Reading Bingo by hcj

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									                             Reading Bingo
Follow the directions in each square to complete a bingo in any direction. Have
an adult initial each box you complete. Bring this back to your reading teacher
  the first week of school and win a prize. Fill in all the boxes for a Blackout
  Bingo! Blackout Bingo winners will have a bagel breakfast in September.

 I checked out     I read aloud to   I read a book     I read a book   I have read at
  a book from         someone.         by Lemony          that has a      least ten
   the library.                         Snicket.         movie or tv     books this
                                                        show based        summer.
                                                            on it.

 I read a book       I read a        I learned how     I read a non-     I read a
about a place I    mystery book.          to do         fiction book   magazine or
  would like to                         something         about an     comic book.
      visit.                           new from a          animal.

 I told a friend    I read two                         I read a book   I read a book
about a book I      Caldecott        FREESPACE            of poetry.        by an
      read.        Award picture                                          awesome
                      books.                                               author.

   I read a           I wrote a         I read a          I read a         I read
  biography.       review about a      Newberry          historical      two/more
                     book I read.    Award winning     fiction book.   books from a
                                          book                            series.

I read a book      I read a sci/fi   I illustrated a     I read a      I read just for
    by Lois            book.         scene from a      newspaper.           fun!
   Duncan.                            book I read.

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