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               Canning, freezing and
             drying have long been      Drying Fruits and Vegetables
            used as safe methods for    Covers drying methods, drying
             food preservation. Using
             correct techniques
                                        guidelines, and how to select, prepare,
                                        and pretreat fruits and vegetables for
             ensures the quality and
                                        PNW 397, Cost: $2.50
safety of the food. You can find
current research-based
recommendations from USDA
(United States Department of            Pickling
Agriculture), The National Center
for Home Food Preservation              Fish Pickling for Home Use*
                                        How to salt cure and brine fish. Gives
(http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/), and
                                        pickling solutions.
your local University of Idaho          PNW 183, Cost: $1.00
Extension Office.
                                        Pickling Vegetables*
                                        How to make brined and fresh-packed
                                        dill pickles, sweet pickles, relishes, and
                                        sauerkraut. Covers equipment and
                                        PNW 355, Cost: $1.00

                                        Pickled Eggs*
                                        How to make pickled eggs. Information
                                        includes several recipes.
*Publications available on-
                                        EB 1104, Cost: $1.50

line at no cost
og/catalog.html or                       To enrich education through diversity the University of
                                        Idaho is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer
http://pubs.wsu.edu                                     and education institution
                                             Let’s Preserve Jelly, Jam, &               Food Preservation for Special Diets
Manuals                                      Spreads                                    Preserving foods at home without added sugar
                                                                                        or salt. Recipes for jams, jellies, and pickled
                                             How to prepare and can jelly,
                                             jams, and spreads using a                  products.
USDA Complete Guide to Home                  boiling water bath canner.                 HS0007, Cost: $1.00
Canning                                      EB 1665, Cost: $1.00
This 138-page manual will get you started
in home canning, discussing scientific                                                  Freezing
                                             Canning Tomatoes and Tomato
principles, techniques, and proper use of
canning equipment. This guide offers         Products*                                  Freezing Fruits and Vegetables*
detailed directions for making fruit         How to can tomatoes and tomato             How to freeze fruits with syrup, sugar, water,
spreads, canning fruits, tomatoes,           products such as Mexican tomato sauce      or juice pack. How to prepare and blanch
vegetables, meats, seafoods, and pickles.    and spaghetti sauce using a boiling        vegetables before freezing.
Cost: $ 15.00                                water canner or a pressure canner.         PNW 214, Cost: $ 1.00
                                             PNW 300, Cost: $1.00
Ball Blue Book of Preserving                                                            Freezing Convenience Foods*
Learn about canning in this 120 page         Canning Meat, Poultry, and                 How to freeze baked goods, main dishes, and
guide, including guidelines for high-acid,   Game                                       desserts.
low acid, pickled foods, soft spreads,       How to pressure can meat,                  PNW 296, Cost: $2.00
freezing, and dehydration.                   poultry, and game safely.
Cost: $ 5.00                                 PNW 361, Cost: $1.00                       Meat and Fish
Canning                                      Salsa Recipes for Canning                  Homemade Meat, Poultry & Game
                                             A variety of recipes to safely can salsa
                                             at home.                                   Sausages*
Canning Vegetables                           PNW 395, Cost: $1.00                       EB 1661, Cost: $1.00
How to pressure can vegetables.
PNW 172, Cost: $1.00                                                                    Curing and Smoking Poultry Meat*
                                             Using and Caring for your
                                             Pressure Canner*                           EB 1660, Cost: $ 1.00
Canning Seafood*                             Covers canner types; safety features;
How to pressure can fish and shellfish.      canner care, use, and storage; and         Smoking Fish at Home – Safely*
PNW 194, Cost: $1.50                         canner testing.                            How to salt and smoke fish.
                                             PNW 421, Cost: $1.50                       PNW 238, Cost: $1.00
Canning Fruits
How to can fruit and fruit                   Home Canning Smoked Fish*                  Big Game from Hunt to Home*
juice using a boiling water                  How to can smoked fish safely.             How to handle game carcasses carefully,
canner.                                      PNW 450, Cost: $1.00                       butcher, and store meat correctly.
PNW 199, Cost: $1.00                                                                    PNW 517, Cost: $2.50
                                             *publications available on-line

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