; The Scoop? Frozen Rugelach!
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The Scoop? Frozen Rugelach!


"Well, we actually considered that," [Meredith Fisher] recalls about their early attempts at freezer fresses. "But the mix of flavors just didn't taste like the real thing. We want more to keep the flavors sweet.""We've talked about doing a Manischewitz-type sorbet," she says, but that's off the table for now since it involves different production facilities, as well as limiting customers to the 21-andover crowd.One needn't be a member of "Our Crowd" to crowd the market freezers or online site to get [Chozen]. It's not just for Jews, says Fisher, although she takes special pride in getting such items as rugelach and matzah before the general public.

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									The Scoop? Frozen Rugelach!
Michael Elkin
Jewish Exponent; Jul 8, 2010; 228, 16; Docstoc
pg. 25

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