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									   The People of God called to form the Christian Community of
                             ST. PETER’S CHURCH
    Belleville                              155 William Street                       New Jersey 07109
                                              Founded 1838

And Served By
Pastor:               Fr. Ivan Sciberras
Parochial Vicar:      Fr. Mark A. O’Connell
Weekend Assistant:    Fr. Pedro Navarro
Deacons:              Mr. Julio Roig
                      Mr. Guillermo J. Valladares
Elementary School Principal:
                                                                         Christian Marriage
                      Mrs. Marilyn L. Castellano
                                                          The couple should contact a parish priest one year
Parish Catechetical Coordinator:                          before the desired date for the marriage to ensure
                      Mrs. Lisa A. Melillo                proper preparation for the Sacrament. Couples are not
Director of Music:    Mr. John Christian Colaneri         to make FIRM plans for the reception PRIOR to
Business Manager:     Mrs. Linda Makofka                  speaking with a parish priest or deacon.
Parish Secretary:     Mrs. Peg Chrobocinski
                                                             Sacraments for the Sick/Homebound
Parish Trustees:       Mrs. Nancy Adessa                  Anointing: Anytime upon request in the home of the sick.
                       Mr. Roy Chrobocinski               Communion: A Priest, Deacon or Eucharistic Minister
Pastoral Council President:                               of the parish will bring Holy Communion to those
                       Mr. Kevin Melillo                  parishioners confined to home. Please notify the
                                                          Rectory when someone is ill or admitted to the
Invite You to Celebrate the Eucharist                     hospital.
The Lord’s Day: Saturday Eve: 5:30 p.m.
                Sunday: 7:00, 8:30 10:00 11:30 a.m.,                    St. Peter’s Cemetery
                        1:00 p.m. Spanish                 For information about acquiring a plot, or to make a
Weekdays: Monday to Friday:            9:00 a.m.          donation to our Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund, please
           Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 7:00 p.m.             contact Mrs. Linda Makofka at the Rectory.
           Saturday:                   8:00 a.m.
                    Infant Baptism                        Miraculous Medal Novena - Mondays 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Spanish - Second Sunday of each month at 2:30 p.m.
English - Fourth Sunday of each month at 2:30 p.m.
Parents must register by calling the Rectory at least
                                                                     Teaching the Good News
one month in advance. English Baptism Instruction the     St. Peter Elementary School - Pre K through 8
Monday before the Baptism at 7:30 p.m. Proposed         
godparent/s need to be living in accordance to the
teachings of the Catholic Church.                                       Religious Education
                                                          Kindergarten through Eighth grades
         Sacrament of Reconciliation                      Contact Lisa Melillo - Rectory - 973-751-4290
Saturday: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. or anytime at the        Coordinadora de Clases de Religión en español
Rectory upon an appointment with a priest.                       (Primera Comunión y Confirmación)
                                                                   Rosie Velasquez 973-351-4908

        Rectory                School       Religious Education        Cemetery         Social Service Hotline
    973-751-2002             973-759-3143     973-751-4290            973-751-2002     (Catholic Community Services)
  Fax: 973-751-6201                                                                          973-266-7991
  (offices open at 9 a.m.)                       1-800-227-7413

                Second Sunday of Advent †                          December 6, 2009
Page Two                                    DECEMBER 06, 2009

                                           A Word from the Pastor. . .
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, expect another onslaught of consumerism as
Christmas beckons. While the Church has no problem with gift-giving and party cheer, Her liturgies
during this Holy Season of Advent invite us to focus on the real meaning of Christmas: the coming of
the Word of God into the world as man.

It won’t be too long before we start hearing once more about traditional symbols (Nativity Scenes,
Christmas trees, etc.) receiving a backlash, especially when they are displayed in public places. There
is, you know, a war on Christmas. Secular militants have expanded the war on Christmas to include
things that most Americans – even the Supreme Court – view as innocent symbols that have helped
shape this predominantly Christian nation.

It gets to the ridiculous point that even saying “Merry Christmas” in a public-place is considered
politically-incorrect (“Happy Holidays” is the way to go). It bothers me greatly when even our own
parishioners, on the way out of Church, address me with the “Happy Holidays” greeting.

This is no time for us to be shy in letting others know what we believe. For too long, we Catholics have
been far too quite, in our fear of being ridiculed and ostracized. Meanwhile, we have let the secular
media and other forces dictate what we can say and believe. This is no time to suffer from an
inferiority-complex for what we believe as Catholics. The late Pope John Paul II made that amply clear
to all and sundry.

Take the issue of gay “marriage” as an example. Just a few months ago, the cause seemed practically
lost for those who maintained that marriage is a union of one man and one woman. Here in New
Jersey, many had even resigned themselves to the passing of legislation during the lame-duck session
that would legalize “gay marriages.” Now it looks like the issue will not be brought up by the
legislators, thanks mostly to the more than 150,000 parishioners in the state (including 361 here at St.
Peter’s) who signed a petition opposing such mocking of the institution of matrimony, and have prayed
for the upholding of the sanctity of marriage.

Writing in last Sunday’s Star-Ledger (Section One, p. 15), columnist Tom Moran observed that “several
legislators said they were impressed by that show of strength, given that Catholics make up more than
40 percent of the state’s population.” He quoted Senator Jennifer Beck as saying that “any time you
see that kind of passion, you have to pay attention ... You’re elected to be the voice of the people who
voted for you.”

So, dear parishioners, let us not be afraid to make our voices heard in the public square. The future of
Christianity in this country might as well depend on it.

A Blessed Advent to all!
                                                        In Christ’s love,

                                                        Fr. Ivan Sciberras
                                                                                                               Page Three

                                                                           WORSHIP CLUSTER

                                                               This cluster helps our parish praise and worship God
                                                               through liturgical celebrations. For more information on
                                                               this cluster, call Betty Valladares at 973-667-1323.
      11-29-09/Sunday Collection            $5,589
      Christmas Flowers                     $1,406
                                                                           This   Tuesday,         Dec.    the
                                                                                                          8,     is
                                                                           Solemnity of the Immaculate
            We thank all those who supported the
                                                                           Conception of the Blessed Virgin
            Archbishop’s Annual Appeal this year. In
                                                                           Mary, a Holy Day of Obligation.
            order for our parish to receive a rebate, we
            must exceed our goal in funds collected by
                                                                          The Mass schedule is as follows:
            December 31st. If you have an outstanding
                                                                        Monday, 7 p.m. (Mass of Anticipation)
            balance on your pledge, please make sure
                                                                            Tuesday, 9a.m. and 7 p.m.
to send it in before the deadline. If you have not yet
                                                               8 p.m. (in Spanish, animated by Movimiento Juan XXIII)
made your gift, please complete your gift envelope as
soon as possible and either send it directly to the
Archdiocese of Newark or turn it in to the                                   SATURDAY EVENING
parish. Remember that your donation needs to be                                  HOLY HOUR
in by December 31 in order for it to be included in
                                                                              AT SAINT PETER’S
your 2009 Tax Letter.

                Deanery #16
While our parish will have its Advent Penitential
Celebration on Monday, December 14, we are also
reproducing the Penance Schedules of our
neighboring parish’s, for your convenience:
   Monday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m.
       held at St. Anthony, 63 Franklin St., Belleville
      (combined with Holy Name of Jesus, East Orange &
        St. Francis Xavier, Newark)                                   Look, I am standing at the door, knocking.
   Monday, Dec. 14 at 7:30 p.m. held at                         If one of you hears me calling and opens the door,
       St. Valentine, 125 No. Spring St., Bloomfield            I will come in to share a meal, side by side with him.
       (combined with Sacred Heart & St. Thomas)                                     (Rev. 3:20)
 Monday, Dec. 14 at 7:45 p.m. at                             We will have the Monthly Exposition of the
      St. Peter, Belleville                                    Blessed Sacrament immediately following
 Monday, Dec. 14 at 7:45 p.m. at                             the 5:30 p.m. Mass at the Main Church on
        Holy Family, 28 Brookline Ave., Nutley                 Saturday, December 12, ending with Solemn
   Friday, Dec. 18 at 7:30 p.m.                              Benediction at 7:30 p.m.
        held at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 94 Pine St.,
        M on t cla ir ( co mb ined    wit h   Im ma cu lat e
        Conception & St. Peter Claver, Montclair)              Why not come and spend an hour with the Lord?
   Saturday, Dec. 19 at 1 p.m. at St. Mary’s,
        17 Msgr. Owens Pl., Nutley                                Future Holy Hour Dates for your calendar:
   Monday, Dec. 21 at 7:30 p.m. at                            Jan. 9 + Feb. 13 + Mar. 13 + Apr. 10 + May 8
       St. Cassian, 187 Bellevue Ave., Upper Montclair          Jun. 12 + Jul. 10 + Aug. 14 + Sept.11 + Oct. 9
   Tuesday, Dec. 22 at 7:30 p.m. at                                          Nov. 13 + Dec. 11
       Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, 120 Prospect St., Nutley
Page Four

Retirement Collection for the Religious                        FEAST OF OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE
Next weekend, Dec. 12-13, the second collection          All are invited to join us as we celebrate the Feast of
will be the Annual Religiious Retirement Fund            Our Lady of Guadalupe, with a Serenada on Friday,
Appeal. Statistics provided by the National Religious    Dec. 11 at 11 p.m. in the Church, followed by Mass (in
Retirement Office advise that the average Catholic       Spanish) at 11:30 p.m.           Hot chocolate and
Sister, Brother or Order Priest remain in active         refreshments follow in the Rectory Meeting Room.
ministry until the age of 74 and many beyond that
time. We have all benefited from the labors of the
Retired religious at some point in our lives. We ask
that you be as generous as possible. Please make your
                                                                      “Simbang Gabi 2009”
donation directly to the PARISH           not to the              Desyembre 16, 2009 (Miyerkoles)
Retirement Office.                                                   Iglesia St. Peter – 8:00 PM

                                                                      HALINA’T MAKIISA
                                                             SA PAGHAHANDA PARA SA KAARAWAN NI

Saturday, December 5                                     What is Simbang Gabi?
 5:30 Dominick Missaggia, rq Wife                        Simbang Gabi is a Philippine tradition of celebrating a
Sunday, December 6                                       Novena of Advent Masses to heighten the preparation
 7:00 Mary A. Slahetka, rq Robert & Rosemarie Richlan    of the faithful for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ,
 8:30 For Our Parish Community                           and in honor of the Blessed Mother. Although it is
10:00 Francesco Perri, rq Wife                           still within the Advent Season, special permission has
11:30 Angelo Annicchiarico, rq Family                    been granted to make Simbang Gabi a festive
 1:00 Maria Cole, rq Deacon Julio & Maxine Roig
                                                         celebration. This spiritual experience enables the
Monday, December 7
 9:00 Michel Meke & Francesca Kabey, rq Daughter         faithful to joyfully anticipate the coming of the
 7:00 Marion & joseph Venditti, rq Peter & Ida           Messiah in their faith communities, home and hearts.
Tuesday, December 8—Holy Day of Obligation                                 FULL SCHEDULE
 9:00 Alfred John Lodato, rq John, Joe & Joyce Lodato
 7:00 Tobia & Elizabeth DeAngelis, rq Family
                                                         Dec. 15, Tues. at 7PM-St. Valentine Church, Blmfd.
 8:00(Sp) Angela Poveda (10th Anniv), rq Family          Dec. 16, Wed. at 8 PM-St. Peter’s Church, Belv.
Wednesday, Dece0mber 9
 9:00 Claire O’Connell, rq A Friend                      Dec. 17, Thurs. at 7 PM-St. Thomas Church, Blmfd.
 7:00 James Waldron, rq Wife, Margaret                   Dec. 18, Fri. at 7:30 PM-St. Anthony Church, Belleville
Thursday, December 10
 9:00 Joseph Laurence Jarman (53rd Anniv), rq Mother     Dec. 19, Sat. at 6:30 PM-Our Lady Mt. Carmel, Nutley
Friday, December 11                                      Dec. 20, Sun. at 5 PM-Holy Family Church, Nutley
 9:00 Nicoletta & Frank Lembo, rq Daughter, Maria &
       Family                                            Dec. 21, Mon. at 7:30 PM-Sacred Heart, Bloomfield
 7:00 Mary & John Begans, rq Eleanor Begans
Saturday, December 12
                                                         Dec. 22, Tues. at 7:30 PM-St. Mary’s Church, Nutley
 8:00 Peter Hoogsteden, rq Hank & Mysia Hoogsteden       Dec. 23, Wed. at 7:30 PM-Holy Name, East Orange
 5:30 James Morris (3rd Anniv), rq Wife, Marian & Sons
Sunday, December 13
 7:00 For Our Parish Community
 8:30 Jesse Damato, rq Helen Paserchia & Mary                    MASS READINGS FOR THE WEEK
       Franceschini                                      Monday:    Is 35:1-10; Lk 5:17-26
10:00 Evelyn Donnelly, rq Daughter, Evelyn DiChiara      Tuesday:   Gn 3:9-15, 20; Eph 1:3-6, 11-12;
11:30 George Ricci, rq Lucky Ricci                                  Lk 1:26-38
 1:00 En Honor De La Virgen De Guadalupe, rq             Wednesday: Is 40:25-31; Mt 11:28-30
       Marcela Davila                                    Thursday:  Is 41:13-20; Mt 11:11-15
                                                         Friday:    Is 48:17-19; Mt 11:16-19
                                                         Saturday:  Zec 2:14-17 or Rv 11:19a; 12:1-6a,
        The BLESSED MOTHER LAMP will burn                           10ab; Lk 1:26-38 or Lk 1:39-47
        week beginning December 6 in loving memory       Sunday:    Zep 3:14-18a; Is 12:2-3, 4, 5-6;
        of Mr. & Mrs. John Mullery at the request of                Phil 4:4-7; Lk 3:10-18
        their daughter, Marie McConnon.
                                                                                                         Page Five

                                                                             THE GIVING TREE
                                                            Saint Peter’s Giving Tree is in the back Church
       COMMUNITY BUILDING                                   through December 12-13. Parishioners are invited
                                                            to take an ornament from the tree, purchase the gift
            CLUSTER                                         specified on the tag, and return the unwrapped
                                                            gift, with tag attached, to the tree by December 13.
This cluster seeks to create a parish environment           The ornament is yours to hang on your tree at home.
where people experience a sense of belonging and are        Gifts returned after Dec. 13 should be returned to the
encouraged to participate in the mission of Jesus. For
                                                            Rectory. All gifts will be given to parish families in
information on this cluster, call Gary Hinton at 973-759-
                                                            need. Thanking you in advance for your generosity
                                                            and support of the less fortunate during the season of

Pray for those in our community who are ill
             among us: Margaret Bush, Edward P.               DISCOVER THE “BIG PICTURE” OF THE BIBLE
             Caine, Josephine Calia, Joseph Cascio,         An exciting new Bible Study Course (following the
             Marie Cerreto, Chet Chrobocinski,              timeline method) is about to begin at the
             Steven Connelly, Thomas Corrado,               Archdiocesan Center in Newark (171 Clifton Ave.).
             Cathy Cowley, Tony Crisofulli, Etna            There will be 24 sessions, held on Wednesdays 4:30-
             Curley, Anna Marie DeVito, Maria               6:30 p.m. from January 6 till June 30. It is created by
             DiGregorio, Finizia D’Uva, Geronimo            Jeff Cavins, renowed Catholic Bible teacher and
Eborlas, Eddie Esker, Dot Foley, Maria Franceschini,        EWTN host. The cost of all 24 sessions is $45,
Blanca Gonzalez, Leonard Haynoski, Jr.,       Irene         payable to the Archdiocese of Newark (registration
Janowski, Helen Kachur, Annette Livingston,                 deadline December 21).         For more information
Kathleen Mahoney, Marie MacDonald, Pat McDonald,            contact Liliana Soto-Cabrera at 973-497-4353.
Mary McIlroy, Ann Missaggia, John Missaggia, Lou
Montemarano, Joan Nielsen, Jay O’Brien, Maria
                                                            The American Legion Post 299, located at 118
Pando, Gregory Eric Pappas, Nilda Perez, Elaine
                                                            Belmont Avenue, is holding a Toy Drive for children
Pompa, Robert Ross, Linda Siniscal, Colin Soto,
                                                            with Celebral Palsy at Clara Maass Hospital. Any
Michelle Spina, Jack Taft, Anna Mae Thibault,
                                                            new and unwrapped toys you wish to donate may
Marilyn Wirtz, and all people wishing to remain
                                                            be dropped off at the Post.

Let us also pray for those who have recently died,          The American Legion also wishes to help Veterans
Eleanor W. Arthur, and all those bereaved among us.         and Senior Citizens know about programs that are
                                                            available to them, including getting Social Security
                                                            benefits, state and county benefits related to heat
                                                            and energy assistance, insulation and repair to their
                                                            homes, food stamps, etc. For more information,
The Redemptoris Mater Seminary – the Archdiocese
                                                            please contact Commander Patrick Zicaro at 973-
                      of Newark’s Missionary
                      Seminary (located at 672
                      Passaic Avenue, Kearny),
                      invites us all to its 8th Annual                        PLAN AHEAD
                      Christmas Concert and Dinner,         A luncheon and Fashion Show for the benefit of
                      to be held on Friday December
                                                            St. Peter’s School will take place at the FOREST
                      18th at the Seminary. Dinner
                      will be served at 6PM and will        HILL FIELD CLUB in BLOOMFIELD on
be followed by a Concert at 7:30PM. Seminarians             SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH at 12 Noon.
from around the world will sing traditional Christmas       Fashion Show by The Dress Barn. Tickets are
songs in several languages in the beautiful Seminary        just $25. There will also be door prizes. Tickets
facility. Suggested donations are $50 for one ticket,       to the luncheon would make a great
$40 each for 3 tickets, $35 each for 4-9 tickets, $30       Christmas gift and can be purchased at the
each for 10 or more tickets. For more information,          rectory and also at the door of Church on Dec.
please call the Redemptoris Mater Seminary at 201-          13th and 20th. In conjuncton with the luncheon
997-3220.                                                   there will be a raffle.
Page Six

            Saint Peter School
           forming the future with
                                                       SAINT PETER’S THIS WEEK
    Purpose, Passion and Power!                     MONDAY, DECEMBER 7 - St. Ambrose
                                                    Pearl Harbor Day
                                                    Grade 8 Santa Workshop, School
                                                    3:15-8:15pm Basketball & Cheerleading, School
                                                    7:30pm Service Cluster Mtg, Rectory Mtg Rm 2
                                                    7:30pm Recitation of the Rosary, Church
                                                    7:30pm Spanish Baptism Class, Rectory Mtg Rm 1
                                                    8pm AA Support Group, Church Basement

                                                    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8 - Holy Day of Obligation
On Tuesday December 8, in observance of the         Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception,             Grade 8 Santa Workshop, School
our School Community will attend the 9 a.m.         9am School Mass, Church
Mass in the Church. Family members and              3:15-8:15pm Basketball & Cheerleading, School
supporters of our School are encouraged to          7-8:15pm, Confirmation Class, School
join us.                                            8pm John XXIII Mass (Spanish), Church

                                                    WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9 - St. Juan Diego
           SAINT PETER SCHOOL                       3:30-5:30pm Parent Conferences, School
           FILIPPINO-AMERICAN                       6-7:30pm Parent Conferences, School
     5 TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY                    7pm Vietnamese Group Prayer, Retreat Center
          & FUNDRAISING EVENT                       7:30pm Spanish First Communion Class, RMR3
                                                    7:30pm Spanish Confirmation Class, RMR1
   DECEMBER 19         -   6:30 to 11:30 p.m.       7:30pm Spanish RICA, Rectory Mtg Room 1
                                                    7:45pm Liturgy Committee Mtg, Rectory Mtg Rm 2
                                                    8pm John XXIII Bible Study, Retreat Center
 * food * games * dancing * 50/50 raffles *
            $50 per family (limit 4)                THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10
                $25 per person                      3:30-5:30pm Parent Conferences, School
                                                    6-7:30pm Parent Conferences, School
             St. Peter School Gym                   7:30pm Legion de Maria, Rectory Meeting Rm 3
           152 William St., Belleville              7:30pm Choir Practice, Church

   For information or to buy tickets, please call   FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11 - St. Damasus
     973-751-7762, 973-393-0405 (Liberty T.)        3:15-8:15pm Basketball & Cheerleading, School
    or Saint Peter School Office 973-759-3143       8pm NA Support Group, Church Basement
                                                    11pm Virgen Guadalupe Serenata, Church
                                                    11:30pm Mass, Church
                                                         with refreshments to follow RMR 1

                                                    SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12
                                                    Our Lady of Guadalupe
                                                    11am-5pm Basketball, School Gym
                                                    6:30pm Holy Hour, Church

                                                    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13 - 3rd Sunday of Advent
                                                    8:30-9:45am CCD Class/Confessions, School
                                                    2pm Virgen Peregrina, Church
                                                    2-8pm Basketball, School Gym
                                                    2:30pm Spanish Baptisms, Church
                                                                                                                   Page Seven

celebrara la Solemnidad de la Inmaculada Concepción de la B. V. M. Es un día Santo de Obligación para asistir a la Misa.
Las misas en Saint Peter son celebradas de la siguiente manera: El Lunes por la tarde: Misa de anticipo a las 7PM. Las misas
el dia Martes son celebradas a las 9AM. (asistara’ la comunidad de la Escuela de Saint Peter) y 7PM. Habrá también una
Misa en Español a las 8 p.m.

HOMENAJE SERENATA A LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE - El 11 de Diciembre a las 11 p.m. de la noche le
rendiremos homenaje a la Madre de nuestro Senor, Patrona de Mexico y Emperatris de las Americas.
Empezaremos a las 11 p.m. con el Santo Rosario y las mananitas luego seguido por la Santa Misa. Toda esta
celebracion sera en nuestra Iglesia de St Peter's. Finalmente pasaremos al sotano de la rectoria para
un compartir de chocolate caliente y bocaditos. Todos invitados para esa noche que nuestra madre celestial
estara esperandonos.

HORA SANTA DEC. 12 - ADORACION DEL SANTISIMO este sábado 12 de Diciembre desde las 6:30 p.m. hasta las 7:30
p.m. en la Iglesia (terminando con una Bendicion Solemne).

DIA MANTENIMIENTO - Damos gracias a los jóvenes y adultos que vinieron ayudarnos en el dia del mantenimiento de
nuestra parroquia. La próxima semana le daremos a conocer el nombre de esos buenos trabajadores de la Viña de Dios.

CONCIERTO DE MUSICA DEL SEMINARIO REDEMPTORIS MATER - El dia viernes 18 de Diciembre, habrá una cena y
concierto, en el Seminario Redemptoris Mater, localizado en el 672 de Passaic Avenue en Kearny. Seminaristas del todo el
mundo estarán allí para cantarnos canciones navideñas en diferentes lenguajes. La donación es como sigue: Por una
persona $50; Grupo de tres personas $40 c/u; Grupo de 4—9 $35 c/u; Grupo de 10 o mas personas $30 c/u. Si usted desea
unirse a nuestro grupo por favor de llamar lo mas pronto posible al Diacono Valladares 973-667-1323 o a Marcela Dávila 973-
759-1312. Nosotros esperamos tener un grupo de 10 personas o más.

VOLUNTARIOS PARA EL GRUPO DE JOVENES - Estamos necesitando voluntarios para que trabajen con jóvenes de 14 a
18 anos de edad. Este ministerio requiere por lo menos dos horas a la semana de 7:15 p.m. hasta las 9:15 p.m. los días
jueves. Requisitos: ser mayor de edad, que estén recibiendo los sacramentos y que pertenezcan a nuestra parroquia.
Además tienen que estar dispuestos a obtener, de nuestra Arquidiócesis, el certificado “Protegiendo a los niños de Dios”.
Para mas información llame o vea al Diacono Valladares 973-667-1323 o a Juan Quiñónez 973-901-2231.

EN PREPARACION PARA ADVIENTO - Nos reunimos los días Miércoles de 8:00 p.m. hasta las 9:00 p.m. en la casa de
Retiros Juan XXIII y compartir la “Novena Bíblica al Divino Niño Jesús”. La Novena terminara el dia Miércoles 16 de
Diciembre, en el mismo lugar. Todos están invitados a participar en esta Novena Familiar así que traigan a sus familiares y
amigos. Se servirá refrescos antes de la novena. En Enero del 2010 comenzaremos nuevamente con nuestras clases de
Biblia. Más adelante le daremos a conocer el tópico de la clase, etc.

CONSEJERO PARA INMIGRANTES - Hemos recibido información que es posible que un consejero Hispano aprobado por
el Departamento de Inmigración, nos venga a dar una hora de asesoramiento a miembros de nuestra parroquia que tengan
problemas con ese Departamento. Es muy posible que ese consejero venga a nuestra parroquia el dia Martes 15 de
Diciembre de 7:30 a 8:30 p.m. Si usted es ciudadano de este país, usted tiene el deber de registrarse para votar en las
próximas elecciones. Ese dia nosotros tendremos en esa reunión las aplicaciones para que se registren, si es que no lo han
hecho anteriormente.

CAMBIOS LITURGICOS – Usted ya quizás había notado que el Domingo pasado marcó el principio del Año Litúrgico. La
distribución de la Santa Comunión en Saint Peter ha sido modificada ligeramente para aumentar la dignidad de la
celebración de la Santa Misa. Ahora, en todas las Misas en los Domingos, todos los ministros distribuyen la Santa Comunión
en el frente de la Iglesia, para asegurar un mejor flujo y más orden. Usted también quizás había notado la reintroducción de
las campanas que son sonadas durante la Consagración. Continuamos trabajando para mejorar el sistema de sonido.
Mientras tanto, continuamos recordarles que por favor apaguen sus teléfonos celulares al entrar en la Iglesia. También para
tratar de minimizar la distracción en caso de que usted llegue tarde a la Misa por favor de esperar hasta el fin de la lectura
antes de ir a un banco. En los días cuando la Iglesia esta llena y usted no puede encontrar un asiento, usted puede utilizar el
balcón de arriba de la Iglesia.

CELEBRACIÓN PENITENCIAL DICIEMBRE 14 – Planee a asistir a nuestra Celebración Penitencial de Adviento, que
sucederá en la Iglesia el Lunes 14 de Diciembre a las 7:45PM. Habrá sacerdotes que hablan espanol para los que desean
acercarse a este Sacramento de Misericordia de Dios. Si no puede asistir a la celebración en el 14, usted todavía puede
acercarse al Sacramento de Confesión antes de Navidad.

HORARIO DE LAS MISAS DE NAVIDAD – Recogan el Boletín del Adviento, que incluye información sobre
acontecimientos durante el Adviento, así como el Horario de Misa de Navidad. En el Día de Navidad, aparte de la Misa usual
de las 1PM en la Iglesia, también habrá una Misa en español a las 10:15AM en el Auditorio de la Escuela de Saint Peter.

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