; Reading Observation Checklist - READING
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Reading Observation Checklist - READING

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									                       READING OBSERVATION CHECKLIST

Student Name: ___________________________________________________________

 + consistently      usually       - sometimes          () rarely

                   BEHAVIOUR                                            COMMENTS

Talks about favourite books and authors

Engages in a wide range of independent

Selects reading as a choice activity

Sets a purpose for reading

Makes reasonable predictions based on
title, pictures/context
Uses personal experience and text
information to make supported inferences

Answers a range of questions about text

Makes miscues that make sense and
sound right in relation to the text
Identifies high-frequency words
Reads fluently and at an appropriate
Self-corrects on the basis of meaning and
visual cues
Reads with expression and appropriate
Knows which comprehension strategies
he/she was able to use

     A Guide to Literacy Effective Literacy Instruction Grades 4 to 6, Volume 2, Assessment

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