Parkside at One Bayshore by Levone


									                Parkside at One Bayshore
                           Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                     February 21, 2006

Board Members:

Present: Debbie Gallagher, Don Disler, Bill McKnight,
         Blannie Whelan

Property Manager: Quinty Suarez

Absent: Edy Midyett

Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Debbie Gallagher

Motion to accept prior meeting minutes:
First: Debbie Gallagher
Second: Bill McKnight
Opposed: None

Presidents Report – Debbie Gallagher
Summary of topics covered:
    Gasparilla review – start planning earlier for 2007
    Rampart notice of termination
    Update on gate status
    Retail Maintenance Fee / Master Association Fee status
    Garbage Shoot door was repaired
    Update on Fire alarm from Hardin

Managers Report – Quinty Suarez
Summary of topics covered:
    77,000 Reserve Balance
    Update on Delinquent association fees
    Carpet cleaning starting 2/21 – following week
    Fire Maintenance needs to be scheduled
    No parking signs will be left with Jay
    2 outstanding violations
Old Business
     Engineering Review
         o Plans sent to Crane Engineering
         o Deposit sent
         o Follow-up needed on start date
     Investment Account
         o Rampart has not opened the CD account, Information will be provided to
             the board
     Rules and Regulation updates
         o Reading of new rules
         o Motion to Accept – Bill McKnight
         o 2nd – Don Disler
         o Opposed – none
     Signs for Garage
         o No parking signs delivered
         o Discussion on park at own risk signs

New Business
     Property Management Committee Update
          o Recommend recruiting and hiring an independent licensed manager
          o Read sample job description
          o Request permission to start interviewing candidates
                   Motion for committee to pursue property manager – Debbie
                   2nd – Blannie Whelan
                   Opposed – None
          o Request permission to search for CPA services
                   Motion for committee to pursue property manager – Debbie
                   2nd – Blannie Whelan
                   Opposed – None
     Violations
          o Reviewed two outstanding rules violations involving improper window
              display and improper storage in parking garage
                   Motion to send final notice with find – Debbie Gallagher
                   2nd – Bill McKnight
                   Opposed – Blannie Whelan: states that the board should talk to
                      owners personally
     Discussion on Pool lights which have been on from midnight to 4 AM, will be
      referred to Crescent
     Bike Racks – discussion on available bike racks with pricing from a local vendor
          o Motion to purchase bike racks for building – Blannie Whelan
          o New Motion to table bike racks for additional information on rules and
              cost – Bill McKnight
          o 2nd – Debbie Gallagher
           o Opposed – Blannie Whelan
      Elliptical Trainers – Discussion on adding 2 elliptical trainers to exercise room at
       cost of approx. $1500.00 each
           o Motion to table - Bill McKnight
           o 2nd – Debbie Gallagher
           o Opposed – Blannie Whelan
      Motion to Adjourn – Debbie Gallagher
      2nd – Bill McKnight
      Opposed - None

The budget was reviewed and revised as much as allowed. It was decided that certain
items were needed to be reviewed to complete the budget, such as the energy audit,
elevator maintenance and new landscaping proposals. Rampart is to send out a revised
budget for approval.

It was decided to double the window cleaning budget and for the electrical budget to go
to $120,000 a year

Janitorial budget was said to be based on a four hour work day.

D Gallagher- asked for an explanation on the Master Fees budgeted at 2,000 a month

TECO Energy Audit: tabled
General Comments or Items:

B Whelan- mentioned commercial space needs to be added to delinquent accounts.

D Disler- asked Quinty about a budget line for Rampart Properties. Quinty advised it was
included in the Administrative line item labeled Management Fees

D Gallagher- asked that the maintenance bid to include or to be broken down by the
amount of hours.

D Gallagher- moved to send delinquent accounts to the law firm.
Second- Don Disler

Quinty- will have three proposals for the Landscaping next week and send the past due
amount for the commercial space to the Developer.

D Gallagher- said she will have the law firm review the Master Association agreement.
D Gallagher- will ask the law firm if the letters it sends to homeowners will include their
fees in the amount due.

B Whelan- requested that all warranties be provided to the board.

E Midyett- moved to retain Crain Engineering for our engineering turn over study.
Second- D Gallagher
Opposed- none
Abstained- B Whelan

B Whelan- requested Quinty to price out the timer switchers for the pool lights.

Quinty- will produce a move- in / move-out procedure letter

Quinty- will provide the board with all current renter agreements

It was suggested to post a sign in the workout room to please shut off lights when

Old Business:

      News letter- Blannie is working on this

      Garbage chutes- Quinty posted the needed signs at door locations and is still
       waiting for the access panel to finish repair.

      Landscaping- Quinty has contacted three companies and will provide proposals
       next week.

      Building signs- Quinty has ordered signs with numerical address for the

      Higher interest for money account- Still open. Don will work on an account
       set up.

      Engineering- it was approved to retain Crain Engineering and Eddy will ask
       them for a current proposal and start date.
     Energy Audit- Bill completed it with TECO and we are waiting for the report.

     Website- Eddy completed the registration of the domain name and will start a

New Business:

   Finalize Budget

     Pool- re-bid maintenance, look into possible certification for Janitor and get cost
      of timer switches.

     Elevators- get the warranty and find out the one year expiration date.

   TECO Energy Audit review

     Garbage chute and Trash- news letter is to include deterrent wording “could
      be held liable for cost of repair.” Quinty is to order a trash bin to empty
      maintenance hallway and to order one when needed

     Roberto- need to find replacement
Meeting adjourned 8:05pm
Minutes submitted by Secretary, Eddy Midyett

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