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To our new Rainbow parents:

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your daughter to
Rainbow. Enclosed please find various handouts to help you understand
Rainbow and to help your daughter enjoy it to its fullest.

__________________ Assembly #_____ is part of an international network
of assemblies that meet twice a month in their own assemblies, once a year
in a statewide Grand Assembly, and once every two years at the
internationally attended Supreme Assembly. In between, girls participate in
service projects, fund raisers, fun activities and membership functions. We
are a very busy assembly!

Our monthly meetings are on the ________________________of each
month at _____________ p.m. at the ______________Masonic Hall, located
at __________________________________. If at all possible, girls are
asked to be at the Hall by 6:30 to help set up the assembly room. At least
once a month your daughter will have a practice beginning at 6:00 p.m.
Please check the schedule or with the Worthy Advisor or Mother Advisor
for exact dates. Parents and legal guardians are welcome at all meetings!

Your daughter has been given a notebook that she should bring to each
meeting. In it she keeps a calendar of events for the current term and any
other helpful notes. We strive to keep the notebook current. Please ask to
look at it so you, too, will know what’s going on in Bellevue Rainbow.

We encourage you to participate in your daughter’s activities. Not only do
we need more parent participation as we grow and prosper, but you will gain
an appreciation of the wonderful organization to which she belongs. A few
very dedicated adults – some parents, some former Rainbow girls, some just
fun-loving adults – have volunteered many hours to the growth of this
assembly. With a few more willing adults, everyone’s responsibilities will
be a little lighter.

Your daughter’s safety when she is at a Rainbow function is very important
to us. Our organization requires that all adults who might drive girls have
proof of insurance, and that we have a parental consent/medical release form
on file for each girl. All adult workers are required by state law to be
registered with the Washington State Patrol. In addition, we ask that all
parents fill out one of these forms in case an event becomes scheduled at
your home. You will find these forms enclosed and we ask that you fill
them out and return them in the enclosed stamped, self-addressed envelope.
These forms will be kept on file by the Mother Advisor.

Please remember that whenever girls are transported in family cars, trucks,
mini-vans, etc., there must be a seat belt for every girl – and they must be
used. This is a state law as well as a Rainbow rule.

Bellevue Assembly also has a Parents’ Club that you are invited and
encouraged to attend. We meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Bellevue Masonic Hall on
the 2nd Thursday of every month. (We meet while the girls set up the
assembly room). The Parents Club meetings give parents a chance to
socialize with each other, learn of any changes in upcoming events and to
find ways to support the girls (transportation, treats, etc.).

We appreciate your support. Our assembly continues to grow both because
of parent encouragement and support and because of the girls’ exciting
participation. We hope that you will find time in your busy lives to
volunteer a few hours of time to the assembly. If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to call our Mother Advisor, Patty Groves at 425-206-
328-1183, or Scott Anderson, our Advisory Board Chair at 425-957-7742.

Again, we welcome you and your daughter to Rainbow and encourage you
to attend your daughter’s meetings and activities.

_____________________, Mother Advisor (phone: __________________)
________________________, Advisor Board Chair
The __________________ Assembly Rainbow Board

                               What is Rainbow for Girls?

The Order of Rainbow for Girls is an international organization for all girls and is
sponsored by the Order of Eastern Star, and Amaranth and the Masonic Fraternity. It
originated in Oklahoma in 1922. The Rev. W. Mark Sexson of the First Christian Church
wrote the ritual that sets forth the ceremonies for the opening and closing of meetings,
initiation of new members, installation of officers and various other aspects of the

A girl may join Rainbow at the age of 11 and becomes an honorary (“majority”) member
when she turns 20 or marries, whichever comes first. The Rainbow initiation ceremony
is a serious presentation of the teachings of Rainbow and contains no hazing.

Each color of the Rainbow symbolizes a basic Rainbow teaching: Red – love of God, of
family, of friends; Orange – belief in God and attendance at a church of the girl’s choice;
Yellow – appreciation of nature; Green – belief in immortality; Blue – fidelity to family,
friends and associates; Indigo – patriotism; Violet – service to others. Rainbow also
teaches the importance of school and being obedient to parents.

Each assembly is run by the members with the assistance and supervision of an Advisory
Board composed of 15 interested adults. By taking part in Assembly activities and
holding various offices, a girl learns organization, leadership and relationship skills that
will assist her during her school years as well as when she becomes an adult.

Bellevue Assembly #120 meets at 7 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month
except for the 4th Thursday in July (Grand Assembly), November (Thanksgiving), and
December (Christmas). Our meetings are held at the Bellevue Masonic Hall and at
generally over around 8:30 p.m., except when there is initiation and then they will be
over between 9 and 9:30 p.m. There are three principal categories of Assembly activities:
service, fun and money-making. All activities are supervised by adults.

If you have any questions, please contact your Mother Advisor, __________________ at:
              You Are Cordially Invited

                       To be a Member of

              The                                    Assembly

                               Parents’ Club

What is the                           Assembly Parents’ Club . . .
It is an organization made up of parents and guardians of the Rainbow girls of
Assembly, # . We meet together to socialize, do fundraisers, do educational events,
support each other, learn of calendar changes and to find ways to support the girls
(transportation, treats, etc.)

When do they meet?
We meet the                            of every month at 6 p.m. at              . We
meet during the time period that the girls are setting up the assembly room

How can I join?
Be a parent or guardian of a                 member or a board member. Just come!

What if I have questions?
Call the Mother Advisor,                     at                    .
                 (Or “Just how do we get there from here?”)
1.     If the event takes place at the                         Masonic Center . . .
       (like meetings, dances, Center clean-ups, etc.)
               girls are responsible for getting their own rides to and from the Masonic
               Center. If you need a ride and your parents are not available, please call
               the adult in charge of “Chaperones and Transportation” (“CAT”) at least
               48 hours in advance.

2.     If the event is taking place within our district . . .
       (like District Line meetings, Installation, etc.)
                you may be required to provide your own transportation to and from the
               activity. Please contact the Mother Advisor or the Worthy Advisor if you
               are unclear as to whether you need to get yourself to the event. If you
               need a ride and your parents are not available, please call the CAT board
               person at least 48 hours in advance

3.     If the event is scheduled with girls meeting at the Center . . .
       (like Mystery trips, Grand Assembly, etc.)
               girls are responsible for getting their own rides to and from the Center. If
               you need a ride and your parents are not available, please call the CAT
               board person at least 48 hours in advance.

4.     If the event is scheduled at a location near the Center... (like bowling, Skate
       King, car washes, etc.)
               you may be required to provide your own transportation to and from the
               activity. If you are unclear as to whether you need to get yourself to the
               event, please contact the Mother Advisor or the Worthy Advisor. If you
               need a ride and your parents are not available, please call the CAT board
               person at least 48 hours in advance.

        Please contact the CAT board person at least 48 hours in advance if you need a
ride! Failure to give adequate notice of a need for a ride may mean that you are unable
to attend the event! (We realize that last minute problems may arise. Still contact the
CAT just in case, but no promises!)

        If you become ill or need to cancel, contact the CAT person, the Mother Advisor,
and/or the Worthy Advisor as soon as you know that you are not going! Failure to give
notice may mean, besides inconveniencing a lot of folks, that you lose merit bar points!

WHAT IS A “CAT?” . . .
        A “CAT” is a designated board member who is in charge of arranging chaperones
and transportation for an event.
                                - General Information –

1.      Can I go to other Rainbow or Masonic functions that are not on our term
        Yes, but please let the Mother Advisor know in advance that you are going. Also,
please note that you are not covered under Rainbow insurance if something should

2.      What about chaperones for events not on our calendar?
        Your parents must chaperone you or provide a chaperone for you for any event
not on the term calendar.

3.     What about transportation to an event not on our term calendar?
       Your parents must provide transportation for events not listed on the term

4.      Can my boyfriend or girlfriend pick me up after a Rainbow meeting or
        If your parent or other designated adult is not picking you up from a meeting or
event, your parent must call the CAT person or Mother Advisor in advance to notify
her/him of who the person will be that will be picking you up. For safety and legal
reasons, no girl will be released to any youth or undesignated adult without prior

5.     Can my fellow Rainbow sister drive me to a Rainbow function?
       Only if a parent has designated it on the attached form, prior to the event.
                              _____________________Assembly #
                                  Transportation Permission Form

Please return this form to the Mother Advisor or Assistant Mother Advisor - ASAP!

Dear Parents:                            Regarding your daughter: ________________________________________

We have had continuing discussion regarding the convenience and or necessity of allowing girls to drive for Rainbow
functions. Please note that all passengers must be in a seat belt at all times when riding in a vehicle!

Your daughter as a passenger:

___My daughter has my permission to ride with drivers over _____ only.

___My daughter has my permission to ride with any designated Rainbow event driver regardless of age or insurance.

___My daughter has my permission to ride with any adult or any of the following girls:


___Other _____________________________________________________________

Your daughter as a driver:

___My daughter has my permission to drive herself only.

___My daughter has my permission to give rides to other girls with copies of this permission letter in their car at the
time. A copy of the girl’s proof of insurance and the Rainbow insurance form must be on file with the Mother Advisor.

                    My daughter may have the following number of passengers in her
                    car at any time: 1 2 3 4 5
                               (All passengers must have and use an individual seat belt.)

                    My daughter has the following restrictions on her driving: (for example, no night time driving, no
                    boys, to and from the temple only, etc.)

                    ___no restrictions as long as she follows Rainbow rules



This form will remain on file and function as a general permission form until rescinded by the parent. Specific forms
giving permission for all other activities will still be required as needed. This is permission for driving, riding and
giving of rides for Rainbow activities only. Adult drivers will be sought and used for trips outside of our District or for
evening activities whenever possible.

Please sign, date and return this form to the Mother Advisor as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Mother Advisor

Date: ____________________               Signature of Parent: ___________________________________
                                                Please return this form to the Mother Advisor ASAP!

                              PERMISSION SLIP – 20

My/our permission is given to                      Assembly No.
International Order of Rainbow for Girls for my daughter _______________
to attend Rainbow meetings and activities with the assembly.

In consideration of my daughter being allowed to attend Rainbow functions,
I/we release                    Assembly No.             International
Order of Rainbow for Girls, of which my daughter is a member or friend,
their chaperones and Mother Advisor, from all claims and liability of any

My daughter and I/we understand she will remain with the group unless
written permission is given by the undersigned to do otherwise.

I/we also give permission to the Mother Advisor, or an adult designated by
her, to seek the services of a licensed medical doctor in case of an accident
or illness requiring medical aid for my daughter and I will take full
responsibility for all charges that occur.

________________________ _________ (_______)_______________
Father/Guardian’s Signature           Date                      Telephone

________________________ _________ (_______)_______________
Mother/Guardian’s Signature           Date                      Telephone

Please give the name and telephone number of a relative or friend in case of emergency.

________________________ _________ (_______)_______________
Name                                  Relationship              Telephone

___________________ ________________ (_______)_____________
Doctor’s Name                         Address                   Telephone

Please give below or on the back of this form, any special instructions for
your daughter such as medication being taken, allergies to food or drugs,
special diets or medical information that would help in the treatment of your
daughter, if necessary.
                   Parental Permission Slip

I hereby give my permission for my daughter, _______________________
to view the following rated movies:

(Initial all that are okay!)

                     _______       G

                     _______       PG

                     _______       PG-13

                     _______      R (within the privacy of a home)
                     (Individual movie(s) would be cleared with parent)

                     _______      R (at a movie theatre)
                     (Individual movie would be cleared with parent)

Please note that this permission slip is good for one year from date of
signature. You may withdraw permission or change permission at any time
by notifying the Mother Advisor.

Parent/guardian signature: ____________________________________

Date: ________________

If there is anything special you want to let the M.A. know regarding this
subject, please note it here:

               Please return to the Mother Advisor as soon as possible!
                               What’d She Say?
When you first join Rainbow, there will be terms and phrases that you may or may not
know. Below are a few of them with a definition to help you out! If there are others that
we’ve not included, please ask any of the Rainbow Girls or your Mother Advisor!

Advisory Board: The “Advisory Board” is a group of adults that support the Rainbow
girls. The Mother Advisor is a member of this board. These adults help transport girls as
well as to guide and encourage.

Assembly: When you hear the word “assembly,” they are referring to our specific group
of girls or chapter.

Big Sisters/Little Sisters: This is a pairing of “old” Rainbow girls (those who have been
in Rainbow for a while) with “new” Rainbow girls (those who are fairly new to the
assembly). A Big Sister can help you with all sorts of information that you might need or
want to know. Ask her lots of questions!

Confidential Observer: This is a newsletter distributed by the Grand Assembly to every
Rainbow girl. Read it carefully for fun information.

Day of Instruction: The “Day of Instruction” is a day held at one of the temples of the
assemblies in our District. This important day is a time when Rainbow girls from one or
more assemblies of our district get to learn and “fine-tune” all ritual skills.

District: “District” refers to a group of assemblies that get together on occasion. Ours is
a combination of Renton, Issaquah, Bellevue, Kirkland, Snohomish, and Bothell. Ours is
called District 8.

District Deputy: The “District Deputy” is a type of Mother Advisor for the District. She
helps to guide the Rainbow Girls and provides guidance to the Mother Advisors. She
also does a TON of paperwork to help keep us functioning!

District Line: “District Line” refers to the Worthy Advisor, Associate Worthy Advisor,
Charity, Hope and Faith of the assemblies in the District.

District Meeting: The District Meeting is held once a year at one of the assemblies in our
district to honor the Supreme Deputy (the Mother Advisor of Washington and Idaho
Rainbow). It’s a great time to get to know other girls in our district.

District Offices/Appointments: District Offices are appointed by the District Deputy and
they include (but are not limited to) serving on committees such as talent, membership,
ritual, service and pledge.
Dream Camp: “Dream Camp” is a once-a-year event held shortly after Grand Assembly.
This exciting camp is when the new Grand Worthy Advisor (the Worthy Advisor for the
Grand Assembly) announces her theme, mascot, food, flower, etc.

Elections: Election time is an exciting time for our assembly. Twice a year girls will be
elected to fill the offices of Faith, Hope, Charity, Worthy Associate Advisor, and Worthy
Advisor. Contact your Mother Advisor to find out the qualifications for these offices. It
is important to note that only three ballots (times of voting) can be taken for each office.
If a girl is not elected in three ballots the office will remain empty for the coming term!

G.A.: “G.A.” is the abbreviation for Grand Assembly. (See “Grand Assembly”)

Galloping Gavel: Galloping Gavel is a special meeting of our District. All members are
encouraged to attend the meeting (located at one of the District Assemblies). The
assembly that has the highest percentage of members from their assembly attending wins
the Galloping Gavel (a real gavel that travels from assembly winner to assembly winner)
and hosts the next Galloping Gavel meeting!

Go To Church Sunday: “Go to Church Sunday” is a Sunday when all Rainbow girls are
encouraged to attend a church service of the Worthy Advisor’s choice. It is done on the
first Sunday of April (or close to it) in honor of our founder’s birthday.

Gold Book/Blue Book: These books provide additional information about the floor work
as well other parts of Rainbow that you’ll want to know. Your Mother Advisor will help
you with this information.

GOR: “GOR” or “Grand Officers Reception” is a fun event where the Grand Officers
from our district are honored.

Grand Assembly: “Grand Assembly” is one of the highlights of the year! It is the state
meeting for all of the Rainbow Girls in our state and that of Idaho! It’s a “must see” (and
do!) as it is a blast!

Grand Officer: A Grand Officer is a girl that has been chosen to hold a Rainbow station
or station on the state level (for Washington and Idaho). These offices are held by girls
who are current or past Worthy Advisors and who are over the age of 16.

GWA: The “GWA” or “Grand Worthy Advisor” is the Worthy Advisor for the state

Installation: “Installation” is the public ceremony at which all of the members of our
assembly get new offices. It’s a great time to invite friends, potential candidates for
Rainbow, and your family.

Initiation: “Initiation” is what you went through when you joined our assembly! You
can now say, “Been there, done that!”
Masonic Organizations: Our Masonic family includes adults and youth! Examples of
adult organizations include the Masonic lodges (men’s organization including Shriners),
Amaranth (a woman’s organization), Eastern Star (a woman’s organization), DeMolay (a
young men’s organization), and Job’s Daughters (another girl’s organization). We at
times participate in various events with all of these organizations.

Mother Advisor: Your Mother Advisor is very important in our assembly. She is
available as your friend, guide and help. It is her role to help the girls with their assembly
tasks as well as to be available should you need a special friend. Should you ever have a
problem or a need, please feel free to contact her.

Ms. Service: Ms. Service is a girl who has written an essay about the service that she has
performed and is chosen by the state as an outstanding example of doing service for

Mystery Trips: Mystery trips are planned by the Worthy Advisor in conjunction with the
Mother Advisor and the board. We just show up at the temple and go to . . . . . . (a
mystery location!).

Official Visit: Also referred to as an “OV.” When one or more assemblies get together
and hold a special meeting with a special theme in honor of the visiting Grand Worthy
Advisor. The Grand Worthy Advisor gives out awards at Grand Assembly for the best

Potts of Gold: “Potts of Gold” is a Rainbow camp located on Puget Sound. Our
assembly often goes by itself to this private cabin to have fun, play games, gossip(??),
and have a BIG (bleepin’) time!

Proficiency: The Proficiency test is a test given eventually to each Rainbow Girl to help
her know a basic body of information and knowledge about Rainbow. If you seek to
become a Grand Officer some day, you will have needed to pass this test.

Rainbow Dad: Our “Rainbow Dad” is a usually Mason who is part of our Rainbow
Board. (We need to have a Mason to have a meeting.) This special man has agreed to
“be there” for us and to help support us. Make sure that you look for his special
suspenders. If he is not wearing them, we can “fine” him (with the money going toward
our service project)!

Ritual: This white book is the book that has our basic ritual (memorization) work in it.
When you hold an office, there will be parts for you to learn that will be in this book. If
you have any problems learning a part, please see the Mother Advisor for help! This
book is provided by the assembly.
Ritual – “Not How, But Why”: This information is provided for deeper understanding of
what Rainbow is all about. Information from this is used to answer questions on the
Proficiency Test.

Ritual Practice: Ritual practice is a time when we come together to work on ritual work.
It is really helpful if folks have their parts memorized before coming to a practice so that
we can concentrate on other parts of the ritual work.

Service Projects: Each term the assembly tries to accomplish a service project or two.
These projects vary from term to term and are a lot of fun! You won’t want to miss
them! (There are even service projects on the District and Grand Assembly levels!)

State Correspondent: A “State Correspondent” is an office chosen by Grand Assembly.
The girls chosen for these positions write to other states getting information about that
state’s own Grand Assemblies.

Supreme Assembly: The Supreme Assembly is the Assembly of the entire world!

Supreme Deputy: The Supreme Deputy is the Mother Advisor for the whole state!

“Swappees”: A term for the little goodies that an assembly makes so that it’s members
can “swap” goodies with members from other assemblies at Grand Assembly.

Temple Clean-up: Temple Clean-up is a time when our assembly cleans our temple.
This is done both to provide a service to our Masonic family, but also to help lower the
cost of our rent for the temple. The temple clean-up is held once every three weeks
(September through June) and takes only a brief period of time. We often will try to hold
a ritual practice following the clean-up so you don’t have to come out twice!

Term: A term refers to a six month period. You will usually hold an office for a term.

The Line: This refers to the following offices: Faith, Hope, Charity, Worthy Associate
Advisor, and Worthy Advisor. The girls that fill these five stations agree to take on more
of a leadership role in the assembly.
            Other Important Things to Know

Please do not cross in front of the Worthy Advisor’s station
when the Bible is open on the altar. (You’ll probably hear
a lot of “gasps” if you do!)

Please do not cross your legs. Try to sit straight and have
good posture! (Does this sound like something a mother
might say?)

Please try to square all corners when you are walking
around the assembly room. (It looks really cool when you

If your daughter needs a ride . . . please have her call the
Worthy Advisor or the Mother Advisor at least 24 hours in
advance. If you need to cancel a ride, please do so with a
24 hours notice if possible. Please do not cancel without
letting your ride know!
                                Dress Code

Dress or skirts, sweaters and blouses are to be worn at all meetings.

When formals are required, floor length are to be worn, and all are to have
something over the shoulders. Plunging necklines and/or the “bra less” look
are not acceptable, but one inch “spaghetti” straps are allowed. There are to
be no ALL black dresses! These rules apply not only to Rainbow meetings
but also whenever representing Rainbow at Eastern Star, Masonic, DeMolay
or other Masonic functions.

Nice jeans may be worn for practices, decorating, and to and from meetings.
All jeans, pant suits and dresses MUST meet the following four criteria:
NEAT, CLEAN, MODEST, and SAFE (pertaining to shoes).

When wearing jeans to and from meetings, DO NOT CHANGE into jeans
until ready to leave the building. They are not to be worn at meetings or
while having refreshments.

Attire for activities within the District, such as picnics, a-thons, car wash,
etc., will be at the discretion of the Grand Deputy.

For traveling on Rainbow sponsored tours to other States, additional
regulations will prevail and will be sent to each traveler.

NO MINI SKIRTS at meetings.

No tennis or athletic shoes are to be worn with formals.

Appropriate undergarments, i.e., slips are to be worn with dresses as well as

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to your Mother
                           Memorization of Ritual
                              for Rainbow

                  -Ideas how you can help your daughter-

Part of Rainbow is learning to memorize parts for various times during our
meetings. We realize that memorization is easy for some girls, more
difficult for others. We also know that “nerves” effect the way we perform.
This is all part of the learning process of Rainbow. We encourage you as
her parents or guardians to help your daughter with her memory work.

Please take time to listen to your daughter say the words to her part before
every meeting (when appropriate). Although word perfect is not necessary,
we do encourage all girls to learn their parts as best they can striving to miss
as few words as possible.

Ideas for helping a girl memorize her part includes encouraging her to:
1.     Read it carefully and check out any words you can’t pronounce
       correctly or do not know how to pronounce.
2.     Listening for grammar
3.     Know what you are saying and what it means (Parents: Have your
       daughter explain what she is saying and what it means!)
4.     Match first letters or look for clues such as “Charity and Hope” can be
       remembered as “C&H sugar”, or matching two “L’s in a row”
5.     Looking for rhyming
6.     Say parts out loud when alone when getting dressed in the morning
7.     Say it to a parent at night
8.     Say it standing up
9.     Say it daily . . . anywhere!
10. Envision putting the words to a song
11. Envision the words on a page
12. Saying it in front of a mirror
13. Call the Mother Advisor if you are having trouble!
14. Relax!!!!
               Please fill out
        the forms in this section
             and return them
in the self-addressed/stamped envelope
            as soon as possible

   _____________, Mother Advisor

                           Thank you!
        (Feels like the first day of school, doesn’t it?)
    For More Information . . .

  For Answers to Questions . . .

   For General Comments . . .


Mother Advisor’s address & Phone

           And, again,

     Welcome To Rainbow

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