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					                                  Finding the Right Job Fit

Knowing yourself is essential in finding a good job fit, career experts say. Do you want
to lead a department or do you prefer a more low-key, back-office job? What do you
wish to gain from your career? What are you willing to tolerate from an employer – and
what aren’t you willing to tolerate? Knowing what you want is important and knowing
what you don’t want is equally important.

Defining your ideal job is one of the most important aspects of any job search, yet it is
often ignored. Why? Because many people simply search for a job like the last one they

You thought you had finally found the perfect job. It was a promotion with a salary
increase, new challenges, and offered professional growth. But in just a short period of
time you realize this is not the ideal fit. Fit is essential because it allows you to feel good
about your job and will enable you to better perform and grow. A bad fit can lead to
serious repercussions such as frustration, poor job performance, leaving your job, and
possibly ending up with a poor reference.

Finding the perfect job does not have to be difficult however, there’s no foolproof way to
ensure a perfect match, but the more research you do, the more likely you are to end up in
the right place. One advantage of having been in a job you dislike is that you know what
to avoid. Although it’s difficult to tell if something is going to suit you until you actually
do it, having a close look at day-to-day realities reduces the risk of making another

Here is a fun website, which has a quiz that will give you a list of jobs
matching your personality. Have fun.

Barbara Fleischer


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