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					                           485,993* VIDEOS VIEWED
                           WHAT? www.quickrelease.tv is a fast-growing, media-rich website owned
                           and edited by Carlton Reid. It delivers news and views via text, pix and
                           video available on iTunes, YouTube and Vimeo.

                           As well as straightforward banner advertising, bike trade clients can also
                           embed their marketing messages into the site’s videos. Current bike trade
                           clients include Shimano, Madison, Silverfish, Weldtite and London bike
                           shop Condor Cycles.

                           WHEN? Now. Only a precious few banner ad positions are being made avail-
                           able and, even in a 24/7 world, video production time isn’t infinite.

                           WHERE? Al Reid Tel: +44 (0)191 285 4408. Email: albertreid@mac.com

                                                                   * All viewed via YouTube. This figure
                                                                   doesn’t include downloads via iTunes.
                                                                   Quickrelease.tv went online in January
                                                                   2007 and – as you can see from the 07
                                                                   stats graph below – the monthly visitor
                                                                   totals grew month on month.

 Quickrelease.tv posts
    videos to YouTube
 and iTunes for down-
loading to Video iPods
     all over the world.
       The top Quickre-
     lease.tv video has
  had 75,550 YouTube
        views and 4000
    iTunes downloads.
                 Condor                              Silverfish                              75,550 views

                 There have been 7,500 views of     A video of an MTB comp has had
                 this video produced for Condor     42,300 views. It was commissioned to
...with          Cycles, the London bike shop.      feature rider Darren Berrecloth.

posted           Site embedding of videos
online                                        Weldtite commissioned Quickrelease.tv to
weekly.                                       produce a series of cycle maintenance videos
                                              for beginners.
                                                                                             This is the best performing Quickrelease.tv video to date. It
                                                                                             features rare Tour de France footage and has had 75,550
                                                                                             views. It has also had 4000 downloads via iTunes.
                                              The ‘how to wash and lube a bike’ video has
Now all videos                                had 34,500 views
   also get                                                                                          Online videos are deliberately navigated to,
                                              on YouTube and featured
                                                                                                     they’re not flicked past unseen like some
 uploaded to                                  lots of close-ups of
                                                                                                     magazine ads.
   iTunes,                                    Weldtite products.
Video Google,                                                                                        The Quickrelease.tv videos have been popular on
    Yahoo,                                    All the videos in the
                                                                                                     YouTube but to extend their reach across the internet
  Meta-cafe,                                  series are also
                                                                                                     the best videos also go on the more h-res Vimeo.com
                                              ‘embedded’ on Weldtite’s
 Revver, Veoh
                                              corporate website and
and MySpace.                                  can be played from there.
Your message,
                                                                  BIGGER THAN CONSUMER MAGS
                                                                  Quickrelease.tv has produced lots of bicycle-themed content to date. The vide-
                                                                  os are popular, waaaaay bigger than bike magazines. The YouTube videos from
                                                                  Quickrelease.tv have had 485,933 total views to date. A Tour de France video
                                                                  has had 75,550 views. A video of an MTB trials event produced for Raceface
                                                                  and Silverfish has had 42,300 views. A Weldtite-sponsored instructional video
                                                                  on how to wash and lube a bike has had 34,500 views.

                                                                  Users of online video are active, opt-in viewers. Ads in consumers mags can
                                                                  be flicked past unnoticed.

                                                                  ON DEMAND VIDEOS
                                                                  Quickrelease.tv’s video content isn’t just sent to YouTube (which requires sit-
                                                                  ting at the Mac or PC with an open connection to the internet), it’s also sent to
                                                                  iTunes as video podcasts and LibSyn for direct download as .M4V files. Video
                                                                  podcasts can be watched wherever and whenever on iPods and other media
                                                                  players. The Quickrelease.tv video podcasts have been downloaded tens of
                                                                  thousands of times to iPods and computers around the world..

                                                                  FORWARD PROGRAMMING
IT’S THE FUTURE FOR BROADCASTING                                  The next bunch of videos to be let loose on the world feature archive footage
People are now actively filling their media players, iPods, and   from the mid-1990s. The content, however, is timeless.
computers with consumer-controlled videos. Just as with Sky+
and TiVo, people now want to watch their video content at the     In 1994, Carlton Reid was the presenter of a six-part TV series for Tyne Tees/
times that suit them.                                             Yorkshire TV called ‘Chain Gang’.

Owners of Apple TV - a video watching device that doesn’t         Tyne Tees has now allowed Carlton to publish extracts of this TV series on
require a computer to operate - hook it up to widescreen TVs
                                                                  Quickrelease.tv, iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo and Apple TV.
and watch video content sent via iTunes.

Consumer-controlled video is the future of TV, just witness       The 5-10 minute professionally produced pieces include:
BBC’s iPlayer, Channel 4’s 4-On Demand and, of course, the
popularity of video podcasts on iTunes.                           Raleigh factory feature
                                                                  York Rally
Quickrelease.tv does not provide streaming as-live video as       An urban race between an Aston Martin bike and an Aston Martin car
this tethers users to their computers. Quickrelease.tv con-       MTB superstar Jason McRoy (RIP)
tent is all available in the on-demand, downloadable format       A bike tour of Malawi
for viewing offline. Subscribers join via iTunes. Quickrelease.
tv videos can be watched on widescreen TVs via Apple TV, on
computers, or on iPods and other media players. This means
                                                                  Future, and longer, programmes on Quickrelease.tv include a 1995 bike tour
users can watch Quickrelease.tv videos when and where they        of Lebanon (the first since the ending of Civil War). This will be a half-hour
want to. On the train, on a long flight, on the loo even.         programme. There will also be a half-hour programme on a family bike tour
                                                                  of the Netherlands conducted in 2007. There will also be video interviews with
                                                                  mainstream celebs and lots of other exciting content.
In May 2007 the Quickrelease.tv
podcast was 38th most popular podcast
on the US version of iTunes in the
‘sports and recreation’ category.

The other podcasts were all big, mainstream
US sports like American football and

On November 4th 2007, Quickrelease.tv
was 20th in the ‘sports and recreation’ category
in the UK version of iTunes. On November 5th,
Quickrelease.tv was in good company, beating
the Manchester United and Vans podcasts!

Below is a screen
grab from the stats package on
Libsyn.com, the host for

Just one of the
has had 2954
Unlike magazine
video podcasts
are there for
the duration, they
form a ‘back
catalogue’ and
keep on working for an
advertiser long
after a paper ad has hit the recycling bin.
FORMAT: gif, png or jpg

SIZES: 150 x 150 pixels, left and right margins; 150 x 600 pixels, left and right
margins; other sizes subject to negotiation. Filesize limit is 24kb. Animated gifs
must become static after 20 seconds.

150 x150 pixel ads
3 month = £185 plus VAT
6 month = £305 plus VAT

150 x 600 pixel ads
3 month = £295 plus VAT
6 month = £435 plus VAT

We reserve the right to refuse banners ads that we feel do not fit with the style of Quickrelease.tv. All ads are displayed subject to contract. Cancellation of ads following negotiation of
series discounts will require series discount amounts to be paid.

All video requirements are different. Please contact us with your ideas and we’ll quote you at extremely competitive rates.
Video sponsorship starts at £200 per video, to include animated logos and clickable URLs on YouTube.com and other video-
sharing sites. Or you can opt for 2p a click via YouTube and other video sharing sites with no cost ceiling (warning: this is
risky, video views can go viral!). Brand videos start at £400 per video and include submission to YouTube and iTunes.

Al Reid.           Tel: +44 (0)191 2652062                               Email: albertreid@mac.com                                  Skype: alreid65

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