Pre-Reading Exercise - Anticipation Guide

					               Pre-Reading Exercise - Anticipation Guide
               The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Directions: Read each statement and reflect. Decide how much you agree or
disagree with each. Use a 1 if you strongly disagree up to a 5 if you strongly agree.

              strongly disagree   disagree   neutral        agree    strongly agree

   1. _____ All is fair in love and war.

   2. _____ People should be willing to die for their country.

   3. _____ Blood is thicker than water.

   4. _____ Real men have the courage to fight for what they believe in.

   5. _____ He who lives a lie is not really living.

   6. _____ You should never tell a lie.

   7. _____ An eye for an eye is justified.

   8. _____ In the end, people get what they deserve.

   9. _____ Always obey the rules.

   10. _____ If you try hard enough, you will succeed.

   11. _____ Killing someone in war is not murder.

   12. _____ Women have a rightful place to defend their country.