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Georgia Lawsuit Seeking Obama’s Birth Certificate Appealed to Georgia Supreme Court; Minister Seeking the Truth
of Obama’s Place of Birth in Spite of Elections Results.

Atlanta, GA. 11/06/2008 – A Georgia minister is continuing to seek the Supreme Court of Georgia‟s assistance in finally
determining President-Elect Barack Obama‟s authenticity of his original birth certificate and qualifications to be the president-
elect for the President of the United States and to be voted as President by the Electoral College on December 15th.

Asked why he is continuing the legal challenge against very slim odds, Terry responds: “As a Christian, my calling is
to defend the righteousness of God in every area of life. Non-believers and many professing Christians do not accept the
premise on which I have taken this legal action. But I understand the Bible to teach very clearly that though God gives
common grace to all men and women in their daily affairs, He esteems the truth and loves truthfulness among people. And
therefore, we should also. Truthfulness in all areas of life is the beginning of realizing justice according to His definition. My
calling as a Christian is to be devoted to the truth as best as I am able and as God gives me grace. Because the Bible
teaches and I believe that God is sovereign over all the affairs of men, I have felt compelled to see this through. I bear no
personal ill will against Barack Obama. In fact, his election solely on the basis as the first African-American president-elect is
a very positive thing for our nation. However, as an American, I have very grave concerns about Mr. Obama‟s possible
divided loyalties since he has strenuously and vigorously fought every request and every legal effort to force him to release
his original birth certificate for public review and scrutiny. I think that is significant.”

What about the lawsuit by the Attorney Philip Berg’s pending lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court? Terry says: “I
think that it is a good thing that a portion of Berg‟s lawsuit has survived the appeal process before the Supreme Court. I
understand that Mr. Obama has until December 1st to provide the birth documents to the Court. However, one never knows
what may happen in another court. Since I live in Georgia, my concern is with what happens in Georgia and therefore my
legal action is with the Georgia courts. The truth is, there is no agency, such as the FEC or other governmental watchdog
agency, which is charged specifically with checking the original documents of a candidate‟s birth documents. There has been
so much suspicion about Mr. Obama‟s qualification on this matter because his original documents have been sequestered
and Mr. Obama has used every means to prevent their release. So, ordinary Americans like me just have become more and
more suspicious and frustrated whether he is really qualified in accordance with our U.S. Constitution and why no federal
agency has seen to it to actually check the primary documents. I have called 5 or 6 Republican attorneys in Georgia in the
last several weeks and many national conservative and Christian legal organizations trying to get their legal help with this,
even with my willingness to pay them, but no attorney wants to deal with it. So I decided that I would proceed with it as best I
could. It has been a crash course in learning Georgia law. But really, all I want is for Mr. Obama to tell the truth to the
American people. If he has the correct birth documents to prove that he is a natural born U.S. citizen, I will be satisfied.
However, if he does not, then we as a people need to decide, „are we going to honor our founding principles in the U.S.
Constitution, or we are we going to „wing it‟ and change the bases of our republic to suit our immediate gratifications and b ear
the risk of that decision?‟ I think if we decide the latter, our nation is in for increasing difficulty in governing and being

Where is your suit today? Terry explains: “The clock has been ticking steadily since I decided to file suit in Fulton Superior
Court about 2 weeks before the election. When I decide to file, the Berg suit had been progressing over about 8 weeks or so
and finally the U.S. District Court in eastern Pennsylvania decided to not grant any relief. So after that, I decide that I n eeded
to file in Georgia. As of today, I filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court on the day before the election and have just
today filed a supplemental motion since my relief request has been affected by the elections having occurred. I need to file
my brief with the Court in the next several days.”

Why are you proceeding since Obama didn’t win Georgia? Terry: “That‟s a good question. If the Court is favorable to my
appeal, then I‟ve asked the Court to direct the Secretary of State to formally request original birth documents from Hawaii, the
hospitals in Hawaii, from Mr. Obama, and from the Democratic National Committee, which asked to be a co-defendant in the
Berg federal case. If Mr. Obama doesn‟t comply and furnish the verifiable birth documents, I‟ve asked that the Court to direct
the Secretary of State to decertify all votes for Mr. Obama before the certification process concludes with Governor Perdue
14 days after the elections. Hopefully, this action will be noticed by other states and they will also take a serious look at the
meaning of Georgia‟s Supreme Court‟s actions. It is apropos that the Latin motto in the Georgia Supreme Court is
interpreted: „Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.‟ I think if the Court rules in my favor, that motto will come ali ve with
meaning and impact.”
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Contact: Rev. Tom Terry
Telephone Number: 706-347-1144; Email Address: KingdomMatters@gmail.com

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