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big screen tv repair


									                     100'' PROJECTION TV PLANS

1. Rectangular magnifying lens (at least 3" X 5" for best results)

The best size for this plan is 7x10

2. Duct tape (2 inches wide or more) and BLACK electrical tape

3. Black presentation board (Poster board) Cardboard

Any office supply store would carry this item. Make sure it has a length of at least 28" and it is the

thick poster board, not the thin flimsy stuff. Cardboard is best and the inside must be black.

4. Pencil or marker

5. Razor blade or box cutter

(scissors can be used, but razor blades are much easier)

6. Mirror (at least one inch larger than the TV screen)

The best place to find the mirror size you need is at a home supply store like

The Home Depot or Menards. If you need assistance finding one ask for a

"Beveled wall mirror without a frame" in the size you are looking for.

They are the lowest cost mirrors you will find. I got one for $14.

7. String or wire about 3 to 5 feet long.

8. Ceiling hooks (2)

9. Door Hinges (2) - OPTIONAL

10. Black Flat Spray paint- For the inside of the box that goes around your

                              ASSEMBLE THE PROJECTOR

1st: Measure the vertical and horizontal distance of the television screen. DO
NOT measure the entire TV, the projector attaches to the screen.
2nd: Cut your projector's frame pieces. Use the entire length of the poster board
(usually 28") and the width should be the measurement of your screen. For
instance if your screen measures 8 x 11, then you will cut two pieces to measure
8 x 28, and two pieces to measure 11 x 28.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your cuts are straight.

3rd: Cut your slider. This is the piece that will be used to focus your projector.
Getting the proper focus could take a few minutes. Cut this piece using the
measurements of the sides widths. In the example an 8 x 11 screen was used,
so this slider should measure 8 x 11.

4th: Take the Magnifying lens and place it directly in the center of the slider.
Trace around the lens and carefully cut out the rectangle. Make the cut just a bit
to the inside of the line. You may use black electrical tape to hold the lens in
place, just be sure to cover as little of the lens as possible and be consistent on
all sides so you have straight and even lines. You MUST cover the clear border
around the lens itself, failure to do so will affect the quality of the picture. Hint: to
find the center, draw two straight lines diagonally on the slider. The center will be
where they intersect.

5th: Tape the sides and top and bottom together, tape to make sure no light
shines through. If the poster board is not black on both sides, the INSIDE must
be BLACK. At this point you should have a box with four sides.

IMPORTANT: The inside of the box should be the exact measurement of the TV

6th: Insert the slider about halfway into the box. The slider should fit snug and
should not allow any light to pass through the edges. Light should only pass
through the lens. If there are small gaps of light, don't worry we will fix that in step
8. As long as the slider fits snug you will be okay.

7th: Size the projection screen. Turn off all lights and block as much light as
possible from the room. The projector works best in the darkest room. Turn on
your TV and adjust the contrast, brightness, and color to the highest setting. Hold
the projector to the screen of your TV. You should see light projected on the wall.
If you want the screen to be larger, move the projector away from the wall. If you
want the screen smaller, move the projector closer to the wall. When you get the
size you want, measure the distance from the end of the projector to the wall.
This is the distance you will place your mirror from the wall in step 10.

NOTE: You can use a projection screen, but a plain white wall works just fine.
8th: Focus the projector. This step may take a few minutes. Adjust the slider in
and out until the picture is focused. The picture will be upside-down, don't worry
about this now, just get the projector in focus. You will flip the image in step 10.

Once the image is in focus, use the black electrical tape to hold the slider in
place. If there is any light passing through the box from anyplace other than the
lens, then make sure you block it with the tape.

9th: Unplug your TV and turn it on its back so the screen is facing up. The
bottom of the TV set should be facing the wall that you want to see the picture
on. Attach the projector to the TV using tape or whatever you want to use. No
light should pass through the edges. Light should only pass through the lens.

10th: Attach mirror. The dimensions of your mirror must be at least one inch
larger than your TV screen. For example, if your TV screen is 8x11 inches, then
you need a mirror that is at least 9x12 inches. The mirror can be larger, but not
smaller. Usually the mirror will come in a cardboard box with the face of the
mirror showing. Do not remove the box. If your mirror is not packaged this way,
you need to make a frame out of cardboard for your mirror. Now take the Duct
tape and cut about 6 pieces each 8" long. Place 4" of the tape on the projector's
outside that would be opposite of the wall where the screen will be (this should
be the TOP of the TV). Place the remaining 4" on the front side of the cardboard
holding the mirror and at the bottom (horizontally). With the duct tape wrap
around the projector about 4 times at the top. You should now have a mirror that
is attached to the projector and be able to move it up and down. Use your own
judgment and creativity to make sure the attachment is strong enough. Place the
ceiling hooks in the ceiling about 18 inches behind the projector and one in front
of the other (about 6 inches apart). These measurements do not have to be
perfect. At the top of the mirror (horizontally) you need to cut a small square in
the center of the cardboard. If the box has a handle at the top, just use that. Now
make 2 small cuts in the bottom two corners of the cardboard holding the mirror.
With string or wire tie a knot in each corner and run the string up to the back of
the 2 ceiling hooks. Make the string tight so it supports the backside of the mirror.
With a second piece of string or wire tie a knot to the top center of the cardboard
and lift the mirror to a 45 degree angle, then tie the other end to the front of the 2
ceiling hooks. Note: in place of the duct tape you could buy a couple of hinges for
a door or kitchen cupboard to attach the mirror.

Another Option- If you'd like to have the best picture possible you can go
without using the mirror and either you or a tech can switch the vertical and
horizontal connections to your TV tube. One set is green and blue-the other is
red and yellow (I would DEFINATELY have an experienced tech do this. He/She
shouldn't charge anymore than 25 dollars to do this. Call around to your local
repair shops and let them know what you want done (switching the horizontal
and vertical connections on your TV) to find the best price.
Finally. With the room as dark as possible, turn on the TV. If the picture is too
high or low just adjust the angle of the mirror. Make sure the color, brightness,
and contrast are at the highest settings. Also, the projector will need some
cosmetic help. Decorate it to your own taste.

 Enjoy Your Big Screen TV Projector!

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