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									     Helping you prepare for
          the FUTURE

                  One STEP at a time

What will your shoes look like after you complete high school?
You can do anything that you want

 You just need to decide and get started on the path

   Some of you have already started, but we need to make sure
             that you have not forgotten any steps

       Let’s play a game and see how well you do

      Your shoes can tell your life story…what does your
                        story look like
                                It doesn’t matter what shoe you choose to
Personal File –                 wear. Everyone needs a resume.

  Include the following items…

   Lists of awards and honors
   School and community clubs, and organizations
   Service and Volunteer work
   Always include dates and keep it current

                                                 If you are interested
                                                 in perusing a career
                                                    in water rescue,
                                                    your shoe might
                                                      look like this.
 Senior Leadership Conference
    An entire day full of tips and tricks to prepare a student
     for entry into the workforce. Members of the Alliance
     Human Resources Group will provide resume writing
      advice, interviewing skills, career development, and
                 money management expertise.

          Friday, February 12th, 2010 10 am – 3 pm

             Northwest ISD Administration Building

                 We are accepting 45 students

                        Sign Up Today

Write your name on the flyer                     Interested in a Nursing career? Your
 and turn it in as you leave                     shoes might look like this. Have you
                                                     taken any of our HST classes?
                         What will you need to do to get you in the shoes that
  Research -             you want to wear?

     Wanting to start a career – You need to know what type of training or
     experience is required, what companies have openings, and how do you

     Career Training – Where can you obtain the training that you are seeking,
     how much does it cost, how long is the program, do you qualify?

     College – Where do you want to go, what do you want to study, how
     much does it cost, where are you going to live?

                                                                         animoto - Go
These are just a few of the
questions you should be asking
                                                          If you are interested in a
yourself?                                              construction career, your shoe
                                                      might look like this. What type of
                                                       research should you be doing?
Develop a list of -                            Colleges, Careers, Tech Schools,

                                                                           College fair
                                                                           animoto - College
Develop a list of what you are interested in.                              and Career Fair

Interested in College or Tech Schools – Develop a list of schools
that interest you and that you can start looking at more closely.

Interested in a specific Career – Develop a list of jobs within that career
category that you are interested in and what type of training or
education is required.
                                                                      If you are interested in
                                                                        being a professional
 Interested in going straight to work – Make a list                      ballet dancer, your
                                                                       shoes might look like
 of jobs that interest you and that do not require a                             this.
 college degree. Try to focus on jobs that meet
 your salary and benefit needs. Also look at jobs
 that have area for advancement.
 Register for the SAT or ACT
Every student should take the SAT or ACT no matter what your plans are.

You might think that you are not interested in college today, but
might change your mind in a year. Take the test now while the
you can still remember those vocabulary words that you are
learning in English class and how to work the math problems that
you learned in Algebra II. Once you get out of high school, you
tend to forget.

 Want to improve your scores? - Take a tutorial class, buy a study
 guide, visit the SAT and ACT websites.

               Interested in being a                    Interested in being a
            business man? Your shoes                  business woman? Your
           might look like this. What do             shoes might look like this.
             you need to do to pursue                How can you find colleges
           your MBA? What is an MBA?                  that have good business
Apply Early
Going to College – Once you have chosen your first choice - apply
early. You can only apply to one college using early admissions and
you are committing to that college so make sure you are happy with
your choice.

Going to a Tech School – They have a limited number of seats.
Usually their programs are very hands on and only accept a small
number of students. If you want one of the spots, you should not

Looking for a job – Most jobs have deadlines for applications.
Don’t wait until that last minute to submit your application. It
doesn’t look good if you are running in a few seconds before the
                                                   Interested in working with
                                                       livestock? Farmer,
                                                     Rancher, Ag Teacher,
                                                    Rodeo Participant, Game
                                                   Warden. Your Shoes might
                                                   be boots that look like this.
                                  If you are pursuing post high school education
Scholarships                      of any kind, you should look for scholarships.
                                  It is FREE MONEY!!!

Sources for Scholarships:
The School that you plan to attend. Check their financial aid and scholarship link or
call their financial aid office. Be mindful of the deadlines.
High School Counseling office – Come check out the scholarship drawer or look on
our website.
Library and book stores – Look for directories.
Parents’ employers – Parents’ workplaces sometimes offer scholarships.
Church and other religious organizations – Talk to the leaders at your place of
Local, state, and national businesses – research company websites, call the main
number and ask about scholarship programs available. Recruit parents or friends
to help with the research.
Branches of the military – Local recruiting offices can help you with this search.
You might have to serve in some capacity in order to qualify.

                                                       Interested in Fashion? Maybe fashion
                                                       design or modeling. Your shoes might
                                                                      to like this.
Scholarships -
Never pay someone to search for scholarships for you – the information
is free and at your fingertips if you put in the time and effort.
The information can be overwhelming – manage it by setting aside time
each week to focus on some aspect of your search and application.
Many scholarships require letters of recommendation – begin the
process of obtaining those. Give two weeks notice.
Keep up with deadlines
Many scholarships require essays. Start gathering your thoughts.
Get Organized. Gather all the demographic information that you need
for all of you applications and store it in your personal file to reference.

Money Mondays
Counselors in the Cafe                             Interested in being a doctor or lawyer?
                                                     Your shoes could look like this. Be
                                                   prepared to attend 4 years of college to
                                                  earn your bachelors degree and 3 to 4 or
                                                   more years after college for med or law
File your FAFSA                    s

  Grants – Based on Financial need

  Subsidized loans – The government pays the interest while
  the student is in school

  Unsubsidized Loans – The student pays the interest.

  Every student should apply!

  You must wait until after January 1st – Your parents will
  need to supply their W2 form to complete the

                                               Interested in being a professional
                                             athlete? Your shoes might look like
                                              this. You should register at NCAA.
                                                   Interested in being a teacher? Your
                                                 shoes might look like this. Be prepared

Texas Scholars                                   to do a student teaching program at the
                                                       end of your degree program.

   Texas Scholars recognizes students for their dedication to
  education and career planning during middle school and high
 school. The Texas Scholars Program prepares Northwest ISD
 students for the transition to life after high school by motivating
     the students to exceed the requirements of the state’s
              Recommended High School Program.

• Graduate on the Recommended or Distinguish Program
•Participate in a minimum of one high school extracurricular activity in
          at least two consecutive years.
•Complete at least two courses eligible for college credit
         Advanced Placement (AP) courses
         Dual Credit Courses – college courses at NCTC or TCC
         Tech Prep Courses (CATE courses leading to college credit)
Texas Scholars                            Let’s fill out the form
                                          Write your name on the form

  Yes or No – Are you planning on graduating on the
  recommended program? Have you taken 2 years of a foreign
  language? Have you completed or are taking Algebra 2? Have
  you completed or are taking three years of science?

  Yes or No – Have you participated in an extracurricular activity for
  at least two consecutive years? For example – Athletics, Band,
  Drama, Student Council, FFA, Choir, any school activity.

                                                Interested in being a Fireman?
                                               Your shoes might look like this.
                                              You might need to attend a training
                                                    program. TCC has one.
                    Interested in News? Maybe weather, or politics, or
                    being a tv anchor. Your shoes might look like this.

                  Texas Scholars                                                                             Networking Essentials
                                                                                                              Career Connections
                                                                                                             Computer Science I, II
                                                                                                          Nutrition and Food Science
        Yes or No – Have you completed two courses eligible                                               Intro to Health Science Tech

        for college credit?                                                                                        HST I, II, III
                                                                                                             Medical Terminology
Advanced Placement Courses                 Dual Credit Courses               Tech Prep Courses                     Sociology
          AP Biology                         Courses taken at                                                     Psychology
                                                                                  Equine Science
        AP Chemistry                                                                                       Individual and Family Life
                                                     TCC                       Engineering Graphics
                                                                                                              Food Science Tech
       AP English 3 or 4                                                     Communication Systems
                                                    NCTC                                                      Personal and Family
     AP 2 Dimensional Art                                                      Architectural Graphics            Development
     AP 3 Dimensional Art                                                       Marketing Yourself                 Hospitality
         AP Spanish 5                                                              Accounting I                Sports Marketing
         AP German 4                                                               Accounting II            International Marketing
                                                                                   Keyboarding                  Interior Design
         AP Calculus                    Pick two from any
                                                                            Administrative Procedures I         Animal Science
        AP Economics                        Category                           Ready, Set, Teach I, II      Wildlife and Recreation
          AP Physics
                                                                                Child Development              Intro to World Ag
        AP Psychology
                                                                             Preparation for Parenting            Applied Ag
     AP Computer Science                                                              BCIS I. II                Horticulture I, II
         AP Statistics                                                        Anatomy and Physiology          Intro to Horticulture
     AP U.S. Government                                                   Business Computer Programming           Vet Tech I, II
        AP U.S. History                                                             Multimedia                    Landscape
       AP Art Drawing                                                             Web mastering                  Floral Design

       AP Music Theory                                                            Digital Graphics           Intro to Ag Mechanics
                                                                                      Apparel                  Metal Fabrication
       AP World History
                                                                                Fashion Marketing         Plant and Animal Production
                                                     Interested in being a college
                                                  professor? Your shoes might look
                                                               like this.

Acceptance or Denial
Most colleges will notify perspective students by April
15th if they have been accepted or denied. It is important
when choosing colleges that you pick one school that
you know you will be accepted.

Most employers will notify you within two weeks if
they have decided to hire you or not. You can ask
them to notify you even if you are not going to be
hired. They might send you an e-mail or letter.
Remember to be polite. There might not be a spot for
you now, but you never know what might open up in
the future.
Notification of Acceptance
Most colleges will want a commitment by May 1st. It is important
to make your decisions as quickly as possible especially if you
are wanting on-campus housing. Sometimes campus housing is
limited and you need to submit deposits to ensure a spot.

When you are offered a job…
You might choose to accept on the spot or you might ask the
employer if you can have a couple of days to think about the
decision. Don’t take too long, but make sure you have thought
through how the job will impact you.

                                           Interested in being a performer?
                                            Broadway or film? Your shoes
                                                  might look like this.
Request Final Transcript

The registrar’s office will send out a form for you to fill out at the end
of the year. We will need to know what you have decided for your
post high school plans and where your final transcript should be sent.

 You should check with your employer to see if there are any
 opportunities for a raise when you have graduated.

                                                        Interested in being an artist?
                                                       You might be able to be a free
                                                      spirit and your shoes could look
                                                                   like this.
It is important for you to continue to work hard. You are almost
there, but don’t slip now.

  Monday, June 7th at 4:00pm
  UNT Coliseum Denton

                                            No matter what you pick, you have some
                                            big shoes to fill. Get off on the right foot
                                                     and get some training.
Did you put your
shoes in the right
     We want to know what
        your plans are.
                      Senior Information Survey

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