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					I am excited while tapping the stupendous opening to outshine as a part of the
dynamic and ingenious team of your prestigious organization.

I have been managing the Key Accounts which are mostly corporate sector,
SMEs, NGOs and government organizations, for last more than three years with
Warid Telecom. I have been raising the revenues by providing outstanding &
personalized customer services to existing clients and generated new business
by adding new accounts through proactive customer focused strategies and
persuasive selling.

I have successfully achieved the targets beyond 100% and won consecutive
incentives, prizes and cash rewards for telecom solutions including voice & data
communication solutions through face to face selling, B2B, corporate and
institutional selling. I have experience of new business development in industrial
products including Screen Printing Solutions, Pneumatic labels Transfer
Machines, Industrial dryers etc through ecommerce solutions, face to face
selling, business to business selling, account management, displays at seminars,
industrial fairs & conferences.

I have been successfully managing sales channels in the region by achieving my
targets beyond 100% and by ensuring the profitability through customer focused
functions at each franchise, sub franchises and all over the retail network by
targeting direct, enterprise and corporate sales channels in the zone. I have got
consecutive vertical promotions from management grade M1.2 to M1.3 and M1.3
to M2.1, excellent salary revisions and achieving consecutive sales incentives
throughout my career that are visible in my CV. I am an MCSD and SCJP and
have clear understanding to sell the IT solutions as well. I have excellent
communication, presentation, report writing and sales management skills that
have been the under-propping essentials for successful performance at my
present job. Winning two international scholarships, mentioned in my resume
also confirm my analytical writing skills. I assure you for my strong performance
in the given role under the auspices of my seniors.

I am firm believer of being a dynamic team player with high morale, goal-oriented
and can do attitude. I believe in keeping my team intact, trusted and motivated to
boost the organization image through customer-focused strategies and building
customer loyalty by walking into the customer s shoes innovatively and
confidently, to accomplish the goals and objectives aligned with mission and
vision of company.

I have valid Highly Skilled Migrant visa to legally work any where in UK for any
employer till 10-03-2010. and I am willing to relocate any where in UK.

I am available for tests/interviews at your convenience and look forward to
hearing from you shortly. I am passionate to seek an ever-growing career with
your esteemed organization.

Cordially yours,

Covering Letter

Dear Sir/Madam

It is my main objective to work for company where I can contribute my varied
Executive Recruitment & IT knowledge, to a well established, leading
recruitment firm. I believe the knowledge and experience I have in both of these
areas will contribute and be worthy to a leading professional team of consultants
and management consultants. I am very keen to continue my career within
Executive recruitment, I find the quality and professionalism delivered to the
market is one which I can relate to, and wish to perusal further. The experience I
have gained from working in the Middle East, led me to understand how fast
paced market environments reply upon professional and reliable services.
Working for a start up company gave me an insight into the various different
sectors, the specific markets targeted were IT, Engineering, Construction,
Banking and Marketing. The knowledge and expertise I have gained in the
Information Technology field, both educationally and within employment, has
encouraged me to concentrate on this field. Not only is this the area I find most
interesting and challenging, but it is also my strongest area.

I am a self motivated, multi cultural team player, who thrives on success. I
have the strong ability to move into a new position, deliver my objectives and
develop my own strategies to target my goals. Having worked in the Middle
East for two years, I have strengthened my ability to adapt well to new working
environments, dealt with multi cultural candidates, clients and employees and
tailored my working style to the organisation and country.
     My experience working for a start up company in Bahrain, gave me more
     business experience than I anticipated. The skills I developed, have prepared me
     for my next step in Executive Recruitment. I have learnt the true importance of
     team work within the recruitment environment and developed experience in
     managing and training Associates and Associate Consultants. These career
     challenging experiences in Bahrain have prepared me to take my next step as a
     Consultant, in a larger, more established and reputable Executive Recruitment

     My goal is to maximize my time with a unique, prestigious and exciting company
     to specialize in the recruitment of Senior IT professionals.

     Kind regards

Personal Profile
I am capable of achieving personal and professional objectives as demonstrated by the
successful completion of my degree and successful sales career. I have excellent
communication skills and the ability to relate to all levels of commercial and social contacts.
I am an extremely ambitious and goal oriented person with a clear and concise vision of
future objectives. While possessing these attributes, I am a conscientious person, have
demonstrated in previous employment that I work well as a member of a team, as well as
alone, and am very loyal to my peers. I am eager to find a position offering long-term
potential with a structured, defined career progression.

     Taking customer orders via telephone, fax and e:mail
     Providing customers with pricing information
     Ensuring all Sales/ Customer records are up to date
     Setting up new accounts
     Ensure Reports are run and actioned as required
     Checking stock availability
     Booking In Deliveries
     Source products outside standard portfolio
     Preparing outgoing mail
Opening and sorting distribution of incoming mail on a daily basis
Switch selling
Order processing
Respond to Incoming sales enquiries from customers
Prepare quotations
Following up quotations
Checking order data prior to dispatch
Liaising with finance department regarding payments Continuously updating the
customer database

Key Skills:

Sales & Negotiation Skills

         Effective negotiator – able to confidently deal at all levels in a
          professional manner.
         Excellent telephone and face-to-face customer service skills.
         Listens actively and asks questions to clarify own understanding in
          order to tailor-make the conversation in my favour.
         Confident with own abilities to ask the right questions in order to build
          rapport and move forward with the task.

Organisational Skills & Initiative

         Proven ability to use initiative when resolving problems and working as
          an active team member.
         Working in an organised and pro-active way to achieve targets.
         Organised and flexible with excellent time management skills.
           Pulling on resources and using own ingenuity to be a step ahead of the

PC Skills
           Microsoft Packages
           Internet & Email


A highly motivated and confident individual - with the firm belief that no
hurdle is too big - I’ve a wealth of experience, from start up to Corporate

A key player in the field of vehicle leasing, and more recently investment
property and financial product sales, I have a demonstrable track record of
delivering results.

And profit.

Natural flair, resilience and an up - beat sense of humour fuel my unique
business style.

A people person, a natural networker, my earthy and open communication
style enables me to quickly build rapport. I am able to empathise, motivate
and I’d like to think inspire.

Simply, I offer; a quick enquiring mind, energy, professionalism and a rare
blend of raw talent and sound commercial acumen.

Uncompromising in my desire to get results,

my philosophy is: do it, do it well, do it NOW.


A creative thinker, who thrives in a market-driven environment, builds strong
long-term client relationships.
Dynamic and results-oriented professional with a successful track record in field
sales, pro-actively servicing business needs, develop and close new business,
grow existing business and support the team with research and market
development. Strong entrepreneurial drive and client-relationship skills and a to
approach and persuade new and existing customers with changing concepts.
Consistently meeting deadlines by operating effectively with flexibility in a
constantly changing environment. Effectively communicate on all levels, a true

Personal Profile
The three best words to describe me are: smart, sociable and assertive. I am
always keen to acquire new skills and experience, and would go the extra mile to
achieve my goals. I am very hardworking and also I have adopted           a calm
approach towards a busy and demanding working environment.

I would prefer to work with a company that seeks employees for growth and
advancement. I am an enthusiastic individual and would deliver my job role with
loyalty, punctuality and team work as I am also a good team player with good
interpersonal skill dedication and passion, I am a self motivated individual who
always strives to achieve high standard in whatever task undertaken and have
ability to work under pressure to bring the highest level of success for the
company. I would welcome the opportunity to utilize the knowledge I have gained
from my experience

I would very much appreciate an opportunity to join your team and prove my

I am a highly competitive individual who relishes new challenges and
opportunities and tend to give my all to any job I undertake. I have worked from a
home office for several years and have never had a problem with self-motivation,
likewise, I have the get up and go to travel extensively around the UK to see
customers. I have a very good geographical knowledge of the UK having covered
it in a sales capacity for many years in my time with Kaye Dee.

I would love the opportunity to learn a new discipline and feel my enthusiasm and
thirst for knowledge would mean that I could contribute to your future success
with the minimum of training, as I am very adaptable and quick to learn new
markets and products. I feel I may also have several transferable skills and
knowledge due to my time working in many types of sales environments,
especially manufacturing, as a sales engineer where relationship building and
careful time planning were a necessity.
I have excellent communication skills and computer literate. I have over the years
had to learn several new technical sales especially in my last position at Laser
Optical where I was selling scientific apparatus straight from Loughborough
University engineering departments and also selling research and development
packages. In my time at Kaye Dee I had to work with many projects that not only
required design and manufacture of component handling but also on many
occasions integration and automation into existing plant.
I am available for an interview at any time and look forward to meeting you in the
near future.
A friendly and capable individual with wide experience in Stock Control,
Warehouse Operations & Logistics. A good team player who can also work
equally well alone using own initiative. Has a very positive, flexible approach to
work and possesses excellent organisational skills, creativity and humour.
Flourishes in high-pressure environment. Able to relate well to people from all

Key skills/attributes

Team Player
Good organizational skills
Good analytical mind
Good motivator
Good interpersonal and communication skills
Problem solver; able to think “outside the box”

Personal Profile
As a high achiever with a go get attitude, I offer a very diplomatic approach to
situations producing results. My proven ability to manage a number of projects
simultaneously is second to none.
I am a committed individual, who will always welcome training and personal
development with the confidence to take responsibility to deliver results.
I have spent several years organizing conferences, events, creating marketing
profiles and promoting businesses as well as presenting portfolios to committees
for approval.
I am adept at budgeting, presentations, cold calling and maintaining client

Personal Profile
An enthusiastic, conscientious and highly motivated person with excellent
communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to relate to people at all
level. Able to use own initiative and works effectively alone or as part of a team.
A confident and energetic individual with strong organizational skills combined
with successful sales, account management and customer service background.
I can help you to achieve your sales targets in the designated territory. How can
you be sure that I can deliver what I say? I have sold products and services to
thousands of decision makers in SME and Corporate Markets and those sales
generated millions of pounds in turnover. ( I can provide excellent references in
support). Furthermore those sales were achieved mostly as a result of my own
initiative and skills in research, cold calling, sorting out the genuine prospects
from the suspects, making my own appointments, fact finding meetings to
understand my prospect’s situation, asking questions to understand his
problems, further questions that showed my prospect the downside implications
for doing nothing, presenting the solution – and closing the sale.

I am self motivated with plenty of drive, able to work on my own initiative and am
most confident that after product training I will deliver the results you are looking

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