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           President’s Message                            judges as a result of the Terri Schiavo case.
         Kent A. Jeffirs, President                       Within the last week alone, I read a letter to the
                                                          editor in The Times describing judges as “evil”
                                                          decision makers whose decisions harm innocent
                                                          people. In support the writer cited as examples
                                                          the Schiavo case and the “judges in Indianapolis
                                                          who decided our death by raising our taxes so
                                                          high.” Similarly, a recent editorial in the Post
                                                          Tribune described the Schiavo case as “a
                                                          governmental determination to kill an innocent
                                                          woman” and described the judiciary as “the most
                                                          dangerous branch of our government.” As
                                                          judges and lawyers, we must work to better
                                                          educate the public on what the role of our
                                                          judiciary is. Simply put, that role is no more and
         STEMMING THE TIDE                                no less than to apply the existing law to the case
          ON UNWARRANTED                                  at hand despite the current social and/or political
      ATTACKS ON THE JUDICIARY                            climate and even under the most difficult of
                                                          circumstances. Robert J. Grey Jr., President of
     As a lawyer, a city judge and President of           the American Bar Association, said it best in a
the Lake County Bar Association, I am deeply              recent statement: “The tragic circumstances of
concerned with the growing frequency of                   the Terri Schiavo case have elicited strong
unwarranted attacks on the integrity and                  feelings from all quarters.        While this is
independence of our judiciary. These attacks              completely understandable, many commentators
have taken the form of derogatory statements              and observers have crossed the line in using this
against particular judges, expressions of                 tragedy to needlessly, gratuitously and viciously
contempt for the entire judicial system and               attack the dedicated men and women who serve
attempts by our legislative bodies to override the        as America‟s judges. This needs to stop.”
independence of the judiciary. It is difficult to         “While it is appropriate for commentators,
pick up any newspaper these days (local, state or         policymakers and the broader public to debate
national),   without      finding    an    article,       the societal challenges and dilemmas brought to
commentary, legislative proposal or letter to the         light by Terri Schiavo‟s case, there is no need for
editor denouncing the dedicated men and women             personal attacks on the judges in this case. They
who serve as our judges.                                  are not killers as some have called them, nor are
     Most notably of late is the backlash against         they activists bent on pushing an ideological

agenda. They are simply dedicated public                   in office is confirmed by the senate. Currently,
servants called on to serve as impartial arbiters in       the Governor appoints our supreme court and
a very difficult case. Instead of maligning them           appellate court judges from those candidates
for applying existing law to the case at hand, we          selected by the judicial nominating committee.
should praise them for dispensing even-handed              Retention of our supreme court and appellate
justice and upholding the independence of the              court judges is by public election. This proposal
judiciary even under the most difficult                    provides that a supreme court justice or appellate
circumstances.       These judges deserve our              judge may not take office until being confirmed
respect, not our scorn.”                                   by the state senate. Similarly, if a sitting
     Of even greater concern than the Schiavo              supreme court justice or appellate judge wishes
backlash are the recent attempts by our federal            to serve another term, they must apply to the
and state legislatures to override the                     state senate for retention and will be retained
independence of the judiciary. The framers of              unless: (1) the judge or justice does not apply to
our federal and state constitutions understood the         the senate for retention; or (2) at least 60% of the
need for the checks and balances inherent in our           members of the senate vote against retention.
three separate branches of government                      This proposal is nothing short of a
(executive, legislative and judicial), and the need        politicalization of our judiciary at its highest
for the judicial branch to be insulated from the           levels. One need only look at the contentious
pressures of politics and popular opinion. We              and political nature of the confirmation hearings
saw one attempt to whittle away at the                     held by the United States Senate in lifetime
independence of the judiciary when President               appointments to the federal bench – and the
Bush and Congress quickly enacted a new law to             resulting number of federal judicial vacancies in
further extend the court‟s review process in the           recent years – to understand why this usurping of
Schiavo case.       (Fortunately, Congress only            judicial independence will never work for
enacted another avenue for appellate review                Indiana. Rather than a judicial appointment and
rather than attempting to substitute its judgment          retention system by the Governor and the
for the courts‟ interpretation of our existing             citizens, our supreme court and appellate court
laws.) Of even greater concern, however, we are            judges, and their decisions, would be at the
now witnessing attempts by the Indiana                     mercy of the Indiana legislature whenever a
legislature to enact new laws which aim to                 judge‟s decision does not fit the current social or
undermine the independence of Indiana‟s                    political climate. Majority rule, not the rule of
judiciary. One proposal made earlier this year             law as embodied in our constitution and statutes,
proposed to deny a judge the ability to allow              would be the final word and the very
defendants to post a refundable 10% cash bond              independence we crave in our judiciary would be
with the court clerk in favor of only being able to        compromised. I have received some assurances
post a surety bond through an “insurer” (read              that this proposal, like the bail bond proposal
“bail bondsman”). The effect would have been               before it, will likely not become law in Indiana.
to limit a judge‟s authority to set bonds as he or         I hope for the sake of our independent judiciary
she deems proper for a case and to reward and              and our citizens that it indeed fails.
enrich the bondsman.                                            Finally, I would be remiss if I were not to
     The latest and most disconcerting legislative         mention the circumstances under which we call
proposal in Indiana to usurp the independence of           upon our judges to take on these difficult cases
the judiciary attempts to take away the                    often filled with family anguish, economic
Governor‟s right to appoint and Indiana citizen‟s          hardship and tremendous social and political
right to vote on the retention of our supreme              repercussions. First, we have all seen in recent
court and appellate court judges and to place that         weeks the news reports concerning the killing of
power in the hands of the legislature. The                 a judge in Atlanta, the killing of a judge‟s family
proposal provides that a justice of the supreme            in Chicago and the call for greater security for
court or judge of the court of appeals shall serve         our courts and judges.              Some security
for ten years after their appointment is confirmed         improvements have been made recently, but
by the senate or the justice's or judge's retention        more is needed to protect the protectors of our

rights. Secondly, and more easily addressed, is          pressures of popular opinion or political desires.
the fact that we ask so much of our judges and           Tell them that our judges indeed deserve our
yet deny them even a simple cost of living pay           respect.
raise for years. Our judges have not had a pay                                          Kent A. Jeffirs
raise – which requires approval by the legislature
– for eight years and are currently 48th in
compensation out of our 50 states. It is time to
                                                              NOTICE FROM THE LAKE
right an eight year wrong and for our legislature             CIRCUIT-FAMILY COURT
to finally enact another pending proposal which
                                                              Lake County Rules of Family Law, Rule 5
would allow our judges to be fairly compensated
                                                         (C), requires an “Approval As To Form” and a
and allow modest cost of living increases in the         signature line for each counsel or pro se litigant
future without having to beg the legislature each        on all Agreed orders and Orders prepared
year. A proposal now before the Indiana                  pursuant to Rule 5. Orders submitted without
legislature would do just that. Judges pay should        the required “Approval As To Form” will not be
not be tied to other state employees, should not         accepted by the Lake Circuit Family Court.
require new legislation to be passed each year for            In addition, if you are filing a Motion For
even the most modest cost of living adjustment           Continuance you must always contact the
and should be determined by an independent               opposing attorney to determine if the matter can
commission rather than the legislature. As our           be continued by agreement. If the parties agree
Chief Justice Randall Shepard said in his State of       to a continuance then you may submit the
                                                         continuance on a CCS form. If the parties do not
the Judiciary Address, “good enough can never
                                                         agree to the continuance, then you must submit a
be good enough.”                                         Motion and proposed Order. The Motion must
     I recently attended a town-meeting type             state the date you contacted the opposing
luncheon with Governor Mitch Daniels in Crown            attorney and whether the opposing attorney
Point. He asked for any and all questions on the         objects to the continuance. Following this
minds of those in attendance. I stood and stated         simple procedure will greatly expedite the
my perceptions of these unwarranted attacks on           Court‟s ruling on pending Motions For
the integrity and independence of our judiciary,         Continuance.
and asked about his thoughts on the above-
mentioned legislative items. I am happy to say
he was responsive, well informed and gave me
hope that the legislative efforts to usurp the
independence of the judiciary would not likely
come to pass and that he supported the proposals
for reform of how we determine judicial
compensation. Thank you for your time and
support, Governor Daniels. Now I ask that if
you, the members of our bench and bar, have not
already done so, please contact your state
representatives and Governor Daniels‟ office and
voice your opposition to the proposal to
politicize the appointment and retention of our
appellate judges and your support of the proposal
to reform judicial compensation. Most of all,
however, talk to your clients, your friends, your
neighbors and anyone else who will listen. Tell
them that the recent attacks against the dedicated
men and women who serve as our judges are
unjustified. Tell them that they are dedicated
public servants whose job is to apply existing
law to the case at hand without bending to the

    LAWYERS ON THE MOVE                                  Seasons Place, Suite 213, Crown Point, IN
  & DIRECTORY CORRECTIONS                                46307. Phone (219) 226-0137. Fax (219) 662-
                                                         6924. Toll-Free: 1-888-PSTANKO. E-mail:
      I‟m sure all of you are aware that the 2005
LCBA Legal Directories have arrived and have             -----
been mailed to the membership. If after looking                Thomas K. Hoffman & Robert E. Stochel
through this year‟s directory, you find a mistake        has a new address of One Professional Center,
or change that was not reported to the Bar office,       Suite 306, Crown Point, IN 46307. Phone and
please fax the correction/change to 736-6400.            Fax numbers remain the same: (219) 662-0165
Please do not call in changes. Unfortunately a           and (219) 662-2151, respectively.
number of changes are sent to the office after the       -----
directory information has been sent to the                     Lucretia A. Thornton, Attorney/Nurse,
printer. The deadline each year for changes is           has joined the law firm of Hoeppner Wagner &
January 31st.                                            Evans at its Merrillville location of Twin
      The corrections/changes will be published          Towers, Suite 606 South Tower, 1000 East 80 th
each month, as always, in the „Lawyers on the            Place, Merrillville, IN. Phone (219) 769-6552.
Move section of the newsletter. Please make              Fax (219) 738-2349.
these changes in your directory. If you are in           -----
need of additional books for your office staff,                Janice R. Gambill has relocated her office
please mail your payment (including $3.00                to 6183 Central Avenue, Portage, IN 46368.
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and pick them up and save the postage and                      Thomas C. Higgins is (219) 756-7408,
handling fees.                                           please make this correction to your directory, on
      This month‟s directory corrections and             page 40.
changes are as follows:
      Connie L. Bauswell has moved her office
to Valparaiso. The new address is 58 Jefferson
Street, Valparaiso, Indiana 46383. Phone (219)
548-0980. Fax (219) 548-0993.                                  CAN’T GET A HANDLE ON THE
-----                                                          MEDICAL ASPECTS OF YOUR
      Lori V. Gillis has relocated her law office
to 4858 Broadway, Gary, IN 46401. Phone                                  CASE?
(219) 887-2626. Fax (219) 887-2829.
      Alissa F. Resop has relocated her practice                    Use the source many attorneys
to the law firm of Beckman, Kelly & Smith,
5920 Hohman Avenue, Hammond, IN 46320.                                        rely on to:
Phone 933-6200 – fax 933-6201.                                    Screen cases for merit
-----                                                             Analyze/summarize records
      Trial Lawyer, Duke T. Escue is no longer                    Prepare “critical fact” chronologies
affiliated with State Farm Litigation Counsel.
                                                                  Identify standard of care
He is entering private practice with Walter J.
Alvarez. Phone (219) 662-6400. Fax (219) 662-                      issues/damages/missing records
6410. Mailing address is now: 1524 West 96th                      Obtain experts
Avenue, Crown Point, IN 46307.                                    Assist with discovery
-----                                                             Prepare case customized depo questions
      For all correspondence of Atty. Laura                       Draft panel submissions
Bottando, please send to P.O. Box 278, Hobart,
IN 46342. Phone (219) 742-2683. Thank You.
      Atty. Paul D. Stanko updated information
                                                             MIDWEST MEDICAL LEGAL RESOURCES,
was not included in the 2005 directory, please                               INC.
notate the changes accordingly; 10971 Four                        Jo Anne Kuc RN, BSN, LNCC
                                                                         Celebrating 15 years in business
         LCBA SCHOLARSHIP                                         The Rule was formally adopted on
           APPLICATIONS                                            February 25, 2004 to take effect January
                                                                   1, 2005 (All NEW case filings and
      Lake County Bar Association‟s 4th Annual                     public access requests must comply
Scholarship applications are now available.                        with The Rule beginning January 1,
You can either pickup an application from the                      2005).
LCBA office or send a self addressed, stamped                     The Rule assures records are publicly
envelope to: LCBA, 2293 North Main Street,                         accessible unless they are explicitly
Crown Point, IN 46307, and an application will                     excluded from access.
be mailed to you. We are also in the process of                   The Rule assures full public access to
having them put on the LCBA Web site.                              court records while protecting privacy
      Applications have also been sent to all of                   interests.
the Indiana Law Schools. The applications can                     The rule governs confidentiality and
be picked up in the Financial Aid Department of                    access issues for both administrative
the law schools.                                                   and case records in all Indiana courts.
      Last year we were please to give our third                  The rule and green paper:
scholarship to two deserving law students –                             o In instances where a court
Christie Lynn Bodnar and Jaclyn Marie Palos                                   order contains non-public
who each received an award of $2,500.00 to be                                 information, the full order
applied towards their law school tuition.                                     should be produced on green
      Scholarships shall be credited only towards                             paper for inclusion in the non-
tuition costs at an accredited law school located                             public case file and a redacted
anywhere in Indiana and will be paid directly to                              copy made available for
the law school.                                                               general public access.
      Academic performance shall be the primary                         o In instances where a court
criteria, however; involvement in quality extra-                              order contains non-public
curricular activities and community involvement                               information, the full order
shall be considered.                                                          should be produced on green
      Application must be received by June 1,                                 paper for inclusion in the non-
2005 (received by, not postmarked by) in order                                public case file and a redacted
to be considered for this year‟s award.                                       copy made available for
                                                                              general public access.

   FROM THE DESK OF THE                                        Most importantly, we acknowledge that we
                                                          are all in a trial and error period. The clerk‟s
                                                          office will strive to help in any way possible as
                                                          we move through these “uncharted waters” with
Why are office supply stores out of green
                                                          all of you. Keep in mind that questions
                                                          pertaining to Administrative Rule 9, public
                                                          access, or confidentiality issues may be directed
     We all know court records in Indiana have
                                                          to the Division of State Court Administration at
been presumed to be open for public access
                                                          (317)      232-2542     or     its   website    at
except for those deemed confidential. The whole
idea is that both government and public interest
                                                               In the meantime, you might want to stock up
are better served when records are open for
                                                          on light green paper. It seems to be at a premium
public inspection.
                                                          since last January!
     Effective at the beginning of this year, a lot
of issues arose surrounding changes to
                                                                                   Clerk Thomas R. Philpot
Administrative Rule 9 (which we call “The
Rule”) – perhaps the most frustrating of which is
the requirement to use “green paper” when filing
certain court documents.

A quick summary:

                        A Live 3 Hour Ethics CLE

                            Magistrate Christina J. Miller, Chair

                               Friday, May 20, 2005
At White Hawk Country Club – 10001 White Hawk Dr. – Crown Point
(Main St. south to Summit, turn west and drive about 2 miles and turn right into White Hawk Sub
                        Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.
         Cost is $100.00 for LCBA members - $170.00 Seminar & Golf
              $150.00 for non-members - $250.00 Seminar & Golf
                                     (Lunch included)

   Donald R. Lundberg, Disciplinary Commission, Executive Secretary
                 Marce Gonzalez, Jr., Lake County Attorney
  Christina J. Miller, Magistrate Lake County Circuit Court, Civil Division
                          (Topics to be announced at a later date)

Please fill out the registration form and return it with your payment to:
Lake County Bar Association, 2293 North Main Street, Crown Point, IN 46307
Make check payable to Lake County Bar Association
Name __________________________________________________________________
Firm ___________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
City _________________________________ State _______ Zip Code _____________
Amount enclosed $____________ Lunch ____Yes ____No Attorney ID#__________

                                                                     GLENN PETERS
                                                                   LAW SCHOLARSHIP
        "WE SELL IT ALL"                                     Bank Calumet is accepting applications for the
                                                         Glenn Peters Law Scholarship. The scholarship is
                                                         limited to law students who reside in the northern
            On Site Estate Sales                         District of Indiana. The Northern Indiana District
          On Site Auction Services                       includes the following counties: Adams, Allen,
              Quick Settlement                           Benton, Blackford, Carroll, Cass, DeKalb, Elkhart,
                                                         Fulton, Grant, Huntington, Jasper, Jay, Kosciusko,
         Appraisal Services Available                    LaGrange, Lake, LaPorte, Marshall, Miami,
             Real Estate Service                         Newton, Noble, Porter, St. Joseph, Starke-Pulaski,
                                                         Steuben, Tippecanoe, Wabash, Warren, Wells,
                                                         White, and Whitley.
     FREE VERBAL APPRAISALS                                  Applications can be obtained from Bank
                                                         Calumet. If you need additional information
          Estate Sale Professionals                      concerning the scholarship, please contact Bank
                                                         Calumet at 219/853-2115.          The application
        Thomas Surovek, Auctioneer                       deadline is June 1, 2005.
            219-844-2462 Voice
             219-844-2463 Fax
                                  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!
                                                                  LIVE CLE/GOLF

                   Ind Lic AU10200146

                                                              The Lake County Bar Association will present
                   C.A.H., INC.                          a three (3) hour Ethics Seminar on Friday, May 20,
                                                         2005 at the White Hawk Country Club. Lunch will
        COURT ORDERED SERVICES                           follow immediately after the seminar. For the
                                                         golfers, be prepared to tee off at 1:00 p.m.
    *Families and Divorce Classes                             Keep an eye on the newsletter for registration
    Anger Management Classes                             information and additional details as the date gets
    Domestic Violence Classes                            closer. The seminar is chaired by Magistrate
    Parenting Classes                                    Christina Miller of the Lake County Circuit
    Substance Abuse Prevention Classes                   Court.
    Guardian Ad Litems Available                              A flier is included in this newsletter. Please
    Mediation Services                                   fill out the form and mail it, along with you
    Supervised Visitation Site                           payment, to the Lake County Bar Association, 2293
                                                         North Main Street, Crown Point, IN. We need to
*This course is the one required by the courts and       get a count for the Golf portion as well as the
meets on the second and fourth Monday of each            seminar portion of this seminar.
month from 6 – 10 p.m.
     For more information, contact CAH, Inc. for
all your needs at (219) 884-7365 – fax 985-0593.

 REPORT ON JURY DEMOGRAPHICS IN                           Deferral Information: There were 209 individuals
  THE LAKE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT                           who served as jurors in Lake County Circuit Court
 FROM JANUARY 2003 TO JANUARY 2005                        from January 2003 and January 2005.             72
                                                          individuals received deferrals at this time. Taken
Gender: Most of the juries in the court had seven         together this is 281 individuals who would have
jurors. If this holds true, the average jury would        served, with about a quarter of those seeking and
consist of 4 women and 3 men. General statistics          receiving deferrals.
of population for Lake County have the gender
breakdown at 52% women and 48% men. Based                 Jury Question: Within the time period, jurors
on this, there seems to be some other external            asked 376 questions, and 284 were allowed to be
factor as to why women are exceeding their                asked by the Court and the attorneys in the
proportion of the population in serving as jurors.        respective trials. Accordingly, about ¾ of all
Possible avenues of explanation include attorney          questions were answered.
strategies during the jury selection process and
differences in the proportion of men and women            Jury Verdicts: While half of the verdicts were not
who are registered to vote.                               identified, 80% of those that were identified were
                                                          in favor of the plaintiff. This does not necessarily
Race: Caucasians make up 69% of jurors, while             mean that the jurors are favoring the plaintiff in
they make up 72% of the population of Lake                these cases. Many times the verdict for the
County. African Americans make up 20% of                  plaintiff, depending on the sum of money awarded,
jurors and 25% of the general population. Asian           is really more of a victory for the defendant.
Americans make up less than 1% of jurors and .9%
of the general population. Hispanics make up 4%           Jury Verdict Plaintiff Awards: The awards show
of the jurors and 13% of the general population.          a pretty good range for the awards, with the lowest
The main observation from these statistics is that        being just above $5,000 and the largest being
while the percentage serving as jurors corresponds        above $1,000.00.       The Average is inflated
closely to the percentage in the general population       somewhat by the million dollar judgment. The
for Caucasians, African Americans, and Asian              majority of all judgments reported are below
Americans, there is a significant disparity in that       $50,000.
relation among Hispanics. The number might
change based on the race of those jurors who were
unidentified, but possible avenues of explanation
for the disparity again include attorney strategies       ATTENTION SOFTBALL PLAYERS!
during jury selection as well as the percentage of
each race in registering to vote.

Age: The age information clearly shows that
individuals in their 40s and 50s make up a
substantial part of jurors, a combined 63%. The
majority, of the population, of Lake County, are
between the ages of 25 and 64, which corresponds               The Lake County Bar Association Circuit
to the majority of the jurors. A reasonable               Riders ride again! If you are interested in playing
assumption would be that this proportional                softball this summer, (men‟s or coed), please
disparity between the age groups would also be            contact Frank Martinez at 923-9922.
reflected in voter registration records.

Occupation: The obvious observation is that most
                                                          GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE REPORT
jurors‟ occupation is not recorded by the court
during the jury service. From those identified,
                                                               The following are stats reported by the
there seems to be a decent balance between
                                                          Grievance Committee Chair Donald Levinson for
different types of professions. The unemployed
                                                          the month of March, 2005:
category, it should be noted, includes those who
                                                               51 complaint forms mailed out
are unemployed by choice, i.e. retired individuals
                                                               3 new referrals to the Commission
or stay at home parents.
                                                               9 cases disposed of
                                                               7 active cases

            CRIMINAL CORNER                                    the general election to the Senate. It would not be
              Jim Foster, Chair                                wise, in our opinion, for any judge, on the Court of
                                                               Appeals to be in jeopardy, of removal, if 60% of
    The April meeting, as always, was the first                the senators decided that Judge should go. I
Wednesday in the month and the May meeting is                  chatted, passingly, with President Jeffirs, last week,
scheduled as follows:                                          who I think may have more to say about the subject
                                                               in his message.
         Wednesday, May 4, 2005                                3. Various other topics will be subject of ongoing
         Andorra                                               dialogue to search for common-ground. These
         5:15 p.m.                                             include, for example, such diverse subjects as
                                                               bonding practices, some OWI dispositions and
      We were pleased, in April, to be joined by               whether there is a solution (presenting peaceful
First Assistant Peter Villarreal.         The Press            coexistence) for the defense position that the
Conference, on the Hobart-shooting case,                       current law requires submission of all witnesses‟
prevented attendance by Prosecuting Attorney                   addresses and the prosecutors wish to honor the
Bernard Carter and First Deputy Barbara                        request, of various witnesses, to keep such secret
                                                               from the defendant.
McConnell. We appreciate Pete=s efforts under
                                                                    I feel such on-going dialogue can only be
these circumstances.
                                                               beneficial to both sides. I hope it becomes a
      We hope this will be the beginning of a regular
                                                               regular and standard part of the practice of law, in
practice for dialogue/sharing between the
                                                               the Criminal Courts arena.
prosecution/defense.             The      role     of
prosecution/defense is and will remain adversarial.
This is not only appropriate but a necessary part of
the adversarial-system. It is further the case that                     FAMILIES & DIVORCE:
ongoing dialogue should prove beneficial for                              WORKING IT OUT
several reasons including (A) areas of common
interest (B) areas of mutual convenience and,                       Families and Divorce is a mandatory 4 hour
perhaps most important (C) attempts to foster                  class informing parents of ways to help their
civility. Sports analogies can get tiresome but I              children through the divorcing process. Learn
still think it well expressed when it was noted that           practical communication strategies so that both
a trial, is like a basketball game when, during the            parents can stay involved in the child‟s life. This
contest, elbows will get thrown and one may get                class fulfills the court order requiring that both
Amiffed@ but, at the end of the event, if you are not          parents attend a class within 60 days of filing for a
big-enough to shake hands you were not big-                    marriage dissolution or separation proceeding in
enough to be in the game. Adversary means                      Lake Superior Court involving any child or
competition not vendetta and, if it becomes                    children under the age of 18. Attend one class,
personal, one or other of the participants is `off-            from 6-10 p.m., cost $50 per person. Schedule for
base=.                                                         2005:
      That being said, our first formal
prosecution/defense gathering, following the                   Southlake location          Tri-City location
bench-bar of last year, was refreshing. We touched             8553 Taft St.               3903 Indianapolis Blvd.
upon several issues and will search for common                 Merrillville, IN            East Chicago, IN
ground in the next few weeks. Our discussions                  (219) 736-4523              (219) 392-6011
were open about several topics including the
                                                               Wed. 5/4 SL 6:00 pm         Thurs. 5/19 TC 6:00 pm
following:                                                     Wed. 6/8 SL 6:00 pm         Thurs. 6/23 TC 6:00 pm
                                                               Wed. 7/6 SL 6:00 pm         Thurs. 7/28 TC 6:00 pm
1. Initially, it need be said, that both sides indicated       Wed. 8/10 SL 6:00 pm        Thurs. 8/25 TC 6:00 pm
that they would consider flexibility on every topic            Wed. 9/7 SL 6:00 pm         Thurs. 9/22 TC 6:00 pm
that was discussed. In short, there was no subject             Wed. 10/5 SL 6:00 pm        Thurs. 10/20 TC 6:00 pm
discussed about which either party said they would             Wed 11/2 SL 6:00 pm         Thurs. 11/17 TC 6:00 pm
have to be rigid.                                              Wed 12/7 SL 6:00 pm         Thurs. 12/15 TC 6:00 pm
2. One subject was easier than all the rest. It
appears the defense and prosecution will be in total
agreement about the present efforts to remove the
retention vote, for Court of Appeals Judges, from

                                                               * Areas in which we are either short or have no
                                                               panelist representation. Please look over the
                                                               form included in this newsletter, make your
                                                               selections and return with payment to the Lake
                  LCBA REFERRAL SYSTEM                         County Bar Association, 2293 North Main Street,
                                                               Crown Point, IN 46307.
     The referral system is open to any LCBA
member who has been in practice at least 3 years.                      LAKE COUNTY
Any member can sign up in as many areas as they                DOMESTIC RELATIONS COUNSELING
are interested in accepting referrals. The cost is $50                    BUREAU
for referral registration and $25 for each area of
law listed. A caller is given the first three names            WHAT THE BUREAU CAN DO FOR YOU:
and phone numbers in an area. The cards are                    The Bureau can link you with the following
marked, indicating each time the name was given.               resources for services on a low sliding-scale basis:
The first card is moved to the end of the list. The
areas of practice, the number of attorneys partici-            If you and your lawyer have filed pleadings and are
pating in that area and the number of referrals are            court-referred:
listed below. There were 393 referrals given in the              Mediation
month of March. There have been 1308 referrals                   Reconciliation Counseling
given 2005.                                                      Custody Evaluations
                                                                 Guardian ad Litem and Supervised Visitation
# of                                                             Services
Attys.   Area of Practice                           Ref          General Counseling Services
  4*     Americans With -                             5
          Disabilities/Elder                                   If you are not court-referred but are still seeking
20       Bankruptcy/Collections                      20        services:
 4*      Civil Rights/Discrimination                 43          Marriage/Family counseling
 4*      Consumer Law                                22          General Counseling Services
16       Corporation/Business                        10          (Addiction, Stress, Anger
29       Criminal/Adult & Juvenile                   23          Management, Surviving Abuse, etc. )
38       DWI/Traffic                                 13
 7*      Employment/Discharges & Discipline          42        The Bureau Also Provides:
 0*      Environmental                                0          a. a safe environment for clergy to counsel
32       Family Law                                  80             congregation members,
10       Foreign Speaking                             1          b. free parenting classes,
 2*      Immigration Law                              4          c. post-decree conflict services,
15       Medical Malpractice                         18          d. support group services
 1*      Patent/Trademark                             8        How Bureau Services Get Provided:
48       Personal Injury                             18           • Court ordered
17       Real Estate/Zoning                          18           • Referred by any other sources…even
 2*      School Law                                   9             yourself
10       Social Security                             11        To Get Bureau Services:
 2*      Tax Law                                      3          1. Call the Bureau (755-3683).
 3*      Tenants Rights                              19          2. If you are court-ordered provide us with
 0*      Transportation                               0             your attorney‟s name.
36       Wills/Trusts/Probate                         9          3. Interview with Bureau by phone or in
12       Worker's Compensation                       12             person to determine a choice of referrals
15       Licensed in Other States                     5             which best suit your needs.
                                                                 4. Contact referrals and follow
                  TOTAL                             393             recommendations.
                                                               Convenient Location
     The 2004 panel‟s membership has expired and                 1. Lake County Government Center in Crown
the new panel has been put in place of 2005. If you                 Point
are interested in becoming a referral panel member,
please fill out and return the form that‟s located in
this newsletter.

                             LAKE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION’S 2005
                               REFERRAL REGISTRATION FORM


I hereby certify to the Lawyers Referral Program of the Lake County Bar Association that:
1. I will comply with the rules for participation in this program.
2. I will maintain a current membership status to the LCBA.
3. I understand that I must be licensed and practicing in the State of Indiana for at least three (3) years
4. I understand that there is a $50.00 panel fee to participate in the Referral Program; and a $25.00
     listing fee for each area in which I chose to participate (from the categories below).
5. I will reimburse the LCBA $25.00 for each fee generating case I accept from the referral program
      (Attorneys not in compliance will be removed from the panel).
6. I understand that if I do not accept employment of a prospective client sent by the LCBA‟s Referral
     Program, I may not refer the caller to another attorney without the prior consent of the LCBA.
7. I understand that the clients are given names and phone numbers on a rotation basis according to the area of
     law that they require assistance in and that at no time will the attorney be referred based on location, race,
     gender nor religion.
8. I have read and I am familiar with the Rules for Referral Program participation.
9. Upon signing this Agreement, I am fully knowledgeable and aware of its contents. I represent that all
     statements contained herein are true. I agree to abide by this Application and Agreement.

Date _____________________         Signature ________________________________________________
Phone # ________________ Print Name _______________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________ City _________________________

Americans with Disabilities/Elder _______                                Immigration ________
Bankruptcy/Collection ______                                             Medical Malpractice ______
Civil Rights/Discrimination ______                                       Patent ______
Consumer Law ______                                                      Personal Injury ______
Corporation/Business ______                                              Real Estate & Zoning ______
Criminal/Juvenile & Adult ______                                         School Law ______
DWI/Traffic ______                                                       Social Security ______
Employment/Discharge & Discipline ______                                 Tax Law ______
Environmental Law ______                                                 Tenant’s Rights ______
Family Law/Adoption, Paternity, Dissolution ______                       Transportation Law ______
*Foreign Speaking ______                                                 Will/Trust/Probate ______
*Licensed in another State ______________________                        Worker’s Compensation ______

                              I have listed _____ areas and enclosed $_________

*No registration fee for these categories. List foreign language you speak fluently. List other States you
are licensed in.

                                                             on 61st Avenue when a vehicle driven by James
                                                             Woodside, a nonparty in this case, pulled out of a
                                                             driveway causing Mr. Falashetti to swerve and hit
                                                             the Plaintiff‟s vehicle head on. As a result of the
                                                             collision, The Plaintiff sustained a fractured right
                                                             femur and hip which required surgical repair.
                                                             Approximately ten months after the collision,
                                                             Plaintiff underwent hip replacement surgery.
                                                                   Plaintiff claimed damages for medical
     The LCBA Board of Managers meets this year              expenses in the amount of $94,359.03, lost wages
on the third Wednesday of each month. We are                 in an amount between $12,000.00 and $15,000.00,
attempting to rotate our meeting locations                   future medical expenses, loss of earning capacity,
throughout the year to various places in the county.         loss of ability to function as a whole person, past
The meetings are open to every LCBA member.                  and future pain and suffering, disfigurement and
     The gathering is at 5:30 PM. The meeting will           permanent injury.
begin at 6:00 PM and conclude by no later than 7:30                The Defendant, Carl Falashetti, denied that he
PM (except in extraordinary circumstances.)                  was negligent and asserted non-party and sudden
                                                             emergency defenses.
                                                                   The Defendant, Allstate Insurance Company,
DATE                    PLACE                                admitted the Plaintiff held a policy of insurance
May 18, 2005            Patio, Merrillville                  under which she may have been entitled to
June 15, 2005           Patio, Merrillville                  benefits; however, it disputed the nature and extent
July 20, 2005           Patio, Merrillville                  of the injuries and damages claimed by the
August 17, 2005         Patio, Merrillville                  Plaintiff.
September 21, 2005      Patio, Merrillville                        Plaintiff‟s final demand $950,000.00 (from
October 19, 2005        Patio, Merrillville                  Allstate only). Defendant, Carl Falashetti‟s final
November 16, 2005       Patio, Merrillville                  offer: $35, 000.00. Defendant, Allstate Insurance
December (to be announced later)                             Company‟s final offer: $350,000.00.
                                                                   Medical evidence was presented on behalf of
                                                             the Plaintiff through the testimony of Adel
                                                             Baghdady, a physical therapist; Deann Engle, a
                                                             home-care nurse; Frank Kilian, a physical
             REPORT                                          therapist; Dr. Gene Victor Fedor, an orthopedic
                                                             surgeon from Hobart, Indiana; and through the
Type of Action: Automobile Accident                          deposition testimony of Dr. Joseph B.
Name of Case: Patricia Zdonek v. Carl Falashetti             Koscienlniak, Jr., an orthopedic surgeon from
and Allstate Insurance Company                               Merrillville, Indiana.
Type of Injuries: Fractures of the right femur and                 The Jury returned its verdict in favor of the
hip                                                          Plaintiff, found damages in the amount of
Date of Jury Trial: March 14, 15, 16 and 17, 2005            $1,080,000.00 and assessed 100% fault for the
Court/Case No.: 45D10-0305-CT-00099                          collision against the Non-Party, James Woodside.
Name of Judge: John R. Pera                                  -----
Damages Awarded: $1,080,000.00 against                       Type of Action: Automobile Accident
Allstate Insurance Company                                   Name of Case: Shauna Hartman v. John S. Rukas
Specify Compensatory, Punitive or                            Type of Injuries: Neck, lower back and left leg
Defendant’s Verdict: Compensatory                            pain; left arm pain and numbness
Attorney for Plaintiff: Kenneth J. Allen and                 Date of Jury Trial: March 14 and 16, 2005
David W. Conover                                             Court/Case No.: 45D11-0108-CT-293
Attorney for Defendant: Jennifer Lute-Costello               Name of Judge: Jeffery J. Dywan
for Carl Falashetti: Robert P. Stoner for Allstate           Damages Awarded: $5,600.00
Insurance Company                                            Specify Compensatory, Punitive or
Case Information: Plaintiff contended that on                Defendant’s Verdict: Compensatory
June 5, 2001, she was a passenger in a vehicle               Attorney for Plaintiff: Frank R. Martinez, III
traveling westbound on 61st Avenue near Colorado             Attorney for Defendant: Anthony F. Tavitas
Street in Hobart, Indiana. Plaintiff claimed that the        Case Information: Plaintiff testified that on June
Defendant, Carl Falashetti, was traveling eastbound          23, 2001, she was stopped in traffic of the left

through lane of eastbound U.S. Route 30 near                  The Jury assessed fault as 5 percent to Plaintiff and
Taney Street in Merrillville when she was struck in           95 percent to Defendant.
the rear by the Defendant. Plaintiff further testified            Plaintiff‟s chiropractor who testified was Tami
that after she was struck by the Defendant, she then          Sue Van Senus.
struck the rear of the vehicle in front of her.
      Defendant testified that he also had been
traveling eastbound on U.S. Route 30 and that                          LCBA & ICLEF CLE
traffic was heavy on the date of the accident.                      VIDEO REPLAY SCHEDULE
Defendant further testified that he was also stopped
in traffic behind the Plaintiff. Defendant testified               The schedule for CLE video replay seminars is
that as the Plaintiff started to move forward and he          set forth below. The CLE seminar registration
started to move, the Plaintiff suddenly stopped in            begins at 8:30 AM except when noted. All seminars
front of him, which caused him to hit the Plaintiff           listed below will be presented in the Auditorium of
in the rear. Defendant testified that there was no            the Government Center located at 2293 North Main
damage done to the front of his vehicle as a result           Street, Crown Point (Building B, 1st floor). All
of this collision.                                            Checks for the seminars listed below are to be made
      Plaintiff‟s losses claimed were medical                 payable to ICLEF. *If asterisk appears next to date,
expense of $3,392.99 and 60.5 hours of earnings.              checks are to be made payable to LCBA.
Property damage to the Plaintiff‟s vehicle totaled
$4,061.73. The Jury assessed fault as zero percent            April 22          NURSING HOME
to Plaintiff and 100 percent to Defendant.                                      LITIGATION
      Plaintiff‟s physician who testified was Prasit                            6 CREDIT HOURS
Sri, M.D.                                                                       Moderator Needed
Type of Action: Automobile Accident                           May 13            INDIANA PROPERTY TAX
Name of Case: Betty L. Gaisser v. George L.                                     6 CREDIT HOURS
Harveth                                                                         Moderator Needed
Type of Injuries: Head, shoulder and neck pain;
headaches                                                     June 10           COLLECTIONS
Date of Jury Trial: March 14 and 17, 2005                                       6 CREDIT HOURS
Court/Case No.: 45D11-0307-CT-148                                               Moderator –Ed Campagna
Name of Judge: Jeffery J. Dywan
Damages Awarded: $5,670.55                                    June 24           LABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAW
Specify Compensatory, Punitive or                                               6 CREDIT HOURS
Defendant’s Verdict: Compensatory                                               Moderator –Nick A. Perko, III
Attorney for Plaintiff: Mitchell A. Peters
Attorney for Defendant: Jennifer L. McCloskey                 August 26         PLANNING & ZONING
Case Information: Plaintiff testified that on                                   6 CREDIT HOURS (+ 1.5
September 14, 2001, she was traveling westbound                                 ETHICS)
in the right lane of 45th Street in Highland, when                              Moderator –J. Justin Murphy
the Defendant, who was stopped in the left lane,              September 9       DWI
attempted a lane change and struck the Plaintiff‟s                              6 CREDIT HOURS (+.5
vehicle on the left rear quarter panel.                                         ETHICS)
      Defendant testified that he also had been                                 Moderator- Mark R. Harris
traveling westbound on 45th Street and was stopped
behind traffic in the left lane. Defendant further            September 23      INSURANCE COVERAGE
testified he had been waiting a long time in the left                           6 CREDIT HOURS
lane and wanted to change lanes to continue                                     Moderator –Cornelius Harrington
westbound.        Defendant testified that as he
attempted to change lanes, he checked his rearview                 Please call the LCBA office (219) 738-1905, if
mirror but not his side view mirrors before                   you are interested in moderating. Attorneys can
initiating the lane change, and then collided with            only moderate once in a twelve month period. The
the Plaintiff.                                                Attorney must be in Good Standing in order to
      Plaintiff‟s losses claimed were medical                 moderate any of our CLE seminars. In addition, the
expenses of $5,644.00 and lost wages of $325.00.              attorney must be a member of the Lake County Bar
Total damages found by the Jury were $5,969.00.               Association.

                                                                   essential. Firm work available. Fax resume to (219)
                                                                   Law Office located in Merrillville is seeking an attorney
                                                                   with 2 plus years of experience. The ideal candidate will
                                                                   have 2 or more years of experience in personal injury,
                                                                   medical malpractice, family law and criminal. Salary is
                                                                   commensurate with experience. Please fax resume and
                                                                   cover letter to: 738-9087.
      CLASSIFIED ADS                                                                      ----------
                                                                   Merrillville law firm of Schlyer & Associates,
                                                                   practicing in personal injury and business law, is seeking
          ATTORNEY OPPORTUNITY                                     an attorney, preferably with 1 to 2 years of experience in
                                                                   litigation. Please fax your resume to (219) 757-0231.
Cohen, Kelly, Olson, DeHaan & Ritcher, L.L.C. is                                          ----------
considering expansion of its Indiana operations.                   Associate Attorney needed. Lake County firm is seeking
Possibilities for association, lateral hires or mergers.           an Associate with a strong interest in the fields of
Portable business is desirable. Space for administrative           bankruptcy and commercial litigation.               Salary
staff or will consider a move in Lake County. Call                 commensurate with experience. Send resume along with
Stephen B. Cohen (219) 836-1171 or send inquires to                law school transcripts and legal writing sample to: PO
9337 Calumet Avenue, Suite A-1, Munster, IN 46321.                 Box 862, Griffith, IN 46319. All inquiries will be kept
All communications will be kept confidential.                      confidential.
                       ----------                                                         ----------
Funk & Foster- seek 2 attorneys. Experienced, well                 Highly successful insurance defense firm seeks
seasoned and new, all will be considered. The Firm of              experienced attorneys for its South Bend and Crown Point,
Funk & Foster has been in existence, since 1982. The               offices, Kopka, Pinkus & Dolin PC, offers excellent
firm provides legal services for individuals including             salary and benefits and a professional, collegial work
trial and appellate practice in State and Federal courts.          environment. The ideal candidate will have prosecutorial
The firm handles criminal defense, family law, personal            or insurance defense experience in civil litigation or
injury, workers compensation, probate, bankruptcy and              worker‟s compensation defense. Please fax resumes toll
almost any matter that can affect the individual. Each             free to Kopka, Pinkus & Dolin, PC (877) 577-5299.
attorney in the firm tries to concentrate on particular                                   ----------
types of cases for efficiency purposes. Interested                 Established Merrillville attorney with civil litigation
individuals should contact either James Foster or                  practice in State and Federal Courts seeking productive
Cordell Funk @ 933-4700.                                           associate with 1-3 years experience. Salary commensurate
                      ----------                                   with experience. Prefer individual with ties to Lake
A-V rated Northwest Indiana law firm seeks attorneys               County area. Inquiries remain confidential. Send or fax
with 2+ years of experience for rapidly growing                    resume to John P. Bushemi, 8959 Broadway,
business, real estate, estate planning, commercial and             Merrillville, IN 46410, Fax 769-8170.
bankruptcy practice areas. Ideal candidates should
possess experience in one or more of these practice                                    OFFICE SPACE
areas. Strong academic credentials required. Litigation
experience preferred. Send resume in confidence to:                New building located in Cambridge Commons at 9205
James M. Portelli, Spangler, Jennings & Dougherty,                 Broadway-Suite B, Merrillville, Three offices available.
PC, 8396 Mississippi St., Merrillville, IN 46410.                  The larger office (12x20) can be furnished to
                      ----------                                   accommodate two separate secretarial/filing areas or one
Growing insurance defense firm with multi-state practice           large office. Office has two furnished conference rooms,
seeks litigation associate licensed in Indiana and Illinois        reception area and break room. Separate entrance
with 2-4 years experience for its Chicago office.                  optional. For more information contact John N. Pangere
Excellent credentials and writing skills required. Great           at (219) 661-8252.
benefits and congenial work environment.            Salary                                  ------------
commensurate with experience.            Submit resume,            Cohen, Kelly, Olson, DeHaan & Ritcher, L.L.C. has space
references and writing sample to: Mary Jo Greene,                  for up to two attorneys and an administrative person. The
Doherty & Progar LLC, 200 W. Adams Street, Suite                   office space includes a conference room, wireless internet
2220, Chicago, IL 60606 or email to mjg@doherty-                   access and Westlaw (for an additional access fee), a                                                         kitchen area, bathrooms, and is fully furnished. If
                      ----------                                   interested contact Chris at (219) 836-1171. All serious
Established Hammond firm practicing in litigation,                 inquires will be considered.
business transactional work, estate planning and                                          ----------
administration, real estate, worker‟s compensation and             Office space available on Indianapolis Boulevard in
defense seeking attorney to join firm as associate or              Highland, Indiana. Availability for one, possibly two,
partner. Established client base desirable but not                 attorney(s) to share secretarial and accounting staff.

Conference room/library, copier, etc. available.                   find in upscale commercial park. Call Robert Vegter
Reasonable rent. For additional information. Please                738-1922.
contact Ryan Kutansky at (219) 989-7377.
                        ----------                                                  OFFICE SHARING
Office Space, Munster. Professional office available.
Office furniture, equipment, secretary, supplies, telephone        Shared office space available. Centrally located in
system, and library can be provided. Best available for            Highland, 1 block East of Indianapolis Blvd. On 45th
sole practitioner with one (1) secretary. For more                 Street in Brumm‟s Plaza. Furnished office and secretarial
information, please call William M. Jonelis, (219) 836-            space, conference room, kitchenette and lobby area.
4847.                                                              Telephone voice mail system, copier, DSL Internet, fax
                        ----------                                 machine, etc. Good potential for case referrals. Someone
Office space available. Route 30 in Merrillville. Multiple         who does civil work would be ideal. Contact Sam at
options possible, contact Gerry Bishop at 738-2400.                (219) 924-4101.
                        ----------                                                         ----------
Amenities include large office space, conveniently located         HAMMOND-Shared Office Space Available for 1-2
on Lincoln Highway (Route 30), furniture, computer,                attorneys. Furnished private office and secretarial space,
facsimile, and telephone.        Support staff negotiable.         reception area, and kitchenette. Library/Conference room,
Possibility of overflow work exists. Contact Kaiser Lowe           Copier/Fax available. Reasonable rent. Contact: Justin
or Monica Webster Lowe at 219/769-1529.                            Murphy (219) 844-3025.
                        ----------                                                         ----------
Downtown Hammond in close proximity to federal and                 Established Hammond law firm has shared office space
superior courts. 1850 square feet on 2nd floor at 49               available for 1-2 attorneys.          Library (Lexis-Nexis),
Muenich Court. Call George Glendening at (219) 932-                conference room, receptionist/clerical staff available if
0252                                                               needed; copier and fax available. Reasonable rent.
                       ----------                                  Contact James E. McHie, Sr. at (219) 931-1707.
Merrillville- 20,000 square feet available for division                                    ----------
and occupancy by large or small firms. Centrally located           Newly remodeled professional office space for attorneys
on Mississippi Street, right across from Southlake Mall.           on Broadway in Merrillville close to U.S. 30 near
Lots of parking. Ideal for professionals. "Law and More            Merrillville Town Court. Signage on Broadway. Large
on Mississippi". Call Richard Mayer, 769-2323.                     private offices with crown molding or cubicles available.
                       ----------                                  Several conference rooms, large lobby, receptionist
HAMMOND - 5253 Hohman 1 block from Superior                        services available, space for your own secretary if desired.
Court rooms 1 & 5 and County Court 4 and 2 blocks                  Space from $350.00 per month (cubicle) or $750.00 per
from new federal court building - 2,500 square feet of 1st         month for private office (includes secretarial cubicle).
floor space ideal set up for firm or those sharing space           Rent includes all water, sewer, gas and electric as well as
Reception room - large secretarial area - one conference           unlimited use of common facilities (conference rooms,
room or one large office and 5 other offices - Contact R.          lobby etc.). Great for solo practitioners or satellite office
Cordell Funk (219) 933-4700                                        for larger firm, also plans for practitioners who seek only a
                       ----------                                  place to meet with clients. Contact Edward R. Hall for
Centrally located furnished office space, telephone                more information. (219) 756-7670.
equipment, library, copier, conference room, reception                                     ----------
area. Possible case referrals. For more information call           Office sharing in downtown Crown Point, just off the
972-6000.                                                          Square. Library, DSL internet. LAN computers, fax,
                        ----------                                 voice mail, conference room, optional secretarial.
Merrillville – 2 blocks east of Mall on U.S. Highway 30,           Referrals or association possible. Ask for Tim Sendak,
pylon signage on U.S. 30. Up to 1500+/ square feet                 (219) 663-0015.
available. Close proximity to three other law firms. Call                                  ----------
David Lasser 219-942-3700.                                         Shared office space available.            Conference room,
                        ----------                                 telephone answering services, copier, etc. available if
Merrillville Law Office space available. Private office,           wanted. Receptionist/clerical staff available. Good
secretarial area, telephone equipment, library/conference          potential for case referrals. Excellent location, south of
room and kitchenette.            Possible case referrals.          U.S. 30 on Broadway, near 93rd avenue. Reasonable rent
Convenient location – 5 minutes from Lake County                   or other work arrangement considered. For details and
Government Center. Contact John P. Bushemi, 8959                   more information contact Karen at (219) 738-1802.
Broadway at 769-8100.                                                                      ----------
                       ----------                                  Old town home on North Main Street in Crown Point.
Merrillville – 2 blocks south of Methodist Hospital and ½          Long established firm since 1979. Separate office.
block east of Broadway on 90th Drive. Prior tenant was             Reasonable rent. Call Marc Donaldson at 663-1298.
Law Firm that outgrew space. 10,000 square feet                                            ----------
available (can subdivide) with phone/voice mail lines in           Office available together with a receptionist, conference
place for attorney. Brick building, great parking, easy to         room and potential referrals. Please call (219) 769-6969
                                                                   or (219) 769-4552.

                      ----------                                Shared office space available. Library, conference room,
Merrillville- shared office space available. Unfurnished        telephone answering services, copier. Secretarial/clerical
office, furnished secretarial space, good location, just        staff available. Conveniently located on Route 30 in
North of Route 30 on Broadway. Reasonable rent. For             Schererville. For details and more information contact
more information, contact Derla R. Gross at 736-1111,           Steve H. Tokarski at 322-1271.
fax 736-1522                                                                           ----------
                      ----------                                Office space is available in East Chicago for single offices
Prime office space for sharing with Goodman, Katz &             and/or complete suites. Case referrals also possible.
Scheele, 9013 Indianapolis Blvd, Highland, Indiana. The         Contact Corinth Bishop, (219) 378-1111 for more
offices come fully furnished including telephones,              information.
conference rooms, possible case referrals. Contact Sam
Scheele at 838-9200.                                                                  FOR SALE
Office sharing arrangement - located on Ridge Road,             Indiana Cases N.E./2nd (Vols. 1-684)
Munster. Separate office available, space for secretary.        West‟s Indiana code w/2003 packet parts
Reasonable rent. Call Tom Scully for further details at         West‟s Indiana digest 2nd w/2003 pocket parts
836-1380.                                                       West‟s Indiana digest 2nd w/2002 pocket parts
                      ----------                                If interested, please call Cheryl at (219) 844-3025 for
                                                                more information.

                            LAKE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                           THANKS TO DIRECTORY SPONSORS

       The Lake County Bar Association‟s 2005 Legal Directory is once again a complete
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                                      Allen Court Reporting
                                  Creative Video Services, Inc.
                               John Hancock Financial Network
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                                   The Visual Courtroom LLC
                                Hoeppner Wagner & Evans LLP

                             Bank Calumet
                              Centier Bank
                              Peoples Bank
                          Baxter Printing, Inc.
                     Bochowski Appraisal Company
                      Night Hawk Process Service
              A.R. Wolak Investigations & Bail Bonds, Inc.
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