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									Hire Joomla! Developers
at PixelCrayons
              Joomla! As a CMS
   Joomla! is an award winning content management
    system which enables you to build up powerful,
    beautiful websites and other online applications.
   It earned a good reputation in short span of time.
   It has acquired a huge user base
   Joomla Websites are very beautiful so it is called
    Designer's friend.
   Joomla is an open source solution which is available
    free of cost.
   It is quite easy to use and extensible.
         Applications of Joomla!
   Corporate Web sites or portals
   Corporate intranets and extranets
   Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
   E-commerce and online reservations
   Government applications
   Small business Web sites
   Non-profit and organizational Web sites
   Community-based portals
   School and church Web sites
   Personal or family homepages
    Joomla! Features: An Overview
   Facilitates User Interactivity: Joomla provides a
    registration system that allows users to configure
    personal options.
   Adding Media Files: The Media Manager is integrated
    in the Editor tool which allows easy insertion of
    images and other files at any time.
   Contact Management: The contact manager helps
    you to find right users and their information.
   Banner and Language Management: You can
    manage banners on your website. Also, it provides
    support for multiple languages.
   It allows you to create Polls and help navigate users
    to most popular search items.
   Content Management: It follows three tiered system
    of articles makes organizing your content a snap.
   Content Syndication: It allows your users to subscribe
    to new content in their favorite RSS reader. You can
    integrate RSS feeds from other sources as well to
    your website.
   System Features: Speedy page loads are possible
    with page caching, granular-level module caching,
    and GZIP page compression.
   You can create as many menus and items as you
Some Beautiful Websites

 Built up With Joomla!
So Are you Searching for
Joomla Developers for your

PixelCrayons is there to help
/ is the special of Division of
PixelCrayons focused on
providing Joomla! development
     Joomla Services Offered by
   Custom Template Design/Implementation
   Design (PSD/AI and many other common
    image formats) to Joomla Conversion
   Custom Modules Development
   Custom Components Development
   Module Installation
   Custom Modification and Customization
   Maintenance Work for Joomla Portals
      Reasons Why Should Choose
   Extensive Experience with Joomla
   Dedicated Team of Joomla professionals
   Flexible Engagement Models
   Matured Well Defined ISO Processes
   Affordable prices
   On Time deliveries
   Dedicated Quality Assurance team
   World class Customer Care
   Guaranteed work
   Thousands of Satisfied Clients
       PixelCrayons Introducing
      Dedicated Model in its Services
   Dedicated Model - PixelCrayons has introduced
    dedicated model in its Joomla development
   Now you can hire Joomla experts at PixelCrayons
    on an hourly basis
   You can have personalized interactions with
    developers working for you.
   Direct Interaction = Better Quality + Less chances
    of errors + Less Turnaround time + Less project
    Cost         Increase in productivity of
      Contact PixelCrayons NOW!!!
   USA: +1 888 471 8636 (Toll Free)‫‏‬
   AUS:+61 291 916 432
   UK: +44 161 8706 443
   SKYPE: pixelcrayons.com
   EMAIL: sales@pixelcrayons.com
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