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									Tanning Salons Diversify with SpaCapsule®
Posted On: Friday, August 25th 2006

Tanning Salons have historically been a seasonal business. Many salons are packed in the winter months and virtually
empty in the summer.

Frustration over the seasonality has mounted and owners are constantly looking at ways to overcome the problem. Many
have looked at SpaCapsule® and similar products to solve the problem. However, without the right marketing plan many
of these attempts have been in vain. After many years of research and customer recommendations, SpaCapsule® has
launched a SpaCapsule® Marketing System that is included with the purchase of each Spa Capsule®.

The SpaCapsule® Marketing System is a combination of direct mail, print and electronic media including posters, hand-
out brochures, postcards, press releases and gift certificates. “Many salon owners have contacted us in frustration
because they are not investing their time and attention into proper marketing” stated Allen Licht, managing partner and
creator of the SpaCapsule® Marketing System. “I have been surprised to hear some of the stories from salon owners that
just do not know how to market. Our system standardizes a program but also allows each salon to customize the
program to fit their market and customer base. The approach is simple in theory, but without proper planning can simply
be overlooked because initially the response to anything new is always high, but to maintain a consistent traffic pattern
requires planning and marketing.”

“I truly believe this piece of equipment is a good and positive thing and could very well help people and help us make
money but I just need some help marketing it.” Stated Crystal Mortland, Paradise Tans. “Thank you so much for shining
some light on the subject! There is light at the end of the tunnel for us!”

“Crystal’s case is not uncommon,” Stated Jeff Greene, Vice President of Sales for SpaCapsule® “I hear the frustration
from Salon owners that see the SpaCapsule® as their savior. The SpaCapsule® can be a tremendous profit center. It
does not sit in the corner and print money, but it can if properly marketed.”

The SpaCapsule® Marketing system creates templates for over 15 brochures related to massage benefits for men,
women, children and seniors. Also included are brochures on massage benefits for fibromyalgia, back pain, headache and
arthritis sufferers. Postcard templates are included for all holidays, birthdays, introduction and specials. Gift Certificate
templates are also included. All templates can be customized and printed conventionally or electronically.

About SpaCapsule® -Founded in 2000, Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. / SpaCapsule® is a leading manufacturer
of commercial and personal wellness equipment. For ultimate in personal wellbeing, relaxation, and rest the SpaCapsule®
is a commercial-grade, self-contained, personal relaxation environment unit, encompassing: dry-water massage (user
remains dry and clothed), aromatherapy, and built-in audio and video; all in a self-contained capsule-shaped unit
designed to invigorate and refresh all the senses. Simulated Environment Concepts is headquartered in Miami, Florida,
and has International Distributors in over 25 countries.

For more information, contact Simulated Environment Concepts. Voice: 305.651.9200. Fax: 305.651.6505. Address:
20229 NE 15th Court. Miami, FL 33179. Web site: SpaCapsule is a registered trademark of
Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc.

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