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charlotte's web book reports


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									                     Charlotte's Web

Author- E.B. White        Setting-The story takes      Characters-The characters
                          place on Mr. Zuckerman's     are Wilbur the pig,
                          farm. Later they all go to   Charolette the spider,
Book Report by: Marta     the County Fair.             Fern an 8 year old girl
                                                       and other farm animals.

Problem- The sheep tell   Solution-Charolette writes   Personal
Wilbur that he will be    SOME PIG in her spider       Recommendation- This
killed and eaten at       web. Wilbur becomes          book is awesome. I love
Christmas dinner.         famous and goes to the       the characters. It is a bit
                          County Fair and wins a       sad at the end when
                          prize.                       Charolette dies, but later
                                                       her babies hatch.

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