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 Vol. 28 no. 1                                                   neVer forget
                                                                               2010                                             July 22, 2010

Let The New Year Begin

  Newly installed State Commander Tom Lemmer strikes
a team pose with (from left) State Adjutant/Quartermaster       Above Left: 2010-2011 Wisconsin VFW Commander Tom Lemmer is sworn in office by
Steve Lawrence, State Sr. Vice Commander Larry Kutsch-        current National VFW Commander Tom Tradewell. In the photo (L to R) Tom Lemmers; Matt
ma and State Jr. Vice Commander DeWitt “Woody” Wood-          Mayer, Cmdr State Honor Guard; and Tom Tradewell. Above Right: Incoming Commander
worth. Lemmer promises strong teamwork among the top          Tom Lemmer’s mother, Elaine, and granddaughter, Kara, being escorted into Tom’s
leadership of the Wisconsin VFW.                              swearing-in ceremony.

                                      Officers taking their oaths.

                                                      NOTICE  NOTICE  NOTICE
                                                     The Vfw Dept of Wisconsin has a new mailing address:
                                                   Vfw Dept of wisconsin, P.o. Box 6128, Monona, wi 53716-6128
                                                  Phone (608) 221-5276 • fax (608) 221-5277 • Cell (608) 770-0590

       Editor: Bill Bottoms
       Phone: (715) 833-0006         The 2010-2011 Calendar raffle is here
                                         As you read this the calendars are being readied for distribution to your post.
 VFW Department Headquarters           This is a 40,000 limited raffle with 365 prizes drawn on 52 dates thru the year with
      Phone: (608) 221-5276
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       E-mail:                                See your post QM or Ladies Sec/Tres.

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 July 2010
                                            Wisconsin Veterans
                                           of Foreign Wars News                                                    state officers
   Fellow Comrades,                                                                             Happy & Healthy Summer, Comrades!
   Thank you for placing your confidence                                                        I am very excited to be your new State
in me for the 2010-2011 VFW year by                    Tom                                   Surgeon. I know I have big shoes to fill taking           Angela
electing me as your incoming State                  Lemmer                                   the reins from Comrade Gundy Metz, but I Joseph-Gafkee
Commander. I would like to congratulate                                                      hope I serve you well.
Twiggy and his Council of Administra- State Commander                                           For those of you who do not know me, I              State Surgeon
tion for a very good year. Also, thank you        262-369-5905                               am a veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm.               surgeon@
comrades for your attendance and interest                                                    I have served for over 23 years and have
in the Officers Training at the convention                                                   held positions in all sectors of enlisted, the
and making it a huge success. I truly                                                        NCO corps, the Warrant Officer corps, and
was overwhelmed by the attendance. I                                                         currently serve as a commissioned officer
believe this is the route we need to take                                                    at the rank of Captain. I have served in spe-
both at Convention and Mid-Winter to increase participation and utilize our time             cialties in the quartermaster, chemical and medical branches. I currently work full time
constructively.                                                                              in Madison at the Department of Military Affairs as the Occupational Health Nurse, and
   We are very optimistic about our new calendar raffle program. We now actually             am responsible for over 1000 full-time employees and soldiers, and serve as the National
have a product to sell as part of the raffle. I believe after everyone looks at the fin-     Guard State Surgeon’s Medical Operations Officer and medically process and provide
ished product you will agree. Your participation selling the raffle calendars will be        health care to 7900 soldiers. I love my job in serving others, especially those who give so
gratefully appreciated and alleviate requests by Department asking for donations             much to serve their country.
due to lack of funds.                                                                           My goal this year is to find out what you are looking for in health and wellness initiatives
   I believe we have an excellent Council ready and willing to get to work and achieve       in your VFW posts. I plan on meeting with the district commanders and surgeons to come
our goals for this year. I am extremely pleased with our new State Surgeon, and our          up with at least one program this year to implement at your post(s) that involves either CPR
Community Activities chairman as both are young and aggressive with exceptional              training, health education, walking programs, programs to include the disabled and using
attitudes. They exemplify what our Commander In Chief remarked about our vol-                your community, county or VA resources to assist you at your post. I ask all the district and
untary military people of today. With members like these we have the nucleus to              post surgeons to get involved and start being creative.
recruit our OIF, OEF Veterans.                                                                  We have some special veteran events coming about. We have the Woman’s Veteran Confer-
   I am looking forward to our C of A in Green Bay, and the distribution of our Cal-         ence at Ft. McCoy, 22-24 October 2010 and the Mid Winter VFW State Convention, 11-13
endars, and setting our agenda for the next year.                                            February 2011. We would like as much participation as possible and will incorporate health
   June 30 I attended the ground breaking for the Thomas H. Wynn Memorial Apart-             and wellness programs in each.
ments called Veterans Manor in Milwaukee. It was initiated and now is reality by                My message to you this summer is to remember to drink plenty of water during the day, at
the Center for Veteran’s Issues, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) veterans service, administra-         least 8 glasses of water in addition to your other chosen fluids, to stay hydrated and healthy.
tion and management organization. I believe this will be a model for the solution            To ensure you wear sunscreen when you are outside in the sun and be aware of any signs of
to homeless veterans in the United States. The building will have 52 units and will          heat exhaustion that may lead to worse results, like heat stroke. Also, it’s important you all
be located at 35th and Wisconsin Ave. Anytime there are events like these, I will            wear your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, you only have the
do my best to attend or have one of my staff there as this goes with my theme of             ones you have, so protect them, the sun can do damage to your eyes, as it can to your skin.
“Never Forget.”                                                                                 I know there are top Veteran health issues at this time, and we will address them together.
   I would like to take the opportunity to thank Commander in Chief Jim Mueller              I do visit the Institute of Medicine website often to check on what the current veteran issues
from Missouri, and our own Tommy T. Tradewell as representatives at our Conven-              are from all historical wars until now. Here is the link if you are interested in visiting this site
tion for all they do and their kind comments. Tommy, thank you for installing me,            yourself, it does provide great information and may help guide you through some of your
Mom, Dad, Bob and Sandie and my granddaughter Kara for their participation in                own health matters: Some of the
the ceremony.                                                                                topics you will see are about mental and behavioral health concerns, Gulf War Syndrome,
   In closing, remember, Never Forget those that have sacrificed for our freedom and         Agent Orange Updates, and Radiation and Uranium Exposures. Then, of course the VA
Never Forget Freedom is not Free. God bless each and every one of you and God                Health website as well: Please use these websites as some of
bless the United States of America.                                                          the resources available to you. If you do not have a computer, please have your post surgeon
                                                                                             or someone you know provide the information to you.
   Greetings Comrades:                                                                          If you have any comments, ideas, and questions or would like to help with any of the medi-
   In a decision to send a burst of enthusi-
asm throughout our Department, I would
                                                      Larry                                  cal/health initiatives for the VFW, please let me know by emailing me at angela.josephgaffke@
                                                                                    I hope to get the website up and going soon to provide excellent information for
like to compliment our State Commander            Kutschma                                   you all. Thank you and healthy living!
for his theme, “Never Forget.” Every             State Sr. Vice
member is special. Our membership tells                                                         As I write this article, it is the end of one
the world the Veterans of Foreign Wars            Commander                                  VFW year and the start of another. June has
highest honor for dedication to our ser-          262-949-1029                               been a very busy month. We just completed Steve Lawrence
vicemen is our commitment to “Never                              our State Convention in Milwaukee. It was a            State Adjutant
Forget.”                                                                                     busy 5 days. I would like to congratulate the
   There is a story in which during the                                                      new officers on their election or appointment
Civil War, a farmer was drafted for the                                                      to their office.                                      608-221-5276
Union Army. His wife had died and he was the sole support of his young children.                I hope that all of the Comrades and Sisters
But then an unmarried man in the town who had no dependents came to his home and             that attended the Convention in Milwaukee
offered to go to war in his place.                                                           enjoyed the opportunity to have our Com-
   For the sake of his children, the farmer accepted the offer. The generous friend          mander-in-Chief Tommy “T” and first lady
marched off to battle, and in the first engagement he was shot and killed. When the          Sharon in attendance at our Convention.
farmer heard what had happened, he went to the scene of the battle and brought back          Tommy “T” has traveled many miles representing this Great Organization around the World.
the body. He buried his friend in the village churchyard and had these words engraved        One stop even took him to the oval office to talk with President Obama. I enjoyed the opportu-
on the headstone: HE DIED FOR ME. This is a touching story, but thousands and                nity to talk with Past Commander-in-Chief Jim Mueller, while he was at our Convention.
thousands of similar stories followed of men and women who have given their lives.              Remember each post is required to register at least one delegate to the State Conven-
   We must Never Forget the sacrifices of our soldiers who served during the Civil War       tion. This is not to be confused with the National Convention registration. Each post is
and both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and all the way up to the current conflicts in           required to register one delegate to the National Convention. Advance registrations for
Iraq and Afghanistan. Their contributions and bravery have been vital in maintaining         both department and national are $10.00. Late registration is $12.00. Any Post failing
our liberty and way of life that we enjoy.                                                   to comply with these registrations will be considered delinquent and in arrears.
   In the spirit of fostering hope and inspiration to all of our soldiers and their fami-       The national organization is serious about this, just ask any post who had failed to
lies, please reach out and participate in the magnificent programs the Veterans of           register one delegate to the 2009 National Convention. I am happy to say that each Post
Foreign Wars provides. By strengthening our membership, supporting our service               has since complied with the by-law.
office, adopting a unit, community service and youth programs, we can help these                National Convention August 21 - 26 2010, Indianapolis, IN.
courageous men and women begin the healing process, knowing that they are not                   Wisconsin will be housed at the Marriott Downtown Indianapolis. Let’s attend this
forgotten.                                                                                   important convention, and witness our own Tommy “T” Tradewell become the next Past
   Thank you for the privilege and great honor of serving as your State Sr-Vice Com-         Commander-in-Chief for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. This will be an exciting time for the
mander as I look forward to visiting as many of my comrades as possible with my full         Department of Wisconsin, and a sad time. Wisconsin should be proud to have had another
support to our State Commander and his profound theme “Never Forget.”                        National Commander-in-Chief from our Great State. My only regrets were that we let our
                                                                                             Commander-in-Chief down on MEMBERSHIP. Comrades this is something each of us has
   I want to thank everyone for the con-                                                     to live with. At this point, the record has been set for the 2009-2010 Year.
fidence that you have placed in me, by               DeWitt                                     We need to move on and make sure that we achieve our Commander’s Membership Goals
electing me as your Jr. Vice Commander.                                                      for the 2010-2011 VFW Year. Our budget is dependent on a strong Membership Program,
This is an honor that I’ve worked for            Woodworth                                   one that achieves 100% or better. If you need lists or names from me, just ask. I will try to
many years to accomplish.                         State Jr. Vice                             get you the membership potential names you need.
   Everyone knows that membership is              Commander                                     Post Quartermasters, please remember that your 990 for your Post needs to be filed regard-
the backbone of the Veterans of Foreign                                                      less of whether or not you had $25,000 in income. I know that some out there feel that there
Wars. Each and every one of us must go            608-269-6584                               is no requirement for filing, but that is wrong. You need to file with the IRS or you risk losing
out and recruit at least one member this                                 your Tax Exempt Status. You also need to send a copy to the Department Headquarters, P.O.
year. We must also work hard to stop the                                                     Box 6128 Monona, WI 53716-6128.
exit out the back door. We have to be                                                           Can’t think of much more to tell you, except have a Great 2010-2011 VFW and LAVFW
active in this, as all of us need to make                                                    YEAR. Let’s make sure we Git-er-done for Commander Tom and President Sharon. Look
our posts better.                                                                            forward to seeing many of you in my travels. Thanks for your confidence in allowing me to
   The Tomah Veterans Home had a Veterans Picnic on Sunday the 4th. I was there              continue to serve each of you and this Great Organization.
helping with the food and other games. It was held inside the mess hall, as it was              Here’s wishing you safe travels wherever you go.
raining outside. This was well attended by VFW, Cooties and American Legion.                    If you have questions or concerns, you can contact me.
Thanks to all of the Posts that attended.                                                       Comrades and Sisters, thank you for the Good Work you do each day for Veterans and
   I’ll be going to the Jr. Vice Training in October in Kansas City. I will learn all that   their families. If you would like to contact me, I can be reached by e-mail either at qm@
I can to do the very best job possible. This will be a very active year. Please don’t be or or by phone (608) 835-7494 evenings, or by
afraid to contact me for help in Membership problems or any other problems.                  mail: Steve Lawrence, P.O. Box 23, Oregon, WI 53575-0023.
                        state officers                                                                         Wisconsin Veterans
                                                                                                              of Foreign Wars News
                                                                                                                                                                                     Page 3
                                                                                                                                                                                    July 2010

   “Comrades, we are assembled again to                                                             Well, it’s a New Year, new challenges,
transact business of mutual benefit. Do                                                           and same old problem. MONEY! But
not let petty jealousies or trivial person-                                                       wait! We have a SOLUTION to this              Frank Wilke
alities influence our deliberations. Let us          Knudson                                      problem. It’s you and me. Our calendar
                                                                                                                                                  Chief of Staff
uphold always the obligations of unselfish                                                        raffle is about to begin and by buying
comradeship and loyalty to our organiza-         Judge Advocate                                   AND selling these calendars to the PUB-
tion and to the government of the United                                                          LIC we bring needed financial help to
States of America.”                                                                               the Department. 365 prizes, 52 drawing
   With these words we open our meetings                                                          dates through the year and $28,900 in
for the business of our Post, County Coun-                                                        prizes.
cil, District, Department, Conference or                                                            We have had many people ready to buy
National Organization. The intent is clear,                                                       and even have some cash in for advanced
but sometimes forgotten in the heat of discussion.                                                sales. This Memorial calendar honoring the fallen will become a collector’s item.
   I have attended many meetings that have started with that premise in mind, but lost            We hope many will be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan troops.
their way in the course of debate and discussion of the business at hand. It is a shame             Finding the place to sell is very important. County fairs, find a vendor that will
to hear that happen, because it lowers our entire organization to the level of the modern         let you sell in their booth. Saturdays in front of grocery stores, at Wal-Mart, car
political body.                                                                                   shows, football games, or any place of high traffic volume. I think you see what
   All too often, we wrap our opinions in anger and buttress our arguments with rank              I am getting at.
attacks upon the integrity, intentions and motives of those who disagree with us. Honest            Let’s get healthy. We can do it for Tom and Sharon, the Department, and most
people can view a topic from more than one perspective. Our deliberations should be               of all for our Veterans and their families.
fair-minded and respectful of others. The point of all discussions should center on what
is best for the purposes of our organization, at any level. Compromise is frequently the
key to accomplishment.                                                                              MANNA OR DYNAMITE
   Aside from not enjoying a meeting that is dominated by disrespectful behavior, I                 First, let me say CONGRATULA-
make the case here for a more important reason for raising our standards before raising           TIONS to all those who have committed          Charlene Cobb
our voices. Meetings don’t happen in a vacuum. They are public events and often in at-            themselves to serving the Veterans of
tendance are new members who joined us because they bought our “pitch” that we are                Foreign Wars for the 2010-2011 year.             State Chaplain
here to serve veterans and to engage in the renowned camaraderie of soldiers who have             The membership has placed their trust            262-882-6022
known similar hardships and now wish to bring our individual talents to bear in service           in us to faithfully serve them and this
                                                                                                  organization. We have a lofty mission to         chaplain@wi.vfw
to our communities and our comrades.
   Name-calling, innuendo and shouting matches destroy the fabric of our great VFW                “honor the dead by serving the living.”  
and make hollow all our claims to higher service.                                                 The question now is – how do we do
   I suggest that each of us should take the time to think through our positions on issues;       that? In my class, this summer, I read
apply some critical thinking to whatever idea we hold dear to us; and learn to discuss in         an interesting book titled – Leadership
rational terms so that compromise and forward momentum can carry the day.                         in Congregations. One of the articles, “Power Principles for Pastors” was written
   The bully in a meeting who steam-rolls his “opponents” may come away feeling like              by Art Gafke and Bruce McSpadden. In their article they talk about the forms of
a “big man on campus,” but it is really only an illusion. Nobody ever really gets taller          power and its use. Their general principles apply to any organization, not just the
by putting others down.                                                                           church.
   New members don’t drift out the “back door,” never to return. They run for the front             “Power refers to the basic energy to ‘be’ and ‘do.’ Power itself is amoral; what
door thinking, “Why do I need all this nonsense?”                                                 we do with power determines its value.” Gafke and McSpadden give us a lot to
   Besides, a restoration of civility in our transactions of business would reduce the            think about with that simple statement. To begin with they say that the forms of
amount of work a Judge Advocate has to do in advising members on how to deal with                 power are: money, numbers, information, skill, and position. We know this to be
the bully in their midst. Ultimately, the major bullies are brought to heal by Article IX,        true as we look at our membership and finances. We need both to accomplish our
wherein we learn how to bring charges against unruly and disruptive members.                      mission but we also need to ensure that the lines of communication are open both
   Civility is missing in our modern political discourse. Don’t mimic that behavior. We           ways and that we allow everyone to use their skills to build up our organization.
can do better.                                                                                      The last on their list is position. As a leader, in this organization, we have a
   Bill “Knoot” Knudson                                                                           sacred trust to ensure that our power is used wisely. Gafke and McSpadden say
   State Judge Advocate                                                                           that, “we must guard against being controlled by our narrow self-interests…when
   You may submit your questions or comments to:                          we share our plans, hopes, and failures with others our motives and strategies for
                                                                                                  action can be refined so that any use of power can rightly be used for the good
                                                                                                  of the many.”
  Deepest Sympathies                                    If you wish to send a card to the fam-
                                                     ily, they can be sent to: The Family of         “Power within…is more like manna than dynamite…power is best used regularly
                                                                                                  and not stored up for one great show…” We need to evaluate the basic reason we
                                                     Reuben Kottwitz, 1328 Randolph St,
    Comrades and Sisters, it is with sad-            Watertown, WI 53094.                         exist and focus on that mission. “Whenever we lose that focus you can bet that
  ness that I send this e-mail concerning the           I don’t know how many know this, but      the power being wielded is being used for less holy purposes.” As leaders our
  death today of Reuben Kottwitz. Reuben             Reuben and Loretta lost a son this spring,   goal should be to “focus on the activities that organize people to achieve common
  served on our Credentials Committee                who was just in his 50’s                     goals…the way to do more is for more people to be called into relationship with one
  for many years. Reuben passed away                    I extend my sympathies to Loretta and     another…power doesn’t come from the top down; it comes from the bottom up.”
  July 15 at about 4:00 a.m. He had been             the family.                                    As we empower those who bestowed this trust on us, we serve our organiza-
  hospitalized since about the weekend of                                     Steve Lawrence      tion and build up the membership with a voice that actually leads to an increase
  the 4th of July. His wife of many years,                       State Adjutant/Quartermaster     in power as it is shared. As I said, this is a lofty undertaking for the year in front
  Loretta, called me today.                                   VFW Department of Wisconsin         of us. Let’s work together to ensure we keep “our focus” and gather just enough
                                                                                                  “manna” for the tasks we have to do.

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 Page 4
 July 2010
                                              Wisconsin Veterans
                                             of Foreign Wars News                                                        auxiliary
Here We Go
  Thank you to all Sisters and Comrades Sharon Oliver
                                                                                               National Golden eagle award
who made my installation a great success           Department
and to my own Post and Auxiliary, your
presence and participation made it extra            President
special.                                         608-221-0569
  I want to start off by saying we need
to share, open our hearts for our Veterans
and our country and families in love and
kindness. What does that really mean? To
me it means to share my knowledge of the
VFW and its history, its hopes and fears as our predecessors did, as to what they wanted
the VFW to become. They wanted, I believe, to have a friendship with other Veterans
to share their hopes of family and to do good for the community at large. I keep think-
ing about our obligation that we take when we join – “In the presence of Almighty God
and the members here assembled I will never wrong or defraud this organization nor a
member thereof nor permit either to be wronged if in my power to prevent it.” I think
we all need to step back and think about that pledge.
  I’m also thinking about our mentoring program, and how we need to mentor our
newer members by showing them the ways of the organizations so they can move into
the leadership roles. We need to keep our members and teach them, guide them, not by
scolding or talking about them behind their backs but by leading them. Show them that
we care and need them to continue our great organization. Today I’m thinking about
my parents, Stanley and Stella Salverson, and what they wanted of this organization
and of their friends. They trained and guided me to this office. I can hear their words
now. Stay the flow, with a smile and the good sense that God gave you, you can make
a difference. I’m not sure about that one, but I do know that I care about Veterans and
their families and hope to make a difference through understanding.                              Ladies Auxiliary Department Legislative and VFW Political Action Com-
  I am so honored to serve as President and ‘steward’ of this great Department. It is          mittee (PAC) Chairman for 2009-2010, Ingrid Wenninger (at left), poses
an awesome responsibility and I’m extremely fortunate to have a very talented group of         with then Dept. President Linda Moran at the recent State Convention, af-
Line Officers and Chairmen to help, “In a Heartbeat Serving Veterans.”                         ter awarding her the National Golden Eagle for PAC donations. Needing
                                                                                               over $2,000 in donations to qualify, the Department of Wisconsin collect-

Spotlight on Membership
                                                                                               ed $4,617.55 as of June 30, 2010. Congratulations, Chairman Ingrid and
                                                                                               President Linda, on a job VERY well done!

recruit, retaiN, reiNstate!                                                                               Draping of the Charter
                                                                                               District     Name                         City                  Aux #
                                                                                               1            Mardelle Heaslip             Janesville            1621
   Will be our goal for 2010-2011. Watch        an active member in the oldest women’s
your mailings for awards both on the Na-        organizations in the country? Invite her to                 Edith Heim                   Janesville            1621
tional and Department level, starting with      your next Auxiliary meeting.                                Betty Hubbell                Janesville            1621
the August bulletin. Do you know someone                               Membership Chair                     Shirley Koebler              Janesville            1621
who would volunteer for our Veterans                                      Madge Murphy                      Elizabeth Stone              Janesville            1621
and their families, and would love to be                                        D. Diane Sumpter             Janesville            1621
                                                                                                            Beatrice E. Darula           Kenosha               1865
   The “Take Time Out for Veterans” year has finished and I must say                                        Lenore fehlhaber             Kenosha               1865
 goodbye with a sad yet grateful heart. I want to thank you for all your                                    Elaine Hafferkamp *          Kenosha               1865
 dedication and being there for our veterans. Words cannot convey my                           	            Dafleea	Kraak	               Kenosha	              1865
 gratitude to you my Sisters, for all your hard work on the programs.                                       Helen i. Anderson            Edgerton              2708
 Thank you for the monies and gifts received at Convention and the                                          Helen Gilbertson             Edgerton              2708
 special kindnesses offered throughout the year. You all made my year
                                                                                                            Ethel Vaughn                 Edgerton              2708
 very special. A special thanks to our hard-working 2009-2010 Line
                                                                                               2            Etta Schmitt *               Middleton             8216
 Officers, District Presidents, Program Chairmen and Committees,
 Hospital Volunteers and Auxiliaries who hung in there through our                                          Rose A. Rosinsky *           Madison               8483
 ups and downs this year. To the Convention Committee, Credentials                             3            Myrtle Appenzeller *         Platteville           5274
 Committee and Registration workers, an extra special thank you for                                         Janice Patchin *             Platteville           5274
 helping make the Convention run smoothly. To Department President Sharon Oliver and           5            Janet waedekin *             Milwaukee             2787
 the 2010-2011 Officers, best wishes as you enter into the “In a Heartbeat Serving Veterans”                Evelyn Geyser *              Milwaukee             2787
 year. GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.                                                            Margaret C. Scioli           Milwaukee             6498
                                                                                               6            Rose Gnerlich *              west Bend             1393
                                   Hugs and Friendship,                                                     Mary Ann Miller *            west Bend             1393
                                                                                               	            Joyce	Teachmiller	*	         Oakfield	             8092
                                                                                                            Maybelle Pelko               Sheboygan             9156
                                                                                                            Anita Mueller *              Germantown            9202
                         Linda A. Moran, Jr. Past Dept. President                              7	           Gertrude	Mancl	*	            Marshfield	           1866
                                                                                                            Joan Haasl *                 wisconsin Rapids      2534
                                                                                                            Laverne Helbling             Antigo                2653
                                                                                                            Marion Muench                Antigo                2653
                                                                                                            Alice Piotrowski *           Mosinee               8733
                                                                                                            Elaine E. Kinney             Plover                10262
                                                                                               8            Catherine Hoes               DePere                2113
                                                                                                            Grace Schwerke *             Appleton              2778
                                                                                                            Mary Stegert                 Appleton              2778
                                                                                                            Joan Symes                   Laona                 6823
                                                                                                            Adeline Skubal               Mishicot              7753
                                                                                               9            Lenore Rawhauser *           Eau Claire            305
                                                                                                            Deloris Stabenow *           Eau Claire            305
                                                                                                            Vivian Stolberg              Chippewa falls        1038
                                                                                                            Yvonne free *                Almena                8512
                                                                                                            Martha Baker                 Chetek                10331
                                                                                                            Gladys Calkins               Chetek                10331
                                                                                               10           Angeline Klopp *             Spooner               1028
                                                                                                            Elizabeth Rich               Spooner               1028
                                                                                                            Joyce Anderson               Ladysmith             2490
                                                                                                            Ellen Martin *               Clear Lake            5828
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                                                                                                            * LIFE MEMBER
           auxiliary convention                                                                                     Wisconsin Veterans
                                                                                                                   of Foreign Wars News
                                                                                                                                                                       Page 5
                                                                                                                                                                       July 2010

  Past Department Auxiliary President Diane M. hogan (1998-1999)(sec-
ond from right) received the PDP Continuous Service Award from Presi-
dent Linda Moran, with National Conductress Armithea “Sissy” Borel as-                                  2009-2010 Dept. President Linda Moran (at right) and then VfW State
sisting at right. Auxiliary Dept. Awards Chairman PDP ethel “rusty” gar-                              Chief of Staff Arlene Banks, place the Jeanette frank Continuous Service
bacz looks on at left. Presented at the Convention Joint opening program,                             Award medallion on 2010 recipient Patricia Adamson of Junker-Ball Auxil-
the award recognizes a Past Department President at least 10 years out of                             iary 1865 in Kenosha. Auxiliary Dept. Awards Chairman PDP ethel “rusty”
office who continues to participate on all levels of the organization. PDP                            garbacz looks on at left. Presented at the Convention Joint opening pro-
hogan has served at the local and District levels as well as starting her                             gram, the award recognizes 25 year-plus Auxiliary members who provide
third year as Dept. Secretary. Congratulations Diane, and thank you for                               exemplary service to their Auxiliary and community. A tireless worker, Pat
your continued service.                                                                               is extremely deserving of this award. Well done Sister! Congratulations!

  Young American Creative Patriotic Art Winners Ashley Jeske of Strat-
ford (3rd place, second from left) and Mariah Jorgensen of Medford (1st
place, second from right) pose with Dept. President Linda Moran (at left);                              Nurse frazzle (aka Karen Johnson, 2008-2010 Department hospital Chair-
National Conductress Armithea “Sissy” Borel (center) and Dept. Youth Ac-                              man), is helped to the podium as she pays her last visit to the State Con-
tivities Chairman Vicki Newbauer (far right) after receiving their Depart-                            vention prior to retirement from active duty. A sparkling ambassador to
ment Awards during the Convention proceedings. Mariah’s stunning art-                                 our hospitalized veterans, Nurse frazzle worked diligently to emphasize
work went on to receive first Place in the National competition. We will                              the need for contributions to our hospital Projects and most important-
cover that in more detail in the September NeWS. Congratulations to all                               ly, hospital volunteers. We will miss you, Nurse frazzle – thank you for a
on a wonderful achievement!                                                                           job very well done!

Greatest Generation Goes to                                                                                               Manitowoc Post 659

D.c. and the Whole trip is Free
  Article by Roger Boeker
                                           Wisconsin Honor FligHt Hubs and contacts:
   The mission of the Honor Flight
program is to transport all World                  appleton - old glory:
War II Veterans to see the Capitol                 la crosse - Freedom:
monuments erected in their honor.
By the end of 2010, Wisconsin                        Madison - badger:
Honor Flights will have taken
over 2,000 World War II veterans                            Milwaukee - stars & stripes:
to Washington. Veterans of World      
War II can apply for the trip by                                                                                            Left to right: Sgt. green and Sgt. Dennis, mem-
going to the websites of one of             Wausau - never Forgotten:                   bers of 377 reserve Unit, Post members; fran orth,
the five Wisconsin ‘hubs’. A hub                                                                                          earl Junk, Commander george Lettenberger, and post
is the location of an Honor Flight       guardian accompanies one or two          Most veterans having taken the          Quartermaster Allen Karl. VfW otto oAS Post 350 ad-
committee that raises the money          vets to make sure they get where         trip allow as how it is one of their    opted the 377th light maintenance reserve unit, which
and organizes the excursion.             they need to go and have what they       fondest memories. Wisconsin hubs        is stationed in Manitowoc.
   If you do not have a computer or      need to enjoy the trip. Guardians        are all putting out flights to serve
a friend that will go online for you,    pay for their own trip for the privi-    as many vets as possible. Stars &
go to your nearest library branch        lege of serving the Greatest Gen-        Stripes from Milwaukee has funded
and ask the librarian for assistance     eration. This cost is about $500         a chartered Boeing 747 with 300
in getting an application from one       per person. Volunteers to perform        vets on May 2, and has scheduled
of the sites listed. They will be        this service have overwhelmed            two more big planes for the autumn.
happy to help you and print out the      the estimated need. The traveling        Madison has flown 100 vets and
application for you. Or they may         veteran may specify a guardian           looks to take 120 more on October
help you fill it out online and print    and unrelated guardians rarely get       2, 2010. La Crosse has funded five
it for your signature and posting to     the call. Some hubs no longer take       flights - two this year alone. Wausau
the Honor Flight nearest you.            applications for guardians because       flew in April and will go again in
   Applications are scheduled            their waiting list is longer than        October. The Old Glory Appleton
strictly in the order they were          foreseeable need.                        hub will take its fourth flight in
received by the Honor Flight hub.           The organization of the excur-        July, 2010.
Veterans are contacted in that           sion takes a general committee of           All people associated with Hon-
sequence about five weeks before         75 to 100 persons at each hub. The       or Flight are dedicated to taking
take-off. The chartered aircraft is      flight itself includes a medical staff   as many World War II veterans as          Left to right: VfW members Peter Schleis, har-
filled in that order with one excep-     and a half dozen or so workers that      fast as possible to the World War       old Kummer, earl Junk, fran orth, event coordinator
tion: Vets certified as terminally ill   usually come from the Board of Di-       II Memorial. This is their measure      Mary Seiler, (who has a son in the service), Q.M. Al-
but able to travel go to the top of      rectors of each hub. The trip starts     of respect and gratitude for the        len Karl, member Mary greenwold, and Commander
the list for the very next trip.         before dawn and returns long after       Greatest Generation. And if you         george Lettenberger. in front is a sponsor, (co-owner)
   Guardians are scheduled as            dark. There are many highlights en       qualify, Honor Flight wants to          tony’s Pizza, Lisa Burgareno.
escort aides to the veterans. One        route and some are huge surprises.       work for you.
 Page 6
 July 2010
                                             Wisconsin Veterans
                                            of Foreign Wars News                                                                    taPs
PoSt #   Last Name      first Name   Mi   City              2260	   Koz	            Joseph	       P	   Miramar,	FL         7080	    Fralick	        Floyd	       A	   Glen	Haven
305	     Lange	         Erwin	       A	   Eau	Claire        2260	   Meaux	          Allan	        F	   Oconomowoc          7152	    Leanna	         Virgil	      E	   Algoma
328	     Jacobson	      Paul	        J	   Stoughton         2273	   Stilin	         Thomas	       E	   Holmen              7240	    Basing	         Arden	       J	   Jackson
388	     Boehm	         Eugene	      R	   Schofield         2304	   Los	            Ervin	        B	   Oak	Creek           7240	    Keller	         Raymond	     H	   Oconomowoc
388	     Gullings	      Leroy	       V	   Middleton         2306	   Losey	          George	       C	   Rockfield,	KY       7240	    Kruepke	        Earl	        J	   West	Bend
388	     Timler	        Woodrow	     R	   Hatley            2312	   Kortmann	       Glen	         E	   Monroe              7240	    Stevens	        Milton	      W	   Milwaukee
568	     Wasniewski	    John	        A	   Stevens	Point     2490	   Perkins		       Harley		      J	   Bruce               7345	    Paulson	        Donald	      L	   Dodgeville
659	     Kutchera	      Melvin	      W	   Manitowoc         2534	   Cook	           Neil	         C	   Wisconsin	Rapids    7485	    Vodnik	         Ervin	       E	   Milwaukee
721	     Meyer	         Duane	       V	   La	Crosse         2534	   Esselman	       James	        B	   Wisconsin	Rapids    7501	    Risen	          Cecil	       R	   Haines	City,	FL
721	     Sandman	       Robert	      B	   Waukesha          2534	   Freundl	        Robert	       J	   Wisconsin	Rapids    7591	    Boden	          Gailen	      C	   Madison
721	     Smith	         Glenn	       W	   Waukesha          2534	   Greening	       Marvin	       M	   Wisconsin	Rapids    7692	    Randerson	      William	     J	   Freedom
1037	    Kolb	          August	      W	   Waupaca           2534	   Haasl	          Ray	          L	   Wisconsin	Rapids    7694	    Nolden	         Leon	        J	   Sauk	City
1037	    Moe	           Raymond	     M	   Waupaca           2534	   Parrett	        Donald	       L	   King                7694	    West	           Marvin	      R	   Sauk	City
1038	    Lessard	       Chester	     E	   Holcombe          2534	   Punzel	         Frank	        J	   Wisconsin	Rapids    7924	    Peterson	       Earle	       D	   Elkhorn
1091	    Bellino	       John	        P	   Superior          2534	   Shepard	        Laverne	      O	   Wisconsin	Rapids    8021	    Buros	Jr	       Verlin	      P	   Coon	Valley
1091	    Hill	          Franklin	    R	   Superior          2534	   Smazal	         Marvin	       A	   Wisconsin	Rapids
                                                                                                                           8216	    Disch	          Norman	      H	   Manitowoc
1163	    Rahn	          Laverne	     D	   Beaver	Dam        2534	   Smith	          Darrell	      L	   Wisconsin	Rapids
                                                                                                                           8278	    Strauss	        John	        H	   La	Crosse
1256	    Goodremote	    Adolph	      M	   Grantsburg        2534	   Sullivan	       Gordon	       L	   Wisconsin	Rapids
                                                                                                                           8280	    La	Porte	       Jerome	      W	   Merrillan
1256	    Marion	        Michael	     R	   Siren             2653	   Nigg	           Marvin	       G	   Antigo
                                                                                                                           8280	    Stomski	        Walter	      E	   Ringle
1318	    Crane	         Sheldon	     F	   Scarborough,	ON   2823	   Hammes	         Aldon	        J	   Burlington
                                                                                                                           8337	    Carlino	        Joseph	      	    Ellison	Bay
1391	    Cherkinian	    Sarkis	      S	   Racine            2823	   Vogt	           Jerome	       A	   Waterford
                                                                                                                           8337	    Davis	          Richard	     S	   Ephraim
1464	    Geiger	        Mary	        E	   King              2903	   Ambrosiak	      Edward	       S	   Muskego
                                                                                                                           8337	    Walworth	       Vinton	      	    Sister	Bay
1464	    Karcheski	     Edward	      	    King              2903	   Brostowitz	     Henry	        	    Greenfield
1464	    Yager	         Charles	     K	   King              2903	   Fowler	         Henry	        A	   Saint	Francis       8375	    Greenwood	      Gilbert	     F	   Cantonment,	FL
1530	    Close	         Floyd	       R	   Mindoro           2903	   Janczak	        James	        M	   Saint	Francis       8375	    Wendtorf	       Robert	      E	   Pleasant	Prairie
1530	    Rheingans	     John	        J	   La	Crosse         2903	   Kirsch	         Franklin	     C	   Indianapolis,	IN    8400	    Borak	          Fred	        A	   Saint	Germain
1530	    Wrobel	        Emery	       A	   La	Crosse         2903	   Kotecki	        Michael	      T	   Milwaukee           8400	    Mendlik	        Robert	      W	   Three	Lakes
1580	    Moore	         Howard	      W	   Hurley            2923	   Seitz	          Robert	       A	   Appleton            8400	    Ott	            John	        C	   Rhinelander
1638	    Karow	         David	       L	   Merrill           3032	   Reed	Jr	        Howard	       	    West	Salem          8400	    Walsh	          John	        D	   Phelps
1691	    Wagner	        Gerald	      J	   Milwaukee         3071	   Ferris	         Darwin	       G	   Oconto              8483	    Napstad	        Gaylord	     O	   Rocky	Point,	NY
1865	    Angelo	        Jack	        J	   Kenosha           3071	   Franks	         Hermina	      A	   Oconto              8512	    Houston	        Donald	      C	   Rice	Lake
1865	    Besch	         Paul	        W	   Kenosha           3143	   Church	         Ray	          G	   Rhinelander         8637	    Lambrecht	      William	     R	   Hartland
1865	    Birkholz	      Don	         T	   Kenosha           3143	   Johnson	        Kenneth	      A	   Rhinelander         8637	    Verstoppen	     Robert	      J	   Eagle	River
1865	    Cantwell	      William	     F	   Kenosha           3143	   Miazga	         Stanley	      S	   Rhinelander         8733	    Fochs	          Carl	        H	   Schofield
1865	    Connolly	      George	      P	   Burlington        3319	   Van	Eperen	     Louis	        J	   Combined	Locks      8813	    Koeppler	       Paul	        A	   Peshtigo
1865	    Hanson	        Donald	      K	   Kenosha           3392	   Schleis	        Milton	       W	   Kewaunee            8834	    Rotta	          John	        E	   Rubicon
1865	    Hauser	        Arthur	      W	   Kenosha           3709	   Gaugert	        Earl	         L	   Watertown           9156	    Myers	          Harold	      D	   Sheboygan
1865	    Johnson	       Morton	      E	   Kenosha           4186	   Robinson	Jr	    John	         	    Eau	Claire          9156	    Schmalfeldt	    William	     K	   Sheboygan
1865	    Ladwig	        Herbert	     R	   Kenosha           5270	   Lind	           Timothy	      J	   Dousman             9156	    Wrensch	        Robert	      L	   Cleveland
1865	    Larsen	        Kenneth	     B	   Waterford         5274	   Brunton	        Cletus	       L	   Platteville         9202	    Orr	            Joseph	      M	   Union	Grove
1865	    Misurelli	     Frank	       	    Kenosha           5274	   Mc	Phail	       Louis	        	    Platteville         9362	    Dubranski	      Robert	      	    Sun	Prairie
1865	    Ostrom	        John	        L	   Kenosha           5373	   Schaefer	       Charles	      A	   Grafton             9362	    Martin	         George	      P	   Sun	Prairie
1865	    Polanski	      Norbert	     H	   Kenosha           5612	   Binder	         Harold	       O	   Plymouth            9424	    Christianson	   Robert	      	    Fort	Atkinson
1865	    Salerno	       Nicholas	    	    Kenosha           5729	   Ziembo	         William	      	    Medford             10171	   Schommer	       Germann	     L	   Cedarburg
1865	    Secky	         Robert	      F	   Kenosha           5780	   Gillett	        Merl	         F	   Wisconsin	Rapids    10197	   Granlund	       William	     E	   Iron	River
1865	    Stancato	      Anthony	     H	   Kenosha           5780	   Young	          Lawrence	     J	   Mikana              10262	   Kursevski	      Alan	        R	   Austin,	TX
1865	    Williams	      Hubert	      S	   Kenosha           5811	   Curran	         William	      	    Lake	Geneva         10262	   Lutovsky	       George	      P	   Plover
1865	    Willkomm	      Joseph	      N	   Racine            5811	   Hetzel	         Armon	        	    Downing             10262	   Pelowski	       Ernest	      D	   Stevens	Point
1865	    Wolfe	         Raymond	     G	   Kenosha           5970	   Martinkus	      Benedict	     	    Lyndon	Station      10262	   Reed	           Frank	       B	   Stevens	Point
1879	    Czupowski	     Edward	      A	   Fort	Atkinson     6005	   Bateman	        Junior	       G	   Chippewa	Falls      10272	   Pierce	         Peter	       H	   Mc	Farland
1879	    Grossman	      Ronald	      E	   Lake	Mills        6186	   Chrzaszcz	      Stephan	      A	   Eau	Claire          10331	   Burghardt	      Elmer	       	    Wausau
1879	    Johnson	       Robert	      A	   Hampshire,	IL     6201	   Amdahl	         Andrew	       P	   Pepin
                                                                                                                           10331	   Taylor	         Nevin	       O	   Chetek
1879	    Leetzow	       Elmer	       J	   Fort	Atkinson     6279	   Hall	           Buel	         T	   River	Falls
                                                                                                                           10331	   Van	Beek	       Adolph	      V	   Rice	Lake
1879	    Snodie	        Charles	     B	   Fort	Atkinson     6279	   Rabl		          John		        R	   Columbus
                                                                                                                           10393	   Hipenbecker	    Gerald	      	    Boscobel
1879	    Ziegler	       William	     D	   Fort	Atkinson     6279	   Severson	       Tom	          J	   Arkdale
                                                                                                                           10393	   Mattie	         Richard	     L	   Lancaster
1904	    Berger,	Jr	    Joseph	      S	   Fond	Du	Lac       6375	   Barlow	         Glenn	        W	   Lake	Geneva
                                                                                                                           10394	   Bernier	        Harold	      C	   Milwaukee
1904	    Brenner	       David	       H	   Fond	du	Lac       6375	   Welker	         Carl	         B	   Madison
                                                                                                                           10424	   Brewer	         Vernon	      	    Wheeler
1904	    Walters	       Donald	      J	   Fond	du	Lac       6498	   Balistreri	     Frank	        L	   Brookfield
                                                                                                                           10441	   Roanhouse	      Cletus	      W	   Waterford
1915	    Bates	         Lawrence	    A	   Galesville        6498	   Calenberg	      Raymond	      	    Greendale
1915	    Mahlum	        Oscar	       A	   Saint	Paul,	MN    6498	   Carstens	       Carl	         	    Milwaukee           10452	   Soda	           Victor	      R	   Princeton
1916	    Conlin	        Peter	       N	   Reedsburg         6498	   Doerr	          Donald	       	    Wauwatosa           10452	   Wielgosh	       Leonard	     A	   Princeton
1916	    Lehman	Sr	     Herbert	     W	   Shawano           6498	   Dunn	           Denis	        R	   Milwaukee           10490	   Johnson	        Marvin	      S	   South	Range
2037	    Dederich	      John	        M	   De	Pere           6498	   Gebhardt	       Jim	          F	   Wauwatosa           10519	   Nisiewicz	      Leroy	       J	   Franklin
2037	    Du	Chateau	    Earl	        J	   Green	Bay         6498	   Iwanski	        Steve	        	    Milwaukee           10532	   Berg	           Kenneth	     I	   Coon	Valley
2037	    Koury	         Basil	       	    Green	Bay         6498	   Schuttke	       Ronald		      J	   Milwaukee           10532	   Crook	          Fredrick	    D	   Stoddard
2037	    Thayer	        Orville	     	    Green	Bay         6498	   Tokarski	       Chester	      R	   Cudahy              10532	   Johnson	        Michael	     W	   Coon	Valley
2113	    Diedrick	      Kenneth	     F	   Green	Bay         6550	   Runkel	         Douglas	      G	   Strum               10549	   Kowalski	       Stanley	     J	   New	Glarus
2113	    Turriff	       Donald	      F	   De	Pere           6705	   Andrastek	      Francis	      	    Denmark             10662	   Caswell	        Jerry	       T	   Wautoma
2126	    Mayer	         William	     G	   Menasha           6711	   Schmittfranz	   James	        	    Mondovi             10662	   Happersett	     Arnold	      G	   Redgranite
2126	    Robinson	      Roger	       B	   King              6858	   Fowler	         Robert	       	    Brodhead            10671	   Matchey	        Ladislaus	   	    Independence
2227	    Gokey	         Vane	        L	   Colby             6903	   Koshak	         Arthur	       E	   Park	Falls          11244	   Frazier	        Ronald	      	    Fayetteville,	NC
2241	    Henchen	       Herbert	     C	   Neillsville       6903	   Leitl	          Donald	       	    Park	Falls          11244	   Ikehara	        Anthony	     K	   Vancouver,	WA
2260	    Christenson	   James	       W	   Ixonia            6903	   Olson	          Clayton	      	    Butternut           11244	   Langrehr		      Hilbert		    F	   Waunakee
2260	    Ebert	         Warren	      F	   Watertown         6903	   Wardensky	      Earl	         C	   Park	Falls          15051	   Wortham	        Thomas	      E	   Chicago,	IL

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   July 2010

starting a new year for Membership                                                                                                                                         editor’s Corner                     BACK OF PICTURES. It
                                                                                                                                                                                                               ruins them for news work.
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  We are starting a new year                                                                                                       ters this year. Also, if you can                                            paper. Take both the picture
for membership. Lets all get out                                   DeWitt                                                          recruit with some other outfit,                                             and the paper you have just
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This is very important as there are                                 Membership                                                     tional Recruiters to get out and                                            That way both can be seen at
many eligible veterans out there                                     Director                                                      recruit. Last year we only had                                              the same time.
and need to be asked to join. We                                                                                                   two of us who recruited over                                                   Officers, please keep your
must also be up on the eligibility                                                                                                 20 members. To continue to be                                               columns to a maximum of
of the veterans to know if they                                                                                                    Certified we need to recruit. Our                                           500 words. That is the maxi-
are eligible or not. I’ve talked to                               post. They never get down to                                     commander wants to be 100% +                                                mum amount, not a minimum
many veterans who have said they                                  the post, but are still interested                               this year. There is not any reason          From	the	Desk	of                that you must reach in each
weren’t eligible, but in fact they                                in it. Please, let’s get someone                                 that we can’t do this. Another
were. Some folks didn’t have their                                from the post to go and visit the                                way is when we are selling our
                                                                                                                                                                                 Bill Bottoms                  column. Your columns are
information correct. We can’t let                                 Members that didn’t pay their                                    Calendars to the public, we                          Editor                 likened to the advice given
                                                                                                                                                                                                               young ministers about their
these veterans down by not know-                                  dues last year, and any that are                                 should also recruit. Have some             You have only yourselves to      sermons. Have a good open-
ing what makes them eligible.                                     house bound.                                                     information there and Member-           blame. If you hadn’t worked         ing, a good ending, and keep
  Many of our Veterans are                                          We will be recruiting at all of                                ship blanks. This is a very good        Knoot so hard you’d still be        them as close together as
just waiting to hear from the                                     the Armory’s and Reserve Cen-                                    place to recruit.                       able to avail yourselves of his     possible.
                                                                                                                                                                           good services. Now you have            ABOVE ALL KEEP THEM

va simplifies access to Health care                                                                                                                                        to put up with me again.
                                                                                                                                                                              The rules of submission of
                                                                                                                                                                           articles for the paper are pretty
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Call it what they may, we
                                                                                                                                                                                                               are fighting a war. We, by

and Benefits for veterans with PtsD
                                                                                                                                                                           much as they were for Bill K.       our own code, are sworn to
                                                                                                                                                                           If they differ, I’ll let you know   give aid and assistance to our
                                                                                                                                                                           when and where. I presume           comrades-in-arms and their
                                                                                                                                                                           that Bill K. was tough on too       families. We do not want any
   WASHINGTON – Secretary of Veterans                                                                                ence recalled by a Veteran adequately supports        dark pictures. I’m probably         one of them getting injured
Affairs Eric K. Shinseki announced a                                                                                    a diagnosis of PTSD and the Veteran’s symp-        worse. Pictures that are too        or KIA because they were
critical step forward in providing an                                                                                     toms are related to the claimed stressor.        dark cannot be reproduced           worrying about their families
easier process for Veterans seeking                                                                                           Previously, claims adjudicators were         successfully, hence are just        and not what they were doing.
health care and disability compensa-                                                                                       required to corroborate that a non-             wasted space. Most of the time      All year we will be looking
tion for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder                                                                                    combat Veteran actually experienced a           they are caused by someone          for stories about our posts
(PTSD), with the publication of a final                                                                                    stressor related to hostile military activ-     with a small camera and its         and their members assisting
regulation in the Federal Register.                                                                                       ity. This final rule simplifies the develop-     small flash being too far away      families.
   “This nation has a solemn obligation to                                                                              ment that is required for these cases.             from the group being photo-            That’s the hard part. Now,
the men and women who have honorably                                                                                     VA expects this rulemaking to decrease            graphed. Keep the group close       what I hope is the easy part.
served this country and suffer from the often                                                                     the time it takes VA to decide access to care and        together. Limit the number in       It’s been nine years since I
devastating emotional wounds of war,” said Secretary                                                      claims falling under the revised criteria. More than             the row. Six, seven, and eight      gave up editing this or other
of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “This final regu-                                                   400,000 Veterans currently receiving compensation                across is too wide. It causes       papers. In that time their have
lation goes a long way to ensure that Veterans receive                                                    benefits are service connected for PTSD. Combined                the photographer to stand too       been many electronic changes
the benefits and services they need.”                                                                     with VA’s shorter claims form, VA’s new streamlined,             far away to get them all in the     in the way reporting is done. I
   By publishing a final regulation today in the Fed-                                                     science-based regulation allows for faster and more              picture. The small flash unit       ask for your indulgence in the
eral Register to simplify the process for a Veteran to                                                    accurate decisions that also expedite access to medical          cannot furnish enough light to      errors I may and probably will
claim service connection for PTSD, VA reduces the                                                         care and other benefits for Veterans.                            make the picture light enough.      make. I will do my best.
evidence needed if the trauma claimed by a Veteran                                                          PTSD is a medically recognized anxiety disorder that           We don’t need everyone stand-          Congratulations to Editor
is related to fear of hostile military or terrorist activity                                              can develop from seeing or experiencing an event that            ing around in the picture, only     Bill K. and The Berlin Journal
and is consistent with the places, types, and circum-                                                     involves actual or threatened death or serious injury to         those that contribute to the        Staff for the National Award.
stances of the Veteran’s service.                                                                         which a person responds with intense fear, helplessness          story. That’s what pictures are     When you’re in the Big Boys
   This science-based regulation relies on evidence                                                       or horror, and is not uncommon among war Veterans.               for, to contribute to the story.    category; California, Illinois,
that concluded that a Veteran’s deployment to a war                                                         Disability compensation is a tax-free benefit paid to a        Please keep your writing tight      Michigan, and Texas, such as
zone is linked to an increased risk of PTSD.                                                              Veteran for disabilities that are a result of -- or made worse   and concise. I don’t really like    we are, National Awards are
   Under the new rule, VA would not require corroboration                                                 by -- injuries or diseases associated with active service.       to cut out parts of any story.      tough to get.
of a stressor related to fear of hostile military or terrorist                                              For additional information, go to or call              DON’T WRITE ON THE                  Bill Bottoms, Editor
activity if a VA doctor confirms that the stressful experi-                                               VA’s toll free benefits number at 1-800-827-1000.
                                                                                            me Dr

                                                                                                                              Femrite Dr
                           r t

     Femrite Dr



     12     18                                                          142A

                                                    2 A


   A ri t re Dr                                             142                                                          18

                                                                                                          i              Dr
                                     i   t                                            Magnuson
                                                                                      Grand Hotel
                                                                               A re



          e ter       Dr

  Magnuson Grand Hotel Madison
       3510 Mill Pond Road • Madison, WI 53718
                                              (877) 747-8713

                                             VFW Rate $67.15 + Tax

      Football weekend get your reservation in now!
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July 2010
                              Wisconsin Veterans
                             of Foreign Wars News                    WHite Hat MeMBers

              PoSt 1865
        Commander Don Lynch
                                         Salutes its Whit
                                               Pictured is Past National Commander Jim Mueller of Missouri presenting award
     and Quartermaster Peter Phaff

              PoSt 2708                                PoSt 8483                                 PoSt 9202
        Commander earl Banks                    Commander Kenneth Koon                   Commander Daniel Schlagel
      and Quartermaster Leroy ide           and Quartermaster randall Banesly          and Quartermaster Kenneth Puls

              PoSt 7591                                PoSt 7629                                 PoSt 664
       Commander Dennis Landen                Commander William reynolds                 Commander Leroy Wilken
     and Quartermaster Lemuel ellis          and Quartermaster francis Smith          and Quartermaster James Karlson

              PoSt 8057                                PoSt 9336                                 PoSt 1638
       Commander Jason Stearns                  Commander Patrick Shaw                   Commander Dennis Berndt
    and Quartermaster Norbert horns         and Quartermaster Douglas Cowley           and Quartermaster russell iwen
              white hat members                                               Wisconsin Veterans
                                                                             of Foreign Wars News
                                                                                                                      Page 9
                                                                                                                      July 2010

sin VFW
te Hat Members                                                                                       Post 10272
                                                                                             Commander steve Lawrence
ds to Post Commanders. Jim was the National Representative at State Convention.
                                                                                            and Quartermaster John Garner

                 Post 8280                                  Post 6550                              DistRiCt 5
        Commander Herbert Westlund                  Commander Jerry Knudtson                  Commander Robert George
       and Quartermaster Gary Kowalski            and Quartermaster Edward Ross

                 Post 2778                                  Post 8514                          Post 6498 Co-CAPtAiN
          Commander Richard Rettler                  Commander George Mann                   Commander Robert Jaworski
        and Quartermaster steve Conto              and Quartermaster Rollin Colby          and Quartermaster Walter Hogan

                 Post 1038                                   Post 987                          Post 10262 Co-CAPtAiN
        Commander William McGann                    Commander Gerald Parchem                   Commander John shultz
       and Quartermaster Leroy Janski             and Quartermaster David Yatalese         and Quartermaster Garry Matthees
 Page 10
 July 2010
                                                      Wisconsin Veterans
                                                     of Foreign Wars News                                Veterans serViCe OffiCer
stressor Determinations for Post traumatic stress Disorder
New Regulations                                                                                       the adjudication of cases where PTSD
                                                                                                      has been initially diagnosed in service.
                                                                                                                                                       tent with the Veteran’s service.
                                                                                                                                                          11. Is a Veteran’s testimony about
                                                              Dave                                    Rather, under another VA rule, 38 CFR            “fear of hostile military or terrorist
on PTSD Claims                                               Goeldner
                                                                                                      § 3.304(f)(1), if a Veteran is diagnosed
                                                                                                      with posttraumatic stress disorder dur-
                                                                                                                                                       activity” alone sufficient to establish
                                                                                                                                                       a stressor?
                                                                                                      ing service and the claimed stressor is             Yes, if the other requirements of
  1. What is Post-Traumatic Stress                         State Veterans                             related to that service, in the absence          the regulation are satisfied, i.e., a VA
Disorder (PTSD)?                                           Service Officer                            of clear and convincing evidence to              psychiatrist or psychologist confirms
  P o s t Tr a u m a t i c S t r e s s D i s o r d e r                                                the contrary, and provided that the              that the claimed stressor is adequate to
(PTSD) is a condition resulting from                                                                  claimed stressor is consistent with the          support a PTSD diagnosis and that the
exposure to direct or indirect threat                                                                 circumstances, conditions, or hardships          Veteran’s symptoms are related to the
of death, serious injury or a physi-                                                                  of the Veteran’s service, the Veteran’s          claimed stressor, and the stressor is con-
cal threat. The events that can cause                    claims, which will result in Veterans        lay testimony alone may establish the            sistent with the “places, types, and cir-
PTSD are called “stressors” and may                      receiving more timely decisions. A Vet-      occurrence of the claimed in-service             cumstances of the Veteran’s service.”
include natural disasters, accidents or                  eran will be able to establish the occur-    stressor.                                           12. Are the stressors accepted as
deliberate man-made events/disasters,                    rence of an in-service stressor through         8. Is the new regulation applicable           adequate for establishing service
including war. Symptoms of PTSD can                      his or her own testimony, provided that:     only if the Veteran’s statements relate          connection under new § 3.304(f)(3)
include recurrent thoughts of a traumatic                (1) the Veteran is diagnosed with PTSD;      to combat or POW service?                        limited to those specifically identified
event, reduced involvement in work or                    (2) a VA psychiatrist or psychologist,          No. The rule states that the stressor         in the new regulation?
outside interests, emotional numbing,                    or a psychiatrist or psychologist with       must be related to a “fear of hostile               No. The examples given in the revised
hyper-alertness, anxiety and irritability.               whom VA has contracted confirms that         military or terrorist activity,” and the         regulation do not represent an exclusive
The disorder can be more severe and                      the claimed stressor is adequate to sup-     claimed stressor must be “consistent             list in view of the use of the modifying
longer lasting when the stress is human                  port a PTSD diagnosis; (3) the Veteran’s     with the places, types, and circum-              phrase “such as” that precedes the listed
initiated action (example: war, rape,                    symptoms are related to the claimed          stances of the veteran’s service.”               examples. Any event or circumstance
terrorism).                                              stressor; and (4) the claimed stressor is       9. What circumstances will still              that involves actual or threatened death
  2. What does this final regulation                     consistent with the places, types, and       require stressor verification through            or serious injury, or a threat to the physi-
do?                                                      circumstances of the Veteran’s service       DoD’s Joint Services Records Re-                 cal integrity of the Veteran or others,
  This final regulation liberalizes the                  and the record provides no clear and         search Center (JSRRC) , VBA’s Com-               would qualify as a stressor under new
evidentiary standard for Veterans claim-                 convincing evidence to the contrary.         pensation &Pension Service (C&P                  § 3.304(f)(3).
ing service connection for post traumatic                This will eliminate the requirement          Service), or other entity if a Veteran              13. How will the Veterans Health
stress disorder (PTSD). Under current                    for VA to search for records, to verify      claims that his or her stressor is re-           Administration (VHA) work with Vet-
regulations governing PTSD claims,                       stressor accounts, which is often a very     lated to a fear of hostile or terrorist          erans Benefits Administration (VBA)
unless the Veteran is a combat Veteran,                  involved and protracted process. As a        activity?                                        on the new regulation?
VA adjudicators are typically required to                result, the time required to adjudicate         The regulatory revision will greatly             VHA was actively involved in discus-
undertake extensive record development                   a PTSD compensation claim in accor-          lessen the need for undertaking devel-           sion with VBA of the new regulation and
to corroborate whether a Veteran actu-                   dance with the law will be significantly     opment to verify Veterans’ accounts              fully supports the new regulation.
ally experienced the claimed in-service                  reduced.                                     of in-service stressors. Now, stressor              • The new regulation will provide
stressor. This final rulemaking will                       6. How does VA plan to monitor             development may only need to be                  fair evaluation for Veterans whose
simplify and improve the PTSD claims                     the need for examiners in various            conducted if a review of the available           military records have been damaged or
adjudication process by eliminating this                 regions of the country, and how does         record, such as the Veteran’s service            destroyed, or for whom no definitive re-
time-consuming requirement where the                     VA plan to respond if it is determined       personnel and/or treatment records, is           ports of combat action appeared in their
claimed stressor is related to “fear of                  that more examiners are needed in a          inadequate to determine that the claimed         military records, even though they can
hostile military or terrorist activity,” is              particular region?                           stressor is “consistent with the places,         report such actions and it is reasonable
consistent with the places, types, and                     The Veterans Health Administration         types and circumstances of the veteran’s         to believe that these occurred, given the
circumstances of their service, and a VA                 (VHA) has written in to the FY11-13          service.” In such circumstances, the Vet-        time and place of service.
psychiatrist or psychologist, or contract                Operating Plan the need for additional       erans Service Representative (VSR) will             • This will be especially beneficial to
psychiatrist or psychologist confirms                    staff to support doing adequate, timely      determine on a case-by-case basis what           women Veterans, whose records do not
that the claimed stressor is adequate to                 exams. VHA proposes: “A8. Increase           development should be undertaken.                specify that they had combat assign-
support a diagnosis of PTSD.                             mental health field staff to address the        However, it is anticipated that in            ments, even though their roles in the
  3. What types of claims for VA ben-                    increase in C&P examinations and de-         the overwhelming majority of cases               military placed them at risk of hostile
efits does the final regulation affect?                  velop monitoring system to ensure clini-     adjudicated under the new version of §           military or terrorist activity.
  The final regulation will benefit                      cal delivery of mental health services       3.304(f), a simple review of the Veter-             • This means that more Veterans will
Veterans, regardless of their period of                  does not decrease in VHA.“ Specifi-          an’s service treatment and/or personnel          become eligible for VA care and thus
service. It applies to claims for PTSD                   cally, VHA has requested 125 clinicians      records will be sufficient to determine          be able to receive VA care for mental
service connection filed on or after the                 for FY11 with additional 63 staff in         if the claimed stressor is consistent with       illness related to their military service,
final regulation’s effective date, and to                FY12 if the need exists. If the Operating    the places, types, and circumstances of          as well as receiving full holistic health
those claims that are considered on the                  Plan and the proposed budget are ap-         the Veteran’s service. We also believe           care.VHA will work actively with VBA
merits at a VA Regional Office or the                    proved, VA proposes asking the Veterans      that, in some cases, a Veteran’s separa-         on implementing the regulation. VHA
Board of Veterans’ Appeals on or after                   Integrated Service Networks (VISNs)          tion document, DD-Form 214, alone                staff’s main role is as clinicians con-
the effective date of the rule.                          to develop plans for distributing the        may enable an adjudicator to make such           ducting C&P interviews to establish di-
  4. Why is this final regulation                        funds in order to ensure adequate cover-     a determination.                                 agnoses and obtain other information to
necessary?                                               age at sites based on number of claims          10. As the regulatory revision seems          be used by VBA raters to determine the
  The final regulation is necessary to                   being processed; the VISNs are well          to require an enhanced role for the              outcome of claims. The new regulation
make VA’s adjudication of PTSD claims                    positioned to determine these regional       examining VA mental health profes-               will not change the diagnostic elements
both more timely and consistent with the                 needs.                                       sional, whose role is it to determine            of the C&P interview, but may change
current medical science.                                   7. How does the regulatory revision        whether the claimed stressor is consis-          what additional data are collected for
  5. How does this final regulation                      affect PTSD service connection claims        tent with the Veteran’s service?                 use by VBA raters.
help Veterans?                                           where an in-service diagnosis of PTSD           VA adjudicators, not the examining               The information in this article is
  The final regulation will simplify                     has been rendered?                           psychiatrist or psychologist, will decide        a reprint of a VA Fact Sheet dated
and streamline the processing of PTSD                      The new regulation does not apply to       whether the claimed stressor is consis-          7-13-2010

Our Country is in mourning, a soldier Died today                                                                                                                 King Day event
                                                                                                                                                                    Posts and Auxiliaries who
  He was getting old and paunchy             sort of life.                         times of war and strife, goes off      danger with your enemies at            wish to help offset the cost
and his hair was falling fast, he               He held a job and raised a fam-    to serve his country and offers        hand, would you really want            of the VFW King Day should
sat around the post telling stories          ily, going quietly on his way; and    up his life?                           some cop-out with his ever waf-        make their checks payable
of the past.                                 the world won’t note his passing,        The politician’s stipend and the    fling stand?                           to VFW Department of Wis-
  Of a war that he once fought in            ‘tho a soldier died today.            style in which he lives, are often        Or would you want a soldier         consin King Picnic Account
and the deeds that he had done,                 When politicians leave this        disproportionate to the service        - his home, his country, his kin:      and mail to: Richard Morey,
in his exploits with his buddies;            earth. Their bodies lie in state,     that he gives.                         just a common soldier who would        E3741 Rocky Ridge Road,
they were heroes, every one.                 while thousands note their pass-         While the ordinary soldier who      fight until the very end.              Waupaca, WI 54981. If Posts
  And ‘tho sometimes to his                  ing, and proclaim that they were      offered up his all, is paid off with      He was just a common soldier        and Auxiliaries would like to
neighbors his tales became a                 great.                                a medal and perhaps a pension,         and his ranks are growing thin,        donate to the Home, checks
joke, all his buddies listened                  Papers tell of their life sto-     small.                                 but his presence should remind         should be made payable to
quietly for they knew where of               ries from the time that they             It’s so easy to forget them, for    us we may need his like again.         the Wisconsin Veterans Home
he spoke.                                    were young, but the passing of        it is so many times, that our Bobs        For when countries are in con-      at King and earmarked for
  But we’ll hear his tales no lon-           a soldier goes unnoticed, and         and Jims and Johnnys, went to          flict we find the soldier’s part; is   the intended use.
ger, for ol’ Bob has passed away,            unsung.                               battle, but we know:                   to clean up all the trouble that the      For more information on the
and the worlds a little poorer for              Is the greatest contribution to       it is not the politicians with      politicians start.                     VFW and Auxiliary King Day
a soldier died today.                        the welfare of our land, some jerk    their compromise and ploys, who           If we cannot do him honor           Event, please call Co-Chair
  He won’t be mourned by many,               who breaks his promise and cons       won for us the freedom that our        while he’s here to hear the praise,    Richard Morey at (715) 258-
just his children and his wife. For          his fellow man?                       country now enjoys.                    then at least let’s give him hom-      7257 or Co-Chair John Zouski
he lived an ordinary, very quiet                Or the ordinary fellow who in         Should you find yourself in         age at the ending of his days.         at (715)355-6900.
            bUilDing DeDiCatiOn                                                                           Wisconsin Veterans
                                                                                                         of Foreign Wars News
                                                                                                                                                                       Page 11
                                                                                                                                                                        July 2010

                                                                                                                 YOU Can help meet the
                                                                                                                 Unmet needs of Our
                                                                                                                 troops and their families
                                                                                                                    If you have internet access,   order to win.
                                                                                                                 are you voting daily for the        If the Return the Favor pro-
                                                                                                                 VFW Foundation program?           gram is selected it will provide:
                                                                                                                 Return the Favor, that is in      $80,000 to sponsor (2) free call
                                                                                                                 competition for $250,000 to       days for troops in Iraq/Afghani-
                                                                                                                 assist with the Unmet Needs       stan to call home; $125,000 to
                                                                                                                 Program? The competition is       provide (50) $2,500 financial
                                                                                                                 sponsored by Pepsi.               aid grants to military families
                                                                                                                    Return the Favor was in        in need; and $45,000 to provide
                                                                                                                 the competition for the Pepsi     numerous welcome home and
                                                                                                                 Refresh funding in June and,      send off events.
                                                                                                                 while we ranked high, it did        Go to www.refreshevery-
                                                                                                                 not top the competition to and
                                                                                                                 win. Pepsi has given us an        vote for the Return the Fa-
                                                                                                                 opportunity to do better in       vor program each day from
                                                                                                                 July. Ranking is determined       now until the end of July. If
                                                                                                                 by the number of people who       enough people do that, we can
                                                                                                                 vote for the program. Voting      win $250,000 for our troops
                                                                                                                 is permitted once per day. We     and their families. Tell your

Vfw Post 8239 building Dedication
                                                                                                                 have until July 31 to raise the   friends and family that they
                                                                                                                 ranking to number 1 or 2 in       can help also.

  By Bob Bear
  On Sunday, May 30, 2010 the
                                     upon, the engine was shot out by
                                     enemy fire, and the chopper fell
                                                                           contributed a monetary gift of
                                                                           $100 to the VFW Post to help with
                                                                                                                national Chaplain reverend
                                                                                                                Valentine Performs wedding
new VFW building in Red Cliff        into the water and sunk to the        the final stages of the building’s
was dedicated.                       bottom. Duwayne’s body was            renovation.
  The memorial post was named        never found. Duwayne was MIA             Mary Lou Basina, member
in honor of Duwayne (Watsy)          May 1, 1967, he was 19 years old.     of the auxiliary, and widow of
Soulier, one of the fallen Native    Another local soldier, Merle Al-      the late SSgt Herbert C. Basina,
American soldiers of the Red Cliff   len, age 19, Town of Russell, was     retired Air Force, contributed a
Reservation. Duwayne Soulier,        also killed in combat in Viet Nam     cash donation of $100 to the VFW
son of the late John and Caroline    the same time period as Duwayne       Post. Don Sullivan, Town of Rus-
Soulier was first listed ‘missing    Soulier.                              sell, also contributed $100 to the
in action’ in Viet Nam, then,          Dan Gordon, Post Commander,         VFW Post.
later declared ‘killed in action’.   started the program with a greet-        The remainder of the speak-
The chopper he was in was fired      ing to all attendees, he then an-     ers; Ken Cadotte, VFW Post,
                                     nounced the first order of business   Madeline Island, Frank Roman,
                                     on the agenda.                        Port Wing American Legion,
                                       The Post was presented a por-       Larry McDonald, Mayor, City
                                     trait of Duwayne Soulier. The         of Bayfield, Thomas J. Gordon
                                     portrait was painted by Larry         Town of Bayfield and K. C.
                                     Bychowski, a friend of Duwayne        Johnson, American Legion State
                                     and Merle. After the presentation     Jr. Vice-Commander, Green Bay
                                     of the portrait, Deacon Roger         gave congratulatory and compli-
                                     Cadotte, Bayfield, conducted a        mentary remarks about the form-
                                     Catholic Ceremony called ‘bless-      ing of the lodge and the building
                                     ing of the building’.                 refurbishment.
                                       Chris Johnson, Bayfield County         After the ceremony, a typi-        National Chaplain Reverend Valentine oberjon performing
                                     Veterans Service Officer, com-        cal Native American Red Cliff        wedding for (1st District Commander Elect) Rick Dodge’s
                                     mented on the building’s refur-       style feast was served by the        daughter on saturday, May 29, 2010. From left to right:
                                     bishment and the ground’s im-         ladies auxiliary. Several local      Reverend Val, Kimberly Dodge, Rick Dodge and Charles
                                     proved looks over the past couple     people came and enjoyed the          Gehrke.
  Rose Gurnoe-soulier,               of years, and was very pleased        feast on this lovely day. A total
Chairwoman Red Cliff trib-           with the final result. Chris offers   of about 100 people attended the
al Council, welcomed the
group of celebrities, Du-
                                     ‘veteran’s services’ in Red Cliff
                                                                              The guests of honor were the
                                                                                                                 burger King Donation
wayne soulier’s family, fel-           Beth Meyers, Bayfield County        family of DeWayne Soulier; the
low VFW members, auxiliary           Board Supervisor, congratulated       majority of the family live in
members and friends to this          the veterans, auxiliary and oth-      Milwaukee, WI. Dewayne has
momentous occasion. she              ers that worked on the building’s     three sisters and one brother,
is very proud to be a part of        re-furbishment which resulted in      Dorthy and Darlene live in Mil-
the group that worked dil-           making a beautiful place for this     waukee, Cynthia lives in Tennes-
igently to get the building          very special and important group      see, and Larry (Bootin) lives in
ready for dedication.                function. Beth and her husband        Red Cliff.

                                                                             senator Bob Jauch, re-                on 05 June 2010 during the Blue Angels Air show
                                                                           marked on the number of               in Eau Claire, Wi Burger King presented this check
                                                                           times in the recent past he           ($500,000) to Wisconsin 9th District members for the
                                                                           was in Red Cliff for state            National UNMEt Needs & Foundation. Pictured (L-R)
                                                                           Political functions, he stat-         Burger King owner Gene Hatfield, Burger King Director
  Red Cliff Post 8239 VFW member, Don Duffy, who lives in                  ed that he became familiar            of operations shari Bowe, Burger King owners sherry
Florida, was born in Red Cliff, pointed out that he had four               with the Red Cliff reserva-           & Mike DeRosa (tHE KiNG), state inspector Pete Breed,
brothers pictured on the ‘deceased veterans’ side of the                   tion many years ago, when             Past 9th District Commander John Fredrickson, 9th Dis-
panel and one brother on the living vets side of the panel.                he was in the army with Walt          trict Commander Merlin Kosmosky and state inspector
Don talked about several things that describe what a vet-                  Bresette. Bob and Walt be-            Leroy Jansky.
eran is, and what is expected of a veteran.                                came good friends.
 Page 12
 July 2010
                                              Wisconsin Veterans
                                             of Foreign Wars News                                                          Vfw trUst fUnD

Vfw trust fund report                                                                                                       state falls short
   The VFW Trust Fund received
several donations from Posts and
Individuals at the Annual Conven-
tion and our silent auction was very       William
                                                                               residence at the VFW National
                                                                               Home and other worthy entities.
                                                                               We want to support Military Per-
                                                                               sonnel and their families in their
                                                                                                                            on serving Veterans
successful. We met the Challenge                                               time of need. Also to support VFW               By John A. Scocos                           too much.”
that Pat Nowlin made to the Trust
                                           Hustad                              programs to foster patriotism and               Last November, I wrote an                      The board’s inaction is at
Fund last year and he donated                                                  scholarship among Wisconsin’s                op-ed sharing my perspective                   the center of another alarming
$5,000 in matching funds at the                                                youth.”                                      that support for our veterans                  and serious issue for veterans:
Convention. Pat Nowlin from the                                                   All contributions are tax-de-             is essential to help ensure                    the funding and rate setting at
Mother VFW Post #328 in Stough-                                                ductible.                                    their full reintegration into                  the two homes operated by the
ton also issued the challenge for      pins are for sale and are also used        Thanks for all of your support            civilian life. Inarguably, these               agency. Despite being briefed
next year. William Hustad from the     to build the Trust Fund.                this last year. Thanks in advance for        individuals have paid a great                  on the relevant issues and the
New Glarus VFW Post #10549 also          A Wisconsin VFW Foundation            the support that you and your Posts          price for our freedom.                         need for immediate action al-
issued the same challenge, therefore   Inc. Corporation has been formed        will provide in the next year.                  Recently, the state Depart-                 most two years ago, this board
all donations up to $5,000 will be     and we now have approved Bylaws,           Contributions payable to:                 ment of Veterans Affairs                       has declined to act.
matched twice this VFW year.           Articles of Incorporation, and a           VFW – Department of Wisconsin             Board was briefed on the                          Prior to my second deploy-
VFW Post 2260 in Oconomowoc            conflict of interest policy. We are        Earmark on memo line                      alarmingly high rate of suicide                ment to Iraq, I identified the
made a donation of $1,000 to close     now waiting for the final IRS ap-          Wisconsin VFW Trust Fund                  for our Wisconsin veterans.                    discrepancies in pay rates at
out the VFW year but start the new     proval of our 501 c 3 Corporation          Mail to:                                  Comments by Secretary Ken-                     the homes and the different
drive to meet the challenge.           application. The Foundation is In-         VFW – Department of Wisconsin             neth Black reflect naïveté and                 levels of care. I explained the
   Thank you to all of the Posts and   corporated in the State of Wisconsin       PO Box 1623                               miss the mark with respect to                  urgency of this situation and
individuals that donated this VFW      and has an Employer Federal ID             Madison WI 53701-1623                     how to address this serious                    provided options for address-
year. Please include the Trust Fund    number.                                    Questions:                                issue. While I believe that                    ing the issue. In response, the
in your donation list for next year.     This is a very worthwhile and            William Hustad                            cooperative partnerships with                  board did nothing. Now, al-
   Make your personal contribution     important program, and I believe           W4489 Exeter Crossing Rd                  local and grass-roots efforts                  most two years later, the board
and encourage your Post to make        the future of VFW - Department             Monticello WI 53570                       within communities will help                   still has failed to act.
a donation. This is for the future     of Wisconsin is tied to the health         608-527-2942                              to tackle this issue, it is the                   And, ironically, the board
of the VFW. Only the interest is       of the Trust Fund.                                           responsibility of our state to                 has voted down outreach, has
spent, the principle remains intact,     “It is the mission of the Wiscon-        Ed Andreas                                take the lead and take action.                 voted down general purpose
so your contribution basically lasts   sin VFW Trust Fund to help fulfill         N4169 Pine St                             That is why we have a state                    revenue requests and has
forever to assist Veterans, Mili-      America’s promise to its Military          Brodhead WI 53520                         veterans agency.                               voted down other potential
tary personnel, their families, and    Personnel and veterans. We want            608-897-2469                                 A central purpose of the vet-               revenue streams.
VFW programs. If each member           to aid Wisconsin’s veterans and                         erans affairs board and the state                 With respect to educational
would donate $20, we could raise       their families in their time of need,      John Fredrickson                          agency it oversees is to iden-                 benefits, the board and agency
$800,000 and then this would fund      through support of Wisconsin’s             112 E Coleman St                          tify the needs of our veterans                 have been instrumental in re-
our vital programs in Perpetuity.      Veterans Homes, Wisconsin’s VA             Rice Lake WI 54868                        and to find the right solutions.               ducing the Wisconsin GI Bill
Challenge coins will be given for      Medical Centers, Wisconsin’s Vet-          715-234-8050                              Clearly, a combat veteran who                  and are currently taking aim
donation of $50 and above, and         erans Cemeteries, the Wisconsin                          is suffering from service-re-                  at the VetsEd program offered
                                                                                                                            lated issues is not likely to go               through the department.
               The W isc on sin V FW Founda tion Inc D ona tion Fo rm                                                       to his/her local community for                    These are real issues affect-
                                                                                                                            services. Yet, this is what the                ing real people, people who
                                                                                                                            current board and Black imply                  need our help now. In my
  Gifts to the Foundation can be made in many ways:                                                                         is the appropriate choice.                     opinion, it is the board’s and
  Post:                                                                                                                        The cutback in advocacy and                 the agency’s duty to advocate
          1.   Gold member: $1.00 per member                                                                                support for veterans’ programs                 for education, health care and
          2.   Silver member: $0.50 per member                                                                              and services by the board and                  other services needed for each
          3.   Bronze member: $0.25 per member                                                                              the agency can be traced to                    generation that has served
  Individual, small businesses:                                                                                             board meetings in July and                     our great country. With each
      1. Diamond member: $500.00                                                                                            August of 2008. During these                   passing day, I see Wisconsin
      2. Platinum member: $250.00                                                                                           meetings, the current board                    falling increasingly short of its
      3. Gold member: $100.00
                                                                                                                            voted down any additional                      commitment to our veterans.
      4. Silver member: $50.00
      5. Bronze member: $25.00                                                                                              outreach funds and coordinator                    If the board and agency will
                                                                                                                            positions.                                     not advocate for our veterans,
  Corporate Donations:                                                                                                         Here’s what, according to                   then it is up to us, the citizens
      1. Gold member: $10,000.00
      2. Silver member: $5,000.00
                                                                                                                            board minutes, board member                    and veterans of Wisconsin,
      3. Bronze member: $1,000.00                                                                                           Jacqueline “Jackie” Guthrie                    to do so. I write this with a
                                                                                                                            said:                                          profound sense of sadness
  The VFW Foundation can be included in estate planning in a number of ways, such as:                                          if we continue to ask for                   but also with a renewed desire
      1. Wills and trusts
      2. Charitable Gift Annuities
                                                                                                                            more and more, at what                         to help. I urge you to tend to
      3. Charitable trusts                                                                                                  point . . . “For the record                    your veteran friends and their
      4. Memorial Gift Program                                                                                              does the public say enough                     families, call your representa-
      5. Bequests                                                                                                           is enough and then, instead                    tives and call the governor’s
  Each post, individual contributor, and corporation will receive a certificate acknowledging their
                                                                                                                            of welcoming home service                      office to express displeasure
  donations; additionally, corporations may be awarded plaques for display purposes.                                        members with open arms and                     with the lack of support for
                                                                                                                            support, they’re going to say                  our veterans. Let’s make it
  All donations are tax deductible as the VFW – Department of Wisconsin is a 501c(19) non-profit                            we’ve given you so much, we                    happen.
  organization and qualifies as a public charity. Checks should be made payable to the VFW                                  don’t care anymore.”                              John A. Scocos is the for-
  Department of Wisconsin, memo specifying the Wisconsin VFW Foundation.                                                       And: “The American public                   mer Wisconsin Veterans Af-
  Name or Post Name and Number _____________________________________________                                                has been very generous and                     fairs secretary. He sued the
  Address _________________________________________________________________                                                 accommodating to all the                       Veterans Affairs Board in
  City, State, Zip ___________________________________________________________                                              services that are provided to                  December to get his job back.
                                                                                                                            veterans and during a testy                    The above was posted in
  Amount Donated: ____________                                                                                              economy with expenses raised                   the Journal Sentinel Online
  An individual donation of $50 or more qualifies you for Foundation Coin.                                                  everywhere, at what point is it                earlier this spring.

                                       Gross-Yaksh Post 6498                   Home of tHe NatioNal CHaplaiN’s                   VFW Post 7232
                                              Home Post of                     H H ReCogNitioN pRogRam H H                   Eau Claire’s “Other Post”
                                           Commander-in-Chief                    Junker-Ball VFW Post 1865                      2 Blocks west on Folsom St.
                                           tommy “t” tradewell                      and ladies Auxiliary                          off North Clairmont Ave.
                                                                                                                                 Bar Open to the Public
                                       SupportS the VFW NeWS                      PuBlIC BAR OPEnS 9 A.m.
                                                                                                                                 Hall Rental Available 4/08
                                                                                       7 DAyS A WEEk
                                                                                 6618 39th Avenue, Kenosha, WI              PEWAukEE mEmORIAl
                                       the Albert H. Groska
                                                                                                                                 POST 9537
                                               Past “All-state”                                                            Meetings on the 3rd Wed. of the Month
                                                                                   Daily Specials • Full Catering            Post is open 4 til 8 p.m., Mon.-Fri.
                                            VFW Post 8320                                 2 Halls for Rent                 HOmE OF THE STATE HOnOR guARD
                                                                                    Phone: 262-652-2751             8/08      The greatest little post in the state 1/08

                      The Wisconsin VFW News salutes these local
                   Wisconsin Posts and thanks them for their patronage!
                 Golf TournamenT                                                                        Wisconsin Veterans
                                                                                                       of Foreign Wars News
                                                                                                                                                                   Page 13
                                                                                                                                                                    July 2010

VfW/Chaska Golf Tournament                                                                   Post 5470 memorial Day Ceremony
‘Golf for a Wounded Warrior’ Fundraiser
  What: VFW Harvey Pierre Post 2778,            severely wounded veterans who need
Appleton, WI is sponsoring a Golf Tour-         financial assistance and/or rehabilitation
nament for the Wounded Warrior Project          as they return to civilian life.
in cooperation with Chaska Golf Course             Provide the Fox River Valley commu-
on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. All             nities with a means to support wounded
proceeds will go to the Wounded War-            and disabled veterans, display our grati-
rior project to benefit severely wounded        tude for their sacrifice and our pride in
veterans.                                       their service.
  Who: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Har-              Entry fees/Sponsorship:
vey Pierre Post 2778, Appleton, WI is              Fees: Entry fee is $150 per person. Any
the largest VFW post in the Fox River           singles or doubles that sign-up will be
community area. The Post is named after         placed with other golfers to create four-
Pvt. Harvey Pierre, 150th Machine Gun           somes. Play will be scramble format.
Battalion, and 42nd Rainbow Division,              Sponsorships are available as follows:
who was killed in action at Champaign,          1. Commemorative Hats - $1600; 2. Com-
France on July 15, 1918. Pvt. Pierre was        memorative Ball Markers - $1000; 3. Hole
the first local resident to be killed in WWI.   Sponsorship - $250; 4. Sponsor a Wounded
Pvt. Pierre’s brother, John, was later the      Warrior - $150; 5. Personal/Post Sponsor-
Post 2778 Commander. Joseph Cahill is           ship of Flag - $25
the immediate Past Commander of this               Events: Four (4) hole-in-one contests
post. Contacts: VFW: Joe Cahill, Project        worth $5000 each; Closest to the Pin (2nd
Chairman, 920-734-1565/920-740-1799             Shot); Longest Putt; 50-50 Ball Drop
or Al Kudrle, PIO, 920-733-1102.                (from a helicopter onto a target); Special
  Chaska Golf Course is located in              Auction.
Greenville, WI and has received a Four             Schedule:
Star rating by Golf Digest’s “Places to            Registration - 9:30 am
Play.” The course is a par 72 champion-            Opening Ceremonies - 10:30 am to 11 am
ship course designed by Larry Packard              Golfers to the Tees - 11 am to 11:30 am
and is 6,912 yards long. Additional                Shotgun Start - 11:30 am                    The Whitewater VFW Post 5470 held a Memorial ceremony in con-
course information can be obtained at              Ball Drop - End of Play                   junction with the Knights of Columbus Council 1690 of Palmyra-White-                                Special Details: All Veterans Organiza-   water at Hillside Cemetery in Whitewater. The site is a monument to
  Wounded Warrior Project is a 501(c)(3)        tions are asked to bring their Post Flag     the Unknown Soldiers and Sailors of the Civil War, 1861-1865, and the
non-profit group based in Jacksonville,         to the golf course on Saturday or Sunday     beginning of Memorial Day as we have come to know it. A Memorial
Florida, dedicated to helping severely          (September 11/12) and leave them on dis-     wreath was dedicated to all military dead whether known or unknown
wounded armed forces veterans. Wound-           play until the tournament is complete.       and floated on Cravath Lake by Cmdr. Evan Wynn and Knight James
ed Warriors was started about five years           The Scarlet Guard from American           Carlson. Pictured is Fr. Rafael Rodriguez of St. Patrick Catholic Parish
ago by several veterans and recently has        Legion Post 38 will provide an Honor         as he presents a memorial homily to the assemby.
been accredited as a veteran’s service or-      Guard and a Flag for the Opening
ganization by the Department of Veterans        Ceremonies.
Affairs. The Wounded Warriors Project              Additional events (buglers, bagpipes,
has approved this VFW Golf Tournament.          etc.) are being considered.
Additional information is available at             Community Involvement: Support of                  Outagamie County, Executive Officer
  When: Tuesday, September 14, 2010             Toby Paltzer; Military Order of the Purple
at 11:00 am.                                    Heart-Department of Wisconsin; American
  Where: Chaska Golf Course, W6575              Legion Post 38, Appleton, WI, Scarlet
Wisconsin Ave., Greenville, WI. Mail-           Guards; Fox River Valley Communities
ing address: P.O. Box 415, Appleton, WI         Military Museum, Oshkosh, WI; Appleton
54912. Contacts: Stephanie Jack or Brad         Military Family Support Group; Patriot
Reifsnyder, 920-757-5757.                       Guard Riders, NE Chapter, WI; Fox Val-
  Why: The purpose is to raise funds for        ley Veterans Council; Veterans of Foreign
the Wounded Warrior Project to benefit          Wars, District 8, Wisconsin.

                 Players Registration Form                                                     The very active members of Post 5470 stand at the flagpole follow-
             For Charity Golf Tournament 9/14/2010                                           ing the ceremony as Cmdr. Evan Wynn presents a VFW certificate of
                                                                                             thanks to Fr. Rafael for helping the Post conduct this solemn ceremo-
                                                                                             ny the last 3 years. Fr. Rafael will be leaving Whitewater to a new as-
                                                                                             signment at the seminary in Milwaukee.
                              $150.00 per player

                                                                                                       Wilfred “Twiggy” Johnson
                 NAME                    ADDRESS               PHONE

  1. _________________________________________________________________
                                                                                              Candidate for VfW national
  2. _________________________________________________________________                        CounCil MeMber - distriCt 11
  3. _________________________________________________________________                       3 Held several State & National Appointments
                                                                                             3 Past M O C Grand Commander
  4. _________________________________________________________________                       3 Past State Inspector
                                                                                             3 Past State Chief of Staff
  Make checks payable to VFW Post 2778.                                                      3 Past State Commander
     Yes I would like to sponsor a Wounded Warrior                                           Experience and Dedicated to this great organization.
     Please enclose an additional $150.00 for the Wounded Warrior.
                                                                                             I am motivated and well qualified for this high leadership role. Have a vision for
  Mail the entry form and check to: Steering Committee                                       the future and can make the right changes. It will be my honor to serve Wisconsin
                                    N9566 Darboy Drive, Appleton, WI 54915                   and Iowa as your next VFW National Council Member - District 11.
 Page 14
 July 2010
                                                Wisconsin Veterans
                                               of Foreign Wars News                                                     GuesT Column

norbert lenz saw General Patton in action
  By Jim Wolff                                                                                                                                   American soldiers,” he said.
  Berlin Journal Newspapers                                                                                                                         After the war ended, Lenz was stationed
                                                                                                                                                 at Normandy and remained to take care of
  “General Patton was a tough old b----                                                                                                          German prisoners before he was finally
-d,” recalls 94-year-old Norbert Lenz of                                                                                                         discharged on Oct. 10, 1945 – 4-1/2 years
Green Lake who met him on the battlefield                                                                                                        since he was drafted. In addition to the Sil-
several times. “He talked like a soldier and                                                                                                     ver Star, he was awarded the Purple Heart,
wouldn’t put up with anything, not even                                                                                                          Good Conduct Medal, American Medal, and
battle fatigue!”                                                                                                                                 Bronze Star, among others. After a victori-
  Lenz should know about battle fatigue.                                                                                                         ous parade in France, he returned home and
As the recipient of the Silver Star and                                                                                                          didn’t do a thing for awhile. He worked at
Purple Heart, he was sent back into battle                                                                                                       the Kohler Company for a time before join-
during World War II even after being shot                                                                                                        ing his brother, Arnold, who had a plumbing
in the head by a German sniper. Today,                                                                                                           shop in Green Lake with Lynn Wells.
residing at Kindred Hearts of Green Lake,                                                                                                           “I got $150 a month,” he said, “and went
he is still alert and remembers the dates                                                                                                        to school every two weeks for five years to
and details of his 4-1/2 years with the 3rd                                                                                                      earn my journeyman’s degree.” His brother
Armored Division during some of the                                                                                                              and Wells had worked for Mr. Spudick at the
Great War’s worst battles.                                                                                                                       shop located across from the Red Owl Store.
  Born March 24, 1916, and raised in                                                                                                             The owner’s wife was named Marie and
Manitowoc County during the Great De-                                                                                                            when he had looked at a map of Wisconsin
pression, he graduated from high school                                                                                                          and spotted St. Marie, he figured that would
with no job opportunity. He went to Cali-                                                                                                        be a good place to locate a plumbing shop.
fornia and got a job packing oleo marga-                                                                                                         As it turned out, Green Lake was where he
rine, a product that wasn’t popular at the                                                                                                       actually located and his daughter, Eileen,
time in Wisconsin’s Dairyland. When he                                                                   PhoTo submiTTEd To WisConsin VFW nEWs
                                                                                                                                                 worked in the office. She became Lenz’s
received his draft notice, he hooked a ride       norbert Lenz, at age 94, enjoys his life at Kindred hearts of Green Lake.                      wife and they enjoyed 38 years of marriage,
with someone heading to Wisconsin and                                                                                                            spending winters in Florida, before she suc-
was involved in a nasty accident when           landed on Omaha Beach on June 23. The           don, England where he stayed 13 weeks            cumbed to lung disease.
their car came around a curve near Las          land ship tank (LST) waited for the tide        before being sent back to the front lines.          Lenz played baseball and volleyball, did
Vegas and slammed into a disabled vehicle       to go out and then opened its doors so the      His unit was one of the first to penetrate       a lot of fishing, bought a second house,
parked across the road. After walking for       armored vehicles and troops could embark        the “Seigrfried Line,” a major entrench-         remodeled it and sold it, and still has his
hours in the cold desert, he found a bus        safely on dry land. “The car next to us hit     ment and breaking point for the German           original house on Walker Avenue in Green
station and used his meager funds to ride       a shell hole,” said the platoon leader Lenz,    lines. He learned, upon returning, that his      Lake. Through the years he has received
the Greyhound to Chicago.                       “and everyone in it drowned. We all wore        platoon leader had been killed.                  citations from the VFW and Shriners. Fit-
  After having his draft delayed, he en-        protective gear and gas masks and got to           Lenz’s division secured a castle in Stol-     tingly, Lenz served as parade marshal for
tered the army in June of 1941, supposedly      the first town ahead of the artillery. Some     berg and used it as a headquarters for Gen-      this year’s Memorial Day parade in Green
for one year. He took his basic training        guys were digging fox holes like crazy, but     eral Rose’s division. Due to deteriorating       Lake. He has been at Kindred Hearts since
at Camp Grant, Illinois, then was sent to       I don’t know what good they thought that        equipment and supplies, the division came        last October and enjoys it so much that he
Camp Polk, Louisiana where he trained at        would do. Wherever we went, we were on          to a stand-off with the Germans in Stol-         is finally ready to sell his house.
a new camp with new barracks. Within six        the front lines.”                               berg. With the enemy on the opposite side           He has not had an opportunity to go on
weeks he made corporal and that meant              At that time there were about 900 sol-       of the street, the troops exchanged gun fire     an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. “I
the end of KP duties. He was assigned to        diers in the 3rd Armored and 14,000 in          for three straight weeks. Lenz developed         guess they think I’m too old,” he says.
the 3rd Armored Division, D Company,            the division. Lenz’s platoon had its first      severe ulcers and was sent to a doctor who,
83rd Recon Battalion, 2nd Platoon and           encounter with the Germans and lost a           after seeing his head scar, wondered why
remembered “I couldn’t understand any           large number of men. One of his officers        he had ever been sent back to action.
                                                was assigned to grave detail and so Lenz           Lenz was sent to a hospital in Paris and
                                                found himself as second in charge. “I lost      that was the end of his combat, but not his
“I   spoke      German        as a kId          a lot of buddies those first couple days,”      service. He was reassigned to a prisoner of
                                                he said, “and all of them were buried on        war camp in France where 250 Germans
before      I   learned       enGlIsh,          the hill at Omaha Beach.” On one raid in        were housed in one cage. “I spoke Ger-
so   I   Got alonG pretty well                  July, the platoon had to maneuver their ar-     man as a kid before I learned English,”
                                                mored cars around the bodies of American        he said, “so I got along pretty well with
wIth the prIsoners.”                            soldiers as they entered enemy territory.       the prisoners. The Germans did all the
                  – norbert lenz,               “We were on radio silence about 11 p.m.         work—cooking meals, cleaning the tents,
                                                and we all dug in,” he said. “About mid-        fixing our clothes, giving us haircuts. They
   talkInG about hIs days as a                  night we got a report that one of our men       even had a band that played during our
         p.o.w. camp supervIsor.                from Pennsylvania was shot. He had been         meals. It was the life of Reilly.”
                                                married just before he came over. About            He was later sent to England where a
                                                2 a.m. we could hear the German tanks           German B-2 bomb had leveled an entire
of the southern boys. Of course, they           coming toward us with their loud metal          block nearby. Lenz was lucky to be living
couldn’t understand me either.”                 treads. I found out my platoon leader had       in a palace near the Queen’s palace which
  He was promoted to sergeant right after       already taken off, so we sent a motorcycle      was left untouched. He was assigned to
Pearl Harbor and, in 1942, the platoon of       messenger for further orders.”                  an MP unit and had already accumulated
42 soldiers was sent to the Mojave Des-            He never came back, so Lenz lined up         over 100 points. Anybody with that many
ert in California for training designed to      his troops and was giving directions from       points was usually sent home, but that was                PhoTo submiTTEd To WisConsin VFW nEWs
prepare the troops for a tour in Africa. “It    atop an armored car when the Germans            not to be for Lenz. On Labor Day he went           norbert Lenz was awarded the sil-
was so hot, we had to take a siesta every       shot off its rear wheels. He got the rest of    to a cemetery on Omaha Beach where his           ver star on July 22, 1945 for gallant-
day from 10 to 2,” Lenz said. The training      his men into a half track munitions carrier     old buddies were buried. “More French            ry in action on July 8, 1944, during
continued into 1943 in Pennsylvania and         and got out of there with the loss of only      civilians were killed on that beach than         the normandy campaign.
New Jersey and then, instead of Africa,         two men. “It was quite a night,” he said.
they found themselves on a ship headed          Then, the next day, a German sniper began
to England. Another ship carrying all their     picking off his men from atop a tree. “We
equipment was sunk by a German U-               all opened fire at the same time,” Lenz
boat, so they had to return to Indiantown       said, “and the guy came out in pieces!” For
Gap, Pennsylvania for new equipment,            the next two weeks, Lenz took the place
among them new armored cars with the            of the company commander and platoon
engine in back. “We were in a convoy to         leader, who had both been wounded. Lenz
Liverpool that took 16 days,” Lenz said,        received the Silver Star for his efforts and
“and we stayed there for nine months for        gallantry in action on July 8, 1944.
more training. We went on a five-mile              Lenz’s division continued their push
run before breakfast and later a 25-mile        into occupied German territory and on
hike with full field equipment. We were         July 28, while attempting to meet up
in pretty good shape.”                          with his platoon, he encountered General
  The last week in August, Lenz’s unit          Patton’s 3rd Armored Division on the
went to Camp Kilmer in New Jersey pre-          roadway. The division wouldn’t let Lenz
paring for the trip overseas. They sailed       pass, so he took a detour. As Lenz was
out of New York on September 5, bidding         attempting to radio his unit, he was shot
goodbye to the Statue of Liberty on the         in the head. “The bullet entered my head
S.S. John Erickson with about 70 ships in       just above my left eye,” he said, “and
the convoy. After ten days and nights, they     came out through the back of my helmet.
landed in Liverpool, England. On June 6,        I kept the helmet for awhile, but it got lost
1944, the Allied invasion of Normandy           somewhere.”
began and S/Sgt. Lenz and his platoon              Lenz was taken to a hospital in Swin-
                      ConVenTion                                                               Wisconsin Veterans
                                                                                              of Foreign Wars News
                                                                                                                                                     Page 15
                                                                                                                                                      July 2010

scenes from state Convention

  Veterans of Foreign Wars national Commander Tommy “T” Tradewell arrived at our
State Convention in Milwaukee on Friday afternoon, much to the delight of his home state
comrades. At that evening’s Convention banquet, Tommy was the keynote speaker. here
he is escorted to the head table by state honor Guard Col. matt mayer. The Commander-
in-Chief was welcomed with a rousing ovation from the crowd. In the background is Ken
Puls, Germantown, adding his applause to the occasion. (Photo by Larry Green, Keno-                    Mike and Sherry DeRosa, Burger King Franchisee in west-
sha Post 1865)                                                                                       ern Wisconsin, was honored by outgoing State Command-
                                                                                                     er Wilfred “Twiggy” Johnson for their remarkable dedica-
                                                                                                     tion and efforts on behalf of troops and veterans throughout
           PaPers are not Perfect                                                                    Wisconsin and the nation. The DeRosas are closing in on a
                                                                                                     million dollars of donations to the VFW’s unmet needs pro-
 Proofreading is a dying art, wouldn’t you say? Headlines from random publications:                  gram by organizing and encouraging Burger King operators
                                                                                                     across the country to donate to this great cause. Although
 Man struck By Lighting:                        new study of obesity Looks                           DeRosa himself is not a veteran, the couple is staunchly
 faces Battery charge                           for Larger test Group                                patriotic and steadfast in their support of our soldiers and
                                                                                                     veterans. Johnson presented the couple with a plaque and
 He probably IS the battery charge!             Weren’t they fat enough?!                            also the beautiful Eagle statue they are holding in the pho-
                                                                                                     to. (Photo by Larry Green, Kenosha Post 1865)

     dari                                                                             Wanted to Buy
                                                                               War relics WaNted: VFW member will

                                                                               buy your relics for cash – any country, any period.
                                                                               Craig Luther, P.O. Box 63, Oak Creek, WI 53154-
                                                                               0063. (414) 750-6589.

   Candidate                                                                       classified listings
           for the
                                                                                          classified listiNgs
 • Small business owner                                                                        iNformatioN:
 • See that the promises to veterans and their families are                       You get up to 25 words for $25.00 in 3
                                                                                  issues (over 45,000 circulation each) of our
   provided. (i.e.: education, health care and employment. Both                   newspaper, plus a 3 month listing on our

                                                                                                                                         If you have a
   while they are serving and after their return home.)                           website
                                                                                  We are accepting listings for:
 • Children’s programs that encourage working together as a                       • for sale – Autos, trucks, boats, motorcycles,
   team and develop young bodies.                                                 furniture, etc.
                                                                                  • rentals – Homes, apartments, equip-
                                                                                                                                      business, if you are
 • Adequate care for seniors.                                                     ment, storage, commercial, etc.
                                                                                  • service – Repair, cleaning, roofing, heat-       running for a political
 • Attract more businesses to the area.
                                                                                  ing/cooling, painting, etc.
                                                                                  • Notices – Meetings, Professional, Auc-            office, or whatever
                                                                                                                                       the need may be,
                                                                                  tions. Travel, etc.
 CELLULAR (715) 651-7221 • P.O.Box 308, Birchwood, WI 54817                       • Want to Buy – Merchandise, homes,
                                                                                  equipment, etc.
                                                                                  • Want to rent – Apartments, equipment,
                                                                                                                                         you can place
                                                                                  • employment – Help wanted, work wanted
                                                                                  by job type.                                            an ad in our
                                                                                     sorry, no personals.
                                                                                     Please include a phone number, ad               Wisconsin VFW News
                                                                                  copy, typed or printed and a check for
                                                                                  $25.00 per ad and send to:
                                                                                           Veterans of Foreign Wars,
                                                                                                Department of WI                         715-833-0006
                                                                                             Newspaper / classifieds
                                                                                                  P.O. Box 1623
  Paid for and authorized by Friends of Dari McDonald, Dari McDonald, Treas.               Madison, WI 53701-1623
 Page 16
 July 2010
                                             Wisconsin Veterans
                                            of Foreign Wars News                                          GrounD breakinG

  The concrete slab on which our new headquarter building will be built
is now in place. Utilities have been “stubbed in”, and the site awaits ar-                  With the original residential structure removed, site work got under-
rival of structural components. The project should be completed by late                    way quickly as the old foundation was backfilled and a new foundation
September.                                                                                 poured.

Ground broken for new state Headquarters
   Nearly a year of planning and hearings                                                                                                                State Commander
before various Madison City boards and                                                                                                                Wilfred “Twiggy”
commissions finally culminated on June                                                                                                                Johnson and All
19th with a formal Ground Breaking                                                                                                                    Construction CEo
ceremony at the site of our new State                                                                                                                 Steve Ring turn the
VFW Headquarters. Within days of the                                                                                                                  first spades of dirt to
ceremony, the original structure had been                                                                                                             officially signify the
torn down and removed. Back-filling                                                                                                                   start of construction
of the old foundation and site prepara-                                                                                                               of our new State
tion for the brand new structure was                                                                                                                  headquarters building
completed.                                                                                                                                            at 4622 dutch mill
   At press time the new foundation had                                                                                                               Road, Madison. The
been poured, utilities stubbed in and the                                                                                                             wood frame structure
structural framework was due on site in                                                                                                               in the background
two days. The project is expected to be                                                                                                               was razed within days
completed in late September and an of-                                                                                                                of this photo to enable
ficial Open House celebration is planned                                                                                                              construction to begin
for October.                                                                                                                                          on a brand new office
   The project went through many chang-                                                                                                               building.
es in order to accommodate a myriad
of regulations and demands by city           Judge Advocate Bill Knudson. Building
officials, but the finished product will     design and construction is provided by
be an energy-efficient and handsome          General Contractor Steve Ring and his
headquarters that will serve our Depart-     associates at All Construction & Design
ment of Wisconsin for many decades           of McFarland.
to come. Post 7591 Quartermaster Joe           The new headquarters site is located
Ellis chaired the Building Committee,        at 4622 Dutch Mill Road, Madison. It is
comprised of Tom Roth, Past State Com-       on the southeast side of the city just off
mander Wilfred Johnson, State Adjutant/      the Beltline’s (12/18) Highway 51 inter-
Quartermaster Steve Lawrence and State       change, just one exit west of I-90.

‘No Welcome Home’:
a Tribute to Vietnam Veterans
   (Nashville) — “NO WELCOME                 was proudly raised. This was one of the
HOME”, recorded by WWII combat vet-          most memorable moments of the Pacific
eran Larry Lee Phillipson, is a TRIBUTE      Theater in WWII.
to V1ETNAM VETERANS who never                   Entertaining since he was eleven years
received the honor or respect due them       old (75 years), Larry has had a varied life
upon their return from the war. The US       style ranging from vocal music, custom
flag that so many had fought and died        fiddle building, antique collecting, vin-
for did not ceremoniously wave over the      tage autos, and repairing cylinder phono-
Union it represents.                         graphs. He is also a poet and the author
   Upon discovering that the State of        of a book “From Rocks to Rockabilly”.
Wisconsin was organizing an event to         Larry was inducted into the Rockabilly
belatedly acclaim the veterans for the       Hall of Fame in 1999.
sacrifices they made in Vietnam, Phil-          Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in
lipson, along with Nashville song writer     1923, Larry moved to Coral City, Wis-

                                                                                                                                         “no welCome
Cheryl Durham Owens, collaborated on         consin when he was three. He is now a
the lyrics and music of “NO WELCOME
HOME”. The album title song debuted
                                             resident of Amery, Wisconsin, and has
                                             dedicated this project to his late wife,         To Order CD                   (13 Songs)
during the “L Z Lambeau” May cel-            Linnea Rae Phillipson.

ebration at Lambeau Field, Green Bay,           Patriotism as summarized by Larry:               Internet: NLT-RECORDS.COM
Wisconsin.                                                                                               (Secured Server)
                                             “We live in the greatest country on
   Phillipson, an 86-year-old WWII           earth. Respect the flag and the nation it
patriot served in the US Marines, 4th        represents”!                                         Mail Order: NLT RECORDS
Division, 2nd Battalion 14th Marines            Press or product contact:                       211 College St., Burns, TN 37029
                                                                                                         (615) 446-0835
                                                                                                                                         a Tribute to Viet nam Veterans
— E Battery. His combat tour in the   
South Pacific included Roi Namur,               (615) 446-0835                                                                              Debuted at L Z Lambeau
                                                                                              Organizations: Call for volume orders
Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima. He is             E-Mail: musicman®
                                                                                                        (615) 446-0835
one of the living who stood at the base         LARRY LEE PHILLIPSON
of Mount Suribachi, under heavy shell-          IWO JIMA                                      Contact:                    (Includes S & H)
ing, and watched “Old Glory” as she             (Mount Suribachi)

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