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					                                          ‘Reading Jean Rhys’

  A One-Day International Conference Organised by Anglia Ruskin University and King’s College

                                   8 July 2010, King’s College London

      Conference Organisers: Jeannette Baxter (ARU), Anna Snaith (King’s), Tory Young (ARU)


9-9:30 Registration and Refreshments (Council Room, 2nd floor Strand Building)

9:30-9:45 Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:45-11:15 Panels One and Two

Panel One (Council Room): Performance and Visual Cultures

Chair: Lara Feigel (King’s)

Vike Martina Plock (Northumbria): ‘”The Search for the Dress, the Perfect Dress”: Sartorial and
Political Impasses in Jean Rhys’ “Left Bank” Fiction’ (powerpoint required)

Catherine W. Hollis (Berkeley): ‘”as if you were the author herself”: Selma Vaz Dias and Performative
Identification’ (CD player required)

Anne Witchard (Westminster): ‘”No Hawkers No Models”: The Vicissitudes of the Modernist Muse’

Panel Two (K2.31, 2nd floor Strand): Space, Sexuality and Gender

Chair: Ruvani Ranasinha (King’s)

Alice Kelly (Cambridge): ‘”But most of all I was afraid of the people passing because I was dying”:
Pregnancy, Loss and Trauma in Jean Rhys’

Terri Mullholland (Oxford): ‘Reading the Room, “always the same room”: Interior Space in Jean Rhys’
After Leaving Mr Mackenzie and Good Morning, Midnight’

Nicole Sierra (Oxford): ‘Representing the Unrepresentable: Disgust in Voyage in the Dark and Good
Morning, Midnight’

Mary Wilson (Christopher Newport): ‘Women in the Attic: Domestic Servants, Narrative Voices, and
Imperial Paranoia in Wide Sargasso Sea’

11:15-1:15 Plenary I (Council Room)

Chair: Jeannette Baxter (Anglia Ruskin)

Christina Britzolakis (Warwick): ‘Jean Rhys and Film’, Helen Carr (Goldsmiths): ‘Jean Rhys and Literary
Impressionism’, Mary Joannou (Anglia Ruskin): ‘Jean Rhys and Fashion’, Andrew Thacker (De
Montford): ‘Editions and Texts of Jean Rhys’ (powerpoint required)
1:15-2:15 Lunch (Old Committee Room, 2nd floor Strand)

2:15-3:45 Panels Three and Four

Panel Three (Council Room): Translations and Re-visions

Chair: Zulfqar Hyder Awan (Aberdeen)

Victoria Walker (Queen Mary): ‘Ornithology and Ontology: The Existential Birdcall in Anna Kavan’s
Who Are You? and Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea’

Ana Gabriela Macedo (Univ. do Minho): ‘”Interweaving is like knitting”: The Haunting of Jane Eyre in
Rhys, Teale and Rego’ (powerpoint required)

Emily Wittman: ‘Jean Rhys’ Perversité’

Juliette Taylor-Batty (Leeds Trinity): ‘Perversity: translationese as modernist style’ (powerpoint

Panel Four (K2.31): Postcolonial Voyages

Chair: Nagihan Haliloglu (Heidelberg)

Christina M. Carlson (Iona): ‘”Drawne after the Life”: The Function of the “Cries of London” in
Voyage in the Dark

Jennifer Gilchrist (Fordham): ‘Why Antoinette Cannot Cheer Up: A Beautiful Ethiopian Melody in
Wide Sargasso Sea

Melanie Otto (Trinity Dublin): ‘”I Used to Live Here Once”: Jean Rhys’ Reflections on Exile’

Chris GoGwilt (Fordham): ‘Reading Jean Rhys and Indonesia’

3:45-4:15 Tea and Coffee (Old Committee Room)

4:15-5:30 Plenary II (Council Room) Chair: Anna Snaith (King’s)

Keynote Speaker: Mary Lou Emery (Iowa): ‘The Poetics of Labour in Rhys’ Caribbean Modernism’

5:30-6:30 Plenary III (Council Room) Chair: Helen Carr

Roundtable Discussion: Biography and the Creative Process

Carole Angier (Jean Rhys), Lilian Pizzichini (The Blue Hour) and Tiffany Murray (Diamond Star Halo)

6:30-6:45 Closing Remarks: Diana Athill, ‘Editing Jean Rhys’

6:45-8:00 Wine Reception