, estate, and                                                         provided free of charge to students via
gift taxes that every practitioner should have a    Sabatino will examine key ethical issues in Elder
                                                                                                          flash drive.
working knowledge of in order to properly advise    Law. The NAELA Aspirational Ethical Standards
clients. Examples of each issue will also be        will also be introduced.                              Students are invited to attend the Open-
presented.                                                                                                ing Reception on Friday evening. The cost
                                                    12:35 p.m.–1:50 p.m.
                                                                                                          is $70 per person. Students can meet
       oVErViEw plaNNiNg for iNcapacity/                    gENEral sEssioN 5: plaNNiNg for               and network with Elder and Special Needs
       powEr of attorNEy                                    pErsoNs with DisabilitiEs                     Law attorneys and other law students.
Lawrence A. Frolik, Professor of Law at the         Lunch Included in Registration Fee
University of Pittsburgh School of Law              Session Passes Available                              Because the bottom line is often the de-
The law assumes that adult individuals have the     Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek, Esq.                       terminative factor for many law students,
mental capacity to make rational decisions. If                                                            there is no cost to the selected students
                                                    Don’t miss this complete overview of Special
they do not, a substituted decision maker must                                                            or nominating professor to attend the
                                                    Needs Planning, including SNTs, Public Benefits
                                                    Eligibility, and Special Needs Housing.               special Introduction to Special Needs and
           track logo keys                                                                                Elder Law sessions. space is limited to
                                                    2:00 p.m.–3:15 p.m.                                   only 30 law students. Reservations are
          introduction to special                   brEakoUt sEssioNs                                     taken on a first come, first serve basis. in
          needs and elder law                       Included in Registration Fee                          addition, a limited number of $350
          Program                                   Session Passes Available                              scholarships are available to students
                                                            ElDEr fiNaNcial ExploitatioN: froM            who show a strong interest in the field
          Public Benefits and
          guardianship institute                            astor to UNDUE iNflUENcE                      of Elder and Special Needs Law. These
                                                    Lori Stiegel, JD, Senior Attorney, American Bar       scholarships will reimburse students for
                                                    Association Commission on Law and Aging               any out-of-pocket expenses associated
          Public Benefits track                                                                           with attendance to Law Student Day
                                                    Learn more about:
                                                                                                          and/or registration for the full Institute
                                                    1. The types of financial exploitation, including
          guardianship track*                          power of attorney and guardianship abuse,
                                                                                                          program. For more information please
                                                       sweetheart scams, and undue influence;             contact Meredith Hansen, mhansen@
  * Please note that all sessions in the Guard-
                                                    2. The extent and cost of the problem;       or call 703-942-5711.
    ianship Track will be a 45-minute lecture,
    followed by a 30-minute workshop on the         3. Victim characteristics and dynamics;
    same topic.                                     4. Risk factors, indicators, and the need for
                                                       routine screening;

4 Register online at
   save       Select sessions will be videotaped and available on                                                     BRing yoUR staFF to tHe game!
   72%!       NAELA’s Online Education Library at a special discount for
                                                                                                                     naela has opened registration
              conference attendees only.                                                                             for the Introduction Program
 NAELA knows you’re not always able to get to every session you’d like to attend. Select sessions will               (only) to staff members (i.e.
 be videotaped and available for download from NAELA’s Online Education Library following the event.
                                                                                                                     paralegals, associates, legal
 As an additional benefit, conference attendees will be provided a coupon code for 72% off each
 seminar purchased.                                                                                                  assistants, etc).
 Sessions will be available on, click on Events>Online Education Library.                              This program will provide a complete
                                                                                                                     overview of Elder and Special Needs
                                                                                                                     Law. Your staff will also be able to attend
5. Ethical issues;                                      capacity, role of the court-appointed attorney in            the three-hour VA session on Saturday,
6. Civil and criminal remedies; and                     guardianship cases, undue influence, mitigating              November 7, 2009.
7. System change opportunities.                         and qualifying factors in affecting capacity, and
                                                        ways to enhance capacity in clients.                         Keep your staff up-to-date and register
       DraftiNg of sNts                                                                                              them now!
       Thomas D. Begley, Jr., CELA                              taxatioN of sNts
Gain knowledge of the types of Special Needs
Trusts, including Third Party, First Party, and         Sharon Kovacs Gruer, Esq., LLM, CELA                     5:30 p.m.–8:00 p.m.
Pooled Trusts. Also gather information on the           Jennifer L. Vanderveen, CELA
various public benefits programs that determine         A comprehensive overview on the taxation of
if a Special Needs Trust is utilized. Finally, draft-   supplemental needs trusts, including a review of
ing requirements, including the 2009 Revision to                                                                 2009 NaEla DoUblEhEaDEr: rEcEptioN
                                                        tax reporting requirements, non-grantor trusts,
the POMS, will be discussed.                                                                                     Included in Registration Fee
                                                        grantor trusts, qualified disability trusts, gift tax,
                                                                                                                 Reception Tickets Available
       oVErViEw of MEDicarE                             estate tax, income tax, and IRA benefits payable
       Alfred J. Chiplin, Jr., JD, MDiv, CPE,           to an SNT.                                               Both programs are joining bullpens to enjoy
       Senior Policy Attorney with the Center for                                                                networking and socializing. Be sure to introduce
                                                                roUNDtablE DiscUssioNs — opEN
       Medicare Advocacy, Inc.                                                                                   yourself to our First-Time Attendees and Law
                                                                                                                 Students. Complimentary hors d’oevres will be
This session will provide an introduction to the        Working on a difficult case or just want to              served.
basics of Medicare, including coverage for per-         network with other professionals? This is an
sons under age 65. The session will begin with          opportunity for informal discussions on issues of
a 10-question Medicare true/false quiz to focus         practice management and development, Elder
the discussion. Special topics will include rules       Law, and Special Needs Law. Experienced NAELA
for coverage of ambulance transport, obtain-            members will be available to facilitate discus-
ing durable medical equipment, understanding            sions based upon attendee interest.
concepts of “home bound” for purpose of the
Medicare home health benefit, and exploring
problems and concerns about the Medicare Part
B income-related premium applicable to higher
                                                                                                    special thaNks
income beneficiaries.

3:15 p.m.–3:45 p.m.                                      Special Thanks to the 2009             Special Thanks to the 2009        Patricia Elrod-Hill (Practice
                                                         NAELA Introduction to                  NAELA Public Benefits             Management/Practice
Visit with Exhibitors
                                                         Special Needs and Elder Law            and Guardianship Program          Development Section)
3:45 p.m.–5:00 p.m.                                      Program Committee:                     Committee:                        Norcross, Ga.
brEakoUt sEssioNs                                                                                                                 Pam Keller (Advocacy/
                                                         Nancy Gibson, Esq., Chair              Bridget O’Brien Swartz,           Litigation Section)
Included in Registration Fee
                                                         Missoula, Mont.                        CELA, Co-Chair (Public            Punta Gorda, Fla.
Session Passes Available
                                                         Vicki Gottlich (Benefits and                                             Sharon Rivenson Mark, CELA
       rEprEsENtiNg cliENts with                                                                Phoenix, Ariz.
                                                         Financing Section)
       DiMiNishED capacity: Ethical,
                                                         Washington, D.C.                       Kathleen (KT) Whitehead,          Jersey City, N.J.
       lEgal, aND practical issUEs
                                                                                                CELA     , Co-Chair
Edwin M. Boyer, Esq.                                     Jerry Hyman (Benefits and                                                Robert Martin (Tax Section)
Mary Alice Jackson, Esq.                                 Financing Section)                                                       Rapid City, S.D.
                                                                                                San Antonio, Texas
                                                         Hockessin, Del.
Through the presentation of actual case studies                                                                                   Collier Moore (Benefits and
                                                                                                A. Jude Avelino (Trusts and
and current research and case law, this panel will       Derryl Molina (Young/New                                                 Financing Section)
                                                                                                SNTs Section)
explore the practical, ethical, and legal issues         Attorneys Section)                                                       Springdale, Ark.
                                                                                                New York, N.Y.
involved in representing clients with diminished         San Jose, Calif.
capacity in the Elder Law context. Specific topics                                              Terry Berthelot (Health Care      Rene Reixach
                                                         Mary Wanderpolo, CELA                                                    Rochester, N.Y.
will include formal and informal assessment of                                                  Section)
                                                         Montclair, N.J.
client capacity, legal vs. clinical capacity, what is                                           Mansfield, Conn.                  Catherine Anne Seal, CELA
dementia, legal standards of capacity, attorney                                                                                   Colorado Springs, Colo.
                                                                                                Margot Birke
liability in representing clients with diminished
                                                                                                Newburyport, Mass.                Shirley Berger Whitenack,
capacity, public benefits representation of clients
with diminished capacity, working with non-elder                                                Donald Chapin, CELA               Esq.
law attorneys regarding their clients with dimin-                                               (Special Needs Law Section)       Morristown, N.J.
ished capacity, application of the Model Rules                                                  Hilliard, Ohio                    Marta Williger, CELA
of Professional Responsibility, Rule 1.14, 1.6,                                                                                   Munroe Falls, Ohio
and 1.3 in representing clients with diminished

                                                                                                                          Register online at 5
                                   schedule of events
  satURday, novemBeR 7, 2009                           8:00 a.m.–9:15 a.m.                                  12:15 p.m.–1:30 p.m.
                                                                 altErNatiVEs to gUarDiaNship:                                wElcoME rEMarks
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.                                              caN gUarDiaNship bE aVoiDED?                                 gENEral sEssioN 2:
NaEla rEgistratioN DEsk opEN                           Continental Breakfast Included in Registration                         cliftoN b. krUsE, Jr. Ethics
                                                       Fee                                                                    lEctUrE — lEgal Ethics
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.                                    Session Passes Available                                               MaybErry stylE
NaEla Exhibit hall opEN                                Paul R. Kietzman, General Counsel, NYSARC,           Included in Institute Registration Fee
                                                       Inc.                                                 Session Passes Available
8:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m.                                           .
                                                       Robert P Mascali, Associate General Counsel,
                                                                                                             Each year NAELA hosts this ethics lecture in
      gENEral sEssioN 1:                               NYSARC, Inc.
                                                                                                             honor of former member and founder Clifton
      Va sEssioN                                       Innovative practices will be offered that can be      B. Kruse, Jr. The delivery of this lecture
Continental Breakfast Included in Registration         used to avoid the need for a formal guardianship      focuses on Elder and Special Needs Law
Fee                                                    for an individual with developmental disabilities.    Ethics and Professionalism.
Session Passes Available                               The panel presentation will be followed by a
                                                                                                                        M. Keith Branyon focuses his practice
Michelle D. Beneski, Esq., VA Accredited Attorney      workshop-style directed discussion led by panel
                                                                                                                        on estate planning, probate, guard-
Sanford (Sandy) J. Mall, JD, CELA, VA Accredited       members and leaders from the Guardianship/
                                                                                                                        ianship, and tax law. He is an expe-
Attorney                                               Capacity Section.
                                                                                                                        rienced litigator in probate, trust and
This course is for the attorney who has registered     9:15 a.m.–9:45 a.m.                                              guardianship disputes, has recently
with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)                                                                published Texas Probate — Forms and Procedure
                                                       Visit with Exhibitors                                (James Publishing, 2008), and is a frequent CLE
and has received his or her accreditation letter
                                                                                                            speaker. He is a Fellow of the American College
from the Veteran’s Administration. The course is       9:45 a.m.–11:00 a.m.
designed to satisfy the three hours of continuing                                                           of Trust and Estate Council and is certified by the
                                                                MENtal hEalth aND gUarDiaNship              Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Tax Law
legal education required by the VA within one
                                                                Fay Blix, CELA                              and in Estate Planning and Probate Law.
year after receiving accreditation. The course
                                                       John J. Ford, Neighborhood Legal Services
will cover representation before the VA, claims                                                             The lecture will illustrate the Model Rules of
                                                       Sheila Shea, New York Appellate Division
procedures, basic eligibility for VA benefits, right                                                        Professional Conduct with clips from the “Andy
to appeal, disability compensation (38 U.S.C.          The intersection of Guardianship and Mental          Griffith Show.”
Chapter 11), dependency and indemnity com-             Health procedures can be a challenging situa-
pensation (38 U.S.C. Chapter 13), and pension          tion. How does a practitioner coordinate the two     1:30 p.m.–1:45 p.m.
(38 U.S.C. Chapter 15).                                procedures — care for the incapacitated person       Visit with Exhibitors
                                                       and assist the family? The panel presentation will
                                                       be followed by a workshop-style directed discus-     1:45 p.m.–3:00 p.m.
                                                       sion led by panel members and leaders from the
                                                                                                            brEakoUt sEssioNs
                                                       Guardianship/ Capacity Section.
                                                                                                            Included in Registration Fee
                                                       11:30 a.m.–12:15 p.m.                                Session Passes Available

                                                             Exhibitor NEtworkiNg lUNchEoN                          rEVErsE MortgagEs, MEDicaiD,
            track logo keys                                                                                         aND taxEs

                                                       Lunch Included in Institute Registration Fee         Bernard A. Krooks, CELA
          introduction to special                                                                           Vincent J. Russo, JD, LLM, CELA
                                                       Lunch Tickets Available
          needs and elder law
          Program                                      Come and enjoy networking with all of NAELA’s        Two of NAELA’s finest attorneys will investigate
                                                       Exhibitors and Sponsors. Learn how their prod-       the income tax consequences of reverse mort-
          Public Benefits and                          ucts and services can assist you in being more       gages, intended deductions, and treatment of
          guardianship institute                       successful.                                          reverse mortgages under Medicaid.

          Public Benefits track

          guardianship track*
 * Please note that all sessions in the Guard-
   ianship Track will be a 45-minute lecture,
   followed by a 30-minute workshop on the
   same topic.

6 Register online at
                                                          save      Select sessions will be videotaped and available on
        iNcoME oNly trUsts to qUalify for                 72%!
        pUblic bENEfits                                             NAELA’s Online Education Library at a special discount for
Evan H. Farr, CELA                                                  conference attendees only.
Jerry A. Hyman JD, LLM                                  NAELA knows you’re not always able to get to every session you’d like to attend. Select sessions will
Public Benefits are resources, just like assets,        be videotaped and available for download from NAELA’s Online Education Library following the event.
income and insurance are used to pay for long-          As an additional benefit, conference attendees will be provided a coupon code for 72% off each
term care and preserving one’s home. Learn how          seminar purchased.
irrevocable Income-Only Trusts can coordinate           Sessions will be available on, click on Events>Online Education Library.
and maximize public benefits, as part of a legal
and financial plan, to achieve such goals.
         MEDiatioN aND gUarDiaNship:                                                                         The National Guardianship Association has
         part 1                                                                                              recently conducted Quality Improvement Reviews
                                                              MEDicaiD hoME aND coMMUNity
Kim Dayton, Esq., Professor of Law at the                                                                    of the Vermont Office of Public Guardian and of
                                                              basED waiVErs UpDatE
William Mitchell College of Law                                                                              the guardianship procedures of the Delaware
Rob Eichelbaum, Adjunct Professor at St. Mary’s        Gene Coffey, National Senior Citizens Law Center      Chancery Courts. Members of the review teams
University School of Law                               Morris Klein, CELA                                    and of the offices reviewed will discuss why they
Lawrence M. Grosberg, Professor of Law at New                                                                requested the reviews, how the reviews were con-
                                                       Waiver programs are becoming more popular             ducted, and what are their anticipated benefits.
York Law School                                        and attorneys need to know how such programs
Robert J. Rhudy, JD, President and Executive           work. Attend this session to stay ahead of the                bENEfits & fiNaNciNg sEctioN:
Director of Senior Mediation and Decision-             trend.                                                        MEDicarE part c aDVaNtagE
Making, Inc.                                                                                                         prograM
                                                                MEDiatioN aND gUarDiaNship:                  Vicki Gottlich, JD, LLM, Senior Policy Attorney,
Guardianship mediation could be the next big                    part 2
thing in dispute resolution. What’s all the fuss                                                             Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.
                                                       Kim Dayton, Esq., Professor of Law at the             Dina Wizmur, JD
about? This panel will address such matters            William Mitchell College of Law
as what is guardianship mediation, when it is          Rob Eichelbaum, Adjunct Professor at St. Mary’s       Medicare C (Advantage) Plans are becoming
appropriate, regulation (or lack thereof) of guard-    University School of Law                              more common. Clients are confused, providers
ianship mediators, and what special ethical con-       Lawrence M. Grosberg, Professor of Law at New         are confused. Find out how to know when your
cerns can arise in guardianship mediation cases.       York Law School                                       client is covered by an Advantage Plan, how to
Guardianship mediation programs in a number            Robert J. Rhudy, JD, President and Executive          get a copy of the Plan document, what to look
of jurisdictions including Alaska, New York, and       Director of Senior Mediation and Decision-            for, and how to advocate to make sure your cli-
North Carolina will also be described. The panel       Making, Inc.                                          ent gets all the benefits he or she is entitled to
presentation will be followed by a workshop-style                                                            receive.
directed discussion led by panel members and           Continuation of Mediation and Guardianship:
leaders from the Guardianship/Capacity Section.        Part 1. The panel presentation will be followed by                     pUblic bENEfits plaNNiNg
                                                       a workshop-style directed discussion led by panel                      post gUarDiaNship
3:00 p.m.–3:30 p.m.                                    members and leaders from the Guardianship/            Donna R. Bashaw, CELA
Visit with Exhibitors                                  Capacity Section.                                     Donald D. Vanarelli, CELA
                                                       5:00 p.m.                                             Marta J. Williger, JD, CELA
3:30 p.m.–4:45 p.m.
                                                       EVENiNg oN owN                                        Explore ways and means for guardians to plan for
brEakoUt sEssioNs                                                                                            public benefits on behalf of their wards. Topics
Included in Registration Fee                                                                                 will include court sanctioned transfers of assets,
Session Passes Available                                                                                     challenges of dealing with public agencies and
                                                           sUnday, novemBeR 8, 2009
        MEDicarE Myths                                                                                       procedures for seeking out appropriate public
                                                       8:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.                                   benefits. The panel presentation will be followed
                                                                                                             by a workshop-style directed discussion led by
Alfred J. Chiplin, Jr., JD, MDiv, CPE, Senior Policy   NaEla rEgistratioN DEsk opEN                          panel members and leaders from the Guardian-
Attorney, Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.
                                                                                                             ship/Capacity Section.
Vicki Gottlich, JD, LLM, Senior Policy Attorney,       8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.                     NaEla Exhibit hall opEN                               9:15 a.m.–9:30 a.m.
Judith Stein, JD, Executive Director, Center for
                                                                                                             Visit with Exhibitors
Medicare Advocacy, Inc.                                8:00 a.m.–9:15 a.m.
Too frequently, misunderstandings and misinfor-        brEakoUt sEssioNs                                     9:30 a.m.–10:45 a.m.
mation bar Medicare coverage and necessary             Continental Breakfast Included in Registration        brEakoUt sEssioNs
health care. This session will discuss the myths       Fee                                                   Included in Registration Fee
and realities of Medicare coverage. We will            Session Passes Available                              Session Passes Available
debunk various inappropriate barriers to coverage
                                                                 thE whys aND whErEforEs of                          MiDgts vs. spas
and care, including the all-encompassing “Im-
                                                                 qUality iMproVEMENt rEViEws of
provement Standard,” which constantly blocks
                                                                 coUrts aND pUblic gUarDiaNship
access for people with long-term conditions, the                                                                      .
                                                                                                             Timothy P Crawford, CELA
notion that Medicare home care is only for short
                                                       Vicki Alkire, NMG, CPHQ, LHCRM, CMC, Viable           Learn the best way to protect your home from
periods, the perceived limitations of Medicare
                                                       Alternatives, President of National Guardianship      the high cost of nursing home care. How to do it
hospice coverage, and the limited, but nonethe-
                                                       Association                                           without a tax bill for your children if the property
less, often under utilized Medicare nursing home
                                                       Gail Falk, Director, Vermont Office of Public         is sold? How to keep control of your house yet
benefit. Real client examples and practical tips
                                                       Guardian                                              have it protected? Trust (MIDGT) or life estate
will be included in the discussion.
                                                       Sally Hurme, JD, Senior Project Manager, AARP  ,      (SPA), which to use? If you use a life estate,
                                                       National Guardianship Board of Directors              couple it with a retained special power of ap-
                                                       Patricia Randolph, Chief Register Delaware            pointment to keep even greater control.
                                                       Chancery Courts
                                                                                                                    Register online at 7
                                                      allow — and in some cases require — medical
    attention exHiBitoRs and sPonsoRs!
                                                      testimony in determining capacity, including the                coNtEstED gUarDiaNships: sworD
 Exhibiting at the 2009 NAELA Doubleheader            alleged incapacitated person’s treating physician,              aND shiElD
 provides you with two programs for the price         to be used in guardianship proceedings, an ap-         Cynthia L. Barrett, CELA
 the one. You will have direct contact with over      proach known as the “medical model.” This pro-         Shirley Berger Whitenack, Esq.
 300 attorneys and other professionals who            gram will discuss the appropriateness of the two
                                                      approaches and whether they are consistent with        While many family members initiate guardian-
 recommend or make the final purchasing
                                                      the best interests of the alleged incapacitated        ships to protect an alleged mentally incapaci-
 decision about the products and services you
                                                      person. The panel presentation will be followed        tated person, some are motivated by a desire
 provide. For more information on how you
                                                      by a workshop-style directed discussion led by         to control a relative and his or her assets. This
 can exhibit or sponsor, contact Casey Ander-
                                                      panel members and leaders from the Guardian-           session will focus on litigation techniques and
 son at NAELA, 703-942-5711, or by
                                                      ship/ Capacity Section.                                ways to improve the life of the incapacitated
 e-mail at A copy of
                                                                                                             person, preempt fights and chaos, and improve
 the exhibitor prospectus is available online:        10:45 a.m.–11:00 a.m.                                  post-mortem positions through contested guard-
 go to and click the Events
                                                                                                             ianships. The panel presentation will be followed
 tab at the top of the page.                          Visit with Exhibitors
                                                                                                             by a workshop-style directed discussion led by
                                                      11:00 a.m.–12:15 p.m.                                  panel members and leaders from the Guardian-
                                                                                                             ship/Capacity Section.
                                                      brEakoUt sEssioNs
        fair hEariNgs aND appEals:                    Included in Registration Fee                           12:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.
        MakiNg thE rEcorD for statE                   Session Passes Available
                                                                                                             Exhibitor tEar DowN
        coUrt rEViEw or briNgiNg a                            fEDEral litigatioN oN MEDicaiD
        fEDEral coUrt casE iNstEaD                            issUEs                                         12:30 p.m.–1:45 p.m.
Sharon Rivenson Mark                                                                                                           gENEral sEssioN #3:
Rene Reixach, Esq.                                    William J. Browning, CELA
                                                      Aytan Bellin, Esq.                                                       hEalth carE rEforM 2009:
Shirley Berger Whitenack, Esq.                                                                                                 how it will chaNgE
                                                      John W. Callinan, CELA
Gain knowledge of tools you will need to repre-       Kemp Scales, Esq., CELA                                                  MEDicarE, MEDicaiD, aND
sent clients in fair hearings and to create records                                                                            loNg-tErM carE
for appeals in state courts. Participants will also   Don’t miss this update on the status of the lead-      Included in Registration Fee
learn when to file an action in federal court         ing litigation cases pending concerning “rule of       Session Passes Available
instead of going through the state administrative     halves gifts” and spousal planning involving DRA       Moderator: Brian W. Lindberg, MMHS, NAELA
procedures.                                           Promissory Notes, DRA Annuities, and Partial           Public Policy Consultant
                                                      Cures. The “never-ending penalty,” where the           Gene Coffey, National Senior Citizens Law Center
         staNDarD of proof: MEDical                   state refuses to start a penalty period but impos-     Vicki Gottlich, JD, LLM, Senior Policy Attorney,
         MoDEl or fUNctioNal MoDEl                    es a penalty when an individual transfers assets       Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc.
Carolyn Byrne, Esq.                                   and applies for HCBS, will also be discussed.                   .
                                                                                                             Charles P Sabatino, JD, Director of the ABA
Catherine Anne Seal, CELA
                                                                                                             Commission on Law and Aging
Peter J. Strauss, JD
Edward E. Zetlin, Esq.                                                                                       This panel of “inside the beltway” law and ag-
                                                                                                             ing advocates will provide an up-to-the-minute
States that have modernized their guardianship
                                                                                                             review of health care reform proposals and how
statutes have adopted a “least restrictive alterna-
                                                                                                             they will change critical programs serving special
tive” approach, authorizing the guardian to
                                                                                                             needs and older clients.
exercise only those powers that are necessary to
perform functions the incapacitated person is un-
able to handle, and providing greater protection
of the alleged incapacitated person’s civil rights.                         2009–2010 naela BoaRd oF diRectoRs
Among those rights is the patient’s privilege to
have his or her medical records not be disclosed       PRESIDENT                          Timothy P. Crawford, CELA          Dennis M. Sandoval, CELA
and used as proof of incapacity. States that rec-      Stephen J. Silverberg, CELA                                           Riverside, Calif.
ognize the patient-physician privilege have been                                          Racine, Wis.
                                                                                                                             Wendy H. Sheinberg, CELA
described as having a standard of proof known          East Meadow, N.Y.
                                                                                          Hyman G. Darling, CELA             Brooklyn, N.Y.
as the “medical model,” allowing for the appoint-      PRESIDENT-ELECT                    Springfield, Mass.
                                                                                                                             Kristi Vetri, Esq.
ment of a guardian by establishing the functional      Ruth A. Phelps, CELA
                                                                                          A. Kimberley Dayton, Esq.          Rapid City, S.D.
deficiencies of the alleged incapacitated person       Pasadena, Calif.
through non-medical testimony. Other states                                                                                  Kathleen T. Whitehead, CELA
                                                       VICE PRESIDENT                     Minneapolis, Minn.
                                                       Edwin M. Boyer, Esq.
                                                                                          Robert B. Fleming, CELA            San Antonio, Texas
                                                       Sarasota, Fla.
                                                                                          Tucson, Ariz.
                                                                                                                             Shirley Berger Whitenack,
                                                                                          Bradley J. Frigon, CELA            Esq.
                                                       Gregory S. French, CELA
                                                                                          Englewood, Colo.                   Morristown, N.J.
                                                       Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                                                          Nancy P. Gibson, Esq.              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                                                          Missoula, Mont.
                                                       Howard S. Krooks, CELA                                                Peter G. Wacht, CAE
                                                       Boca Raton, Fla.                   Sharon Kovacs Gruer, CELA          Washington, D.C.
                                                       PAST PRESIDENT                                                        PUBLIC POLICY CONSULTANT
                                                                                          Great Neck, N.Y.
                                                       Craig C. Reaves, CELA
                                                                                                                             Brian W. Lindberg, MMHS
                                                       Kansas City, Mo.                   Franchelle C. Millender,
                                                                                                                             Washington, D.C.
                                                                                          Columbia, S.C.                     LEGAL COUNSEL
                                                       Richard A. Courtney, CELA
                                                                                          Rajiv Nagaich, Esq.                Hugh K. Webster, Esq.
                                                       Jackson, Miss.                     Federal Way, Wash.                 Washington, D.C.

8 Register online at
                     Registration information
save $100! early Bird Registration Until october 2, 2009!

Parking                                                  Newark is the 10th busiest airport in the United           departure monitor in any of the airport termi-
                                                         States and the nation’s fifth busiest international        nals (A, B, or C) to determine which train to
The Hyatt Regency has Valet Parking only and             air gateway; JFK ranks first. Newark Liberty is the        take to your destination or to make appropri-
costs $32 overnight (in and out privileges) until        second-largest hub, after George Bush Inter-               ate connections.
5:00 p.m. the following day. They offer daily valet      continental Airport in Houston, for Continental            Y
                                                                                                                 •    ou can purchase a ticket from one of the 
parking for $25 per day (until 11:00 p.m.).              Airlines, which is the airport’s largest tenant            ticket vending machines (TVMs) at the Newark
Driving Directions to Hyatt Regency Jer-                 (operating all of Terminal C and part of Terminal          International Airport Station. TVMs accept
sey City from Newark Liberty International               A). Primarily due to this large hub operation,             credit cards, debit cards, or U.S. currency only.
Airport: Start out going North. Merge onto I-78          Continental Airlines is by far the leading carrier in      I
                                                                                                                 •   f you are traveling to the airport and plan to 
E toward I-95/New Jersey Turnpike/US-1 and               the New York market.                                       return via AirTrain and NJ TRANSIT, we recom-
9N (Portions toll). Take the exit toward Jersey                                                                     mend that you purchase two one-way tickets
City/Columbus Drive. Stay straight and go onto           transportation                                             prior to departing from your boarding station.
Center St. Turn Right onto Christopher Colum-            Transportation is readily available in Jersey City         F
                                                                                                                 •    ares: When you buy a NJ TRANSIT to or from 
bus Drive. Turn Right onto Hudson St. End at 2           with a 24-hour PATH Train service, the NJ Transit,         Newark Liberty International Airport Station,
Exchange Place.                                          the NY/NJ Waterway, the Hudson-Bergen Light                that one ticket includes the AirTrain Newark
                                                         Rail system, and major highways such as the NJ             portion: $5.50. Children under age 5 ride for
airport information                                      Turnpike.                                                  free. You must use the ticket twice — regard-
Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is an                                                                    less of which direction you’re traveling. You’ll
                                                         AirTrain – NJ Transit
international airport about 15 miles southwest of                                                                   need to show the ticket to the conductor on
                                                         An easy and convenient way for you to travel to
Midtown Manhattan (New York City). The airport                                                                      the NJ TRANSIT and you’ll need the ticket to
                                                         and from Newark Liberty International Airport.
is operated by the Port Authority of New York                                                                       pass through the fare line at Newark Liberty
                                                         •    hen you fly into the airport, after claiming 
and New Jersey, which also manages the two                                                                          International Airport Station. Be sure to take
                                                            your baggage, you can board AirTrain to con-
other major airports in the New York/New Jersey                                                                     the ticket with you.
                                                            nect with NJ TRANSIT to take you to Newark-
metropolitan area, John F. Kennedy Interna-                                                                         P
                                                                                                                 •    lease note that the NJ Transit does not run 
                                                            Penn Station (here you will want to connect
tional Airport (JFK) and LaGuardia Airport (LGA).                                                                   from the airport station between the hours of
                                                            to the PATH Train). Check a NJ TRANSIT train            2:00 a.m.–4:30 a.m. If your flight arrives after
                                                                                                                    the Newark Liberty International Airport Station
 Jersey city, new Jersey                                                                                            has closed for the evening, you will need to
 Some cities are known for their landmark attractions, for their action-packed nightlife, or simply                 take alternate ground transportation to your
 for the unmatched quality of their community. Today, all of these elements and more have come                      final destination.
 to define Jersey City. From the Greenville neighborhood to the bustling Downtown area, the City is              PATH Train
 engulfed in a blanket of diversity and growth. Moreover, a fast-expanding skyline, a collection of              The PATH Train will take you from Newark-Penn
 schools, and an integrated transportation system help to make Jersey City a top contender among                 Station to the front door of the Hyatt Regency
 the cities that line the Hudson River. Boasting one of the most diverse populations in the United               Jersey City at Exchange Place.
 States, Jersey City is host to an array of ethnicities and cultures. Living up to its legacy as a Tapestry         W
                                                                                                                 •    hen you arrive at Newark-Penn Station, you 
 of Nations, the City is composed of substantial communities of Jewish, Italian, Cuban, Filipino, Pol-              can purchase a ticket for the PATH Train.
 ish, Indian, Irish, Puerto Rican, Dominican, African, Arab, and Asian decent. With the historic Ellis              O
                                                                                                                 •    nce aboard the PATH train, take it to the 4th 
 Island within its borders, it is not surprising that Jersey City has become renowned for her diversity.            stop (Exchange Place).
 Jersey City’s ideal location and close proximity to New York City has also contributed to the develop-             F
                                                                                                                 •    ares run $1.75 per one-way ride. Multiple 
 ment of its own impressive skyline. Nothing beats knowing Jersey City than experiencing it yourself.               rides are also available.
 For more information visit                                                        T
                                                                                                                 •    ravel time to the Hyatt is approximately 20 
                                                                                                                    minutes, with service 24 hours a day, seven
 Hotel information                                                                                                  days a week.
 Hyatt Regency Jersey City
                                                                                                                 •  For those of you who wish to visit Midtown 
 Two Exchange Place
                                                                                                                    Manhattan or Hoboken, the PATH Train at
 Jersey City, New Jersey 07302
                                                                                                                    Exchange Place will take you to both of these
                                                      Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson provides
                                                                                                                    destinations. From here you can take the
                                                      elegant accommodations and easy access to New
                                                                                                                    subway system anywhere you wish.
                                                      York City. This Jersey City hotel is a quick ferry or
                                                      PATH train ride to Lower Manhattan’s financial             The New York City Subway
                                                      district and mid-town shops, theatres, and muse-           mta
                                                      ums. The hotel offers stunning skyline views and           The New York City Subway is a wonderful system
                                                      a full-service business center. Savor contemporary         which spreads across Manhattan, Brooklyn,
                                                      American cuisine at the in-house restaurant as you         Queens, and The Bronx. The MTA also operates
                                                      gaze out at the Hudson River and Statue of Liberty.        the Staten Island Railways.
 To book your reservation, contact the Hyatt Regency Jersey City at 800-233-1234 and reference                   Hudson-Bergen Light Rail
 NAELA to receive our special conference rate starting at $179.00 per night plus tax. Reservations               With fares at $1.90 per ride, this rail system
 are on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be guaranteed after Friday, October 9, 2009. Be               travels through Jersey City, Weehawken, Hobo-
 sure to make your reservations early!                                                                           ken, Union City, and North Bergen.

                                                                                                                        Register online at 9
Shuttles                  session Passes
Several shuttle services transport from the airport                                                                    save tHe dates!
to nearby hotels. It is recommended that you          $50 per session
                                                      Separate Registration Required
book your shuttle service in advance. Depending                                                                 For more information visit
on traffic, the travel time could be lengthy.         NAELA is extending ticket sales for individual ses-  
Taxis: Taxi service is available from the Newark      sions of your choice. These tickets can be used
Liberty International Airport. Locate the Taxi area   by attendees, guest, and day-pass participants        2010 naela UnProgram
                                                      that may not want to attend the entire confer-        January 21-23, 2010
from the baggage claim. Please note that most
                                                      ence, but just select sessions. This price does       NELF UnProgram — January 20-21, 2010
taxis will charge an airport service fee. Depend-
                                                      not include meals that may be provided. Meal          Embassy Suites — Outdoor World
ing upon traffic, the travel time could be lengthy.
                                                      tickets can be purchased at an additional cost.       Grapevine, Texas
Rental cars                                                                                                 Reservations: 1-972-724-2600 ext 3030
                                                      optional event
                        When you rent from NAELA                                                            2010 naela special needs
                        Member Partner Hertz,         NAELA is not hosting an Optional Event during         conference
                        you can take advantage of     these programs due to the proximity of Midtown        February 2010
a 10-15% discount off Hertz rates. In addition,       Manhattan and many nearby activities. NAELA           Location: TBD
special car rental rates are available during the     wants participants and guests to experience the
NAELA Doubleheader. Daily, weekly, and week-          sights, sounds, arts and entertainment of the         2010 naela annual meeting
end rates are available in Newark, New Jersey,        local area. Such activities include Times Square,     May 11-17, 2010
starting one week before through one week after       5th Avenue Shopping, Empire State Building,           Orlando, Fla.
NAELA’s Doubleheader. Advance reservations            Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, World Trade
                                                      Center, Circle Line Cruises, museums, shows,          2010 naela institute
are suggested and can be easily made by calling                                                             Oct/Nov 2010
Hertz toll-free at 1-800-654-2200 or online at        zoos, restaurants, and bars.
                                                                                                            Location: TBD Be sure to mention that you will       conference materials
be attending the NAELA Doubleheader in Jersey
City, New Jersey, and refer to NAELA’s CDP#           NAELA will not distribute complimentary printed       2009-2010 naela elder law
1673984 and the PC#121472. With Hertz you             program materials to attendees. NAELA is com-         telephonic training
not only get a low rate, you also get the great       mitted to minimizing our impact on our environ-
                                                      ment as well as keeping the costs as low as           Visit to register now!
services that make Hertz #1, including comput-
                                                      possible for attendees.                               Click on Events>Online Education Library.
erized driving directions, emergency road service,
express return, the Hertz #1 Club and an oppor-       All registered attendees will receive a compli-       client confidentiality issues
tunity to join Hertz #1 Club Gold Service.            mentary USB Drive containing all outlines and         September 16, 2009
                                                      materials for the program(s) that they have                                .
                                                                                                            Presented by: Nancy P Gibson
weather/convention attire
                                                      registered for in the registration packet.
In November, you can expect weather with aver-                                                              Health care Reform: it’s
                                                      Registrants (at own expense) can print selected       impact on older adults and the
age highs of 51° F and average lows around
                                                      pages from the USB Drive on-site at the Busi-         Practice of elder law
45° F. Reminder: Personal comfort varies widely
                                                      ness Center.                                          September 30, 2009
so be sure to bring a sweater or jacket along with
you during sessions.                                  Printed program materials can be ordered and          Presented by: Gene Coffey, Esq., Staff Attor-
                                                      provided to you on-site for an additional cost of     ney, National Senior Citizens Law Center
Naela member Registration,                            $150 per set per program or $250 for the entire       Vicki Gottlich, JD, LLM, Senior Policy Attorney,
additional meal, and guest ticket                     Doubleheader.                                         Center for Medicare Advocacy
information                                                                                                 Charles Sabatino, JD, Director, American Bar
                                                      Please remember to bring your laptop battery          Association Commission on Law and Aging
Registration for the 2009 NAELA Doubleheader          charger to avoid losing power during the confer-
is open to both NAELA members and non-                ence. A “laptop re-fueling station” will be set-up    How to Best Protect your Home
members. Register on or before october                in the exhibitor area, along with designated          from nursing Home costs
2, 2009, to take advantage of the early-              tables in the General Session rooms for partici-      October 8, 2009
bird registration discount of $100 off the            pants to plug-in their laptops.                                              .
                                                                                                            Presented by: Timothy P Crawford, CELA
regular price. On-site registrations (including
any received after October 2, 2009) will pay the      continuing legal education (cle)                      How to use gcms in an elder
regular registration price. Full registration fees    credit information                                    law Practice
include entrance to all educational sessions, the                                                           SNTs and Guardianships
                                                      NAELA will apply for CLE (including ethics) credits   October 21, 2009
opening reception, meals, and a USB Drive of          in all applicable states. The appropriate forms
conference materials. Printed materials are also                                                            Presented by: Richard A. Courtney, CELA and
                                                      and information will be available at the confer-      Kathleen Whitehead, CELA
available for purchase. Additional meal/guest         ence.
tickets are required for your guests and may be                                                             va Benefits
purchased with your registration.                                                                           November 17, 2009
Refund Policy                                                                                               Presented by: Rick Law

No refunds will be issued after October 2, 2009.             3 easy ways to Register                        Planning to Reduce estate/
Cancellations after October 2, 2009, will receive                                                           guardianship litigation
a USB Drive of the materials. Cancellations be-        1. By Mail to:                                       December 2, 2009
fore that date will receive a refund minus a $100         2009 NAELA Doubleheader                           Presented by: Wendy H. Sheinberg, CELA
administrative fee. Substitutions are welcome.            1577 Spring Hill Road Ste 220
Changes or cancellations must be made in writ-            Vienna, VA 22182                                  the Uniform Power of attorney
ing to the NAELA office.                                                                                    act: coming to a state near
                                                       2. By Fax to:
                                                                                                            January 13, 2010
                                                       3. On-Line at:                                       Presented by: Andrew Hook, CELA

10 Register online at
                           NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ELDER LAW ATTORNEYS                                                    NAELA OFFICE USE ONLY
                                      NAELA 2009 NAELA Doubleheader                                                   Amt $ __________________________________
                                                                                                                      Type ___________________________________
                                                 November 5–8, 2009
                                                                                                                      Date ___________________________________
                              Hyatt Regency Jersey City • Jersey City, N.J.                                           Order # _________________________________
                                        registratioN Form
              save $100! early Bird Registration available until october 2, 2009!
Name _____________________________________________________________ Nickname (for Badge) _____________________________________________
Business Name ________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________
City ______________________________________________________ State __________________________________ Zip _____________________________
Telephone __________________________________________________ Fax ___________________________________________________________________
E-mail:______________________________________________________                           Is this your first time attending a NAELA program?                   o     Yes
Preferred method for receiving an acknowledgment of registration: o                          E-mail     o     Fax

naela doubleheader Registration Fees                                                            important information
                           ve On/Before              After                                               VA Session
                        sa 0!
                         $ 10  10/2/09              10/2/09                                     o        Please check the box if you intend to participate in the VA Session.
                                                                                                         It is included in the registration fee. Your check mark will allow us to
NAELA DOUBLEHEADER (BOTH PROGRAMS)                                                                       plan logistics in advance.

o NAELA Member ................ $595 ..............$695 ............. $ _________                        Guardianship Track

o LSC/Title III Attorney .......... $395 ..............$495 ............. $ _________
                                                                                                o        Please check the box if you intend to participate in the Guardianship
                                                                                                         Track during the Institute. It is included in the registration fee. Your
o Nonmembers* ................. $795 ..............$895 ............. $ _________                        check mark will allow us to plan logistics in advance.
   *(Nonmember Attorneys can receive a $100 credit if they become                                        Public Benefits Track
   NAELA Members with 90 days of the program.)                                                  o        Please check the box if you intend to participate in the Public Benefits
                                                                                                         Track during the Institute. It is included in the registration fee. Your
NAELA INTRODUCTION PROGRAM (ONLY)                                                                        check mark will allow us to plan logistics in advance.
o NAELA Member ................ $300 ..............$400 ............. $ _________
                                                                                              meal tickets for guests
o NAELA Member Staff ......... $300 ..............$400 ............. $ _________              All meals are included in each program registration fee (Law Students ex-
o LSC/Title III Attorney .......... $200 ..............$300 ............. $ _________         cluded). Meal tickets can be purchased for guests and session pass participants.
o Nonmembers* ................. $400 ..............$500 ............. $ _________             Guest Name (for badge): _________________________________________
o Non-NAELA Member Staff . $400 ..............$500 ............. $ _________
                                                                                              ______ # of tickets at $45 each.........................................$ _______
NAELA PUBLIC BENEFITS AND GUARDIANSHIP INSTITUTE (ONLY)                                       Lunch
o NAELA Member ................ $395 ..............$495 ............. $ _________             ______     # of tickets at $55 each ........................................$ _______
o LSC/Title III Attorney .......... $295 ..............$395 ............. $ _________         Opening Reception

o Nonmembers* ................. $495 ..............$595 ............. $ _________             ______     # of tickets at $70 each.........................................$ _______

TOTAL REGISTRATION FEE ................................................. $_________           Total Meal Tickets ............................................................ $ _______

o Law Student Day (Thursday, 11/5/09) Complimentary                    $ _________            total amount enclosed:                                                 $ ______
o Intro. to Special Needs ...... $125 ..............$225 ............. $ _________            Payment information
  and Elder Law                                                                               Please complete the registration form and return with a check payable to NAELA
o Public Benefits and ........... $225 ..............$325 ............. $ _________           or charge below to: o VISA o MC o AMEX
  Guardianship Institute                                                                      ____________________________________________ Exp. Date _________
TOTAL REGISTRATION FEE ................................................. $_________
                                                                                              Signature ______________________________________________________
naela law student day donations                                                               Card Holder’s Name _____________________________________________
NAELA is accepting donations to offset the cost for Law Student Day. Please
indicate amount of donation in space provided.               $__________                      special need/disability
                                                                                              i have a special need/disability that may require specific accommodations in
Printed Program materials                                                                     order for me to fully participate. Please note NAELA will try to accommodate
Conference materials will be complimentary in USB format. If you wish to receive              your “other” special dietary needs, but cannot guarantee.
the printed manual on-site, indicate the quantity below.                                      Special Need ___________________________________________________
o NAELA Doubleheader Materials ($250)                     $ _________                         _______________________________________________________________
o NAELA Introduction Program Materials ($150)             $ _________                         Dietary Need: o Vegetarian o Kosher
o NAELA Public Benefits and Guardianship Materials ($150) $ _________                         o Other: (please specify): ________________________________________
session Pass
Session passes can be purchased for individual sessions should you not be able                in case of an on-site emergency, please contact (please print
to attend the entire conference or for guests and spouses.                                    clearly):
_______ # of tickets at $50 each per session .....................$ ________                  Name: _________________________________________________________

Refund Policy                                                                                 Phone:_________________________________________________________
No refunds will be issued after October 2, 2009; however, cancellations will                  Relationship to you: ______________________________________________
receive a USB drive of the materials. Cancellations before October 2 will receive
a refund minus a $100 administrative fee. Substitutions are welcome. Changes
or cancellations must be made in writing to the NAELA office.

Description: Newer Form New York Durable Power of Attorney document sample