MATH TEST CORRECTIONS
This explains how to complete your math test corrections. You need to
follow these instructions in order to get back some of the points that
you lost.
1. Look over your test carefully at home. Wherever it says minus points, it means you made an
error. Make sure you understand what your error is. If you do not understand your error(s), you
need to come for extra help.

2. Look over your test carefully again when you get home. On your test correction sheet:

       1) Write the question number of the first question for which you lost points.

       2) Look at your work carefully and figure out what you did wrong. Carefully explain what
       you did wrong, and be specific.

       The following are some examples of poor explanations. You will not get credit for things
                 o I made a careless error.
                 o I got the wrong answer.
                 o I added wrong.
                 o I wrote the wrong thing.
                 o Wrong operation.
                 o I did the wrong work.

       In order to get credit, you must be much more specific.

       3) Then redo the work correctly. You must show your work and circle your answer.

       4) Draw a straight line going across the page underneath the corrections for your first error.

       Make sure to write the question number and do all the work in the correct column on the Test
       Correction Sheet.

3. Repeat the process for the all other questions for which you lost points. You should have a
separate entry on your Test Correction Sheet every time it says “minus something” (for example, “ -
5”) in red on your test.

Work neatly. Use extra paper if necessary, and staple it to the test correction sheet..

You must hand in your original test, signed by a parent, with the test correction sheet.

REMEMBER: The person most responsible for your learning is YOU.

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