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									                 Charlotte Builders and Contractors Association, Inc.
                                        1225 Tamiami Trail A-10, Port Charlotte, FL 33953
                                            (941) 625-0804      FAX (941) 627-9041

                                                     2001 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

   Tom Thornberry of Charlotte Plumbing, Inc.. won the Florida Home Builders Association’s Sub-Contractor of the Year for the entire state
    of Florida.

   Tom Thornberry of Charlotte Plumbing, Inc. also won the FHBA Golden Eagle Award for his years of dedication at the state level.

   Zac Extejt of Charlotte County Seawalls, Inc. takes the fight to the state meeting on the Manatee Issue.

   Our Association won Florida Home Builders Association’s Retention Award for the entire state of Florida with 82.9% retention rate.

   Our members recruited 128 new members in the 2001 Membership Drive.

   Our Association won the membership challenge with Sarasota HBA by recruiting 58 new members in July. They recruited only 17.

   Our Work Force Committee headed by Jim Sanders of Five Star General Contracting, Inc., promoted the building industry as a career path
    to our local high school students.

   We formed our own Remodelors Council, ended the year with 38 members and added the Remodelors council to our web site. Five
    members are committed to work on their NAHB Certified Gradutate Remodelor Designation.

   Our Charlotte Harbor-Florida Spring Classic Fishing Tournament had its best year, with 62 boat entries.

   Our Parade of Homes and Golf Tournament were a success.

   We added the Spec Home section to our web site for builders to display their spec homes, model homes or condominums that are for sale to
    the consumer.

   We averaged 110 members and guests at our monthly dinner meetings.

   We lobbied for the Englewood Permitting Office to re-open.

   Our Caring & Sharing Project helped the Punta Gorda Skate Park move 1800 yards of dirt from a location at the airport to the site of the
    Skate Park, about 100 truck loads. Again, thanks to our members generosity and support.

   Our members lobbied to delay the effective date of the Florida Building Code.

   We promoted Florida Home Builders Insurance Agency royalty refunds in the amount of $30,667 to many of our members.

                                                     2000 ACCOMPLISHMENTS
CBCA (Richard Sinclair, Jim Sanders, Don McCandless Michael Allgood and Jim Anerson) participates in a series of road trips with
county officials reviewing the permitting process of other counties, City of Punta Gorda, Lee County, Sarasota County, Cape Coral, Collier
County and Charlotte County.

Suzanne Graham of American Pest Control Management chairs our Membership Committee. Her Membership Drive was the best in 8
years, bringing in 30 new members in 4 weeks.

CBCA, through the help and guidance of Flame Internet, creates our new web site at www.cbca-florida.com.

Newsletter changed from a bi-weekly edition to a monthly service.
CBCA celebrates 15 Year Anniversary and honors charter members, (that are still a member): Associated Title Services, Inc.; Birch’s Air
Conditioning & Heating; Carlson & Soforth; Charlotte County Seawalls; Charlotte Engineering & Surveying; Waste Management; David Hartt
Construction; Don Riggs Concrete; Florida Power & Light; J. Anderson, Inc.; Sun Classics, Inc., and, Young Trucking, Inc.

CBCA forms a political action committee (PAC), Charlotte Builders & Contractors For Better Government. The PAC endorsed the
candidacies of Jerry Paul, Lindsay Harrington, Mac Horton, Sara Devos and Tom D’Aprile.

Suzanne Graham of American Pest Control Management chairs CBCA’s 15th Year Anniversary Picnic. Over 450 members, friends,
children and co-workers sign up for the event in July.

President Jim Sanders works on Work Force Development. A program that will go into the Junior High and High Schools to encourage
students to enter the building industry as an alternative to college.

CBCA revises it’s By-Laws.

CBCA pushes to open Englewood Permitting Office. County approves Englewood Annex Office, October 2000.

CBCA works with County officials to establish a system which would allow for simultaneous submission of building and septic permits.

                                                    1999 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

CBCA hires new Executive Director, Sharon Neuhofer. She brings 14 years of political experience with her.

Dinner Meeting attendance doubles.

Charlotte Sun Herald gives CBCA Model of the Week section in the Saturday MarketPlace section of their newspaper. Many builders who
have taken advantage of program have either sold models or gotten referrals.

Fred Meau of Door Systems starts CBCA’s Trades Council. This council is CBCA’s way of giving back to our community through local
projects. Working side-by-side with kids from the Crossroads Wilderness Institute, volunteers with the Trade Council constructed a play
ground for our local Salvation Army Headquarters.

Newsletter improved: New masthead designed by Mark at Monarch Printing and color added.

New staff member Kathie Miele hired as part-time secretary.

12 @ 12 President Luncheon instituted. An informal way for 12 members to meet our President and address concerns. Held monthly.

Meeting the needs of members in the Englewood area. Newsletters mailed 1 st class so they may arrive on a more timely basis. CBCA
pushes to open Englewood permitting office.

Tim Duban of Miami Valley Concrete and Robert Ray of Ajax Paving Co-chaired our annual Charlotte Harbor-Florida Spring Classing
Fishing Tournament. A record 55 boats entered.

CBCA pushes for shorter permitting time. May 1999 we reported that after 6 months of effort we were able to report that the building
department was able to process a permit in 2 weeks, instead of 6.

Charlotte Sun Herald publishes Presidents message in the Saturday MarketPlace section on a weekly basis.

CBCA adopts the “Music Box” as our project which was submitted to NAHB’s Home Builders Care 2000 committee. This was a fund
raiser chaired by Patrick Bourgeois of G. Patrick Bourgeois & Associates to build and sell a house that would send the Lemon Bay High School
Band to Washington D.C. NAHB selected this project as and published our accomplishments in “USA Today.” About $30,000 was raised.

CBCA sends letter to County Commissioners voicing dissatisfaction: Permits not issued in timely manner, county employee policy
procedures on hiring new employees in timely manner, communication between CBCA and the building department, the time it takes to get
service at the counters, allowing permits to be submitted simultaneously with septic applications, the building department seek industry input
prior to making sweeping changes and the “Plans on the Shelf” program was never instituted even though Jan Winters approved it.

                                                    1998 ACCOMPLISHMENTS
CBCA gets inter-local agreement between county and city effective date changed from 30 days to 90 days. The agreement allows the county
to charge county impact fees on city SFR permits. CBCA's original lawsuit postponed this inevitable agreement 4 years and saved consumers
$1,000,000 total.

CBCA endorses Riverwood Land Corp. sale of Impact Fee Credits and receives 5% override.

CBCA's Parade of Homes is the best in it's history with 32 homes participating.

CBCA becomes a "Benefactor" of the Englwood Chamber of Commerce's Area Beautification Project, landscaping part of 776.

                                                        1997 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

CBCA WINS Impact Fee Lawsuit through a settlement agreement. Local data is more relevant than nationally averaged data. CBCA gets
our own traffic engineer to set up the study with the county. All CBCA, FHBA and NAHB legal fees are reimbursed, approximately $40,000.

CBCA upgrades computers to increase productivity.

CBCA produces 1997 Parade of Homes Magazine and saves Association $6,000.

CBCA produces 1997 Membership Directory and saves Association $1,000.

CBCA collects $1,500 for the Economic Development Council

CBCA works with local Veteran Associations on the Gay May Project, re-building his house, through CBCA’s Sharing & Caring
                                                        1996 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

CBCA helps Judy Jones homeless shelter and “Bread of Life Mission” with new septic tank and drainfield.

CBCA assists Leadership Charlotte Class project – the Animal Shelter addition.

CBCA creates educational brochure on “How to choose a Builder.”

                                                        1995 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

CBCA settles Building Department lawsuit with Board of County Commissioners.
    On 9/5/95 the BCC agreed 4-1 for settling the Building Department lawsuit. The following is a synopsis of the settlement agreement.
    1.) Charlotte County will create a separate account known as "Excess Revenue" account for the Building Department.
    2.) Charlotte County agrees to place Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) into the Excess Revenue Account over and above the
        current budget.
    3.) Upon placement of the $200,000 in the Excess Revenue Account, the parties agree that the county has complied with Florida Statute, Sec.
    4.) Charlotte County agrees to provide and maintain a new voice-activated inspection tracking system.
    5.) Charlotte County recognizes the need for increased services in the West Charlotte County area and shall work with the members of the
        building and construction industry to provide for an enhancement of services in the area.
    6.) Charlotte County agrees to provide and maintain an imaging system for storing plans and other records vital to the Building Dept.
    7.) Charlotte County agrees to upgrade the Building Department's computer system.
    8.) Charlotte County agrees to reimburse the CBCA for their attorney fees and costs incurred in the amount of $6,957.42.
    9.) CBCA fully releases Charlotte County and it's officers, agents, servants and employees from any and all claims address in this case.
CBCA has member, Blair McVety, appointed to Zoning Department Equity Study Committee. The committee effectively got a flat
  $35.00 occupational license fee approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

CBCA stops a proposed 14% permit fee and 20% license fee increase.

CBCA gives free public education seminar on new home construction.

CBCA participates in the re-organization of the county permitting system.

CBCA Signs Realtor/Builder Agreement with the Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port Association of REALTORS.
CBCA raises $2,016 for Toys for Needy Children Christmas Fund.
CBCA sells 1993 Assocation House. Proceeds went to the Building Fund for a future site.
CBCA's Sharing & Caring Committee builds book shelves for Peace River Elementary School. Members donate material & time.
CBCA's SMC gave NAHB's Institute of Residential Marketing Courses, I, II, III and IV.

                                                  1994 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

NAHB Legal Action Committee financial assistance grant of $5,000 was approved for our Impact Fee Lawsuit because our case has national
CBCA has workshop on the hurricane code Section 1205.
CBCA has Business Management Course for continuing education credits for the industry.
CBCA stops a proposed Open Space Habitat Impact Fee of $2,197.40 per SFR Unit.
CBCA Board of Directors adopts a Resolution to encourage the filing of the Notice to Owner conveyance as stipulated in the Florida
CBCA's Sharing & Caring Committee helps Girl Scouts of Gulf Coast Florida renovate the Charlotte Girl Scout House located in McGuire
Park. CBCA saved $16,000 of the Girl Scouts $25,000 budget. Over 1000 children and adults use this building for their meetings and
trainings. Tom Fero, Fero Construction managed project.
CBCA goes on local radio show to update the citizens about the building industry and what is CBCA doing to improve things.
CBCA gets FHBA's PAC to donate $5,000 to Katherine Harris' Senate Campaign.
CBCA holds line on Dues. NAHB increases their Dues by $5 and CBCA voted to decrease their dues to offset NAHB.
CBCA is active in getting Sadowski Act funded by State. Charlotte County Housing Corporation receives $750,000 for moderate to low
and very low income housing. It can also be used to renovate older homes.
CBCA completes a 5 year contract on Adopt-A-Highway. A 3 mile stretch along Highway 41.
CBCA's SMC gave NAHB's Institute of Residential Marketing Courses, I, II, III and IV.
CBCA's SMC gave NAHB's Certified New Homes Sales Professional Course.

                                                  1993 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

CBCA makes presentation to the Committee on Inter-governmental Relations (CIR) against school impact fees to be allowed in Charlotte
County. We won--the CIR voted against school impact fees, a savings of $1,800 per SFR unit.
CBCA is a co-sponsor for a Congressional reception for Congressmen Porter Goss and Dan Miller.
CBCA hires the expert testimony of Dr. Richard McHugh and Mr. David Grey of the University of South Florida for the proposed impact
fee increase.
CBCA lobbies Punta Gorda City Council not to sign impact fee assessment inter-local agreement which would have increased the city's
impact fee by $1,044/SFR. We were successful and saved $1,044 per SFR in the city.
CBCA signs Model Home Agreement with the Burnt Store Lakes P.O.A.
CBCA works with the Florida Home Builders and the National Association of Home Builders for grass roots movement for Workers'
Compensation relief.
CBCA files Impact Fee lawsuit and Building Department lawsuit against Charlotte County.
CBCA members dig over 300 holes for the Tree Beautification via the Chamber of Commerce at I-75 and Kings Highway.
CBCA successfully stopped Charlotte County government from automatically raising permit fees, annually, based on the consumer
  price index.
CBCA attends the "Rally in Tally" for Workers' Compensation relief.
CBCA receives the FHBA legal Action Committee financial assistance grant of $25,000 for the Impact Fee Lawsuit because our case has
statewide significance.
                                                  1992 ACCOMPLISHMENTS
CBCA stops Charlotte County from charging a $1,128.00 Commercial Impact Fee on SFR model homes. All monies collected were
CBCA hires Dr. Richard McHugh and David Grey, M.A. of the University of South Florida's Center for Economic and Management
Research to testify on correct units of measurement for a correct Impact Fee formula at an Impact Fee Workshop with the Commissioners.
CBCA opposes many proposed building code changes because of Hurricane Andrew. Building Dept. has put them on hold until State
completes a study.
CBCA successfully lobbied to get SFR homes from doing a tree inventory per lot.
CBCA has 2 members appointed to state tasks force to fight Workers' Compensation.
CBCA members help build two Habitat for Humanity houses.
CBCA members help build Kids Space Playground.

                                                    1991 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

CBCA works on Tree Ordinance Revision.
CBCA has float in chamber of Commerce Christmas parade
CBCA worked to change law to give license investigators citation power for unlicensed activity.
Sharing & Caring Program--CBCA did a re-roof on a 900 sq. ft. home for a single mother of two in South Punta Gorda.
CBCA lobbies to stop ban of septic tanks on barrier islands.

CBCA wrote specific model home parking requirements that are less restrictive than government wanted.
CBCA has booth at Home Expo to give out free septic tank use and water saving brochures.
CBCA Executive Director, Scott Coulombe, appointed to the 10th University Pursuit Committee.
CBCA worked successfully to lobby Punta Gorda City Council not to support a School Impact Fee.
CBCA stops Charlotte County government from taking any excess funds from the Building Dept
CBCA and the PHCC (Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors) successfully stopped the mandatory 1.6 gal. flush toilet.
CBCA members built an Association Home in the Parade of Homes as a fund raiser for our Land & Building Fund. Alan LeBeau chaired
this and raised $47,000.00.
                                                  1990 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

 CBCA members build an Association House in the Parade of Homes as a fund-raiser for the Land & Building Fund. Jim Anderson & Larry
Dirmeyer chaired and netted $27,000.00
 CBCA joins "Adopt-A-Highway Program" and takes on the job of cleaning road shoulders on three miles of US 41.
 CBCA sets up voter Registration Booths at our monthly dinner meetings for the one cent sales tax effort.
 CBCA members show up in force at the March 20th Public Hearing on the proposed moratorium and were successful in its defeat.
 CBCA files a law suit against Charlotte County and State of Florida to NOT enforce the new Workers' Compensation Law.
 CBCA and FHBA filed a law suit against the Dept. of Community Affairs on Urban Sprawl Issue.
   CBCA has an Educational Booth at the Town Center Mall on water conservation and Xeriscaping and we gave out free septic tank
    brochures and water restriction devices.
 CBCA is involved with 10-D-6 Septic Tank re-draft due in early 1991.

 CBCA expands its Parade of Homes to include the Englewood Builder members, location Rotonda.
 CBCA forms a Sales and Marketing Council for the purpose of bringing educational programs to CBCA members.

                                                    1989 ACCOMPLISHMENTS
 CBCA lobbies local School Board to withdraw their proposed School Impact Fee Ordinance.
 CBCA and home owners win law suit against the PGI Civic Association on the 20' vs. 25' setback issue.
 CBCA stops County from mandating a 1.50 in height x 4.50 in width compacted berm around all single family construction sites. CBCA
was able to get this changed to a siltation screen in the down stream swale.
 CBCA opposes the 1989 re-write of the Tree Ordinance draft and gets it sent back to Committee.
 CBCA wins its fight against Mandatory Dumpsters on all job sites and saved the livelihoods of our job site clean up people.
 CBCA provides its first Single Family Residence Construction Seminar for the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda Board of Realtors.
 CBCA joins in state-wide protest with the FHBA 2.4 campaign to support Funded Growth Management.
 CBCA receives an award from NAHB for Crisis Management regarding the "Garbage Wars." Charlotte Waste Management Co. tried to
change the local permit laws to make it mandatory for general contractors to sign a one year contract for dumpsters on job sites before they
could pull a building permit. CBCA was successful in defeating this effort.

 CBCA Sharing & Caring Committee repairs the roof of an elderly couple with poor health and installs an air conditioner for an elderly man
on a respirator (Alan LeBeau chaired).
 CBCA donates $3,000. to the Claremont Institute to help with an area study which will tell the effects of no-growth on our local economy.
 CBCA membership tops 500.
                                                    1988 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

 CBCA stopped the City of Punta Gorda from fining engineering firms $88.00 for damaging pavement to locate reference points which were
paved over by the city.
 CBCA had many members on the Citizens Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committees for the Charlotte County Comp. Plan.
 CBCA starts Builder's Forum which meets every month.
 CBCA fights against Mandatory dumpsters on job sites.
 CBCA fights garbage regulatory fee at C.O.-puts responsibility on home owner-due before power release.
 CBCA presently working with Five County and Collier County to bring the Graduate Builders Institute to Edison Community College.
 CBCA has Round Table meeting between builders, banks and appraisers for lien law education.

                                                    1987 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

 CBCA stops County from mandating temporary full lot pipes 4"x90' x 2 in swales during construction of single family resident units.
 CBCA writes Occupation of Easement Ordinance. This is for one year time period on a trial basis. If it works efficiently, we will come back
next year for permanency.
 CBCA joins home owners of the law suit against PGI Civic Association pertaining to 20' vs. 25' setback and the Compliance Committee's
plans review authority.
 CBCA works with Public Works Dept. to write Swale Blockage Ordinance.
 CBCA forms Sub committees to work on the various elements of the County Comp. Plan.

                                                    1986 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

 CBCA learns commissioners Monroe, Holt and Tringali voted to freeze the industry of any further negotiations involving the Impact Fees.
CBCA goes live on radio to retaliate against the commissioners and to educate the public. Commissioners Paul Monroe raises "Flag of Truce"
and shakes hands to re-opens Impact Fee negotiations.
 CBCA forms Committee to fight the proposed City of Punta Gorda Deed Restrictions Ordinance-we did mitigate the rear set back from 25'
to 20' to accommodate larger homes with caged swimming pools.
 CBCA finishes negotiations on Draft #10 of the Impact Fee Ordinance-we enabled the fee to be due at C.O., a 5% discount and a 60 day
extension time for notification to customers.
 CBCA forms Engineering Dept. Committee to work out problems with the Storm Water Ordinance and open a direct line of communication
(storm water for single family residences under 2 acres taken out of Ordinance).
 CBCA gets amendment to Deep Creek deed restrictions to allow model homes and signs with specific guidelines (signed on December 22,
1986 by P.G.I., Inc., CBCA and the Deep Creek Civic Association).

                                                   1985 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

 CBCA re-writes Lot Clearing and Grading Ordinance--gets relief from mandatory 6:1 grading to 4:1 grading in aid of tree preservation and
water retention/recharge areas for cluster of trees.
 CBCA forms Clandestine Dumping Committee to address problems and averts legislation on the Industry.
 CBCA mitigates the Landscaping Ordinance proposed by the City of Punta Gorda.
 CBCA retains Attorney Lester Derst to fight the proposed Drainage Ordinance in the City of Punta Gorda. The ordinance would have made
builders do all drainage to the nearest catch basin left and right - up to 600 ft. in some situations

 CBCA joins FHBA in opposing Senate Bill #171 which was a state-wide Electrical Impact Fee of $3,000.00.
 CBCA stops legislation to eliminate all Model Home flags.
 CBCA stops mandatory sprinkler systems in all new single family residences construction in the proposed Fire Protection Ordinance.
 CBCA forms Impact Fee Committee for the proposed Impact Fee Ordinance.

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