strapless heart rate monitor

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                                                HEART RATE
                                                ECG Accurate Heart Rate
                                                Calorie Counter
                                                High and Low Target Zone Alarms
                                                % of Maximum Heart Rate
                                                Audible and Visual Alarm
                                                Gender Settings (Male / Female)

                                                Time of Day, Calendar, Daily
                                                Easy to Read, Large Digital Display
                                                100 Hour Stopwatch
                                                100 Hour Countdown Timer
                                                Night Vision
                                                Water Resistant to 50m

        wear it all day… every day!
            Now in Australia the NEW Reebok Fitwatch
                 STRAPLESS heart rate monitors.
The Fitwatch clearly displays on demand an ECG accurate heart rate
reading right off your wrist. You simply touch the sensors on the watch face
to get an accurate heart rate measurement – NO CHEST STRAP REQUIRED.
It’s very easy to use and takes very little time to set-up.

The Reebok Fitwatch has been especially designed for people who want a
convenient and accurate heart rate measurement throughout the day and
while exercising without the need for a chest strap. The high-low target
zones give instant feedback to ensure training in the appropriate heart rate

There are 2 models available:
     RBK10S Reebok Fitwatch 10S (Blue Small Size)
     Recommended Retail Price $169.00

     RBK10M Reebok Fitwatch 10M (Grey Medium Size)
     Recommended Retail Price $169.00

                                         For your nearest stockist phone:
                                         Health Management Group
                                         1800 000 180 or visit