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									                                       LabelMaker plus
                                                                                                                    May 2002

 Admiral Projects Limited (01376) 572662

• Single click basic label printing.

• Print labels for all versions of
  the Dialog 3000-series
                                       LabelMaker plus
  telephone.                           Now you can create professional high          LabelMaker plus can integrate with your
                                       quality telephone labels in seconds using     pabx output to automatically produce
• Create labels direct from your       LabelMaker Plus.                              labels that accurately depict the
  pabx output.                                                                       telephone configuration at the time of
                                       This easy to use graphical application        printing.
• Personalise your labels by
                                       enables you to print basic phone labels
  adding pictures, company logos
                                       with a single mouse click, print your         By reading text files created with your
  and coloured text.
                                       company standard label with two clicks        preferred    pabx    terminal  interface,
• Print single or multiple labels      or produce specific labels by typing text     LabelMaker plus can determine how
  per page onto plain sheets or        directly onto a screen that actually looks    each key is programmed before
  perforated paper.                    like the telephone handset.                   displaying    the   resulting telephone
                                                                                     profiles on screen.
                                       However, LabelMaker plus offers you
                                       much more printing power than simply          Naturally, you can save your labels, re
                                       producing freehand labels using your          open and preview or edit and save them
                                       favourite word processor or spreadsheet       again before printing.

                                       Reading PABX Data
3210 Template.                         A powerful feature of LabelMaker plus is      the application to import your chosen
                                       its ability to read data generated directly   labels.
                                       from your telephone system.
                                                                                     Additionally, if you have number
                                       By using your terminal application to         translations set up (see over) then
                                       capture a configuration print into a basic    LabelMaker plus can return names in
                                       text file, any number of phone profiles       place of programmed numbers to make
                                       can be read into LabelMaker plus.             the labels more meaningful.
                                       LabelMaker plus reads and identifies all
                                       the extensions contained within the text
                                       file and presents them in a single window
3211/12 Template.
                                       for you to verify. You simply select the
                                       required phones from the list and instruct

                  For more information, including prices and on line demonstrations visit our website at
Page 2 of 4                                                                         LabelMaker plus

                     Number Translations
                     Number translations enhance the power of        The translation list can be created, saved
                     LabelMaker plus still further because it can    and re opened from within LabelMaker
                     print labels that are more meaningful to the    plus just like any other file using the
                     telephone user.                                 translation button on the toolbar.
                     Put simply, LabelMaker plus can read            However, since the translation list is a
                     numbers that are stored or programmed           standard text file, you may if you wish
                     onto the individual telephone buttons and       generate the list externally, for example
                     print them either "as seen" or insert names     from your corporate directory.
                     or other text in place of the stored numbers
                                                                     Once you've created your translation list,
                     using a translation list provided by you.
                                                                     you then import the data from your pabx
                     If you wish LabelMaker plus can print both      data file and let LabelMaker go to work.
                     the translated text and the number in the
                     same label.

                     Print Preview
                     Having created your new labels you can of       to the printer or if something is not quite
                     course print them straight away but we          right return back to edit mode.
                     reckon you'll probably want to see how the
                                                                     With so many options available to
                     printed output will appear before committing
                                                                     influence the look of your labels, we think
                     it to paper.
                                                                     Print Preview will always be your
                     LabelMaker plus features a fully specified      preferred route to get the labels you
                     Print Preview window providing the ability to   desire.
                     zoom in & out, page forward & back, send

                     Be quick….
                     Print a blank standard label with one
       “Choosing     button click.
 LabelMaker plus     Apply a standard button configuration
    will save you    using the [stamper] tool and print a
                     default key layout in two clicks.
 time and effort
                     Or take a bit more time and create
and help present     personalised labels by typing the text into
    an enhanced      the “on screen” template

corporate image
                     Be creative….
          to your    Apply colours, freehand text and
telephone users"     background images to create colourful
                     imaginative labels that will enhance the
                     look of your phones.

                     Be selective….
                     Print individual labels on single A4                           Be selective: -
                     sheets of paper, or if you prefer print 5            Print multiple labels as shown here
                     labels per page on perforated sheets as               or choose single labels per page

      For more information, including prices and on line demonstrations visit our website at
    Page 3 of 4                                                                            LabelMaker plus

                          Additional Help
                          You can be sure that LabelMaker plus is           The help file describes all of the
                          exceptionally quick and easy to use.              LabelMaker functions and features and
                                                                            provides tips on how you can get the best
                          However, whilst most of the features are
                                                                            from the product.
      For more            completely intuitive we have provided a fully
                          featured help system, accessible from the
information return        toolbar menu, designed to get you printing
the reply paid card       labels within minutes.

  or visit our web
                          Why choose LabelMaker plus?
                          If you're involved in the provision of          guarantee that choosing LabelMaker
                          telephones, we know you're going to find        plus will save you time and effort and   LabelMaker plus indispensable.                  help present an enhanced corporate
                                                                          image to your telephone users.
                          That's because LabelMaker plus was
                          written as a simple tool to help us do our
 Download a free
                          own jobs and we use it all the time.
 trial copy today!
                          No product we knew existed to avoid the
                          hassle we experienced when printing
                          telephone labels.
                          If you struggle producing freehand labels
                          or worse don't bother at all, then we

                          System Requirements….
                          CD-ROM Drive for installation. (Floppy disc option on request)
                          15” Colour monitor or better
                          Windows ‘95 or above.
                          6 MB free disc space

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