Independent Reading

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					                      Independent Reading

     The best way to learn proper syntax and grammar and to
increase your vocabulary is to read, read, read. Therefore, I
require that you read one independent
reading book per quarter.                      Think Mark
                                        Book: _____________________
Journals: In addition, you will         Page: _____________________
compose thoughtful journal entries      I noticed that: _______________
about the book, its themes, character
development, style, etc. at least       __________________________
once every two weeks. I will check
these once every two weeks. Entries     __________________________
must be 1-5 pages long.
Vocabulary: As you read, you must
compile a vocabulary list of at least __________________________
5 new words you discovered in your
reading. I will review these once per New word: _________________
                                        Sentence in book: ___________
Grade: Your independent reading,
including your book selection,
thoughtfulness of journal entries,
and collection of vocabulary, will be
15% of your grade.
                                        I bet it means: ______________
Book selection: The books can be        __________________________
fiction or non-fiction and you may
choose them on your own. However, the   I looked it up and it means:
goal is to read books of the quality    __________________________
that we would read in class, but that
we don’t have time to read together.    __________________________
I recommend that you pick from the
California Department of Education’s    __________________________
California Reading List
(   Sentence using it properly:_____
nglist.asp). If you choose “beach
books,” we will discuss this one-on-    __________________________
one and I will give you the
opportunity to defend the merit of      __________________________
the book to me. If I am not
persuaded, I will require that you      __________________________
choose from the state list for the
remainder of the year. One more requirement: this is English
class; the book must be in English.

The Public Library: I recommend that you join the public
library if you are not already a member. The nearest branch is
on Patrick Avenue, about a mile from here. You can check out
books, movies and CDs. There is live homework help every
school day afternoon and online help until 10 p.m.