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									CAHS Sample Letter of Support/Commitment
Notes to PI in yellow highlighting

Put a note up here near the top that requests the letter be put on official letterhead and specify
how letter writer should get the letter to you (fax, pdf, regular mail)

Anything below in quotes are words or phrases that you ought to embed directly in the text
of the letter. Sorry if I’m appearing too prescriptive with this, but I’m just trying to be
strategic and reducing as much ambiguity as possible for you as you develop this letter.


“Brian Cobb, Professor [Put PI’s name and address here]
School of Education
105J Education Building
Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, CO 80523”

“Dear Brian:” [Insert PI’s name]

Talk about your view of the need for a program outlined in the grant proposal titled “Training in
Research Methodology for Evidence-Based Educational Policy Development” [put the exact
wording of your proposal title here], in particular – interdisciplinary nature of the proposal, the
value of evidence-based focus for doctoral students, the great opportunity to support doc students
with policy-related interests in education etc.

State a “commitment” to sitting on the “Core Management Team” for this training program.
Also state a commitment to promoting this training program with doctoral students whom you
advise who have an interest in education, educational interventions, and/or education policy. [Put
in any commitments that you expect from the letter writer, including cost share support,
marketing of project, access to subjects – be clear and specific here.]

State an interest in sustaining this training program past the five grant years by continuing to
meet with us as a management group to maintain a common interest in advising interested doc
students to continue this focus in their graduate programs on methodological skills associated
with evidence-based policy development.

If you can actually name any current doctoral students who would commit to signing up for this
program, that would be great.

Good luck and contact me sentence or paragraph.

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