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Claims online services include but are not limited to online claims tracking services, online personalized advice and chatting online with a solicitor.

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									                 Benefits of Claims Online Services
In today’s fast paced world most work is completed through the help of the internet.
Many solicitors in UK offer claims online services that allow claimants to complete
many claim related tasks online. These claims online services benefit claimants greatly
since these services allow claimants to complete important claim related tasks from
anywhere. The following paragraphs will elaborate on some online claims services that
can be used to make life much easier.

The first and most basic claims online service is the contact us option that is provided on
the websites of solicitors. The contact us option allows claimants to call, email or fax the
solicitor. When claimants email solicitors, they get a reply within 24 – 48 hours usually
much sooner.

The online claims advice service is offered by solicitors who have their own website.
Through the online claims advice service claimants can ask the selected solicitor claim
related questions by filling out a web form. The contacted solicitor then gets in touch
with the claimant within 1 to 2 working days with answers to the claimant’s questions.
Usually claimants are usually asked to fill in their preferable method of communication
and a suitable time for communication but in case this option is not provided then
claimants can mention these details in the field for asking questions. Claimants can also
use email services to send documents across to solicitors.

The online claims tracking service is one of the most beneficial services offered to
claimants. Through this service claimants can check the status of their claim from any
part of the country. To use the online claims tracking service claimants have to enter the
tracking number into the solicitor’s website and the results will let the claimants know if
their claim is approved, rejected or being processed.

Many solicitors also allow claimants to chat with them through instant messengers or
inbuilt chat services on their websites. These chat services are especially useful to
claimants who do not have the time to visit their solicitors or for claimants who are
temporarily indisposed due to injuries. Usually this service is offered by accident
settlement companies but at times independent solicitors also offer this claims online

 Claimants can also check the reputation of the solicitor they plan to hire by using the
internet. Many solicitors post testimonials on their websites and through these
testimonials claimants can understand if the selected solicitor is worth hiring or not.
Many third party websites also post testimonials and reviews about solicitors and
accident claim companies. Although some websites require readers to become members
to read these reviews, in most cases members are not asked to pay any membership fees.
To conclude, it can be said that claims online services consist of the email service, online
advice service, online chatting service, online tracking service and the online testimonial
service. These services make life a lot simpler for claimants that do not have the time to
visit their solicitor frequently.

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