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									                                 Johns Hopkins University
                    Carey International Business Career Club (CIBCC)
                              January 2010 Meeting Minutes
                              January 19, 2010, 6:30-8:30pm
                    JHU Carey Business School DC Center, Room 201
                               1625 Massachusetts Ave., NW
                                 Washington, D.C. 20036

Members Present: Janett Depaz, Haomiao Yu, allabhaneni, Fatima Argun, Steve Stroschein.
Dorothy Jorgensen, Advisor Marnie Fallon, Gary Robinson, Michelle Vanderhoff, David
Amoruso, Asif Khan, Joy Chien.
Members Absent: Daniel Bresler, Jeffrey Coats, Doug Lamude, Irene Castillo, Xuesong Zou,
Roderic Hodges, Dimitry Mukhin, Jonathan Bradley, Dorothy Jorgensen, Melanie Schwebler,
Liudmila Padilla, Advisor Anne Lauer.

Meeting called to order by President Stroschein at 6:45pm. Agenda was displayed on front
projector. Everyone introduce themselves due to there are some new members.

1. Approval of minutes from December 2, 2009 meeting (Haomiao Yu filling in for Secretary
Xuesong Zou)
Motion: To approve December 2, 2009 meeting minutes (Moved by Asif Khan, seconded by
Michelle Vanderhoff)
Motion Passed.

2. Old Business

3. New Business
a. Overview of club finances (Finance Director, Janett Depaz)
We have used around $200 out of $500 from Career Services. In our SunTrust bank account we
have $202.84, from Amazon our last balance was $57.64. We have deposited $50. In terms of
the IRS report, we are a non-profit org, we have a tax ID and we have not made any income, so
we will file but we do not need to pay taxes. Dorothy asked whether we need to file a 501(c)3,
Janett agreed. Fatima asked whether we can carry this year’s (2010) left over funds to next
(2011) year. Janett confirmed and suggested that through the new Club account held by JHU
Student accounts we can carry membership funds from one year to another without worrying
about reporting since JHU would do the reporting. Thus, Janett suggested that we should keep
the SunTrust checking account open with a minimum balance (i.e. $50), since that is the way
Amazon deposits the membership fee paid by credit card and keep the remaining balance into
new JHU bank fund recently created by Student Services.

b. Selection of newly created Executive Committee position of Membership Chairperson
New member Gary Robinson offered to take on the responsibility.
Motion: To select Gary Robinson as CIBCC’s new Membership Chairperson. Moved by Amy
H., seconded by Dorothy.
Motion Passed.
c. Carey Business School New Student Orientation, Hodson Hall, JHU Homewood campus,
Baltimore, Saturday, January 23, 2010, 8am-11am. Need one or two volunteers (President Steve
Steve requested one or two members to travel with him to the orientation. Carey Business
School will have 120 new students at the orientation. Janett suggested the group be allowed to be
refunded for travel reimbursement, since this was a club fund raising event. Secretary Haomiao
Yu and Finance Director Janett Depaz agreed to go to the orientation with President Steve
It was suggested that we could make pens with the CIBCC logo from our funds to give to new
members of the club, several people agree but it was stated that there was not enough time to do
the pens for this event. Vice President Dorothy Jorgenson suggested we bring our club brochure
to the new student orientation. Dorothy and Michelle Vanderhoff will look into the T-shirt idea
for the next event. Fatima suggested we can have a white t-shirt with blue design

d. Alumni Grant Update! (EIP proposal accepted for $600 out of the 1,500 requested. This
grant extended to CIBCC was one of the few grants awarded! Committee to be formed.
In November 2009, the CIBCC submitted two proposals to the Johns Hopkins University Alumni
Association Grant competition, one for a Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) Speaker Forum
and the other for a collaboration with George Mason University’s “Math Power Aid Program”
for Early Identification Students (EIP). The Alumni Association informed President Steve
Stroschein in late December that the EIP program proposal had been awarded $600! The EIP
program was Finance Director Janett Depaz’s idea. The EIP program is one in which first
generation college bound students are identified by George Mason University while they are still
attending high school. In the EIP program, these students get assistance to prepare them for
college through tutoring, after school and weekend academic assistance programs. On March
20th and May 8th 2010, the EIP will be holding a day long Mathematics tutoring sessions at their
Fairfax, VA campus. The CIBCC proposal was to assist the EIP with the need for financial
assistance to fund bus transportation and a mentoring concept which would award essay writers
USB drives for their participation in the program. Each bus for transportation carries a cost of
$400 and picks student participants up from different Virginia counties. Mentors from the
CIBCC can volunteer in the March 20 th and/or May 8th Math Power aid event by aiding the EIP
students with any H.S. math (i.e. Algebra, Algegra2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-cal and
Statistics.) during the aforementioned Saturdays. The mentors will also award the essay winners
with the USB drive that would have the JHU Alumni Association logo on them. 30 essay
winners would be selected from students that wrote about why they wanted to go to college.

Steve suggested that the JHU alumni may provide some additional funds for our event if we
request them. Fatima wondered why we only received $600 but we had request $1,500, as was
what the grant was for. Steve indicated that many groups that submitted applications did not
receive any funding and that awards this year were limited due to financial difficulties compared
to years past. The CIBCC was very fortunate to receive any funding. It was discussed if
whether the CIBCC could talk to the Alumni Association about whether they may have some
extra USB drivers which already have the JHU logo on them. Fatima reminded the group that
every Carey Business School club has $500 available to them from Career Services. There is also
some money which other clubs may not use that we could also perhaps have access to. We can
ask Patrick Madsen in the Career Services office or Jennifer Dotzenrod in the Student Services
office whether they may have some USB drives left over as well. Janett mentioned that
volunteers from not just the CIBCC but all of JHU could became big brothers and big sisters to
these mentored EIP program students as there are 350 students that take part in the EIP. Advisor
Marnie Fallon also mentioned that we may be able to get some of the USB drives for free from
JHU if we ask.

Motion: The CIBCC can use $400 to pay for one bus and the other $200 can be used for USB
drives. Moved by Amy Henley, Seconded by Asif Khan.
Dorothy suggested that Fatima also reach out to Kevin Wilson of Northrop Grumman, who has
in the past offered support to the CIBCC. Asif Khan also agreed that he would reach out to
Lockheed Martin to see if they would be interested in supporting the CIBCC. Janett said we need
people to reach out to students to bring mentors. People can sign in their names on a sheet that
she handed around to the membership. Janett amended the main motion.
Motion Amended: The CIBCC can use $400 to pay for one bus and the other $200 can be used
for USB drivers. Janett Depaz will reach out to George Mason University’s EIP program to get
details on how best the CIBCC can help. Moved by Janett, Depaz, seconded by Amy Henley.
Motion as Amended Passed.

e. Johns Hopkins University Business Plan Competition (Marketing Coordinator Fatima
Fatima will go over what business competition is.

President Steve Stroschein explained and introduced what the Johns Hopkins University
Business Plan Competition was and also shared with the group what he and others learned at the
December 9, 2009 information session in Baltimore about the competition. The first step is for
the club’s Executive Summary on a business idea to be approved and accepted by the Carey
Business School. This task is lead by Dr. Phillip Phan, Vice Dean. The CBS deadline is
February 1, 2010. If the summary is approved by Dr. Phan and his committee, then the
Executive Summary will be tightened and improved and submitted to Johns Hopkins
University’s Business Plan Competition committee by March 1, 2010. The CIBCC needs to
think beyond the box. Steve mentioned that Marketing Chairperson Fatima Argun and member
Gabby Dinc had developed a draft plan for an internet radio station system that they wanted to
share with the group to see if we were interested in proceeding with that idea. He then let Fatima
have the floor.
Fatima shared with the group that the Smart Radio System is an idea which Gabby had
developed. It is basically a radio system that is available on the internet which will allow users to
search music and artists. It is an international radio station with music available for each country
in the world. It is also free to use. The interface is not only available on the internet but also on
handheld devices like the iPhone. The tentative CIBCC plan would be to personalize these radio
stations by taking the idea to telecommunications and media companies for funding and
marketing. Fatima suggested we need to do some research to find our competitors. Gary
Robinson and Amy Henley said they would be happy to help Fatima to complete the executive
summary before the Carey Business School February 1, 2010 due date. Steve offered to help
Fatima to edit the Executive Summary. Joy Chien offered to help Fatima with the second round
if the CIBCC proposal makes it past the first as she will be out of town through the end of

f. International Business Career Forum with Carey Business School Career Services Director
Patrick Madsen, Room 206, 6:30-8:30pm, March 3, 2010? (Education Chairperson Joy Chien
and Events Chairperson Melanie Schwebler)

Joy has been in touch with Career Services Director Patrick Madsen in coordinating the Forum.
If some one has any ideas, please feel free to give suggestions. Fatima will think about people
who can participate. Dorothy will invite a Korean foreign businessman she knows who can talk
about how they do international business in the United States. Perhaps his business could cater
the event. Fatima suggested we can do some activities in conjunction with other international

g. Other Spring 2010 Speaker Forum?
Decided that at this time we have our plate full!
h. Website Updates/Changes (Webmaster Doug Lamude). Design changes, post minutes and
agenda on the site?
Motion: Post our meeting minutes and agenda on the site.
Moved by Michelle, Seconded by Fatima
Motion passed.

i. Steve needs some help!
President Steve Stroschein shared with the group that like many of us, he has encountered some
new challenges at his place of employment do to numerous layoffs. He told the group that he
had actually thought of resigning his position as club president, due to his work load, school
classes, family and the club responsibilities. However, due to his excitement of the tremendous
ground that the club has accomplished over the past few months, he doesn’t want to quit. As he
said, you start something you should finish it. He pleaded with the officers of the club to do their
respective duties as they had committed to do to keep the momentum going as the club is
enjoying tremendous interest and new members are joining regularly. He mentioned that this
growth cannot be sustained if both officers and members alike don’t pitch in and help one
another with club activities and growth. He thanked everyone for their commitment to success
for the young club and appreciated their support during his personal difficult time.

j. Other?

4. Set Agenda for February Meeting (decide on exact February meeting date)
Agreed that the next meeting with be Thursday, February 11, 2010 from 6:30-8:30pm in room
201 of the DC Center.

5. Adjournment
Motion: Adjourn meeting, Moved by Amy Henley, Seconded by Joy Chien.
Motion Passed.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm

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