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					                               A r i z o n a P u g A d o p t i o n a n d R e s c u e N et w o rk

              Arizona Pug Corner
 Volume 3, Issue 2                                                                                                Winter 2004

                                            Oliver goes to the Rainbow Bridge
                                         It is with much sorrow that I tell you that APARN’s beloved spokespug Oliver
                                         went to the Rainbow Bridge on February 5th. His transition was peaceful, and
                                         he was surrounded by the love of his family. Whereas there is sorrow at the
                                         emptiness we feel at his loss, there is
                                         also joy in remembering how much he
                                         touched our lives, and how very much
                                         he loved and was loved. Oliver loved
                                         people, and he loved attending APARN
                                         events. I think he knew he was helping
    Meet Phoebe, page 5                  people see that special needs pugs are
                                         very special indeed.
                                         Oliver came to APARN in June 2001,
                                         with a bulging disk in his back that was
                                         so severe he half dragged his hind legs.
                                         APARN volunteers raised the funds nec-
                                         essary for Oliver to have spinal surgery.
                                         In his memory, APARN has established
                                         “Oliver’s Fund.” Donations made to Oliver’s fund will help ensure that future
                                         APARN special needs senior pugs have the funds they need for the medical
                                         attention they require.

 Oliver, APARN Spokespug                 I invite you to read the tribute to Oliver on page 5, written by his adoptive dad.
                                         If Oliver’s story touches your heart in any way, we hope you will consider
Inside this Issue:
                                         making a donation to Oliver’s Fund.

                                                PugStock - Peace, Love & Pugs!
President’s Message                2
A Search for Roots                 2

Frankie the Mange Puppy            4     Join APARN on Saturday, April 3rd for our 4th annual celebration of peace, love and
Best of Pals: Oliver’s Story       5     all things puggy! There will be raffles, sub sandwiches for lunch, special guests,
                                                                and lots of pugs!
Our Senior Boy                     6
Look Who Found A Home!             7                            PugStock will be held from 11am-2pm at It’s A Ruff Life Dog
                                                                Daycare Center, 10640 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix.
Adventures of a Pug                8                            Party Sponsors needed! Party sponsorship is $100, and in-
Foster Mom
                                                                cludes your company name/logo on party programs and web-
                                                                page. For more information on sponsoring, please contact us
Upcoming Events                   10                            at
Join APARN!                       11                                                             email us at:
 PAGE 2                                           ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                        VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                                             President’s Message
 Dear Friends,                               Oliver came to APARN in June of               well as everyone who showed
                                             2001. I met him at Pug-A-Palooza              Oliver such love and affection at
 Many of you knew Oliver was not             that year, and he sat on my lap for           APARN events and meetings. Oliver
 doing well last fall, and after a trip to   awhile in Monique's backyard after            loved everyone, and he so enjoyed
 the neurologist in early December, it       the party. I went home and told my            the attention.
 was discovered that in addition to a        brother Walter about him, and how
 few new bulging discs and some              APARN needed to raise money for               To me, it feels like the end of an
 atrophy at the site of his previous         him so that he could have his spinal          era. I am grateful to have had the
 spinal surgery, an arachnoid cyst           surgery. Walter asked if we could             opportunity to have my life trans-
 was present, putting considerable           foster him and take care of him after         formed by a small, special needs
 pressure on his spine again. The            his surgery, and once Oliver and              pug. I know that our first pug, Atilla,
 myleogram to diagnose his condi-            Walter met, I realized Oliver would           was watching over us from the
 tion left him unable to walk for al-        not be leaving our home. It took no           Bridge, and sent Oliver to us. And I
 most two full weeks; we knew he             time at all for it to seem like Oliver        know that when the time is right,
 could not withstand surgery.                had always been part of the family.           Oliver will send another special pug
                                             His three pug sisters accepted him            our way. For now, we will remem-
 Rimadyl seemed to help for several          fairly easily, after an initial few days      ber all the great times we shared,
 weeks, but apparently the cyst was          of "I'll kick your butt if you even think     and cherish the time we have with
 growing, causing him pain. Over the         about touching my treat again."               our three senior pug girls.
 last week of January, his condition
 worsened to the point that his qual-        Walter and I especially want to               Pug hugs to you and yours,
 ity of life became an issue.                thank everyone who fostered Oliver            Terri Wood
                                             when he first came into rescue, as

                                             A Search for Roots
Pugapalooza in October of ’03 was an important occasion for the Connell household. Our 7 year old puglet Samantha,
and her human mom and dad were smitten with a beautiful senior pug named Lane, aged 9. Thankfully we had com-
pleted adoption papers the week before and we got to take Lane home that very day.
 Like any adopted “child” I was filled with curiosity about Lane’s roots. We were told he had once been featured in “Pug
Talk” magazine so with that bit of information a quest began. I learned just how close the pug community really is. First
I got on the Pug Talk website and sent an e-mail. I was told by a very kind and helpful woman that the magazine had
changed hands but was given a name and address of Peg in Texas who maintained an archive of old issues. Peg was
intrigued and searched old issues at first to no avail. She then suggested I try to find out his registered name. Armed
with that knowledge, I e-mailed Peg back and the search began in earnest.
                                                             Peg tirelessly, manually searched years of issues and after a
                                                             couple of weeks I received an e-mail loudly exclaiming “I found
                                                             him!” She sent me the photo and the biographical information.
                                                             What fun to learn that our dear boy was indeed a champion.
                                                             He had also earned his Canine Good Citizenship award.
                                                             Later, through some contacts of Peg’s, I was able to talk with
                                                             several people who had been a part of Lane’s life. He has al-
                                                             ways been much loved and it was an unusual circumstance
                                                             that led to his availability for rescue. But to the Connell’s we
                                                             believe it was no accident of fate. To us, Lane is a blessed
                                                             addition, a live snuggly teddy bear pug, helping to fill the void
                                                             left by the death of Samantha’s brother T.J. last year. Thank
                                                             you APARN for making it all possible.
                                                                                          -- Karen Connell                                                                 email us at:
  VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2                         ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                       PAGE 3

                                    Gingered Apple Honey Biscuits
(1) 14.5 oz box Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake Mix
1/2 cup applesauce
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (if desired)
2 tablespoons honey                                           Preheat Oven to 300 degrees
Combine all ingredients in a mixing bow. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Batter will be thick and sticky.
Spray a cookie sheet with nonstick cooking spray.
Drop batter by tablespoon onto cookie sheet.
Bake for 40-45 minutes; let cool. Makes 2 dozen.                                - Recipe by Rev. Walter M. Wood

             Pug Fact
                                        Meet Phoebe: APARN’s 2004 Spokespug
 The late 1800s saw the begin-          Greetings fellow pugs and puglovers. It is     sisters and brothers. Oliver didn’t mention
 ning of dog shows in England,          with great sadness that we have had to         that part, but I’m working on my problem
 and Pugs were first exhibited          say goodbye to our longtime friend and         areas and will truly enjoy being out and
 in 1861.                               spokespug, Oliver J. Pug Wood. He was          about enjoying the company of you, my
                                        such an incredible spokespug, and what a       fellow pugs and pug lovers!
                                        wonderful being! He will be greatly
           APARN Fact                   missed, however, we take comfort in         My first offi-
                                        knowing that he is no longer in pain, but iscial duty as
 Did you know that you can                                                          spokespug
                                        romping and playing with our friends
 name APARN as a beneficiary                                                        was to go to
                                        who’ve gone before (like Buddy and Atilla)
 in your will? Consult with your                                                    the Tucson
 attorney for details.                  – now each of them have a WHOLE bed
                                        to themselves and can pee anywhere they     Animal Fair
                                        like. We are grateful for the time they     and help
                                        gave us here and look forward with great    raise aware-
                                        anticipation to seeing them again when      ness and
                                        the time comes.                             funds. I had
                                                                                    a wonderful
                                        The day before Ollie went away, he asked day selling
                                        me if I’d carry on his work of answering    Mardi Gras
                                        the questions, “Why do pugs need res-       beads and
                                        cue? They’re so cute and little. Who        being carried
                                        would ever want to get rid of a pug?” He around in my
                                        told me the problems pugs have mostly       pouch. The
 Arizona Pug Corner
                                        come from people and our dealing with       AZ sun does wonders for an old girl’s ar-
 Volume Three, Issue Two                their problems, but that our breed does     thritis. You should ask my mom to see the
 March, 2004                            have special needs that must be met in      portraits I had done recently. It was fun
                                        order for us to be happy and healthy in     getting all dressed up and looking pretty.
 Arizona Pug Corner is published
                                        our homes. Truly, without the help of pug The liver treats she gave me didn’t hurt
 four times a year by Arizona Pug
 Adoption & Rescue Network,             lovers and our very generous friends,       either. All the festivities of the day wore
 1106 N. Gilbert Rd. #2-PMB-192,        some of us wouldn’t have made it. My        me to a frazzle, but boy did we have fun!!!
 Mesa, AZ 85203.                        mom tells me often what a lucky girl I am.
                                        I agree. I’ve been very blessed by finding Thank you all for your support of APARN
 Subscription to Arizona Pug Corner                                                 and your help in saving the lives of little
 is $25.00 a year, and is included in   my forever home and my vet who loves
 annual membership dues.                me and visits with me regularly. My dad     dogs like me. I can’t thank you enough.
                                        tells me now I have to behave in front of   I’d happily go to an animal fair everyday
 Editor: Terri Wood                     people all the time because I’m a           and work till I dropped. I owe you my life!
 Printer: PrintersNet, Tucson

                                        spokespug and spokespugs aren’t sup-                  ---- Phoebe (& Stacy) Kidd
                                        posed to pee in the house or growl at their                                                                email us at:
 PAGE 4                                          ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                    VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                                       “Frankie the Mange Puppy”

In early June 2003, APARN received an email asking if we
could accept a young pug with severe demodex. April
lived in Yuma, and knew of someone with an 8-month old             Three weeks later,
pug with mange, not interested in caring for her. April of-        Frankie had already
fered to bring the pug to me if we would accept her into           decided that every
rescue. On the morning of Saturday 6/14, we met April at           toy in the house
Petco and formally accepted “Frankie” into our rescue.             belonged to her!

Named after the Men in Black II character, Frankie looked
(as my brother Walter put it) ‘like an anthrax victim.” At
                                       barely 10.5 pounds, I
                                       could see most of her
                                       ribs. Her little face
                                       was bare of any fur,
                                       her patchy coat punc-
                                       tuated by scabs and
                                       open sores. And she
                                       smelled something
                                       awful, a combination
                                       of bacterial infections
                                       and rotting dog flesh.                                                 By the end of
                                       I picked up a towel to                                                 July, Frankie
                                       wrap her in, and care-                                                 was actually
                                       fully took her from                                                    starting to
April. “It’s going to be ok now,” I whispered, holding her                                                    look like a
close. Frankie looked up at me, and gave me a pug kiss,                                                       pug!
as if to say, “Thanks, I feel safe now.”
                     Frankie went that morning to the vet,
                     where bloodwork was done and a
                     treatment plan laid out. She instantly
                     stole the heart of everyone she came
                     into contact with. We all knew that the
                     next few days would be crucial for          As the months passed, Frankie’s health improved, no
                     Frankie. Her bloodwork revealed a           doubt due to the love and nurturing of her new family. As
                     white cell count that was sky-high, as      of January, Frankie’s mange was finally gone. She no
                     well as extremely elevated liver en-        longer smells like anything other than a healthy little pug,
                     zymes. Frankie was a very sick pug,         and she now tops the scales at 18.5 pounds. Looking at
                     and realistically, we knew her odds of      her recent photo
                     survival were not good. Had April not       (right), it is hard to
                     managed to get her to us, Frankie           believe she is the
                     would not have lived much longer.           same dog.
  Frankie 6/14

Frankie’s foster mom Michelle kept us updated on her pro-
                                                                 Pugs like Frankie are
gress, and after a number of weeks, Frankie was strong
                                                                 just one of the rea-
enough to be spayed. Once recovered from surgery, Mi-
                                                                 sons APARN exists.
chelle signed adoption papers. A vet tech, Michelle was
                                                                 We are truly grateful
instrumental in Frankie’s recovery, giving her daily medi-
                                                                 for the opportunity to
cated baths, antibiotics and a course of Chinese herbs
                                                                 have made a differ-
recommended by the doctor. Michelle told me that she
                                                                 ence in her life!
had purchased toys and treats for Frankie, as well as a
terrycloth robe for her to wear after her daily baths, and a
pair of silk pajamas for bedtime. Frankie seemed destined
to become one very spoiled little pug!                                 -- Terri Wood                                                           email us at:
 PAGE 5                                           ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                   VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                                     Best of Pals: Oliver’s Story
          I don't remember why I wasn't able to attend Pug-A-        emails of support, they have really meant a lot to
          Palooza in October 2001, but I remember my sister          me. We were so blessed to have had over two
          Terri coming home from the event and talking about         years with Oliver. He was a one of a kind pug. We
          a rescue pug named Oliver, who had a bulging disc          all miss him so. He had been the closest thing to
          so bad it was making it hard for him to walk. Oliver       having a real child that I've experienced. I knew
          needed spinal surgery, or he would soon lose mobil-        people loved their dogs, but I never realized the
          ity, but APARN did not have the money required.            depth of such love before Oliver.
          Because I also have a bulging disc, I wanted to help.
          I started selling disaster blankets on eBay, with          I try to focus
          Oliver's photo and his Christmas wish story of want-       on my grati-
          ing to walk and play with the other pugs. Pug own-         tude for the
          ers from all over the country opened their hearts and      two years
          their checkbooks to Oliver's plight.                       we shared.
                                                                     I know I
          I knew I had to meet Oliver, and I asked Terri if we       made an
          could foster him to care for him as he recovered           impact on
          from surgery. I will never forget the day we met.          his life, and
          APARN was having a yard sale on the grassy area            he certainly
          in front of a volunteer's apartment complex. After         changed
          talking for a few minutes, I saw someone approach-         mine. Oliver
          ing with a beautiful little pug. "That's Oliver," Terri    loved being
          said. Before I knew it, I was running across the           the Spokespug, attending APARN events and help-
          grass toward him as fast as I could, calling out, "Hi      ing people see the value of senior and special needs
          Oliver!" He began running to me as fast as he              pugs. And I loved showing him off to everyone who
          could, and when we reached each other, I dropped           would listen to his incredible story.
          and rolled on the grass with him, laughing as he
          covered my face with pug kisses. It was my first           Only now that he is gone do I really realize that
          experience with love at first sight. I knew right then I   Oliver was in fact, a 'special needs' pug. He had to
          had to adopt this wonderful little boy pug.                wear diapers, and couldn't control his bowel move-
                                                                     ments. But we loved him so much that those things
          Oliver's surgery was successful, as he did gain            were insignificant. It was just part of the daily rou-
          some improvement in mobility, and further loss of          tine to change his diaper, pick up poop and carry
          mobility was prevented. He did remain                      him upstairs at bedtime.
          incontinent (both urinary and fecal) but we easily
                                               worked around         Oliver taught me a lot about courage. He always
                                               that problem with     had a big smile, and loved to follow anyone into the
                                               some brightly         kitchen, where he would wait patiently for a treat.
                                               colored belly         No matter how bad he might have been feeling, he
                                               bands fitted with     was always happy just to sit by my feet and let me
                                               size 3 diapers.       rub his head and ears. He never gave up, never just
                                               Although he           sat and felt sorry for himself the way we humans can
                                               could navigate        be tempted to do. He was my little hero.
                                               the 2-step stair-
                                               case by my bed,       In his memory, we have established Oliver's Fund
                                               he was carried        as a way to help other special needs senior pugs
                                               up and down the       that come to APARN. If you never thought you
          main staircase, as his back legs were not strong           would adopt a 'special needs' pug, I hope you will
          enough for him to climb that many stairs up or down.       rethink the subject. It could very well change your
                                                                     life as much as it did mine.
          I never thought of Oliver as a 'special needs' pug.
          He was just Oliver. And he was the most amazing            I look forward to the day Oliver and I meet again,
          little pal I'd ever had. We were soul maters, des-         when we can run together in the fields on the other
          tined to be together, to change each other’s lives.        side of the Rainbow Bridge, together again for all
          Oliver has made his transition to the Rainbow
          Bridge, and although I knew I had to let him go on
          ahead of me, it was truly the hardest thing I've ever                 -- Walter Wood,
          had to do. Thank you all for your cards, letter and                                                            email us at:
 PAGE 6                                       ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                                              Our Senior Boy

 We have been very active in pug rescue for many years      went. We couldn’t believe our eyes. His tail went from a
 and have seen many pugs come through our house             straight curled under position to up and curled position
 each year. As many as we’ve had through our house we       over time. He enjoyed sitting on our couch with our first
 became accustomed to not being deeply attached to          pug as if he were the king and she the queen.
 each pug as we would love to have been. But Walter
 turned out to be the foster that grabbed our hearts.       Walter was on the web site for a while after we brought
                                                            him to a better health state, yet no takers called on him.
 He came in as a dying pug barely able to make it the       We could tell he was happy in our house and was deter-
 next few days. The shelter relinquished him to us so we    mined to stay with us by his actions. He would follow
 could comfort him in his last few days. He was at that     Susan around, lick her leg and be by her side almost
 time many years older than our 9 year old pug. He had      every minute he could be. We’ve never seen a pug work
 a very severe breathing problem that was hard to diag-     so hard at making sure he never left our house. I think
 nose. After two days on IV’s and various chest x-rays      he knew that she was the only one that would not give
 the vets’ recommendation was euthanasia. We didn’t         up on him.
 buy into that. After several vets it was determined that
 he had chronic bronchitis and would always be cough-       The day after we decided to keep him in our family he
 ing and breathing heavy. Regardless of the breathing       stopped the deep attachment to Susan. It was just like
 issue, Walter showed great desire to live.                 someone turned off a water faucet. This is the kind of
                                                            personality he had with everything. He loved to con-
                                                            stantly tease the other pugs with his food and bones.
                                                            The move to another state proved to be a grand bonus
                                                            for Walter and his breathing. In Arizona his chronic
                                                            bronchitis almost completely disappeared. Again we
                                                            couldn’t believe the great health level that Walter at-
                                                            tained. It was really hard to believe at one point the
                                                            only outlook for him was euthanasia.
                                                            After a year in Arizona the breathing problems came
                                                            back on a monthly cycle. After each episode of cough-
                                                            ing and breathing trouble he would lose a little more of
                                                            his grip on life. He also had a few seizures that slowed
                                                            him down a lot. By the time Christmas came around this
                                                            last year Walter didn’t bounce back as strong as we
                                                            were hoping.
                                                            Christmas was always his favorite time of year. We al-
                                                            ways went on a car ride to see the lights with the night
                                                            ending at a fast food drive through. Walter was Burger
                                                            Kings happiest customer. Early on we found that fast
                                                            food was a life line for him. Through the many times we
                                                            thought we would lose him, fast food and cooked meat
                                                            brought him back to life.
                                                            Our Beloved Walter went to a better place on December
                                                            26th. He was a wonderful pug with great character. He
 We decided that since he had great will to live we would   was just one big cuddly stuffed animal that gave us al-
 help him as much as we could to keep him healthy. The      most four years of love and good memories. He will be
 fact that he was the sweetest looking old pug with a       greatly missed by all that knew him and will always be
 strong personality helped convince us he was a keeper.     remembered in our hearts.
 By trial and error we’d learned which medicines and
                                                                            -- Susan, Thomas, Brock And Puggles,
 handling would keep him in good shape. In no time he
                                                                          Pugsley, Mouton and Little Star Wollwert
 was chasing very young pugs around our den and
 kitchen like he was a 1 or 2 year old, yipping as he                                                     email us at:
 PAGE 7                                         ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                    VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                     Look Who Found a New Home!

                                    Tipper was adopted by his foster
                                    mother. His name should probably be
                                    Shadow, as he follows his mother
                                    around everywhere. His favorite ac-
                                    tivities include daily walks with his big
                                    Husky/Malamute sister Raja, chewing
                                    on bones and sitting on his mother’s
                                    lap when she is on the computer. He
                                    is also very loved by his extended
                                    family including his young human
                                    cousins. Tipper has brought much joy
                                    and laughter to his new home!

                                             Sam came to APARN as a 10-month old pug/boxer mix in need of a
                                             new home. After a few weeks in foster care, he met his new mom, and
                                             it was love at first sight. She writes, “APARN, thank you so much. I
                                             cannot believe how much love Sam has already brought to my heart.
                                             We get along wonderfully and have had so much fun already! I cannot
                                             believe I waited this long to get a partner such as Sam!! I think what
                                             you're doing is wonderful. All involved with your organization surely de-
                                             serve their wings. Nancy and her daughter were fabulous. They should
                                             be commended on their volunteerism. Oh, Sam says hello! xx Jen”

 Otis is learning to sit on command - first you get his
 attention with jerky treats, then you say "sit" while Otis
 lip reads...and sits (if you touch his back); we're working
 on eliminating the "touch his back" thing! He actually lip
 reads quite well. Still no mistakes in the house, I think                Bubba and Norton came to APARN when
                                                                          their owner died, and family could not care
 he just needed bushes (no bushes at the foster home)
                                                                          for them. At 6.5 years old, Bubba had al-
 and he has managed to stay out of the swimming pool
                                                                          ways been with 9-year old Norton, and we
 for some time now. Still (and likely forever) under abso-
                                                                          were committed to keep them together, no
 lute supervision in the back yard! Hope you are doing
                                                                          matter how long it took. Surprisingly, it only
 well with adoptions of all of your new pug rescues. Otis
                                                                          took two days! These boys settled right in
 says thank you for finding him a permanent home...but
                                                                          with their new family, and are as happy as
 he really misses playing with his foster brother and sis-
                                                                          pugs can be!
 ter. Chris & Logan                                                          email us at:
 PAGE 8                                         ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                   VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                                 Adventures of a Pug Foster Mom

   When I pulled up to Terri’s house for the quarterly vol-      snout and she took them very well.
   unteer meeting, little did I know that I would be starting
   my career as a foster mother. Terri and a couple other        Over the next two nights Lily managed to lie on and soil
   folks were in the front yard with a pug, a very peculiar      every single pillow (nine of them) on our king-size bed.
   looking pug.                                                  It got to the point where I just turned them over. Out of
                                                                 sight, out of mind, right?
                                           I soon found out      Wednesday morning she was still seeping a great deal
                                           Lily had been         from her wounds. I had an unbreakable appointment,
                                           dropped off at the    but my husband graciously consented to take her to the
                                           Apache Junction       vet again. Since getting over his mad of a couple of
                                           shelter shortly       days ago, he had totally bought into the fostering spirit
                                           after giving birth,   and was extremely helpful and supportive.
                                           had been rescued
                                           by APARN, and         I was dismayed to learn that Lily, in addition to not yet
                                           spayed two days       getting over her “rough patch”, also had a yeast infec-
                                           earlier.              tion in her ears. Why hadn’t they found this on our first
                                                                 visit? And why, in the name of all holy things, didn’t
                                          Lily needed a fos-     they clean out her damn ears? Instructions included
                                          ter home. I had        cleaning her ears twice a week and putting drops in
                                          been promising         twice a day. The nursing continued.
                                          myself I would be
                                          a foster mom as        By the end of the following weekend, her incision was
                                          soon as my new         healing nicely, with the swelling going down considera-
                                          pool was done.         bly. But a new monkey wrench was thrown into the
                                          That day the pool      works. She was now dripping blood from her vaginal
                                          was being filled.      area. My inexperience with non-altered dogs didn’t help
   Since the couple Terri first asked couldn’t foster her be-    me. I telephoned and polled several people I consid-
   cause they have an Alpha female, I thought this would         ered to be more experienced than me in this area. Can
   be the perfect opportunity to get my feet wet. I didn’t       a spayed dog go into heat? It was the only thing I could
   realize I would come close to drowning before it was          think of. Finally, I called the vet and talked with a tech-
   over.                                                         nician. We were on our way to the third vet visit within
                                                                 the week.
   Lily and I arrived home without incident, she slept on my
   lap in the car the entire 22 miles. I introduced her to my    Turns out, some of the blood vessels leading to the
   husband without preface as to how we had inherited this       vaginal stump (a brand new term for my vocabulary)
   latest pug treasure. Apparently he took exception to          had not been sealed off. Worst case, surgery has to be
   that as he didn’t speak to me for the next 36 hours,          done to correct it. Most times, it corrects itself within 15
   something unprecedented in our 16-year marriage.              to 20 days after the spaying. I fervently prayed it would
                                                                 be the latter. We were sent home with no new nursing
   Lily continued to be quiet and subdued. On Monday             instructions, just a deadline when the bleeding should
   morning, after the deep freeze was over, I noticed a          stop.
   large stain on the comforter of the bed we share with all
   our pugs. I checked Lily’s incision and it looked pretty      In the meantime, Lily was feeling her oats. She was not
   scary. I called Terri, got the closest APARN friendly vet     quiet, as I had assumed in the first few days of our ac-
   (mercifully close to my home), called them, and got an        quaintance. As a matter of fact, if she was riding in the
   appointment right away.                                       car and sitting anywhere but on a human’s lap, her
                                                                 barks were so shrill they could split your eardrums.
   Lily was just going through a “rough patch” (the doctor’s     Plus, her energy level shot up about 500%. She was
   words) in her recovery from her spaying. I was then           now leaping onto the bed (she has built-in springs!) and
   instructed on how to tend to her incision (I will spare the   landing squarely on my chest. THAT hurt! She was
   reader the gory details) and sent home with more antibi-      also jumping on the large crate I kept by the counter
   otics for her. I don’t think anyone with two brain cells to   holding the cats’ food and making her way up to the
   rub together would try to give a pug a pill, but Lily had a   counter to help the cat with his food and snacks.                                                         email us at:
 PAGE 9                                           ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                    VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                                          Adventures, continued

  Lily had a tendency to be at her peak of energy right
  after her breakfast, approximately 4:45 in the morning, a
  time I am at my nadir of energy. But I was up playing
  with her morning after morning, trying to wear her out so
  I could go back to sleep for a couple of hours.
  After a couple of days of this, I starting thinking, “I’ve got
  to get this pug on amphetamines OUT OF HERE!” I
  had been in contact with Terri and been assured that a
  number of potential adopters for Lily were being
  checked out. After a week and a half, I offered to pitch
  in, hoping to accelerate the process.
  Terri must have sensed my desperation, because on
  Friday, when Lily’d been with us for exactly two weeks,
  Terri informed me there had been a young family who
  had wanted to meet Lily at the Apache Junction shelter,
  but APARN had already rescued her. They might still
  be interested. And since they had seen a picture of Lily
  and still wanted her, I was encouraged. Don’t get me
  wrong. Lily is an adorable dog, but full-bred pug she’s
  not. My best guess is she’s a Pug /Chihuahua mix.
  She has quite a pronounced snout and very long legs,             would have unleashed the hounds from hell fury. They
  plus those springs I mentioned earlier, very un-puglike.         came in, met the whole crew, and never made it past
                                                                   our entryway. They started playing with Lily, and she
  I called and spoke with a very nice young woman who              played for all they were worth. They played fetch, they
  was indeed still interested in Lily and couldn’t believe         had a pug run, during a short break Lily sat right down
  her good luck in getting a second chance to adopt her.           in the lap of Taylor, the six year old, and started licking
  We made plans for her to visit us that very afternoon            her face.
  with her two little girls. I promptly called Terri to assure
  that if I sensed a good fit between Lily and these folks,        Needless to say, I sent them all off together. When the
  they could take her home right away.                             car pulled away with Taylor in the back seat and Lily on
                                                                   her lap, I knew it was a match made in Pug heaven. I
  Julie, Taylor and Chandler arrived promptly at 4:30 and          had been afraid that Lily was attached to me, but as
  I intercepted them before they rang our doorbell, which          they pulled out of the driveway, she never even glanced
                                                                   back. My husband was a little surprised when I came
                                                                   back into the house with tears running down my face.
                                                                   The following is the email I received from Julie after Lily
                                                                   had been with them for a couple of days:
                                                                   “We are all doing great. She fit in our family perfect. It is
                                                                   like she has been there for years. She is just an angel
                                                                   and I could not have asked for a better dog for the kids.
                                                                   They run around the back yard like crazy people. We
                                                                   went to Petsmart yesterday and bought her a special
                                                                   collar with her name on it and now she know she is part
                                                                   of the family. We just love her so much. Thank you so
                                                                   much for calling me to adopt her. It has made the family
                                                                   so happy. Thanks, Julie”

                                                                                                      -- Pattie Porter                                                            email us at:
 PAGE 10                                         ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                              VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                    Upcoming Events                                          Volunteer of the Quarter

Mar 13           Paws in the Park, Fountain Hills              Please join us in congratulating Heidi Slater as
                 Desert Vista Off-Leash Dog Park               APARN’s Volunteer of the Quarter for the October -
                                                               December 2003 Quarter! Heidi will receive a Volunteer
Mar 21           Pets911 Adoption Fair                         of the Quarter Certificate and a special thank-you gift.
                 Franciscan Renewal Center, Phoenix

Apr 3            PugStock 2004                                                  Volunteer Meetings
                 It’s A Ruff Life Dog Daycare, Phoenix
                                                               Would you like to volunteer for APARN, but you just
Apr 17           Quarterly Volunteer Meeting, Mesa             don’t know how to get started? Join us at a quarterly
                                                               Volunteer Interest Meeting! You’ll meet other APARN
Aug 7            Bowl-A-Rama for Animal Rescue                 volunteers, learn about fostering, performing home vis-
                                                               its, assisting with the annual pug parties and more!
Be sure to check the APARN website for the latest infor-       Next Meeting: Saturday April 17 at 9am in Mesa.
mation on all events, including time and location.             Please RSVP by phone at (480) 964-3126; or by email

                                                                         Poison Control Toll Free Number

                                                               The ASPCA has a poison control hotline phone num-
                                                               ber for pets. If you have reason to suspect that your pet
                                                               may have been exposed to something toxic, either in-
                                                               ternally or externally, this phone number will connect
                                                               you with an ASPCA veterinarian specially trained to
                                                               assist pet owners or other vets. This hotline is staffed
                                                               24 hours a day, seven days a week, by vets. (888) 4
                                                               ANI-HELP or (888) 426-4435.
   Do You Have Two Hours A Month?
   APARN needs Home Check volunteers - individuals                                    Memorials
   to help with approving families for adoption. Duties of
   the Home Check volunteer are:                               As a tribute to special friends who have passed away,
                                                               many people have made donations to APARN. We ex-
   1. Receive the application information from an
                                                               tend our greatest sympathies to those who have lost a
         APARN board member via email, phone or fax.
                                                               beloved pet. We know they are all waiting for us on the
   2. Contact the applicant within the week and ar-            other side of the Rainbow Bridge. If you would like to
         range a home check.                                   create a memorial fund, or you desire counseling,
   3. Visit the home and complete an APARN checklist           please contact us at (480) 964-3126 or email ari-
         to approve the home for pug adoption.       
   4. Provide a Home Visit Report to APARN via email,
         fax or mail.
     If you can commit time to this vital task, please call            Where Do Rescue Pugs Come From?
               the APARN hotline: 480-964-3126.
                                                               All over! APARN checks shelters, receives tips from
                                                               other rescue groups, and takes in Pugs who can no
                                                               longer be kept by their families. There are many rea-
                                                               sons why some families must give up their dogs - di-
                                                               vorce, financial hardship, death in the family and
   Things you can do to help APARN                             change in lifestyle are just a few. Contact APARN if you
                                                               know of a Pug in need.
    1. Become a member!
    2. Donate crates, bowls, collars - any dog stuff!
    3. Donate items for our silent auctions.                    For information about advertising in Arizona
    4. Become a foster home.                                              Pug Corner, please email
    5. Come to our events.
                                                                                                                  email us at:
 PAGE 11                                        ARI ZO NA PUG CO RNER                                 VO LU ME 3 , I S SU E 2

                          Join APARN and help the Pugs!

   Yes, I want to support the Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network!
             _______ New              ________Renewal

   Annual memberships available:
   _____ $25         Individual Member                       Please makes checks payable to APARN, and mail to:
                                                             Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network
   _____ $35         Family Membership
                                                             1106 N. Gilbert Rd. #2-PMB 192
   _____ $50         Pug Friends                             Mesa, AZ 85203
   _____ $75         Pug Lovers
   _____ $100        Pug Angels
   _____ $125+ Benefactor                     $_____ Extra donation to Oliver’s Fund, established in 2004 to
                                                     ensure funding for APARN’s special needs senior pugs

   Phone:__________________________________________________                   Date: ______________________
   Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
   City: _______________________________________ State: __________                    Zip: _________________
   Email: ________________________________________________________________________________
   Comments: ___________________________________________________________________________

     Membership Benefits:
     In addition to the satisfaction of helping Arizona’s hurting and homeless pugs, all levels of membership
     receive the following:

     •     Subscription to Arizona Pug Corner, delivered to your mailbox!
     •     APARN screensaver, filled with photos of our rescue pugs
     •     APARN Bumper sticker

     •     APARN magnet
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     Membership levels of $50 and above also receive an APARN T-Shirt! Size preferred: ________                                                        email us at:
       APARN MISSION STATEMENT                        Arizona Pug Corner is published four times a year by the

   APARN is a 501c3 non-profit, all volun-                   Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network
   teer organization whose mission is to
   rescue and rehabilitate abused, aban-                          APARN BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   doned, or injured Pugs in Arizona re-
                                                  Terri Wood, President           
   gardless of age or health status, and to
   place these dogs into loving, permanent        Stacy Kidd, Vice President      
   homes. Our goal, in addition to rescue         Nancy Axtell, Treasurer         
   and adoption, is public education and          Walter Wood, Secretary          
   awareness of the Pug dog breed and its
   special needs.                                 Susan Wollwert, Tucson Coordinator

      Membership in the Arizona Pug
      Adoption and Rescue Network
                                                       Thanks to PugPalace for
   Arizona pugs are in need of rescue and
   we can’t do it without your help! Please               making APARN the
   join us in our mission to make sure
   every pug in Arizona has a safe and               designated charity for March.
   loving home. You can help by becoming
   a member! Please take a moment to fill            Visit for
   out the membership form on Page 11.
   You can make a difference!                            new pug-related items!

 1106 N. Gilbert Rd. #2-PMB 192
 Mesa, Arizona 85203
 Phone: 480-964-3126
 In Tucson: 520-991-1740
 Fax: 480-964-0005

 Disclaimer: APARN does not endorse any
 medications, treatments, products or services
 reported in this publication. These references
 are intended only to present information.
 APARN strongly advises that you consult with
 your own veterinarian.

 Please join APARN as we present PugStock 2004 at It’s A Ruff Life Dog Daycare Center in Phoenix. For more infor-
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