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									                                    DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE
                                HEADQUARTERS 96               AIR BASE WING (AFMC)
                                        EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE FLORIDA



SUBJECT: Organizational Holiday Greeting Card Competition

1. The 96th Services Squadron is sponsoring the annual organizational greeting card competition
during the 2008 holiday season.

2. During this event, organizations are encouraged to erect holiday greeting signs/cards for
outdoor display. The displays are to be made of one or two 4’ X 8’ plywood sheets, decorated
appropriately with the unit’s holiday message to base personnel and visitors.

3. Stakes will be placed in designated locations on the west end of Eglin Blvd. At each stake,
participants will erect their “life sized” greeting card. Units may erect no more than two
signs/cards based on space availability starting 10 Nov 08. Displays must be removed by 1600
on 5 Jan 09.

4. A panel of impartial judges will evaluate the greeting cards for theme, originality and
workmanship. Please see attached rules for details. Judging will be held on Wednesday, 26 Nov
08. Winners will be presented with cash prizes in the amounts following: first ($300), second
($200), third ($100) and honorable mention ($50). Awards presentation will be conducted at
Eglin Chapel 2 during the annual base tree lighting ceremony.

5. Units are required to contact the Eglin Arts & Crafts Center at 850-882-5467 to indicate their
intent to participate in the competition. Point of contact is Ms. Tina Hurtado. Rules must be
read and complied with to be eligible for competition. In addition, the name and contact number
of a designated representative and alternate for the organization is required. All entrants must be
registered by COB on 26 Nov 08.

6. I encourage all units to share their holiday spirit and unit pride by participating and making
the annual organizational greeting card competition a fun and enjoyable event for all, ushering in
another joyous and meaningful holiday season.

                                                      HARRY J. LANE, Jr., Lt Col, USAF
                                                      Commander, 96th Services Squadron

2 Attachments:
1. Rules
2. Safety Guidelines


All cards, whether competing or not, must be registered with the Eglin Arts & Crafts Center
point of contact, Ms. Tina Hurtado at 850-882-5467.

   a.   Each card will be assigned a slot number associated with a stake.
   b.   Cards must be erected behind the stake bearing the number issued to the unit.
   c.   Only registered cards will be exhibited.
   d.   Cards that are not pre-registered are subject to removal.


Once registered, cards may be erected in the numbered slots at Unity Park facing Chinquapin


   a. Units may erect two cards based on space availability; only one card will be considered
      for competition. Cards can be erected as soon as 10 Nov 08. Each entry must be erected
      by 1600 on 26 Nov 08 and removed by 5 Jan 08. Cards are to be monitored daily to
      ensure they haven’t fallen or become disassembled. If they have fallen or are in disrepair,
      the unit must re-erect, repair or remove the display immediately.
   b. The organization’s name, phone number, point of contact, and alternate must be clearly
      labeled on the back of the card.
   c. Cards not registered and erected by 1600 on 26 Nov 08 will not be eligible for
      competition. However, the card can still be displayed after registration.
   d. Personnel assigned to the participating organization must remove cards.
   e. Maximum size will be 4’ X 16’ (one or two 4’ X 8’ plywood pieces decorated
      appropriately with the unit’s holiday message).
   f. Cards may be constructed so that two sheets of plywood form a tent or open card with
      one sheet representing the cover. The backside of cards must be finished.
   g. Cards must be removed by 5 Jan 08. They will be considered abandoned if not removed
      by this date and will become the property of the 96th Services Squadron.
   h. Electricity is available if desired, thanks to 96 CEG.
   i. Cards can be straight cut, shaped, elaborately designed, animated or illuminated.
      Subjects can range from traditional to organizational, cartoon to religious or other
      appropriate holiday theme.
   j. Cards are judged on theme, originality and workmanship.
   k. Winners will receive cash awards at the base tree lighting ceremony in the following
      amounts: 1st ($300), 2nd ($200), 3rd ($100) and honorable mention ($50)

For additional questions, please contact the Eglin Arts & Crafts Center (building 721) @ 850-

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