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Many Thanks for your interest in the VP E- Team. We just need some information from you to get
you started.

Site, Blog, or Social Net URL:
Mobile Number:

Please tell us why do you want to join the VP E-Team?

Who are your favorite Artists?

And your favorite genre is: (please select one)
Dancehall • Reggae • Soca • Lovers Rock • Hip Hop/Reggae • All

Now tell us what you do and where:

Please rate your knowledge of the internet on a scale of 1-10:
10+ Proficient User, knows web languages and can work independently with Flash and other Rich Media
07-9 I edited my own MySpace Layouts and know how to post Google/Yahoo/MySpace/Youtube videos, and
use blogs.
03-6 I can follow instructions to post videos and know how to use a blog
01-2 Teach me!

As a Member of the VP E-Team, your apart of a select group of tastemakers. You will get advanced info
about releases that we want you to leak out to create a buzz about albums and artists. You’ll be the first to
get select videos to add to your Myspace, Facebook, Blog etc…

E-Team Missions include:
Blogging: Hitting up blogs to BIG UP and SHOUT OUT VP Records, dropping info on release dates,
BONUS Points for initiating popular blogs
Web Sniping: - Posting Videos and Tracks on Friends MySpace/ Friendster/Facebook accounts.
Also Posting Info Like Tour Dates, Album Releases
Consumer Outreach: Launching Fan Sites, Or Fan Groups, Research (Finding New Artists, Conducting
Promotional Tools i.e. media player & video player codes, images, and urls will be provided for your use on
  Points Chart
  WEB SNIPING POINTS                                                         BLOGGING & GROUP PARTICIPATION POINTS
  (screenshots required and must be readable with date and time posted)      Big Ups and Shout Outs: 1
  Post a Text/Image Comments: 1                                              Initiating a Popular Blog Strings resulting in at least 50 hits: 5
  Post a Video/Track Comments: 2                                             Initiating Blog Sites (Must Be Maintained and Populated) 10
  Posting Reviews of VP Albums on Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay, About etc: 2
  Refferals from your website to VP websites: 1 per referral
  Posting a Link on your own Site: 1
  Comments and Review on VP MySpace and other social nets: 1
  Events and Release blasts (promoting VP Events):
  5 For at least 100 People
  10 for at least 250 People
  50 for at least 1,000 people
  100 for at least 5,000 people
  Generate Email List and Share with VP -
  must use proper VP Forms-available upon request
  5 for at least 100 People
  10 for at least 250 People
  50 for at least 1,000 people
  100 for at least 5,000 people

  Points Rewards
  REWARD ELIGIBILITY                                            LEVEL                                                POINTS NEEDED
  Eligible for Riddim Driven Gear or Backstage Passes (Shows    ADMIRAL                                              2,500
  In your Area)
  Concert Shows, VIP Invite to events in Your Area              COLONEL                                              1000
  Select Artist T-Shirts, Discounts on Show Tickets where       LIEUTENANT                                           500
  applicable or reduced prices. Free CD
  Select Promo CDs and or, Discounts on CDs                     SARGENT AT ARMS                                      250
  Select MP3s                                                   CADET                                                100

From time to Time you will receive emails on how to earn bonus points as well and info on online contests and give aways.