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Sample CAR form - Corrective Action Request Form – Template

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									Sample Corrective Action Request
(CAR) form – The Bison Biscuit
Company Pty Ltd

                 Company                    The Bison Biscuit Company Pty Ltd

                 Site                       Sydney

                 CAR no.                    01                               Date raised: 18th October 2006
                 Severity rating                   Critical              Major                  Minor

                 Details of non-conformance
                 The open steel mesh ramp was observed to pass directly above the open hopper of the
                 cream filling machine on the No. 2 biscuit line. Evidence of black specks, filth and debris
                 from the underside of the leading hand’s work boots was observed to fall into the cream
                 hopper as the walk way was transgressed. Since the cream component of the biscuits is
                 considered a be a ready to eat potentially, hazardous food that does not undergo any further
                 heat treatment in the final product, this piece of equipment, through design (open mesh) and
                 location, poses an unacceptable microbiological and physical food safety hazard. The Food
                 Safety Standards require food businesses to take all reasonable steps to prevent food from
                 becoming contaminated. In addition, fixtures, fittings and equipment, should be fit for
                 purpose and maintained in a clean and sanitary manner and in themselves not pose a food
                 safety hazard.
                 Immediate short term corrective action is required to prevent staff using this equipment
                 until such time as it can be modified, maintained and located so as not pose a contamination
                 hazard to processing equipment and product.
                 James Perkins

                 Proposed corrective action
                 Immediate corrective action:
                  walkway cordoned off
                  sign and staff notice issued.
                 Long term corrective actions:
                  relocate ramp way to where the line contains an enclosed product stream
                  modify ramp way so that it is portable, and can be moved away from the line for

Food Safety Auditing Toolbox                                                                                1
Sample CAR form: Bison Biscuit Company Pty Ltd
        cleaning purposes

     Replace mesh grates with solid kick plate to prevent debris from the underside of shoes
       falling through the walkway onto the production line.
    Company official                              Proposed completion date
    Kristin Alessi                                14 days

    CAR close out details
    Received on 28 October 2006
    Photographs of the relocated ramp showing position is now above an enclosed product
    stream. Close ups of the modifications showing mesh has been replaced with solid
    panelling and wheels added for mobility.
    A copy of the modified cleaning program that now includes the walkway in a programmed
    cleaning schedule and an SOP, which requires the walk way to be moved away from the
    line during cleaning. CAR closed 28/10/06.
    Date downgraded                                 Auditor

    Date downgraded                                 Auditor
    Date downgraded                                 Auditor

    Date downgraded – 28th October 2006             Auditor – James Perkins

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                                                 Sample CAR form: Bison Biscuit Company Pty Ltd

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