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                                        Application Form
1. Which Scheme are you requesting a Grant for:

Please tick which scheme(s) you would like to receive a grant for:
    VisitScotland Accommodation Grading          
    Green Tourism Business Scheme                
    VisitScotland Welcome Scheme                 
    Eat Scotland                                 
    Other, please state _____________________________________________

2. Project Location

Please state where your business is based
Post code

Please provide contact details

Telephone Number:
E-mail Address:
Web address:

3. Timescale – when do you want to start?

Project Start Date:

Angus Accommodation Grant Scheme 2010                                   1
4. Other grading

Do you have any other quality marks?

5. Please describe how this grant will help your business

Please give a brief summary (no more than 150 words)

6. Future grant aid

Are you likely to apply for further funding if you are successful this time
and if so what will it be for?
    Green Tourism Business Scheme       
    VisitScotland Welcome Scheme        
    Eat Scotland                        
    Other, please state _____________________________________________

Angus Accommodation Grant Scheme 2010                                         2
7. How sustainable is your business
   A major part of this grant scheme is to encourage businesses to become green
   by getting involved with the Green Tourism Business Scheme

Please provide details of your green credentials – do you have a
sustainable mark already – do you recycle for example?
                         Do    you    tell   your Impact
Activity                 customers

8. The internet
   As part of the grant criteria you will need to link to key tourism sites across

Please tell us how you communicate with your customers through the
                                               Would welcome more
Activity                  Yes/No               support Yes/No
I have my own website

I communicate by e-mail
with my customers
I am listed on

I link to from
my own site
I link to
from my own site

I link to my
own site

Angus Accommodation Grant Scheme 2010                                                3
I link to
from my own site
Other – please state

9. Accommodation networking groups

As part of the grant we would like you to attend the accommodation
networking group meetings at least once a year

    I am happy to attend the group meetings regularly      
    I only want to attend the meetings once a year    

10. Business support:

Angus Council has a number of business advisers and marketing staff that
can help you develop you business. Please indicate the areas where you
would like further support

Activity                                (Please describe)
                                        Already do this / would like information /
                                        not applicable
I promote Angus products to
my customers i.e. Angus
Events, Carnoustie Country,
Tayroots, Outdoor Angus etc.

I manage my own listing on

I have my own marketing plan

I am aware of the Angus food
initiative and promote this to
my customers

I am a member of the Angus
Reputable Trader scheme

Angus Accommodation Grant Scheme 2010                                                4

11. Monitoring and Evaluation:

How will you evaluate the difference the achievement of the grading or
participation in the scheme has made to your business?

12. VisitScotland occupancy data

Do you currently provide STEAM with your occupancy data?
As part of the grant criteria you will be required to provide STEAM with your
occupancy data

    I already do this                   

     I am happy to provide this         

13. Publicity

You will be provided with a certificate to display inside or outside your
premises. Please indicate where this will be sited

How will the lessons learnt from your project be shared with a wider

Angus Accommodation Grant Scheme 2010                                           5
14. Supporting Documentation

Your application will be assessed based on the information provided on
this form.     However, applicants may wish to provide additional
documentation which supports the information provided. Please list any
supporting documentation provided.

15. Declaration - to be completed by Project Applicant

The information you have provided on this form and from supporting evidence – where applicable
will be used by Angus Council (the “data controller” for the purposes of the Data Protection Act
1998) in order to process your application for a grant from the Innovation and Development Fund.
The information will be held securely by the Council and will be treated as confidential except where
the law requires it to be disclosed. The Council may check information provided by you, or
information about you provided by a third party, with other information held by us. We may also get
information from certain third parties or share your information with them in order to check its
accuracy, prevent or detect crime, protect public funds or where required by law.

In order to process your grant application, the information contained on this form and any
supporting evidence will be shared by Angus Council with VisitScotland and administrators of the
schemes. These organisations will use your information for the same purposes as the Council.

I declare that the information provided in this application form, and
supporting documentation where provided, is correct to the best of my





Angus Accommodation Grant Scheme 2010                                                              6