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               Governor’s Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Board
                     Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
                           2211 West Evans Avenue
                         Columbine Room, Building B
                              Denver, CO 80223
                                  June 8, 2007

Board Members Present: David Arciniegas, Judy Dettmer, Susan Charlifue, Jeanne
Dise-Lewis, Melissa Francis, Barbara Gabella, Christina Hoagland, Kenny Hosack,
Stewart Levy, Paul Price, Kathy Rohan-Hague

Excused: Paulette St. James

Staff Present: Sandy McCarthy, Nancy Alkema

The meeting began at 12:37 pm and was chaired by Judy Dettmer.

     Today is Chairperson Judy Dettmer’s last meeting with the Board; her term
     expires the end of June 2007.
     Sandy acknowledged Nancy Alkema from SHHP for helping out with the Board
     meeting today.
     Handout – June 21st, building Bridges to Supports & Opportunities – A Brain
     Injury Employment Conference that is being held at the Holiday Inn Cherry
     Creek, Denver. CTAT is the sponsor for this conference.

Review of Minutes
      Correction: 2nd page, third paragraph from the bottom, Christina’s name was
      The Board voted to approve the meeting minutes from May 11, 2007 with the
      above noted change. Stewart Levy moved and Susie Charlifue seconded the

Committee Review of Future Board Applications
    A Board Committee and Sandy reviewed the 15 applications for the Trust Fund
    Board. Some phone interviews took place and the recommendations were
    emailed to the Governors Office on June 7th. Hopefully, selections will be
    finalized by the end of June.
    Nomination Committee discussion:
        o Outgoing Board members should actively recruit possible replacements,
            knowing the field of expertise they represent on the Board.

           o Board members who will be continuing on the Board should be involved
             in the recommendation process, if allowed by the Governor’s Office. The
             future Chair should also be on the committee.

Conflict of Interest Issues - Kathryne Gwinn, Office of the Attorney General
       Kathryne Gwinn is an Assistant Attorney General at the Colorado Office of the
       Attorney General. She specifically represents CDHS and is the primary attorney
       representing the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.
       Handout – Informational Memorandum for the Traumatic Brain Injury Trust
       Fund Board; Executive Order – D001 99 Executive Department Code of Ethics.
       Discussion on issues of “conflict of interest:”
           1. Does a conflict of interest arise where a TBI Trust Fund Board
               Member derives some financial benefit as a result of participating in a
               research project in which the TBI Trust Fund has awarded research
               Answer: Yes. “A member of a board, commission, council, or
               committee who receives no compensation other that a per diem allowance
               or necessary and reasonable expenses shall not perform an official act
               which may have a direct economic benefit on a business or other
               undertaking in which such member has a direct or substantial financial
               interest.” C.R.S. 24-18-108.5 (2006)
               Executive Order D001 99
               A board member shall not:
                       Use the board to bestow any preferential benefits to anyone related
                       to the board member
                       Disclose or use or allow others to use confidential information
                       acquired by the member for private gain
                       Knowingly engage in any activity or business which creates a
                       conflict of interest or has an adverse effect on the confidence of the
                       public in the integrity of government
               A Board Member must recuse himself or herself from any discussion,
               evaluation or award process that may give the public impression of
               impropriety. Meeting minutes are documentation of this action.

           2. Does a conflict of interest arise where a TBI Trust Fund Board
              Member derives some non-financial benefit as a result of participating
              in a research project in which the TBI Trust Fund has awarded
              research dollars?
              Answer: No. A survey of applicable statues and case law evidenced no
              conflict of interest where a board member could receive a non-financial
              benefit, as long as the benefit is not a direct financial interest or direct
              financial gain.

          3. Does a conflict of interest arise when the TBI Trust Fund contracts
             with an organization for client services and the organization also has a
             representative on the TBI Board?
             Answer: Maybe. The Board Member who is also a representative of an
             organization interested in contracting with TBI should recuse himself or
             herself from any discussion, evaluation or award process concerning the
             contract. An individual practitioner who is also a board member may not
             receive payment for TBI services because it would be a conflict of

       Barbara Gabella with CDPHE asked about the Document of Disclosure Form that
       she signed. Kathryne will follow-up to determine if there is a conflict of interest.
       Kathryne will also determine when former Board members, who may have been
       involved with policies setting research priorities, are able to apply for research
       Board member’s compliance with the law allows the Attorney General’s Office to
       speak on the Board’s behalf, as needed.
       A Board member may still serve if a conflict exists, as long as the conflict is
       Board members may not lobby.
       Kathryne welcomed e-mail communication with further questions.

CDHS Update
     Handout - HB07-1117 –passed, effective on July 1st, requires use of helmets for
     people less than 18 years of age riding motorcycles. A surcharge of $10 from
     violations will fund the Trust Fund.
     Handout -Job Announcement – Program Assistant II for TBI Program– part
     time position with full time benefits, being posted today. Hopefully, this will
     move to a full-time position in early 2008.
     Handout – Need to create two to three performance measures for the program for
     CDHS Strategic Plan. Performance measures need to be realistic, measurable,
     understandable to the general public, fair and balanced, and a good reflection of
     what the Trust Fund does.

       Primarily, measure the number of adults and children served and their level of
       program satisfaction.
       Secondarily, measure the geographic diversity of the clients being served. (In a
       related discussion, comments included dividing the state into 7 regions: NE, SE,
       SW, NW and the more urban areas of Denver, North Front Range and South Front
       Measure the number of Letters of Intent received requesting Research Committee
       approval to submit a grant application, and the number of TBI research grants
       funded. The goal is to increase these numbers annually.

       Measure the geographic diversity of the education grants awarded, with the 7
       regions noted above.
       Secondarily, increase the diversity of audiences receiving the grants (e.g., elderly,
       police, military, coaches, as well as the existing strong base of school districts).

Financial Report
      Handout – TBI Trust Fund Revenue and Expenditures for FY07. Revenues for
      April were $162,252; expenditures for April were $138,244.
      $20,000 Program Evaluation budget by Pat Sample will be under spent.
      Denver Options is making efforts to increase the expenditure of purchased service

Services Committee Update and Strategic Plan Presentation – Paul Price
       Strategic Plan included the following discussions/information:
           1. June 18 is the next meeting – 3 hour meeting scheduled – beginning at
               10:00 am
           2. Christina Hoagland may be able to participate in the June 18 meeting via
               conference call, she will email Sandy with her phone number if she is able
               to participate. David said that he would research
           3. The Instrument needs to have consistency of data – should include number
               of adults served and number of children served
           4. The Mission of an organization as a whole
           5. Environmental Scan-create a link to services
           6. Dynamic Forces-showed a lack of a consistent standardized outcomes
           7. Strategic Direction-form an evaluation system
           8. Goals- to get current surveys from Denver Options
           9. Outcomes-review surveys and devise an action plan
           10. Develop Standardized Surveys – Sandy has sent out the existing ones
           11. Instrument needs to have consistency of data, including the number of
               adults and children served.
       Next meeting is June 18 at 10 AM; Christina Hoagland may be able to participate
       via phone. David Arciniegas agreed to research and send information on virtual
       meeting options.

Research Committee Update and Strategic Plan Presentation – Dave Arciniegas
      Handout – Logic Model Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes & Outcome Measures
      Discussed the idea of creating a TBI Research Symposium
      Possible outcomes were discussed for one, two and five years
      A goal is at least one Letter of Intent received during each funding cycle
      Jeanne Dise-Lewis recommended that summary of research grants be put on the
      website, including title of study, Principal Investigator, and year of award

Education Committee Update and Strategic Plan Presentation – Stewart Levy
      Committee was unable to meet

       Goal is to facilitate TBI education throughout the state through the award of
       education grants; over $90,000 to be awarded this year with a good geographic
       Possible goals: target a certain number of education grants in certain areas each
       year and target certain audiences each year
       $91,284 awarded for Fiscal Year 08 out of a total budget of $111,654. Remaining
       funds can be used for education projects not included in the grants.
        7 regions will be targeted in the future: the North and South Front Range will be
       separated from the Denver Metro area
       Will add goals of specific audiences and diversity of regions in the next RFP
       Grant notification may also include that prior receipt of a grant does not
       disqualify you from further
       David suggested using services that can upload grant files directly to a website
       and generate a receipt that the grant was in fact received. Barbara will speak with
       the Tobacco Program to see how their grants are processed in similar fashion
       Discussed the possibility of “unrestricted grants”
       Request was made that TBI scholarships for Educator’s conference consider
       geographic diversity in their award process
       Board members representing geographic diversity is also a goal

The Board voted unanimously to approve a Letter of Intent (LoI) from CU Boulder
that the Research Committee received and approved. The letter describes a blind
study for a specific form of acupuncture for adult TBI survivors that have seen good
results. Kathy Rohan-Hague moved and Jeanne Dise-Lewis seconded the motion.

Note: Jeanne Dise-Lewis was excused from the following LoI discussion and vote.

The Board voted unanimously to authorize the Research Committee to make an
invitation for a full application on a study related to TBI in the Division of Youth
Corrections on their behalf if the Research Committee approves the letter of intent.
Stewart Levy moved and Kenny Hosack seconded the motion.

Build Next Meeting Agenda
       There will not be a meeting in July unless an emergency meeting is called.

Acknowledgement and thank you from the Board to Chair Judy Dettmer and Board
Member Kathy Rohan-Hague for their dedication and commitment to the Board
over the years. There will be a traditional sendoff after the meeting at the 4 G’s
Mexican Restaurant.
       Judy Dettmer thanked everyone and stated that it was an honor to have been the
       TBI Board Chair.
       Kathy Rohan-Hague stated that it was a privilege to serve on the Board. She
       encouraged everyone to remember that it is quite difficult for a Board member
       with TBI to function at the level of professionalism required of this Board. She
       reminded all to remember that TBI survivors are people first and foremost.

      The Board voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 3:42 pm. David
      Arciniegas moved and Kenny Hosack seconded the motion.


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