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                        Please see main catalogue for terms of business etc.   (Additional changes correct as at 16/10/08)

Please note the changes as listed on this addenum are correct as at Thursday 16th October 2008. As you walk round
the sale you may note additional lots/changes not listed on this addendum, unforunatley these have taken place on the
viewing and/or sale day. In order to produce an addendum to be available on the viewing/sale day, it is not possible to
list these changes and we apologies if this causes inconvenience to all potential purchasers.

12       No lot - duplicated lot (see lot 18)                       1129   1930 225cc Royal Enfield AL30
430-4    Withdrawn                                                         Reg. No. SV 9903 Frame No. 21331 Engine No. Z824
557      ERTL 1:32 scale model John Deere digger (B)                       This twin port 2stroke is an uncommon model and
558      ERTL 1:16 scale model John Deere GP tractor wide tread            only one known, the vendor states being a
559      ERTL 1:16 scale model John Deere Model A on steel                 transmission model between flat and saddle tank. It
         wheels                                                            retains much of the 1920's bike features with Druid
560      1:35 scale model Case 4890 (B)                                    forks, hand throttle, hand gear change, acetylene
561      ERTL 1:32 scale model Caterpillar 2ton crawler (B)                lights, foot boards and beaded edge rims and tyres,
562      Britains 1:32 scale model New Holland TR85 combine (B)            however, it has a saddle tank, chain dirve and drum
585-6    Qty of stationary engine spares, various                          brakes. This bike is very original and the sale also
602      Now 3no Titan spark plugs (brown top) (Champion to be             includes the legshields which are not fitted at present.
         sold separately as lot 602A)                                      The 3speed Enfield is stated to run well and is offered
602a     2no Titan Champion spark plugs                                    for sale with V5C documentation.
714-5    Withdrawn                                                         Estimate £2,200 - £2,800
719      Lucas SR4 magneto, ex-Fordson E27N
1015-7 Porsche official enamel plaques each with certificate of     1130   1955 200cc Triumph Tiger Cub
         authenticity                                                      Reg. No. YYJ 480 Frame No. T-21966 Engine No.
1042     Pratts; yellow enamel sign                                        T20-21966
1075     Reproduction                                                      This plunger frame cub has been the subject of an
1078     Pratts; petrol cans, one with „Drive with Ethyl‟ emblem           older restoration, formerly part of a private collection
1106     Withdrawn                                                         it is in good presentable condition and carries MOT
                                                                           and tax valid until January 2009. Bills and receipts for
1108a    1960 500cc Velocette Venom                                        restoration are also present for the 16" wheeled cub
         Reg No. 9491 UB Frame No. RS11205 Engine                          which retains its centre stand. A very nice British
No.VM5813                                                                  lightweight with V5C documentation
         This “Thruxtonised” Velocette has been in the same                Estimate £1,600 - £2,200
         caring ownership for the past 29 years. The intention
         was to end up with a very rapid road bike and to this      1131   1954 250cc BSA C10L
         end it has a Ralph Seymour “blue printed” race engine             Reg. No. NFF 933 Frame No. TBA Engine No.
         that is fitted with a 32.5mm GP carb‟, a BTH magneto,      BC101635
         quick action throttle, coil spring conversion and a 12V           A well restored example of the plunger framed 250
         conversion on the correct Miller dynamo. Bills and                single, the 3speed BSA would surely grace any show
         receipts abound for all the work carried out by Ralph             and must be uncommon in this condition. Having
         Seymour along with a number of old MOT‟s. Also over               been on static display for sometime, the vendor
         the period of ownership the forks have been refurbished           reports that it has been ridden on private land within
         along with swing arm bushes, the smart Borani flanged             the last 3 months and is offered for sale with V5C
         rims hug a TLS front brake and both are shod with new             documentation. Estimate £1,500 – £2,000
         Avon AM18 & 20 tyres, a Thruxton tank is fitted and
         twin chronometric clocks grace the front end. Last on      1132   1952 125cc BSA Bantam D1
         the road in 2001, lack of use and an overfull garage are          Reg. No. YD1S 80618 Engine No. 74960YD
         cited as the reason for sale. Supplied with V5C                   From a private collection a fine restored example of
         documentation this is an eye catching example of a very           the D1 Bantam, recently running and described by the
         quick Velocette. Estimate £5,200 - £6,000                         vendor as very tidy in all respects, the BSA is supplied
                                                                           with V5 documentation
1111-2 Withdrawn                                                           Estimate £1,200 - £1,500
1117-8 Withdrawn
1120     Withdrawn                                                  1133   1960 250cc BSA C15 Trials Evocation
                                                                           Reg. 486 XUH Frame No. C15S 1191 Engine No. C15S
1128     2003 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet                            1454
         Reg. No. AE03 LJC Frame No. ME3BABSB42C612337                     A completely rebuilt machine down to the last nut and
         Engine No. 2B612337K Showing just under 9,000                     bolt and featuring an alloy tank and rims with Sammy
         recorded miles, this sturdy workhorse from India has              Miller chainguard and folding footrests, cable
         been barn stored for the last 12 months and is supplied           operated rear brake and electronic ignition. Standard
         with V5C documentation                                            ratio gears are fitted making this a practical
         Estimate £800 - £1,200                                            proposition on the road, stated to run beautifully the
                                                                           C15 has a daytime MOT until February 2009 and duty
         free tax along with V5 documentation. Fitted with            2088 *   Ferguson tipping skoop
         Greeves hubs this is a very attractive machine that has      2089     Horsedrawn plough
         covered just 1 mile since restoration. Estimate £2,300 -     2090 *   Ferguson plough
         £2,600                                                       2091 *   Mounted planter

1134     1966 175cc Sprite Trials                                     2100a    1970 LAND ROVER Series IIA
         Reg. No. FFX 828D Frame No. 337 Engine No. 313B9332                   Reg. No. EWU 149H Fitted with soft top with
         Fully restored this Sprite is powered by a 175cc Villiers             overdrive, used for many years by RAF fighter pilot for
         full circle crank 2L engine and is fitted with lightweight            commuting to flight station and owned by collector
         ribbed British hubs. Consigned from a private collection              for the last 18 months. Vendor reports this vehicle to
         and fitted with road gearing for practical useage, the                be clean inside/out and stated to be in original
         lightweight trials is complete with MOT until August                  condition with excellent Marine blue paintwork,
         2009 and duty free road tax with V5 documentation,                    canvas tilt etc. Only 56,000 recorded mileage,
         finished in red and an uncommon example. Estimate                     believed genuine and on good tyres all round
         £1,800 - £2,300                                              2105     Withdrawn
                                                                      2108a    1967 3,600cc BEDFORD J1 VAN Reg. HCA 828E
1135     1972 50cc Honda PC50 moped                                            Chassis J1210H7840062 Engine No. 258861 Stated by
         Reg. VJE 97L Frame No. 2064085 Eng No. PC50E-C                        the vendor to be running, driving and complete with
E72365                                                                         tax until April 09, the J1 is finished in maroon ands
         A single owner machine that is complete with the                      supplied with V5 documentation
         original invoice from Drakes of Cambridge, service           2114a    1951 BEDFORD K Type 6cylinder petrol LORRY
         manual, owners manual, V5 and 1981 tax disc. Clearly                  Reg. No. EX 7641 Serial No. KC200813
         loved, serviced and started up regularly until 1986. A                Described by the vendor as being in very good
         nice period moped c/w panniers. Estimate No Reserve                   condition
                                                                      2146     Withdrawn
1404     Moved and split into lots 585-586 in Sale No.1               2156a    FORD 3600 2wd TRACTOR c/w cab
         (Building)                                                   2161a    FORD 4110 3cylinder diesel TRACTOR
1517a    Stone trough 70” x 23”                                                Reg. No. F826 HKM           Serial No. COO817
1518a    Stone trough 70” x 23”                                                Described by the vendor as being in very good
1597     Withdrawn                                                             condition and on Grassland tyres. Stated to have just
1598     Withdrawn                                                             4,163 recorded hours believed genuine
1601 *   A Macintosh & Son sack winder                                2167     Withdrawn NOW
1602 *   A Macintosh & Son sack winder                                         1977 IMT 540 Deluxe 3cylinder diesel TRACTOR
1603     Horse collar                                                          Reg. No. SED 791R           Fitted with pick-up hitch
1604 *   3no Ford Enfo bolt on front weights                                   and drawbar, the vendor describes this tractor as
1605 *   Nuffield bonnet                                                       being in good unrestored and original condition, a
1606 *   2no Nuffield front cowls                                              reliable runner with just 1,377 recorded miles,
1607 *   Ford 7000 rear window, complete                                       believed genuine
1608 *   Ford 5000 rear window, complete                              2175 *   Withdrawn NOW BRISTOL Europa Overloader
1609 *   Roadless/Duncan cab door, complete                           2177     NOT Subject to VAT
1610 *   7n Ford Jerry can style front weights                        2183     Should read 354 and not 374 as catalogued
1611 *   10no Massey Ferguson front weights                           2191 *   Withdrawn NOW DAVID BROWN 885 TRACTOR
1612 *   6no Massey Ferguson front weights                            2196     Withdrawn NOW 1962 MASSEY FERGUSON 35
1987     Withdrawn                                                             TRACTOR
1973 *   Ransomes 37 C13 cultivator points                                     Reg. No. 899 CUA Described by the vendor as being
1974 *   Ransomes 17 C17 cultivator points                                     fully restored condition
1975     Fordson N rear wheels and tyres                              2215a * FORDSON SUPER MAJOR TRACTOR
1976     Engine block and associated parts                                     Reg. No. FSE 739 Fitted with Ford 6cylinder engine
1977 *   Fordson Major engine                                         2215b * SAME 4x4 V4 diesel TRACTOR
1978     Ransomes horsedrawn plow fitted with wooden                  2227 *   Withdrawn NOW
         mouldboard for working heavy land                                     CASE INTERNATIONAL 1395 TRACTOR
1990a    Ferguson 2furrow plough with skimmers, discs                          F Reg. tractor with 1212 recorded hours believed
         Vendor reports in good condition and repainted                        genuine
2040     Withdrawn                                                    2238 *   Withdrawn NOW
2071     Withdrawn                                                             MASSEY FERGUSON 35 TRACTOR
2081     1927 Rainforth coal trolley - Withdrawn                               Stated by the vendor as being in running order
2082 *   Bateson 3.5tonne low loader trailer, 16ft long with 8ft      2240 *   1970 FORD 3000 TRACTOR
         ramps and spare wheel                                                 Described by the vendor as being in original ex-farm
2083 *   Ferguson mounted rotovator                                            condition with 2 previous owners and only 3,500
2084 *   Single furrow reversible horse drawn plough                           recorded hours, believed genuine. Fitted with power
2085 *   International 300 Series 3furrow plough                               steering
2086 *   Ferguson single furrow plough                                2241 *   c.1956 DAVID BROWN 25 petrol/paraffin TRACTOR
2087 *   Ransomes 3furrow plough c/w depth wheel                               Described by the vendor as being in restored
         condition with recent work to engine and body work          2290 *   Withdrawn NOW
         including new kingpins, new tyres and resprayed.                     1979 SAME TAURUS 2wd TRACTOR
         Started by the vendor to start and run well                          Reg. No. BUX 960T          Fitted with power steering
2242     1974 COUNTY 1164 diesel TRACTOR                             2300a * 1976 FORD 3600 3cylinder TRACTOR
         Reg. No. GRP 964N Serial No. 30605                                   Reg. No. MNT 230P Described by the vendor as
2243     c.1938-40 DAVID BROWN VAK1 4cylinder                                 being in complete original condition with loader and
         petrol/paraffin TRACTOR Serial No. 2175                              muck fork, power steering and Ford cab
         Described by the vendor as being in ex-farm condition,      2301a * 1976 FORD 2600 3cylinder TRACTOR
         re-commissioned after many years of being barn stored.               Reg. No. RLG 269P    A rare tractor fitted with Ford Q
2244     MASSEY FERGUSON 35 TRACTOR                                           cab
2245     1950‟s CASE VA petrol TRACTOR                               2317     Withdrawn NOW
         Described by the vendor as being in nice restored                    1966 MASSEY FERGUSON 165 4cylinder diesel
         condition have restoration completed approx. 18                      TRACTOR
         months ago and fitted with new tyres and battery                     Reg. No. NKT 908F Serial No. 549594
2246 *   1956 FORDSON E1A MAJOR TRACTOR                                       Described by the vendor as being in good running
         Serial No. 1385438                                                   order, however vendor reports brakes require
2247 *   1962 FORDSON SUPER MAJOR TRACTOR                                     attention.
         Serial No. 8335 PW                                          2320 *   STEYR DAIMLER 188 TRACTOR
         Fitted with rear forklift                                            Chassis No. 3367 Engine No. 3329
2248 *   ALLIS CHALMERS Model B TRACTOR                              2321 *   FERGUSON T20 Narrow TRACTOR
2249 *   1962 MASSEY FERGUSON 35 3cylinder diesel TRACTOR            2322 *   ROSS FORKLIFT
         Serial No. 267961                                           2323 *   INTERNATIONAL FARMALL ROWCROP TRACTOR
         Described by the vendor as being in fully restored
         condition having had full strip down and fully rebuilt      2324     MASSEY FERGUSON 35 TRACTOR
         engine, gearbox, back end and on new wheels and tyres       2325     1967 FORD 4000 TRACTOR
         all round                                                            Reg. No. NBD 290F Serial No. 837602
2250     1956 FORDSON MAJOR Mk.I 4cylinder diesel TRACTOR            2326     c.1971 INTERNATIONAL 434 4cylinder diesel
         Reg. No. MBL 340            Serial No. 1371056                       TRACTOR
         Fitted with original cab and offered for sale with unused            Reg. No. EHW 52J Serial No. B29151
         belt pulley (not fitted). Reported by the vendor as a one   2327     c.1971 LEYLAND 253 3cylinder diesel TRACTOR
         owner from new tractor in very original condition, dry               Serial No. 161169
         barn stored since 1989 and believed only driven by one      2328 *   NUFFIELD 460 TRACTOR Serial No. 60N1500-43594
         person since new                                                     Supplied by T H Nice & Co Ltd of Bury St Edmunds
2251 *   1978 COUNTY 7700-4 4cylinder TRACTOR                        2329 *   MASSEY FERGUSON 1130 TRACTOR
         Reg. No. DBD 723T                                           2330 *   FORDSON STANDARD TRACTOR
         Serial No. 38367/992425                                     2331 *   FORD 3000 Narrow TRACTOR
         Described by the vendor as being in good condition with     2332 *   MARSHALL 802 TRACTOR
         Coventry Climax England badge                               2333 *   MASSEY FERGUSON 135 TRACTOR Reg. No. RFW 690H
2252 *   c.1962 FORDSON MAJOR diesel TRACTOR                         2334     1970 FORD 4000 3cylinder diesel TRACTOR
         Vendor reports this tractor has been fitted with new                 Serial No. B891522
         nose cone and repainted approx. 2-3 years ago.
         Described as being in presentable and running
2253 *   1965 DAVID BROWN 770 diesel TRACTOR
         Serial No. 770GA-580272-S
         One of 1400 German models made sold by DB direct to
         Germany, the vendor reports this tractor is fitted with
         square mudguards and stated to be in running order
         and worthy of restoration
2254a * FORD 3600 TRACTOR
         Vendor reports this tractor to have been repainted
2255a * FORD 3600 3cylinder TRACTOR
         Vendor reports this tractor to have been repainted
         Tractor No. 5J5524SP
         Complete with hydraulic arms, PTO drive, tipping pipe

2271 *   Should read: DAVID BROWN 1210 and not 1212 as
2272     Withdrawn NOW
         MASSEY HARRIS 102G 6cylinder petrol TRACTOR
         Described by the vendor as being an earlier restoration

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