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					                                                                                       James Igoe
                                                                                (646) 303-2584, cell
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Career Summary

Broad technology experience, as both a software developer utilizing Excel/Access/VBA, .NET (C#/VB.NET)
and SQL, and a leader with excellent communication skills, translating business needs into functional
applications and reports, focused on delivering well-executed software and enhancing business processes.

Primary Skill Areas

Software Development / Data Management

       Multi-user application development using both procedural and object-oriented methodologies,
        reusable class/library development, data processing, user forms, add-ins (XLA/XLAM/VSTO), and
       RAD/Agile techniques, as well as projects covering the full SDLC, from requirements gathering
        through process planning & design, testing, UAT, and deployment
       Data management, analysis and design w/Access and SQL Server, including platform
        migrations/conversions (SAS to SQL Server, Access to SQL Server)
       Management reporting design and automation in Access/Excel with dashboards, pivot tables,
        charts (standard/pivot), linked data refreshes, and toolbars
       Data automation and exchange utilizing Access, SQL Server/OLAP Cubes, Sybase, Oracle and
        MySQL databases, as well as XML/Excel/text files and web services
       Technical guidance regarding infrastructure-related issues, server/desktop deployments, testing,
        account security, disaster recovery, and audit

Programming (Languages/Tools)

       Primary: VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for Excel / Access (All Versions), SQL and Transact-
        SQL (Stored Procedures, Views, Functions)
       Secondary: .NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#)
       Tools: Visual Studio (VS 2005/2008), Visual Studio Team 2008, Team Foundation, Visual Basic
        Editor (VBE), Visual SourceSafe (VSS), Tortoise SVN, SQL Server Management Studio / Enterprise
        Manager, SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), Quest Toad for Oracle
       Other: Visio Professional, Office Professional 2002/2003/2007 (Excel-Access-Word-PowerPoint)

Business Domains (Projects)

       Banking and Financial Services with particular focus on management reporting, with projects for
        risk management, forensic accounting, business continuity planning (BCP/DRP), software
        packaging, server delivery, cost reporting, and payroll/compensation

Professional Experience

May ’09 to Present, Consultant: Excel/Access/VBA/.NET Developer for IT Risk/Market Risk via Atrium

       Designed a 2003/2007 Excel VBA template for reporting limits utilization to traders combining
        table-based report creation automating on-demand desktop creation of a 3x3 matrix of pivot tables
        and charts to assist traders in managing risk
       Refactored and built upon a C#-based Excel 2007 VSTO add-in with a server-based WCF service, as
        well creating a COM-based version for Citrix installations, that dynamically updated users’ OLAP
        database connection for optimal pivot table performance
       Created a flexible VB.NET Windows form and console application for testing OLAP Server
        configurations using threaded connections, a relational SQL database, and automated Excel chart
        reporting, with the purpose of improving performance and system monitoring
       Developed VBA/C# automation joining web server delivery of Excel pivot table reports with a

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         shared Excel add-in (XLA), dynamically updating user's pivot tables, to reduce the server-side
         resource footprint and to provide features beyond Reporting Services
        Designed an Access 2002/2003 database application for managing portfolio limits, automating
         imports, data processing with multi-tabbed forms and popups, to both to minimize increasing
         complexity and to reduce risk-related to human errors
        Prototyped web services for joining MDX and SQL results for consumption by Reporting Services,
         combining SQL Server-based OLAP data with Oracle-based limits data

Deutsche Bank
Mar ’07 to April ‘09, Consultant: Excel/Access/VBA/SQL Developer for TMG, via Execu-Search

        Developed SQL Server stored procedures to report on trade modifications (Amendments, Cancels,
         Corrections) and P&L so that errors could be reported/charted, with the purpose of reducing costly
         trade breaks and smoothing P&L variance
        Prototyped an Access/SQL Server application for enhanced commenting, classification, and
         reporting of operational losses, to enable management to more effectively reduce middle office
         errors, minimally $10K per issue, but potentially millions of dollars
        Proposed/Assisted an Access DB to SQL Server migration converting Access VBA and queries to
         SQL Server functions, views, and stored procedures, migrating over 400 tables and 300 queries
         from 9 Access DB’s used in management risk reporting
        Automated numerous Excel reports for risk reporting (new product approvals, operational losses,
         audit items, trade breaks) in Excel, combining pivots table and charts, dynamic named ranges,
         custom toolbars, and remote data sources (Access/SQL Server)
        Created a replicated Access database which processed/combined multiple heterogeneous reporting
         files, and provided dimensioned data via a front-end for commenting unverified trades, with the
         ultimate purpose of reporting to senior management and reducing trade breaks
        Built a reusable Access/Excel/VBA reporting framework, aggregating data from numerous sources
         on trade breaks’ cost/position across financial products, with a multi-tabbed form, a daily update
         for FX rates, user-friendly import procedures, and automated report production

NCR Corporation
Jul ’06 to Feb ‘07, Consultant: Senior Access/Excel Developer for Bardess Group at NCR, via SAPBureau

        Increased annual billing by over .5M by directing to management to most effective data to collect on
         networking parts/service delivery, as well as improving data integrity through automated processes
        Developed and improved upon processes to analyze, communicate, manage and report data
         between ATT, Cisco and NCR

Deloitte Services, LP
Mar ‘06 to Jul ‘06, Consultant: Excel Developer for Forensic Accounting Services, via BNA

       Planned project deadlines and targets, via regular client meetings, as well as presented weekly
        deliverables via Microsoft LiveMeeting to garner feedback
       Converted Excel VBA procedures from using SAS file-based data to SQL Server data via stored
        procedures, as well as refactored, enhanced, and commented code to improve functionality
       Setup/created stored procedures and data tables of client accounting data on SQL Server 2000,
        increasing security, while resolving procedural conflicts and testing future capabilities
       Redesigned menu/toolbar system to accommodate customized reporting via pivot tables and charts,
        improving aesthetics and usability
       Developed an event class to enable drill-down into Excel pivot table data items from pivot charts,
        speeding analysis of data and increasing ease of use

Sept ‘05 to Mar ‘06, Consultant: Access/Excel Developer for Server Delivery Management, via AegisTech

       Coded business logic for budget reporting process, built tables from stored procedures, created
        import functions, queries, and unique logic functions
       Consolidated multiple databases, enabling use through a single tabbed form that reduced time and
        effort involved in reporting
       Developed Excel workbook reporting expenditures (>95M per annum, 20,000 row x 200 column)
        for businesses on server implementations, building a toolbar for easier data manipulation
       Automated Excel report generation from Access, using VBA to insert data, refresh pivot tables, and
        update summaries, as well as check security access of end-users

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Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB)
May ‘05 to Sept ‘05, Consultant: Access Developer for Business Continuity Planning, via Execu-Search

        Developed upon an existing Access BCP database application to capture process information,
         collecting user requirements, modeling data relationships, and normalizing database design
        Improved upon the application’s reporting interface, adding options for printing and viewing, and
         creating VBA that generated/e-mailed multi-tabbed Excel workbooks from report queries
        Enhanced the application, reducing code lines and errors, by consolidating event, execution and
         logging programming in separate, tightly cohesive, functions/subroutines
        Automated data analysis by coding Excel VBA to an import comma delimited file, search data for
         list-based keywords, and then build a pivot table based on the returned search
        Created highly structured reporting in Excel with VBA from Access, detailing product lifecycle and
         BCP seat/head count for Treasury, Equity, and Government Bond business streams
        Documented work, creating diagrams (table relationships), flowcharts (application interface), and
         spreadsheets (functions, macros, VBA code, use details); trained other developers on systems

American international Group (AIG)
Feb ‘05 to Apr ‘05, Consultant: Software Specialist for HR Compensation, via Kelley Services

        Created databases, queries, forms, VBA routines (Excel/Access), Access reports, and Excel
         worksheets, reducing errors and providing a more stable process, as well as summarizing multiple
         bonus and salary payment scenarios of technology personnel, for review by senior technology,
         business, and HR management to decide overall budgeting

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) at ABN-AMRO
Jul ‘04 to Feb ‘05, Consultant: Team Lead for Data Conversion Team, via Modis IT

        Coordinated efforts of five-member team developing Access database applications and SQL
         functions, for the purpose of streamlining data analysis and MS Office migration, while
         communicating requests and concerns with other managers, project leaders and resource providers
         to successfully meet timelines
        Analyzed project status and data quality using Excel, Access, VBA, and SQL, making modifications
         to project activities, and reporting (pivot tables) to related teams, then assigned work converting
         office documents for upgrade from MS Office 97 to MS Office 2002 (XP), with primary focus on
         traders’ worksheets’ (VBA, Data feeds: Bloomberg, Gessing, Reuters)
        Created Excel and Access VBA functions to streamline procedures, reduce redundant functions,
         automate data retrieval, and to speed file analysis, as well as assisted in the discussion and design of
         MS SQL Server 2000 database structures, providing insight into real-world process flow and
         reducing logical flaws

JP Morgan Chase
Dec ‘03 to Jul ‘04, Consultant: Access Specialist/Project Manager, via Network & Co.

        Managed an application packaging project for Investment Bank Technology, researching and
         contacting development teams, then leading each through the packaging process, providing insights
         to resolve problems, monitoring and accelerating aspects as needed, as well as assisting with
         documentation and testing
        Analyzed charges from redundant remote access accounts using MS Access, enabling review by
         financial and business areas, with a potential savings of $250,000 per year


MBA (not completed), Finance and Information Systems
Fordham University, Sept ‘00 to Aug ’04

       720 GMAT, 3.88 GPA (42 of 75 credits)
       International Economics Honor Society, member

BA, Psychology - Lab Option
Rutgers University, May ‘93

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