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Winter 2007 - When Valcourt Building


									                    CLEARVIEW                                                                                WINTER 2007
                                                                                         A quarterly publication for the friends and
                                                                                           employees of Valcourt Building Services

                                           SAFETY. SERVICE. SOLUTIONS.                               


            hen Valcourt Building            made it increasingly difficult to effi-
            Services Chairman Jeff           ciently disseminate best practices
            Valcourt founded the com-        across the many branches. After care-
pany as a window cleaning business           fully considering feedback from clients,
21 years ago, he didn’t imagine that it      his managers, and industry profession-
would grow to include waterproofing          als, he concluded that the company
and restoration services and would have      could be more efficient and could bet-
branches reaching from New Jersey            ter enhance the client experience if it
to Florida. What he knew for certain,        were organized around functions. This
though, is that no matter how Valcourt       configuration would allow for improved
developed as a company, its guiding          information sharing across branches
principle would be to always employ          and more centralization of tasks such
best practices and provide the highest       as purchasing, estimation, safety and
levels of service possible to its clients.   compliance, accounting, and the like.
“I am tremendously proud of the              So during the third quarter of this year,
                                                                                           Jeff Valcourt, Chairman and Managing Member of
company’s success,” says Jeff, “and how      Valcourt established two divisions—one        Valcourt Building Services, recently announced the
we have evolved into a sophisticated         for window cleaning and the other for         establishment of two divisions within the company.
organization. To maintain the tradi-         waterproofing and restoration. Two
tion of excellence we have achieved          highly experienced Valcourt partners,         hard to keep up with everything that
over these 21 years, however, I realized     Jon Capon and Dan Short, were                 was happening in both industries,”
recently that it would be necessary to       appointed to lead the window clean-           Jon says. He welcomes the opportunity
make key organizational changes.”            ing division and waterproofing and            to focus all his energies on window
                                             restoration division, respectively.           cleaning—a business that he began
Jeff says that over the last few years
                                                                                           working in at the age of 16. Jon feels
it has become clear to him that the          As a Regional Manager, Jon previously
                                                                                           that Valcourt’s clients in all markets
company’s dramatic geographic growth,        was responsible for a number of win-
                                                                                           will benefit from his ability to now
with the focus on two different types        dow cleaning and waterproofing/
of building services—window cleaning         restoration branches. “These are two
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and waterproofing/restoration—had            very diverse trades; it was extremely

“NO MATTER HOW VALCOURT DEVELOPED AS A COMPANY,                                              insideVIEW
   ITS GUIDING PRINCIPLE WOULD BE TO ALWAYS EMPLOY                                             WindoW Cleaning division                     3
    BEST PRACTICES AND PROVIDE THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF                                           Waterproofing and
                                                                                               restoration division                         4
                                                                                               neW Jersey’s ireM aWard                      6
VALCOURT BUILDING SERVICES | WINTER 2007                                                                       WWW.VALCOURT.NET | PAGE 2

 concentrate 100 percent of his efforts on leading the compa-                held between the face-to-face meetings. Formalized meet-
 ny’s window cleaning activities.                                            ings of this type were not held before, and Dan believes
                                                                             that they will help build a team spirit as well as provide
 Jon believes that under the new alignment there will be more
                                                                             a forum for information sharing and brainstorming.
 continuity across all the branches, allowing the company
 to expand more methodically while continuing to focus on                    Another big advantage to the new organizational arrange-
 client needs. With divisional support in such areas as sales,               ment, says Dan, is that resources can be more readily shared
 marketing, compliance, and operations, he says, it will be                  when one branch needs additional staff for a project and
 easier for Valcourt to grow in its current markets and to                   another branch has staff available. In this way, Valcourt can
 develop new ones. He notes that Valcourt recently contracted                address its clients’ needs more expeditiously. Recently a crew
 with some large companies to work on all their holdings in                  from the Washington/Baltimore area traveled to New Jersey to
 the various geographical areas the company services. “We can                work on a project that the New Jersey branch would not have
 more easily do that now with a centralized division,” he says.              been able to get to as quickly. In the winter months, when
 “This can be a terrific advantage for those clients who have                work cannot be done at the northern locations, field employ-
 properties up and down the east coast.”                                     ees can be sent to Florida. Not only will this help the Florida
                                                                             branches complete their clients’ projects sooner, but it also
 Sharing of ExpErtiSE                                                        will benefit Valcourt’s employees in that it will eliminate some
 One of his important roles                                                  of the winter downtime for the northern crews.
 as divisional President,                                                    Roy Turner, Vice President and General Manager of Valcourt’s
 Jon says, will be to utilize                                                DC/Baltimore Waterproofing and Restoration branch, adds
 the talents in each of the                                                  that this sharing of personnel resources allows the company
 locations to mentor staff                                                   to do a better job of matching skill levels of crews with the
 members at other locations.                                                 tasks at hand. He points out that his branch recently sent a
 For instance, someone with                                                  crew with special expertise in masonry to assist the New
 special expertise at the                                                    Jersey branch. And whereas the Washington/Baltimore
 Washington, D.C., window                                                    branch is strong in tuckpointing and concrete work, Dan
 cleaning branch can be                                                      notes, the Florida branches don’t do a lot of that type of
 sent to another branch to                                                   work, so they don’t have crews with that expertise. Because
 provide face-to-face train-                                                 the branches will more easily be able to turn to one another
                                   Jon Capon has been appointed President
 ing. This sharing of best         of Valcourt’s Window Cleaning Division.   for specialized help, Dan says, they will be able to do an
 practices will offer Valcourt’s                                             even larger variety of projects. Regardless of clients’ needs,
 employees the opportunity                                                   Valcourt will have the workforce to do the job.
 to learn and develop new skills, so that they will be continu-
 ally adding to their knowledge base and will be able to bring               Now that the focal point
 to all their projects the utmost level of expertise.                        is by division, Dan says,
                                                                             there will be better suc-
 Dan Short wholeheartedly agrees with Jon that the realign-                  cession planning and
 ment of window cleaning and waterproofing/restoration into                  development because it
 distinct divisions clears the focus so that they do not “have to            will be more pinpointed
 wear two hats.” And, Dan says, by bringing the three water-                 toward the specific types
 proofing and restoration branches closer together organiza-                 of people and expertise
 tionally they, too, will benefit from learning about special                needed. The company will
 areas of expertise at other locations.                                      be able to recruit and train
 Each branch has done types of work the others have not                      more rapidly, he says,
 handled, says Dan, so this learning process will enable                     and people with potential
 the branches to expand and take on new kinds of proj-                       will have more prospects            Dan Short has been appointed to
                                                                             to move into other roles,           lead Valcourt’s Waterproofing and
 ects for its clients. To expedite the sharing of knowledge                                                      Restoration Division.
 and experience across branches, he explains, the divi-                      possibly even in other loca-
 sional sales management team and the operations manage-                     tions. With more defined
 ment team will meet every four months, rotating among                       career paths for employees, he states, Valcourt will be bet-
 the branch locations; monthly conference calls will be                      ter able to attract and retain highly skilled people, so clients
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                                          Window Cleaning
Valcourt Creates Division
Leadership Position                                                        branchNEWS
in Compliance                                                            New Employees Join Valcourt Branches
                                                                         Matt Haga has joined the Washington/
Continuing its commitment to safety,
                                                                         Baltimore branch as its new Manager of
Valcourt has strengthened its compliance
                                                                         Compliance Programs, reporting to Bruce
program even further by now providing
                                                                         Lapham. In his new role, Matt will bring
divisional support for all of our window
                                                                         additional support and guidance to our exist-
cleaning branches. Bruce Lapham, previ-
                                                                         ing compliance program as we expand it to
ously Director of Compliance Programs
                                                                         all Valcourt offices. Specifically, Matt will be
for the Washington/Baltimore office, will
                                                                         responsible for maintaining and developing
head up compliance efforts for the entire
                                                                         Valcourt’s inspection programs, assisting in educating our client base,
window cleaning division. In addition to
                                                                         working as a liaison with professional engineering companies, and
Bruce’s division role, each branch will have a fully dedicated compli-
                                                                         interacting with the Operations Department in the various programs
ance person to serve its clients.
                                                                         that promote preparedness and safety at job sites. Matt received
Bruce began his career with Valcourt in 1996 and has served in the       his business degree from Roanoke College in May of this year and
Compliance Department for almost 10 years. He has been respon-           interned at Northrup Grumman in its business management
sible for facilitating engineering inspection programs, setting up       division this summer. He is a native of Christiansburg, Virginia.
internal systems that improve safety, and educating our client base
                                                                         Romeo Giron joined the Delaware Valley
on how to best protect them from associated liability.
                                                                         branch as its Operations Manager in spring
Long a largely unregulated industry, window cleaning has seen            2007. Romeo oversees the day-to-day
revolutionary changes in required safety practices in recent years.      performance of our window cleaning crews
In 2001, the introduction of the ANSI/IWCA I-14 Window Cleaning          and production managers, including client
Standard brought the first standardized safe practices for the types     satisfaction, quality control, safety training,
of equipment used most by window cleaners: rope descent systems          in-field safety performance, and safe-
(i.e., “chairs”). As a member of many safety committees, including       driving monitoring programs. Romeo
the I-14, Valcourt has been in a unique position to partner with its     earned his business administration degree from San Carlos
clients in protecting them from liability while ensuring the safety of   University in Guatemala. Prior to joining Valcourt, Romeo was an
its workers. Bruce has played a large part in helping shape many of      International Account Manager with Gate Gourmet for both the
the programs that were developed for this dual purpose.                  Philadelphia and Newark International airports.
Valcourt Building Services has been synonymous with safety and
compliance since its inception. The compliance program was
formed with groundbreaking work by people such as Jeff Valcourt
and Jon Capon in the Washington/Baltimore market, Joe Parham
in the Atlanta market, and Mike Amoroso and Dan Dvorak in the
Delaware Valley/Philadelphia/New Jersey markets. As we strengthen        Kurt Padavano Promoted to COO
our compliance efforts further, we’ll be able to respond even more
                                                                         Valcourt would like to congratulate Kurt
rapidly to the changing climate in our industry, to ensure that our
                                                                         Padavano, a longtime Valcourt client, on
clients’ properties are in compliance with standards and laws.
                                                                         his promotion to Chief Operating Officer
                                                                         of Advance Realty. Previously, Kurt led
                                                                         Advance Realty’s management division
                                                                         where he oversaw management operations
                                                                         and directed business operations for more
                                                                         than 100 employees. In addition to his new
                                                                         responsibilities, Kurt is extremely active in BOMA, both locally and
                                                                         internationally; he recently served as chairman of BOMA International.
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Waterproofing &
Scott Tappan Joins Valcourt                                              including one from Valcourt, on
                                                                         behalf of the Ridgely board of
Management Team                                                          directors. Valcourt was afforded the
                                                                         opportunity to review the job with
Scott Tappan has joined Valcourt Building                                the board and McLaren and to
Services as President of the Waterproof-                                 present a proposal for accomplishing
ing and Restoration Division. As Division                                the scope of work. Impressed by
President, Scott will lead the $35 million                               Valcourt’s commitment to quality,
waterproofing and restoration services                                   schedule, and satisfaction, Valcourt
organization that is headquartered in                                    was awarded the contract to begin
Bradenton, Florida, with offices in Elizabeth,                           work in October 2007.
New Jersey, and Bowie, Maryland.                                         This condominium project involves
A Florida native, Scott graduated from the University of South           many different types of waterproofing
Florida, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in industrial            and restoration work, including concrete repairs at balconies, EIFS
engineering. Upon graduating from USF, Scott accepted a position         façade repairs, removal and replacement of façade sealants, and
with Advanced Handling Systems in Lakeland, Florida, a provider          coating the EIFS surfaces with STO Lotusan, a unique coating product
of industrial services that focuses on improving warehousing, distrib-   designed to keep the façade cleaner for a longer period of time. Since
uting, and manufacturing operations. Starting out in an entry level      access from the roof is not available, mast climbers are being used
Design Engineer’s position in 1988, Scott advanced rapidly to System     to gain access to the work areas. Work on Ridgely Condominiums is
Sales Engineer in 1991, Vice President of Engineering in 1994,           scheduled for completion in early fall of 2008.
Chief Operating Officer in 2000, Chief Operating Officer and Vice
President of Sales in 2002, and President in 2004. Each of the
management-level positions attained by Scott afforded him the
opportunity to facilitate and direct market expansion, recruit and
develop a management team, and focus on other value-added
opportunities. Under Scott’s leadership AHS enjoyed 300% growth.
                                                                         Customer Profile: David G. Karins, PE
Scott comments, “I am very excited and honored to be joining an
                                                                         Founded in 1999 by David and Carter
industry leader in Valcourt and to be working with such a highly
                                                                         Karins, the Karins Engineering Group (KEG)
respected and competent waterproofing division management team
                                                                         is a professional service firm offering civil,
lead by Cal Duncan from the Florida office, Mike Amoroso from the
                                                                         structural, and mechanical engineering
New Jersey office, and Roy Turner from the Maryland office.”
                                                                         services to the government and industries.
Scott, his wife Monica, and their three sons Corey (12), Chase (9),      David Karins, President of KEG, has
and Carson (7), enjoy living in sunny southwest Florida. His hobbies     enjoyed an association with Valcourt
include camping, fishing, and traveling with his family.                 for the past eight years.
                                                                         With offices in St. Petersburg and Sarasota, Florida, KEG has pro-
                                                                         vided engineering services for many notable resort and owner-
    branchNEWS                                                           occupied properties along Florida’s Sun Coast from Clearwater
                                                                         to Naples. For his customers, David calls on Valcourt to provide
Valcourt Awarded Ridgely Condominiums Project                            waterproofing services for wall systems and decks. “We are con-
                                                                         stantly on the lookout for new ideas for providing reliable and cost-
Valcourt’s Washington/ Baltimore waterproofing and restoration           effective construction techniques, and our association with Valcourt
office was recently awarded a $900,000 façade restoration project        has helped us become an innovative company,” comments David.
for Ridgely Condominiums in Towson, Maryland.
                                                                         KEG’s goal is to provide its customers with complete, competent,
This 27-story condominium tower is home to 239 residents and             and conscientious services. This common bond of service excellence
is located in the busy business and shopping area of Towson, an          brought KEG and Valcourt together years ago, and will continue to
upscale northern suburb of Baltimore. The project specifications         be the driving force behind our mutually beneficial business relation-
were designed by McLaren Engineering after an extensive balcony          ship for many years to come.
and façade survey. McLaren solicited and received several bids,
VALCOURT BUILDING SERVICES | WINTER 2007                                                                     WWW.VALCOURT.NET | PAGE 5

 will have more seasoned teams on their job sites. And when               enhancing the supervisors’ professional growth and pride.
 Valcourt returns to do work at a building after several years,           Because the safety managers cannot be in the field every day,
 the likelihood is greater that the client will be seeing the same        the supervisors can be their “eyes and ears,” providing con-
 people who worked on the building in the past.                           tinual oversight to assure that work sites are safe at all times.

 EfficiEncy through cEntralizEd functionS                                 Dan Dvorak, Vice President and
                                                                          General Manager of Valcourt’s
 The conversion to a divisional structure has allowed Valcourt            Delaware Valley Window Cleaning
 to centralize functions such as estimating, safety, and purchas-         branch, says that under the new
 ing, which will lead to more standardization and efficiency              divisional arrangement employees
 across the company in all these areas. Dan says that a new               feel that they are part of a larger,
 estimating center serving the waterproofing and restoration              more cohesive entity. As staff
 division will act as a bridge between sales and operations,              members from different branches
 bringing the expertise of operations personnel into the pro-             have more opportunities to meet
 cess before the job is contracted. By bringing operations in             face to face, they will build closer    Dan Dvorak is Vice President and
 sooner, the crews will have a more thorough understanding                professional and personal relation- General Manager of Valcourt’s
 of the job before they get to the site, so clients will see proj-        ships. And as they get to know          Delaware Valley Window
                                                                                                                  Cleaning branch.
 ects running even more efficiently. Another benefit is that the          their counterparts at other branches
 salespeople, who previously did their own estimates, will be             better, they will be more likely to contact them to share
 able to devote all of their to time addressing their customers’          information about the clients they have in common or about
 needs while a dedicated team of professional estimators works            clients with similar needs.
 with the numbers. Roy reports that the estimating center is
 working marvelously; the estimates are much more timely                  “Unity creates tenure,” observes Dan Short. “When people
 in getting to clients now, he says, so projects are starting             are happy, build satisfying relationships, and feel appreci-
 more quickly.                                                            ated at their workplace, they will stay longer. And crews that
                                                                          have been together for some time will produce more effec-
 In the area of purchasing, Dan says, the three waterproofing/            tive and timely work on the job. It’s the Three Musketeers
 restoration branches will now purchase as a unit. With more              philosophy—one for all and all for one.” In the final analysis,
 buying power, the company expects to get better vendor                   he says, by merging the branches in this more meaningful
 service and lower pricing for materials it purchases in large            way, Valcourt will bring to its clients an increasingly effective,
 quantities, such as coatings and sealants.                               stable workforce in the years to come.
 BranchES SEE addEd BEnEfitS                                              Jeff concludes that “the past 21 years have been remarkable
                                                                          for Valcourt Building Services, and we want to maintain that
 Roy sees another positive effect                                         momentum as we move into the next 21. No successful com-
 from the restructuring. He points                                        pany can remain stagnant; for Valcourt to uphold its mission
 to a stronger, more integrated                                           to protect the investment of its clients’ properties by provid-
 safety program now that there                                            ing value-driven solutions and superior service, we must
 is a more structured sharing of                                          regularly look for newer and better ways of operating. The
 information. A major change                                              recent organizational changes will be central to Valcourt’s con-
 has been the implementation                                              tinued success as we move forward, as will the relationships
 of special training for water-                                           we have built with clients, employees, industry professionals,
 proofing and restoration                                                 and vendors.”
 supervisors so that they can
 do inspections themselves rather
 than having a third party do          Roy Turner is Vice President and
                                       General Manager of Valcourt’s
 them. This added responsibility       DC/Baltimore Waterproofing and
 streamlines the process while         Restoration branch.

 VALCOURT BUILDING SERVICES | WINTER 2007                                                                                  WWW.VALCOURT.NET | PAGE 6

    In September, Valcourt New Jersey was the proud recipient
    of a Friend of IREM Award from Chapter 1 of the Institute of
    Real Estate Management.
    The award was presented at an awards banquet in Summit,
    New Jersey, during the northern New Jersey chapter’s Heritage
    Night. This event is held annually to celebrate the chapter’s
    successes of the past year and to recognize those who helped
    made those accomplishments possible.
    According to Mike Amoroso, Division Vice President, building
    service providers such as Valcourt are not eligible for regular
    membership in IREM, so those who have a close relationship
    with the association are referred to as “Friends.” Valcourt has
    always had a strong commitment to the chapter, Mike says,
                                                                                  Mike Amoroso, Valcourt Division Vice President, receives the Friend of IREM award
    supporting it both financially and through participation in its               from Alfred Ojejinmi, President of IREM’s New Jersey Chapter 1.
    activities. The company sponsors various IREM events, includ-
    ing a lunch at its trade show, and two or three Valcourt repre-               nearly 75 years; the northern New Jersey was the first of
    sentatives regularly attend chapter meetings. Mike notes that                 its 81 U.S. chapters. Valcourt also is a Friend of IREM in
    he was the first Friend of the chapter to serve on its board                  Georgia, Washington/Baltimore, Southern New Jersey, and
    of directors, and other Valcourt employees have since been                    Delaware Valley.
    board members.
                                                                                  Reflects Mike, “We greatly appreciate this award and don’t take
    IREM has been the source of education, credentialing, and                     it lightly. We will always remain supportive of the association,
    other resources for real estate management professionals for                  and it’s certainly nice to be recognized for our commitment.”

                                                    VALCOURT BUILDING SERVICES, L.C.
                                                    1621 North Kent Street, Suite 1101
                                                    Arlington, VA 22209

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